Technical Manual - MAAX Spas, Stronger than ever.

Technical Manual - MAAX Spas, Stronger than ever.
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The safety sign enclosed with your Owner’s Manual should be permanently installed where
visible to all users of the PowerPool™. This sign is adhesive backed and includes four screws for
mounting the sign on rough surfaces. It is very important that you, as a PowerPool™ owner, review
the important safety instructions and warnings before you operate your PowerPool™. It is equally
important that you instruct all users, even occasional ones, as to the warnings associated with spa
use. You may obtain additional signs by contacting :
MAAX® Spas (Arizona) Inc.
Customer Service
25605 South Arizona Avenue
Chandler, Arizona 85248
Interhiva BV
Hanzeweg 17
3771 NG Barneveld
The Netherlands
Failure to comply with warnings and instructions will create an unreasonable risk of serious
personal injury, or death, to yourself and others, as well as property damage.
Please refer to the Warranty Card included with your product for complete warranty information.
In order to receive prompt warranty service, you must return your warranty card, completed with
model and serial number, to MAAX® Spas (Arizona), Inc. immediately upon completion of the spa
installation. MAAX® Spas (Arizona), Inc. provides a limited warranty to our customers. It applies to
the PowerPool™ structure, surface, plumbing, pumps, heater, and controls. The limited warranty
does not cover damage resulting from improper maintenance, improper installation, misuse, abuse,
accident, fire, normal wear and tear, or improper water maintenance. Unauthorized modifications
of the PowerPool™ may void the warranty. Replacement cost associated with transportation,
removal and reinstallation are the sole responsibility of the PowerPool™ owner. This manual refers
to only year 2008 model PowerPools™. MAAX® Spas (Arizona), reserves the right to make changes
in design or material of its products at any time without incurring liability. This limited warranty
applies to the first retail purchaser and terminates upon any transfer of ownership.
NOTE: When installing and using this
equipment, basic safety precautions should
always be taken to reduce the risk of
electrical shock, to ensure safe usage, and
to safeguard the user’s health. Failure to
follow instructions and warnings contained
in this Owner’s Manual, in the PowerPool™
Installation Guide, and on the PowerPool™
itself may result in severe personal injury,
including death, as well as property
Children should not use PowerPool™ or
hot tubs without adult supervision.
Do not use drugs or alcohol before or during
the use of a PowerPool™ or hot tub to avoid
unconsciousness and possible drowning.
Pregnant, or possibly pregnant, women should
consult a physician before using a PowerPool™
or hot tub.
Before entering the PowerPool™ or hot tub
measure the water temperature with an
accurate thermometer.
Do not use a PowerPool™ or hot tub
immediately following strenuous exercise.
Do not use PowerPool™ or hot tubs unless all
suction guards are installed to prevent body
and hair entrapment.
Prolonged immersion in a PowerPool™ or
hot tub may be injurious to your health.
People using medications and/or having an
adverse medical history should consult a
physician before using a PowerPool™ or hot tub.
Do not permit electric appliances (such as a
light, telephone, radio, or television) within
1.5m of the PowerPool™ or hot tub.
People with infectious diseases should not
use a PowerPool™ or hot tub.
Maintain water chemistry in accordance with
manufacturer’s instruction.
To avoid injury exercise care when entering
or exiting the PowerPool™ or hot tub.
The use of alcohol or drugs can greatly
increase the risk of fatal hyperthermia in hot
tubs and PowerPool™.
Water temperature in excess of 38° C may
be injurious to your health.
Important Safety Warnings 1
Table of Contents
Important Safety Instructions
Do’s and Don’ts
PowerPool™ installation
Site and Positioning
Outdoor Installation Indoor Installation 5
PowerPool™ System Components
PowerPool™ Components
Jets and Air Controls
Cleaning or Replacing Jets Air Controls
Electrical Information
Important Safety Instructions
Installation Options
Start Up Procedures
Priming Your PowerPool™
Powerpool™ Control System
Operating Instructions
User’s Pads
Temperature Controls
Temperature Lock
Temperature Unlock
Panel Lock
Panel Unlock
Operating Modes
Time and Filtration Cycles
Setting the Time
Preset Filter Cycles
Changing Filter Cycles
Clean-Up Cycle
Inversion Feature
Ozone Operation
Entertainment System (Optional)
Safety Features
Automatic Time Outs
Common LCD Equipment Messages
Common LCD Messages
Water Chemistry
pH Level
Water Maintenance Sanitizing With Ozone
Specialty Chemicals
Draining Your PowerPool™
Filter Maintenance
PowerPool™ Cabinet Care
PowerPool™ Surface Care and Cleaning
Underwater LED light cluster
Common Water Problems
Common Hardware Problems
PowerPool™ Soaking Guidelines
460 Series System Wiring Diagram
Caution: Risk of electrical shock.
Read and follow all instructions.
1. Read and follow all instructions.
2. Save these Instructions.
3. Never allow children to access or use this
product unless closely supervised by an
adult at all times.
4. Never connect unit to a power supply
with a load controller.
5. Never operate PowerPool™ if the suction
fittings are broken or missing.
6. Never replace a suction fitting with one
rated less than the flow rate marked on
the original suction fitting.
The suction fittings in this PowerPool™ are
sized to match the specific water flow created
by the pump. Should the need arise to replace
the suction fittings or the pump, be sure that
the flow rates are compatible.
To avoid/reduce risk of injury and/or drowning:
1. The water temperature in a PowerPool™
should never exceed 40°C. This
temperature is considered safe for a
healthy adult. Lower water temperatures
are recommended for young children and
elderly adults, and when PowerPool™
usage exceeds 10 minutes.
Consult your physician or pediatrician to
determine safe temperature limits
NOTE: Refer to information on
hyperthermia on page 6
2. Since excessive water temperatures have a
high potential for causing fatal damage
during the early months of pregnancy,
pregnant or possibly pregnant women should check with their physician before
entering a PowerPool™.
Before entering a PowerPool™, the user
should verify the water temperature with
an accurate thermometer since the
tolerance of water temperature regulating
devices varies.
The use of alcohol, drugs, or medications
before or during PowerPool™ use may lead
to unconsciousness with the possibility of
Persons suffering from obesity or with a
medical history of heart disease, circulatory
problems or diabetes should consult a
physician before using a PowerPool™.
Persons using medications should consult
a physician before using a PowerPool™
since some medications may induce
drowsiness while other medications may affect
heart rate, blood pressure, and circulation.
To avoid risk of electrical shock:
1. Only use the wire connector provided on
this unit to connect a (5.15 mm2) solid
copper conductor between this unit and
any metal equipment, metal enclosures of
electrical equipment, metal water pipe,
or conduit within 1.5m of the unit.
2. Install at least 1.5m from all metal surfaces.
PowerPool™ may be installed within 1.5 m
of a metal surface if each metal surface is
permanently connected by a (5,15 mm2)
solid copper conductor attached to the wire
connector on the terminal box that is
provided for this purpose.
3. Do not permit any electric appliance,
such as a light, telephone, radio, or
television within 1,5m of a PowerPool™.
NOTE: Check with your state/local code
enforcement officer to determine
electrical code requirements and
compliance. Use a qualified licensed
electrician to complete all PowerPool™
final electric connections.
The electrical supply for this product
must include a suitably rated switch
or circuit breaker to open all ungrounded
supply conductors. This disconnecting
means must be readily accessible for
operation but installed at least 1.5m
from the PowerPool™. All electrical
connections should comply with local
4. Install to provide drainage of
compartment for electrical components.
Do’s and Don’ts
For years of PowerPool™ enjoyment:
• Save these instructions!
• Replace the cover immediately after use.
• Keep the cover locked when PowerPool™ is
not in use.
• Be aware of the dangers of a wet and
slippery surface. Use caution when
entering and exiting your PowerPool™.
• If legally necessary, have a licensed
electrician make all final electrical
• Replace worn, frayed or broken electrical
• Keep the water chemistry correctly
balanced. Untreated PowerPool™ water will
cause problems with your PowerPool™ and
equipment as well as being a health risk.
• Clean the PowerPool™ filter monthly or as
• • •
Position the PowerPool™ so that all sides
remain accessible for maintenance.
Use a bathing cap for long hair.
Refer to information on hyperthermia
(page 5).
Use only authorized PowerPool™ care
products for the best performance and to
keep the water properly balanced.
Post emergency phone numbers for
Police, Fire and Ambulance Departments
by PowerPool™ and at nearest phone.
Post PowerPool™ Water Safety Rules in
conspicuous area near PowerPool™ and
point them out to anyone who will use the
• Use the PowerPool™ at 40°C for long
periods of time (more than 30 minutes).
See Hyperthermia, next page.
• Use an extension cord to power your
• Allow anyone to stand on the PowerPool™
cover. It is not designed to support weight.
• Power the PowerPool™ unless it is filled
with water to the water level mark on the
weir door.
• Operate the pump on high speed for
extended periods of time with the cover in
place. Extended operation can cause heat
build-up and interfere with PowerPool™
The causes, symptoms, and effects of hyperthermia may be described as follows:
Hyperthermia occurs when the internal temperature of the body reaches a level several
degrees above the normal body temperature of 37ºC. The symptoms of hyperthermia
include an increase in the internal temperature of the body, dizziness, lethargy, drowsiness,
and fainting. The effects of hyperthermia include (1) failure to perceive heat, (2) failure to
recognize the need to exit PowerPool™ or hot tub, (3) unawareness of impending hazard,
(4) fetal damage in pregnant women, (5) physical inability to exit the PowerPool™ or hot tub,
and (6) unconsciousness resulting in the danger of drowning.
WARNING: The use of alcohol, drugs, or medication can greatly increase the risk of
fatal hyperthermia.
Danger: Electrical shock risk. Install at
least 1.5m from all metal surfaces.
The electrical supply for this product must
include a suitably rated switch or circuit
breaker to open all ungrounded supply
conductors. The disconnecting means must
be readily accessible but installed at least
1,5 meters from the PowerPool™ water. All
electrical connections should comply with
local regulations.
The appliance should be
supplied through a residual
current device (RCD) with a
rated tripping current not
exceeding 30 mA. Means
for disconnection must
be incorporated in the
fixed wiring in accordance
with the wiring rules. Parts containing live
parts, except parts supplied with safety
extra-low voltage not exceeding 12 V, must be
inaccessible to a person in the bath. Earthed
appliances must be permanently connected
to fixed wiring.
Site and Positioning
MAAX® Spas recommends that a PowerPool™
be placed in its final installation site by crane.
In any installation where a crane cannot
be used, you may want to consult with a
professional rigging company.
When utilizing a crane for delivery, be sure
that crane operator understands the weight of
the PowerPool™, the height it must be lifted,
and the distance that the crane boom must
travel. Be sure that the crane operator uses
an 8’ spreader bar and that the straps wrap
all the way around the bottom frame of the
Locate the PowerPool™ on a solid, level
foundation keeping in mind the weight of the
filled PowerPool™ (in excess of 11.000 kg. on
some models). If you have any doubts about
the load bearing ability of your chosen site,
contact an architect or a building contractor.
The entire perimeter of the PowerPool™ Frame
and bottom must be evenly supported.
Outdoor Installation
The following considerations apply when
installing your PowerPool™ outdoors:
We recommend that you provide a concrete
foundation pad for the PowerPool™. The
foundation pad should be wider and longer
than the PowerPool™ by at least 30 cm in each
direction. Failure to provide a level surface
could structurally damage your PowerPool™
and void the warranty.
1. Local codes pertaining to fencing.
2. Local electrical and plumbing codes.
3. View from your house.
4. Wind direction.
5. Exposure to sunlight.
6. Location relationship to trees (twigs,
leaves and shade).
7. Dressing and bathroom location.
8. Storage area for maintenance equipment
and chemicals.
9. Location to facilitate adult supervision.
10. Landscaping and night time lighting.
11. Accessibility to equipment.
12. Location and routing of power supply to
PowerPool™ and foot traffic.
The PowerPool™ must be installed to allow
access for service and maintenance on all
four sides; therefore, if you choose to install
your PowerPool™ below grade level, you will
be required to have a vault or pit constructed
to prevent ground water, rain, snowmelt, or
sources of water from collecting around the
equipment of the PowerPool™. The vault
must have either sufficient drainage through a
drain line or through the use of a sump pump.
The vault must have adequate safe access
as to allow for routine maintenance of the
PowerPool™ components.
Indoor Installation
In addition to the Outdoor installation
consideration, please also understand that the
following considerations apply when installing
your PowerPool™ indoors:
1. Indoor PowerPool™ promote high
humidity. Using either ventilation fans or
commercial grade de-humidifiers will help
to reduce the humidity. Consult your
dealer for details.
2. Floor drains must be provided near the
PowerPool™ to drain off water that
may cause falls and /or water damage.
Water will splash out of the PowerPool™
during normal use when swimming and
when exiting the PowerPool™.
3. Surface area of foundation pad and
surrounding area should be flat with a
non-skid finish. Carpeting or other
porous materials may retain moisture,
which leads to mold, mildew and odors
4. 5. 6. 7. and is not recommended.
Walls, ceilings, woodwork should be made
of materials capable of withstanding high
MAAX® Spas only recommends the use of a
concrete foundation pad to support your
PowerPool™. If you intend to install your
PowerPool™ in an area where you cannot
utilize a concrete foundation pad, you
must consult with a structural engineer
to ensure the floor load bearing capacities
are adequate to support the concentrated
PowerPool™ weight, the weight of the
PowerPool™ occupants, and any furniture
or people that will be using the immediate
area of the PowerPool™.
During shipment from the factory,
plumbing components may loosen;
therefore it is imperative that the
PowerPool™ is double checked for leaks
before installing to avoid possible water
damage. Your dealer may include this
service in their installation procedures.
Indoor sunrooms are capable of
maintaining high ambient temperatures
which may affect the PowerPool™ water
temperature. It is NOT recommended that
you operate your filter cycles for longer
than 4 hours per day under these
Danger: Electrical shock risk. Install at least
1.5 m from all metal surfaces.
PowerPool™ System Components
A. Filter Skimmer/Weir Door: Removes
floating debris from the water surface,
provides a water return path to equipment,
and houses water filter elements.
PowerPool™ Sport and Pro models utilize
2 Filter Skimmers and the PowerPool™
SuperSport model utilizes 3 Filter Skimmers.
B. Topside Control Panel: Used to control
temperature setting, jet pumps, circulation
system, underwater lights and ambient
effect lighting. PowerPool™ Sport and Pro
models utilize one topside control panel.
The PowerPool™ SuperSport model utilizes
two topside control panels, one for the hot
tub portion and one for the swim area.
C. Air Controls: Increases or decreases air
entering the jets. Close during heating
for maximum efficiency. It is recom mended that air controls to the MAAX® Force swim jets remain closed during
swimming to provide a clearer stream of
water which is free from air bubbles.
D. Equipment Pack Service Panel (no user
serviceable parts): Spa support system
consisting of electronic control pack,
pumps, heater, UV water sanitizer, plasma
UV ozone generator, LED lighting interface
and associated electrical controls (not
shown). The PowerPool™ Sport and
Pro models feature one control pack,
three jet pumps, one UV sanitizer, one
plasma UV ozone generator and one LED
lighting interface. The PowerPool™
SuperSport model features two independent
electronic control packs, four jet pumps,
two UV sanitizers, two plasma UV ozone
generators and two LED lighting interfaces.
E. Drain Access (Adjacent to the equipment
service panel): PowerPool™ drain faucets
are located immediately behind the front
door panel. Remove panel to access.
F. Manufacturer’s Identification Label:
Contains identification information for
warranty service (serial number, model
number, etc.) and electrical information
(ampere rating and ampere requirements).
Located on the lower right side of the front
door panel.
G. Diverter Valve: Used to direct the flow
of water between the massage jets in
the hydrotherapy seats and the swim
jets. By turning the diverter valve
clockwise, the water is directed to the
massage jets in the hydrotherapy seats and
by turning the diverter jet counterclockwise,
the water is directed to the swim jets.
Reference only. Equipment is not always as shown
Note: No consumer serviceable parts. We
recommend that only an authorized service
technician perform PowerPool™ repair or
A. Pumps: Each pump features dual-speed
capacity. Low speed is utilized for efficient
water circulation during filtration and
heating, and for lighter therapy and exercise
programs; high speed is engaged for
maximum action of the jets when deeper
therapy or more rigorous exercise programs
are desired. All pump functions are activated
by topside controls.
Electronic Control Pack: All PowerPool™
functions are operated by this control. There
are no user-serviceable components in this
control. Opening this control may subject
you to high voltage and danger of electrical
shock or electrocution.
Warning and Installation Label: Contains
important safety information, hazard
warnings and installation instructions.
Slice Valve: Used to shut off water flow
from the PowerPool™ vessel to pumps
and electronic control pack while servicing.
Quantity will vary depending on model.
All valves should be open during normal
D. Electrical Connections: Contains outlets for
electrical plug connections. Connections are
made during manufacture of the pool.
E. Heater Assembly: Thermostatically
controlled and equipped with an overheat
safety shut-off.
Swim Area Jets
PowerPool™ MAAX®-Force jets are designed
to produce a smooth flow of water with high
output to create a consistent swim stream.
Whether you want to swim or walk/jog against
the force of the jets, you will find the flow of
water deep enough and swift enough to meet
your individual needs.
Hydrotherapy Area Jets
All of the hydrotherapy jets are individually
engineered to provide a unique hydro-massage.
Depending on the model, your PowerPool™
will have a combination of the following jets:
Cyclone Therapeutic
(XL Cyclone, LS Cyclone, & Cyclone):
Positioned to focus on large muscle groups,
these jets deliver a concentrated, high volume
stream of water for a deep massage. Each jet
is fully adjustable, allowing users to set the
water flow to the most comfortable setting.
The nozzle can be rotated to target sore
muscle areas.
Cyclone Turbo Swirl Jets
(XL Cyclone, LS Cyclone, & Cyclone):
Positioned to focus on muscle tension zones,
these jets deliver a spinning V-shaped water
stream for a gentle, pulsating massage. Each
jet is fully adjustable, allowing users to set
the water flow to the most comfortable setting.
Cluster Jets:
Positioned in the foot well or shoulder areas
of the PowerPool™, these jets deliver a
penetrating massage to dissolve tension. This
jet may be the entry point for ozone produced
during the automatic filtration cycles, and,
as such, is not adjustable.
Note: Ozone production is suspended when
other functions are activated on the control
panel by the PowerPool™ user.
All full sized jets are adjustable from a fully
open to closed position. It is very important
Cleaning or Replacing Jets
Hard water can cause calcium/mineral
buildup that can restrict or bind the jets. A jet
consists of a face plate and a nozzle. Rotate
these parts weekly and remove/clean monthly
to ensure free movement.
NOTE: It is not necessary to drain the pool
or spa to clean or remove the jets.
Rotating the jet face plate and nozzle
• Rotate the jet face left and right
(open and closed).
• Return the face plate to the full open
• Turn the jets on to high speed.
• Twist the nozzle left and right.
• Rotate the nozzle in the socket.
NOTE: If the jet insert disengages from the
PowerPool™ housing, see steps to reinstall
Cleaning the jets
To remove the jet insert, use the palm of your
hand to exert pressure on the face of the jet.
Turn counterclockwise until the jet ‘clicks’.
Gently pull the jet assembly from the housing.
To clean the jet insert and housing, use a
pressurized hose and spray the inside of
the jet. Soak the jet in a diluted PowerPool™
cleaning solution, rinse. Wipe the inside of the
housing to remove any debris.
To reinstall the jet, line up the tab on the
backside of the barrel with the groove in the
body. Use the palm of your hand to gently tab
the jet until it snaps into position.
Air Controls
The intensity of the jet action can be
controlled by altering the amount of air
injected with water through the jets. Your
PowerPool™ has 2 to 4 air controls located
on the lip of the PowerPool™. Each control
activates air to specific jets in the PowerPool™
allowing you to create various combinations
and levels of jet action to suit individual
preferences. Turn the control counterclockwise to turn the air off and clockwise to
turn air on.
NOTE: Air controls should be closed
during heating cycles for maximum
energy efficiency.
Caution: Risk of electrical shock.
Read and follow all instructions.
Important Safety Instructions
All electrical connections to this PowerPool™
package MUST be accomplished by a qualified
licensed electrician in accordance with
local electrical codes in effect at the time of
Installation Options
Knockouts are provided in the cabinet base
to bring the conduit to the equipment
compartment. If an alternate electrical service
entrance is desired, an additional hole may
need to be drilled.
NOTE: Prior to performing any service to
the PowerPool™ equipment, turn OFF all
primary electrical power at the main circuit
breaker or disconnect panel.
To make PowerPool™ electrical connections,
remove the exterior equipment access panel,
locate the electrical control box, remove
the control box cover and follow the wiring
diagram on the inside of the control box cover.
Connections should be made using copper
conductors only.
Connecting wires, circuit breakers or fuses
must all be sized to accommodate the Total
Ampere load as specified on the equipment
label. This equipment is designed to operate
on 50Hz alternating current only, at 230 volts.
NOTE: All unions must be hand-tight
and all slice valves must be locked in the
OPEN position before filling or refilling
PowerPool™! A clip is provided to help keep
the slice valve open. Run PowerPool™ and
check for union leaks before reinstalling
front panel.
Follow recommendations for site location and
electrical connection.
Use standard “tap water” to fill the
PowerPool™ by draping a garden hose
over the wall. Take care to wrap the metal
end of the hose with a soft cloth or set the
end of the hose in the filter canister to
protect the PowerPool™ surface from
the metal end of the hose. The metal end
of your hose can become rough or jagged
and may scratch the surface of your
PowerPool™, and this damage is not
covered under your warranty. Fill the
PowerPool™ until the water level is 2 to
2,5 cm from the top lip.
Never use “softened” water in your pool
or spa. Softened water can impact the
chemical balance of the water and lead to
degradation of metal plumbing fittings.
After you have assured that the
PowerPool™ is full of water and that all
plumbing valves are open, turn power on
at circuit breaker or disconnect panel.
Open the air controls, located on the top
lip, and cycle the jets from high to low.
Water should come from the therapy jets. If
water flow is not established, turn off jets
and see Priming Your PowerPool™
(this page).
Add chemicals. See Chemical Treatment
and Water Maintenance section. Follow
Operating Instructions for your particular
model to set heat to the desired
temperature. Initially, you may find that the
PowerPool™ requires 18 to 24 hours on
230 Volt installations to reach temperature.
Keep your thermal cover on the unit and
close the air controls to help the heating
Priming Your PowerPool™
When filling your PowerPool™ for the first
time or, after draining and refilling the
PowerPool™, you may need to bleed air from
the system. Should you experience an air-lock
on Pump 1, remove the filter basket cover,
insert a garden hose through the center
hole of the filter as far as possible without
using force. Hold the hose in place and
turn on the water. This forces water into the
pump and forces the air out.
Important: Do not operate the PowerPool™
without full water flow.
PowerPool™ series Control System
• 3 Dual-speed Jet Pumps
• Underwater LED lighting
• Ambient Interior LED
Mood Lighting
• Temperature Setting
• Customized Filtration
PowerPool™ swim zone control
All PowerPool™ models utilize the topside control panel shown above. This control panel
operates all functions of the PowerPool™ for the Sport model and the Pro model. This control
operates only the swim zone section of the SuperSport model. This control supports the
following features:
• 1 Dual-speed Jet Pump
• Underwater LED lighting
• Ambient Interior Mood
• Temperature Setting
• Customized Filtration
PowerPool™ spa control
This control operates only the spa zone section of the PowerPool™ SuperSport model. This
control supports the following features:
The 460 Control System offers you the
ultimate in PowerPool™ control. The backlit,
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) displays
current water temperature, set point water
temperature, time, and operating mode
settings. Each feature of the system is
actuated through a control panel touch pad.
Touch the appropriate pad to activate the
desired function. At start up, when power is
supplied to the PowerPool™, the controls will
operate properly and safely under the factory
settings. The PowerPool™ will be in Standard
Mode, a temperature setting of 38°C, and a
filtration cycle duration of 2 hours. To fully
utilize the unique capabilities of the control
system, it is important to know how to set the
temperature, operate the pumps, operate the
light, adjust the mode setting, and change the
filtration cycles.
NOTE: In event of a power outage or
failure, the Control System should retain all
settings, except time of day. If settings are
lost, re-program per the instructions in this
manual and contact your dealer.
User’s Pads
User’s Pads are the buttons located on the
topside control panel and are used to program
various PowerPool™ functions (i.e., turn on
PowerPool™ light, set temperature, etc.). The
following table defines the pads:
• Increase temperature
• Change time settings
• Decrease temperature
• Change time settings
• Turn internal PowerPool™ light
on or off
• Set or lock/unlock temperatures
• Set or lock/unlock panel settings
• Switch modes
• Set time and filtration cycles
• Activate primary filtration pump
• Activate therapy pump
• Change time of day setting, or
• Change set times of
PowerPool™ cycles
• Exit programming
• Activate therapy pump
The maximum set temperature is 40°C and the
minimum set temperature is 26°C. The current
water temperature will show on the display
unless the primary pump has not been running,
in which case two dashes (--) will show on the
display. If two dashes are displayed, you must
first start the pump by pressing the JETS 1 pad.
Wait until the water temperature is displayed
(approximately 2 minutes).
The set temperature of your PowerPool™ may
easily be increased or decreased at any time
using the WARM or COOL pads. When either
of these pads is touched, the set temperature
will be displayed in the LCD display window.
Each successive touch will change the set
temperature 0.5°C in the chosen direction.
After 3 seconds the LCD will automatically
display the water temperature or dash lines.
If the PowerPool™ is set in Standard mode or in
a filtration cycle, adjusting the set temperature
may result in activating the heater. When
the heater is operating, the heat icon will be
displayed in the LCD.
Touch the JETS 1 pad to activate the primary
filtration and jet pump. The sequence of the
jet action is:
1 touch = Low jets
2 touches = High jets
3 touches = Off
Touch the JETS 2 pad to activate the number 2
Jet pump and Touch the JETS 3 pad to activate
the number 3 Jet pump. The sequence of jet
action is:
1 touch = Low jets
2 touches = High jets
3 touches = Off
The low speed operation of Pump 1 is timed
to automatically turn off after four hours of
The high speed operation of Pump 1, and the
low and high speed operation of Pump 2 and
Pump 3, is timed to automatically turn off after
15 minutes of operation.
Note: Pump 1 will automatically operate in
low speed whenever the PowerPool™ calls
for a filtration cycle or heat.
When this automatic activation occurs, the
low speed of Pump 1 cannot be turned off;
however, all other control functions can be
Temperature Lock
Once you have set the desired water
temperature, you may lock-in the new
setting to prevent unauthorized temperature
adjustments to your PowerPool™. To lock the
set temperature:
Touch WARM or COOL, then touch TIME,
JETS 1, and WARM within 3 seconds. The ‘TL’
indicator will light when the set temperature
is locked.
Temperature Unlock
To unlock the temperature, touch either
WARM or COOL, then touch TIME, JETS 1, and
COOL within 3 seconds. The ‘TL’ indicator light
will go out when the set temperature lock is
Panel Lock
To help prevent unauthorized use of your
PowerPool™, the control system has a unique
panel locking system. To lock the panel, touch
TIME, JETS 1, then WARM within 3 seconds.
When locked, the ‘PL’ indicator light will be
on. Except for the time button, all function
settings will be frozen.
When the control panel lock is engaged, all
automatic PowerPool™ functions will operate
normally but cannot be altered.
Panel Unlock
To unlock the panel, touch the TIME, JETS 1,
and COOL within 3 seconds. The ‘PL’ indicator
light will go out when the panel lock is
Touch the LIGHT pad to turn the digital
lighting system on and off. The light will
automatically turn off after 60 minutes of
Operating Modes
Your PowerPool™ comes with three
primary operating modes.
Standard Mode maintains the water at
the desired set temperature. Note that the
last measured PowerPool™ temperature
displayed is current only when the pump
has been running for at least 2 minutes. The
‘STANDARD’ icon will be displayed in the LCD
window when this mode is selected.
Economy Mode heats the water to the
desired set temperature ONLY during
filter cycles. The ‘ECONOMY’ icon will be
displayed in the LCD window when this
mode is selected. While in the Economy
mode, pressing the Jets 1 button will put
the PowerPool™ into the Standard-InEconomy mode, which operates the same as
the Standard Mode, then reverts back to the
Economy mode after 1 hour. The PowerPool™
can be immediately reverted back into the
Economy mode at any time by simply pressing
the Mode/Prog button.
Sleep Mode heats the PowerPool™ to within
11°C of the set temperature only during filter
cycles. The ‘SLEEP’ icon will be displayed in
the LCD window when this mode is selected.
Changing Modes
To change the operating mode, press the
Mode/Prog button. The operating mode
will be flashing on the LCD window. Press the
COOL button to cycle through to the desired
mode, and then press the Mode/Prog
button to confirm selection. Pressing WARM
or COOL then Jets2 will put the PowerPool™
into the Standby Mode. While in this mode,
all PowerPool™ functions are temporarily
suspended to allow for filter changes or other
routine maintenance tasks. Press any button
to exit the Standby mode.
Prog button. The hour digit(s) will be flashing
on the LCD window. Press the WARM or COOL
button to advance the hours up or down to
the desired set point. Press the
Mode/Prog button to enter the time hour.
The minute digits will now be flashing on
the LCD window. Press the WARM or COOL
button to advance the minutes up or down to
the desired set point. Press the Mode/Prog
button to enter the time minutes. At this
point you can either proceed with setting the
filtration cycles as described in the following
‘Changing Filter Cycle’ section, or press the
Time button to save the settings and exit the
programming sequence.
Time and Filtration Cycles
The control system on your PowerPool™ has
been designed to function properly and safely
at 40°C after connecting the electrical wires
and installing the proper grounds. To take full
advantage of the unique capabilities of your
new PowerPool™, you should first set the time
and establish your filtration cycles.
Preset Filter Cycles
Once the time of day has been set, your
PowerPool™ will automatically filter the water
for a 2-hour period every 12 hours.
The first filter cycle comes preset to operate
from 8:00AM to 10:00AM, and the second
filter cycle comes preset to operate from
8:00PM to 10:00PM. The F1 indicator light
will be lit whenever the PowerPool™ is in the
first filter cycle. The F2 indicator light will be
lit whenever the PowerPool™ is in the second
filter cycle. During a filter cycle, the primary
filtration pump will operate in low speed and
can not be turned off unless the PowerPool™ is
put into the Standby mode. At the beginning
of each filtration cycle, the other equipment in
the PowerPool™ will turn on for 30 seconds to
purge all plumbing lines and ensure complete
Setting the Time
When the time of day has not been
programmed, the ‘TIME’ icon will be flashing
on the LCD window. To set the time of day, first
press the Time button then press the Mode/
Changing Filter Cycles
The control system allows you to adjust the
start time and duration of each filter cycle
independently to best suit your schedule.
The amount of time needed to filter your
Note: Always put your PowerPool™ into
Standby Mode whenever cleaning or
changing your filters.
PowerPool™ will vary depending upon usage
and ambient conditions, but a total filter time
of at least four hours per day is recommended
to properly clean and maintain the water.
To initiate the programming sequence to
change filter cycles, press Time, Mode/Prog,
Mode/Prog, and Mode/Prog within 3
seconds. You should now see the ‘PROGRAM’,
‘FILTER 1’, and ‘START TIME’ icons on the
LCD display window. The hour digit(s) will
be flashing on the LCD window. Press the
Warm or Cool button to advance the hours
up or down to choose the Filter 1 start hour.
Enter the hour by pressing the Mode/Prog
button. The minute digits will now be flashing
on the LCD window. Press the Warm or Cool
button to advance the minutes up or down,
in 5 minute increments, to choose the Filter 1
start time. Enter the minutes by pressing the
Mode/Prog button.
You should now see the ‘PROGRAM’, ‘FILTER 1’,
and ‘END TIME’ icons on the LCD display
window. Adjust the hours and minutes for the
end time of the first filter cycle as described
above. After pressing the Mode/Prog
button to enter the end time of the first filter
cycle, you should now see the ‘PROGRAM’,
‘FILTER 2’, and ‘START TIME’ icons on the LCD
display window. Adjust the hours and minutes
for the start time of the second filter cycle as
described above.
After pressing the Mode/Prog button to
enter the start time of the second filter cycle,
you should now see the ‘PROGRAM’, ‘FILTER 2’
and ‘END TIME’ icons on the LCD display
window. Adjust the hours and minutes for
the start time of the second filter cycle as
described above. After pressing the Mode/
Prog button to enter the end time of the
second filter cycle, the new filtration times will
be saved into the system and the LCD window
will revert back to display the current water
Pressing the Time button at any time during
the above programming sequence will save
the values entered up to that point and exit
the programming sequence.
To set the PowerPool™ for continuous
filtration, set the start and end times of the
first filter cycle to the exact same time.
Clean-Up Cycle
After periods of heavy use, turn the jets on to
LowWhirlpool for a four-hour clean up cycle.
Inversion Feature
The PowerPool™ Series Control includes an
Inversion feature that makes it easy to read the
LCD from inside or outside the PowerPool™. To
invert the LCD display, touch the WARM or COOL
button, followed by the PUMP 3 button. Repeat
the sequence to reverse the inversion process.
Digital Optic Lighting (DOL)
All PowerPool™s are equipped with a Digital
Optic Lighting System, or DOL. This system has
different colour settings (modes) to enhance
your overall PowerPool™ experience. Each
time the DOL system is turned ON by pressing
the LIGHT pad, it will begin a different colour
lighting sequence.
Accessing Different Light Modes
To change Modes, press the Light button Off
and On within a 5 second time period.
The light will advance to the next colour
sequence mode. Continue until the desired
colour sequence mode is selected.
Ozone Operation
All models are equipped with the
CleanZone™ ozone water treatment
system to assist with your water sanitizing
needs. All factory installed ozonators are
designed to work in conjunction with an
injector system to maximize the sanitizing
effects by fully mixing the ozone with the
water flow. CleanZone™ will produce
ozone only when the PowerPool™ is in
a timed filtration cycle. During the filter
cycle, activating other functions will
suspend ozone production for 30 minutes.
NOTE: Activating the low speed of
Pump 1 for a clean up cycle will initiate
filtration, but not ozone production,
unless the PowerPool™ enters a timed
filter cycle during the 4 hour period.
UV Sanitizer
All PowerPool™ models are equipped
with a CleanZone II water sanitizing system.
The system is designed to incorporate all
the benefits of the original CleanZone™
system, plus an in-line, ultraviolet sanitizing
chamber. Water from the primary filtration
pump first passes through the stainless
steel chamber of the sanitizing unit where
it comes in contact with high frequency
ultra-violet light. Upon exiting the
sanitizing unit, the water flows through
the original CleanZone™ system before
finally re-entering the spa.
As with the original system, CleanZone II™
will operate only when the spa is in a timed
filtration cycle. During the filter cycle,
activating other functions suspend
operation for 30 minutes.
Note: Activating the low speed of Pump 1
for a clean-up cycle will initiate filtration,
but not CleanZone II™ operation, unless
the spa enters a timed filter cycle during
the 4 hour period.
Note: To maintain optimum performance,
it is recommended that the UV bulb
inside the sanitizing chamber be replaced
annually. Contact your local dealer for
assistance with changing the bulb.
Optional Entertainment System
Select models may be equipped with an
audio system designed to provide the
ultimate PowerPool™ entertainment
experience. Power to the entertainment
system is supplied at PowerPool™ start-up
so it is always ready for your enjoyment.
Refer to the stereo Owner’s Manual included
in the Owner’s Manual pack for instructions
on programming and using the entertainment
system. Read all instructions carefully before
using the Entertainment System and save
the instructions! The Entertainment System
includes a stereo remote control that will
operate the stereo by pointing the remote
at the equipment enclosure located on the
front skirt panel of the PowerPool™, or at
the IR receiver on the inside lip of the
PowerPool™. Refer to the stereo Owner’s
Manual for instructions.
NOTE: The wireless remote control is
water resistant, NOT waterproof. Care
should be taken when using from within
the PowerPool™. Do not submerge the
wireless remote control.
CAUTION: Risk of electrical shock. Replace
components only with identical components.
CAUTION: Risk of electrical shock. When the
power supply connections or power supply
cord(s) are damaged; if water is entering the
electrical equipment compartment area; if
the protective shields or barriers are showing
signs of deterioration; or if there are signs of
other potential damage to the unit, turn off
the unit and refer servicing to a qualified
service technician.
WARNING: Prevent Electrocution. Do
not connect any auxiliary components
(for example cable, additional speakers,
headphones, additional audio/video
components, etc.) to the system.
Warning: These units are not provided
with an outdoor antennae. When provided it
should be installed in accordance with local
WARNING: Prevent Electrocution. Do not
service this product yourself as opening
or removing covers may expose you to
dangerous voltage or other risk of injury.
Refer all servicing to qualified personnel.
WARNING: Prevent Electrocution. This
unit should be subjected to periodic routine
maintenance (for example once every
3 months) to make sure the unit is operating
Automatic Time Outs
Your PowerPool™ is equipped with an
automatic Time Out feature designed to
protect both the equipment and the user.
For your safety and to reduce unnecessary
use of the pumps and lights, the Time
Out feature turns selected accessories off
automatically, as follows:
Accessory Mode Pump 1
Pump 1
Pump 2
Pump 2
Pump 3
Pump 3
Underwater light
DOL Light
Shuts off in...
4 hours
15 minutes
15 minutes
15 minutes
15 minutes
15 minutes
1 hour
1 hour
Common LCD Equipment Safety Messages and Trouble Shooting
The following table describes the most common messages, possible causes, and corrective
actions you may need to take:
If the LCD
What happens...
Possible cause...
Corrective action...
- one of the
sensors has
detected water
of 48°C+ inside
the heater
PowerPool™ heater
will automatically
shut down until
temperature falls
below 42°C+
-Low speed pump
operating for an ex tended period of time
-Programming error
causing continuous
-Faulty Pump
-Make sure slice valves
are open
-Reprogram to ensure
time cycles are not
-Contact dealer if
problem persists
- One sensor
has detected
of PowerPool™
water entering
heater to be
PowerPool™ heater
will automatically
shut down until
temperature falls
below 42°C+
-Low speed pump
operating for an
extended period
of time
-Programming error
causing continuous
-Make sure slice valves
are open
-Reprogram to ensure
time cycles are not
-Contact dealer if
problem persists
Heater flow
Heater will shut down
while PowerPool™
continues to function
-Plugged filter
-Low water
-Remove filter and clean
-Add water
-Contact dealer
If the LCD
What happens...
Possible cause...
Corrective action...
Water flow
- Persistent
flow problem
Heater will shut down
while PowerPool™
continues to function
-Plugged filter
-Low water
-Remove filter and clean -
-Add water
-Contact dealer
No water to
the heater
functions will
shut down
-Slice valves closed
-Block suction returns
-Blocked filter/ skimmer
-Open valves
-Remove blockage
-Contact dealer
Lack of water
to the heater
Heater will shut
down, otherwise
PowerPool™ continues to function
-Slice valves closed
-Block suction returns
-Blocked filter/ skimmer
-Open valves
-Remove blockage
-Contact dealer
Heater sensor A
not functioning
-Contact dealer for
replacement sensor
Heater sensor B
not functioning
replacement sensor
Heater sensors
are out of
-Contact dealer for
-Contact dealer
Common LCD Messages
The following table defines other messages you will frequently see on the LCD display:
What it is...
What it means...
- -
Priming mode
Sleep mode
Economy mode
Standard mode
Freeze condition
Water temperature
PowerPool™ is in normal Priming Mode operation
PowerPool™ is in normal Sleep Mode operation
PowerPool™ is in normal Economy Mode operation
PowerPool™ is in normal Standard Mode operation
Pump and Heater will come on to keep water above 7°C
Current water temperature not measured
Water Chemistry
Water chemistry is critical in a PowerPool™
system. Chemicals are used to sanitize
the water and control the pH balance.
The combination of warm or high water
temperature and small water volume
means that the chemical balance must be
watched carefully. It is recommended that
you purchase a chemical start up kit, and the
additional chemicals needed to maintain the
proper/optimum chemical balance of your
PowerPool™, from your dealer.
pH Level
pH is the balance of acidity and alkalinity in
the water. Maintaining proper pH is important
for the effectiveness of your sanitizer, for
user comfort, and to prevent corrosion of the
PowerPool™ equipment.
Caution: Never mix two chemicals together.
Caution: Never store chemicals in the
equipment compartment of your PowerPool™.
Caution: Do not use muriatic acid to balance
pH as it will damage your PowerPool™ surface
and equipment.
Sanitizing the water destroys harmful
organisms and keeps your PowerPool™
healthy and safe. Three commonly used
sanitizers or oxidizing agents are bromine,
chlorine and ozone. Chlorine and bromine are
chemicals that you add to the water. Ozone is
a gas that is produced by an ozone generator
and injected into the water. It is important that
a residual of sanitizer remain in your water.
High water temperature, aeration and use will
increase the need for sanitizer.
In addition to maintaining a residual, it
is important to “shock” your PowerPool™
water periodically and after heavy use. This
addition of substantial amounts of sanitizer
super-chlorinates the water and oxidizes
non-filterable organic residue. Allow the
sanitizer level to drop back to the residual
amount before using. Also use your Clean
Up Cycle (See pgs. 15 and 19) after heavy use
for additional filtration. Tests should be done
daily with your test kit to keep a chlorine or
bromine residual of 3.0 to 5.0 ppm.
Recommended Levels
(Ideal 7.4–7.6)
Chlorine/Bromine Residual: 3.5–5.0 ppm
Total Dissolved Solids:
100–200 ppm
Free Available Sanitizer:
3.0–5.0 ppm
Total Alkalinity:
80–100 ppm
ideal for dichlor,
trichlor, and
NOTE: Make sure you use fresh test kit
strips/chemicals. Test kits and test chemicals
should be stored in a cool, dry location.
Check the manufacturer’s instructions to
determine shelf life and expiration date.
Water Maintenance With the CleanZone™
Ozone Water Treatment and CleanZone II™
Ultra Violet Water Treatment Systems
Your PowerPool™ comes complete with both
the Clean Zone™ system that includes the
Powerworks™ Ozonator, and the CleanZone II™
system that includes an Ultra Violet Sanitizer.
These systems treat the water in your
PowerPool™ with a specialized ozone
application and the extra sanitizing power of
ultra-violet light, which in conjunction with
spa sanitizing and water balancing chemicals
provides you with cleaner, healthier water,
reduced chemical usage, and protects your
skin from chemically induced irritation.
chemicals. All chemicals should continue to be
monitored, especially during periods of heavy
usage and when changing or replenishing the
PowerPool™ water.
Sanitizing with Ozone
PowerPool™ products vary in size, and in
the frequency and conditions of use. For
these reasons you will need to establish your
sanitizing program based upon your own
personal use. When using ozone, you should
start by balancing your water chemistry as
you normally would. A PowerPool™ should
be filtered a minimum of six hours per day
(Pgs. 16 and 20), during which time ozone will
be mixed into the water. If your PowerPool™
is heavily used, this run time should be
NOTE: Always turn the circuit breaker off
when you drain your PowerPool™. Do not turn
the spa heater back on until you have full flow
coming from the jets for several minutes.
High concentrations of impurities caused by
water evaporation, body oils, perfumes, and
other contaminants may accumulate in the
PowerPool™ and cannot be filtered out.
The amount of a residual sanitizer (chlorine
or bromine) that you maintain in the
water will also vary depending on use. It is
recommended that you maintain a residual
of 3.0–5.0 ppm. Periodically, and after periods
of heavy use, it is necessary to “shock” your
PowerPool™ with large amounts of sanitizer.
All PowerPool™ products are equipped with
multiple internal drains. These drains are used
to remove water from internal plumbing,
when Winterising your PowerPool™ (See pg.
25), or if the water is severely contaminated.
NOTE: Extra filtration can be provided by
manually starting a clean-up cycle. Turn
Pump 1 on in low speed. The pump will
operate for 4 hours and then automatically
turn off. The heater, ozone generator and UV
system will also operate during this period if
the controls are set in Standard mode.
Specialty Chemicals
While ozone may significantly reduce the
usage of specialty chemicals (chlorine and
bromine), it is not a substitute for these
Draining your PowerPool™
NOTE: Consequently, it is advisable to drain
your PowerPool™ and refill it with fresh
water every six to eight weeks, or more
often depending on the amount of use.
NOTE: Use a standard garden hose to direct
the water to an appropriate disposal area.
All internal drain hose(s) are located behind
the front access panel. Remove the access
panel screws and the access panel. Locate
the drain hose(s). For each hose drain valve,
remove the cap, attach the garden hose, and
turn the valve handles, located on the drain
valve body, 90° counter-clockwise. Water
will begin to flow. When all water has been
evacuated, turn the valve handle clockwise
until it stops. Remove garden hose and replace
the cap. Repeat for each internal drain hose.
NOTE: Do NOT attempt to use the
PowerPool™ pump to drain the PowerPool™.
recommended to maintain optimum performance. Filter maintenance depends on usage.
NOTE: Close and replace caps on all drains
prior to refilling the PowerPool™.
In cold climates where freezing temperatures
occur, special care is required to prevent the
possibility of damage to the PowerPool™ and
associated equipment due to freezing. If you
plan on using your PowerPool™ during cold
months, be sure your pump and heater are
in good working order. The PowerPool™ has
been insulated to provide efficient operation
in cold weather areas.
NOTE: When refilling the PowerPool™ you
may need to bleed air from the system. Refer
to Priming Your Spa, pg. 10, for instructions.
Filter Maintenance
NOTE: It is not necessary to drain the
PowerPool™ in order to clean the filters.
The removable filter cartridges are located
in the filter canisters inside the skimmer. The
filters should be inspected/cleaned monthly
during normal use and more often when spa
use is heavy.
Keep the filter cartridges clean! Clean the
filter cartridges at least once every 30 days.
A clogged filter decreases performance and
degrades water quality.
To clean the filter cartridge:
1. Turn the pump off.
2. Remove skimmer lid on top of PowerPool™.
3. Remove strainer basket
4. Remove filter cartridge from the filter
canister by grasping the top and lifting
5. Soak filter in a commercial filter cleaner/
degreaser, available from your MAAX®
Spa dealer, per manufacturer’s instructions.
Rinse filter cartridge with a hose. Replace
with new cartridge, if needed.
6. Place filter cartridge back into filter canister.
7. Replace strainer basket and skimmer lid.
8. Turn the pump ON.
NOTE: If you elect not to drain your
PowerPool™ and the temperature is going
to be below freezing for extended periods
of time, it is best to operate the heater at
the maximum high temperature (40°C),
especially if there is a power outage threat.
This will help reduce the likelihood of the
water freezing if you have a power failure.
If you do not intend to use your PowerPool™
during the winter months and there is danger
of freezing, use the following steps to winterise
your PowerPool™:
1. Turn off all electrical power to the PowerPool™.
2. Drain PowerPool™ and hoses of all
water using the directions for Draining Your
PowerPool™ (pg. 24). Open all unions, and
remove drain plugs from bottom of pumps.
If you cannot draw off all of the water
(especially from hoses), add Recreational
Vehicle antifreeze to the remaining water
through the bottom of the skimmer
and jets. If antifreeze is used, it must be
an inhibitor Propylene Glycol such as Dow
Frost™, available through Dow Chemical®
Replacing the filter cartridge semi-annually is
NOTE: Prior to refilling the PowerPool™,
drain all antifreeze from PowerPool™ and
hoses using the instructions for Draining
Your PowerPool™ (Pg. 24). Carefully
monitor chemicals until all antifreeze
residue has been eliminated.
3. The filter should be drained, and the
cartridge removed and cleaned.
4. Check to see that there is no water in the
heater element chamber.
5. Clean your PowerPool™ as directed in the
following two sections on this page.
6. Cover your PowerPool™ with a water shedding, impenetrable cover.
7. For further information on blowing out
the plumbing lines and winterising
procedures, contact your local dealer.
PowerPool™ Cabinet Care
The PowerPool™ series cabinets are made of
Duramaax™, a high quality alternative to wood
that is virtually maintenance free, requiring
no staining, sealing, or waxing.
Never use abrasive cleaners.
To clean the PowerPool™ cabinet, rinse dirt
and dust regularly with clear water. To remove
stubborn dirt, grime, and mild discoloration,
wash with a mild detergent and warm water.
can be applied to the acrylic surface with a soft
cloth and wiped clean. Use a non-abrasive mild
dishwashing detergent such as Ivory®Liquid.
Rinse well and dry with a clean cloth.
NOTE: Do not allow the acrylic surface to
come in contact with products such as
acetone (nail polish remover), nail polish,
dry cleaning solution, lacquer thinners,
gasoline, pine oil, orange oil, citrus based
cleaners, etc.
Remove dust and dry dirt with a soft, damp
cloth. Clean grease, oil, paint and ink stains
with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol diluted with
water. Avoid using razor blades or other sharp
instruments that might scratch the surface.
Protect PowerPool™ finish - always keep
cover on the PowerPool™ when not in use.
Underwater LED Light Cluster
The underwater LED light assemblies are
serviceable from the inside the PowerPool™
cabinet. Remove the side panel and insulation
closest to the light; locate the bracket that
holds the LED assembly. Turn the LED Holder
90 degrees counter-clockwise; remove from
bracket. Pull bulb straight out and replace.
Insert LED holder back into bracket and turn
90 degrees clock-wise to secure.
PowerPool™ Surface Care and Cleaning
Your PowerPool™ shell surface is made of
acrylic. A minimum amount of care and
cleaning will keep it looking new for years.
Use a spa cleaner for residue and lime buildup
at the water level. It may be necessary to lower
the water level 0.5 to 0.75 cm before cleaning
to avoid polluting the PowerPool™. Cleaner
Usual Cause
Cloudy Water
-Inadequate filtration/
dirty filter
-Excessive oils/organic
-Improper sanitation/
-High pH and/or
high alkalinity
-Suspended particles/
organic matter
-High total dissolved
- Check to make sure the filter is running
properly; clean filter with a filter cleaner
or degreaser
- Shock the PowerPool™ with a chlorine or
bromine sanitizer, or other shock treatment
- Increase sanitizer level to balance water
and shock if needed
- Adjust pH; add appropriate sodium bisulfate
- Use clarifier
NOTE: Your PowerPool™ utilizes an
ozone generator. Please consult your
dealer before using polymer based clarifiers
- Depending on the severity, drain the
PowerPool™ to half and refill, or drain
completely, clean and refill
Water Odour
-Excessive organics or
chloramines; insufficient
free available sanitizer
-Improper sanitation
-Inadequate filtration
-Low pH
- Shock with a chlorine or bromine sanitizer,
or other shock treatment product
- Increase sanitizer to balance water;
shock if necessary
- Make sure that filter is operating properly;
clean with filter cleaner
- Raise pH with sodium bisulfate product.
If metals are present, add chelating agent.
Chlorine Odour
-Too many chloramines/
insufficient free
available chlorine
-Low pH
- Shock with a chlorine or bromine sanitizer,
or other shock treatment product
- Raise pH with sodium bisulfate product.
If metals are present, add chelating agent
Bromine Odour/
Yellow Water
-Low pH
- Adjust pH; raise pH with sodium bicarbonate
Usual Cause
Musty Odour
- Bacterial or
algae growth
- Shock with a chlorine or bromine sanitizer,
or other shock treatment product. If problem
is visible, drain, clean, refill and balance water
Ring Around
Waterline of
- Build up of body oils,
lotion and chemicals
resulting from soap or
- Skim foam off using your leaf net or
drain, clean, refill and balance water
- pH Imbalance
- Low free chlorine or
- Adjust pH
- Shock with a chlorine or bromine sanitizer,
or other shock treatment product
Eye Irritation
- Low pH
- Insufficient free
available chlorine
- Raise pH with sodium bicarbonate product
- Shock with a chlorine sanitizer/shock or
other shock treatment product
Skin Irritation/
- Unsanitary/polluted
- Being in water too long
- Chemicals not balanced,
excessive ozone
- Keep recommended sanitizer residual at all
times; superchlorinate or use a non-chlorine
shock treatment
- Soak for smaller intervals, such as 15 minutes
- Correct chemical imbalance
- Too much calcium
dissolved in water
- pH and total alkalinity
too high
- Add a scale control product.
- Adjust total alkalinity and pH levels by
adding the appropriate sodium bisulfate
- For concentrated scale deposits: drain
PowerPool™, scrub scale off, clean, refill
and balance the water
Erratic pH Test
pH Test Colour
- Sanitizer level too high
- Old pH indicator dye
- Test the pH level when the sanitizer level is below 5 ppm:
- Replace the pH indicator dye
Usual Cause
Too Rapidly
-Excessive organics in
-Temperature too high
-Low pH
-Low pH corrodion of
metal fixtures
-Low calcium hardness
-Low total alkalinity
- Increase shock dosage; add sanitizer;
shower before entering PowerPool™
- Reduce temperature
- Raise pH with sodium bicarbonate product
- Use chelating agent if metals are present;
* Keep proper pH level (7.2 to 7.6).
* Maintain minimum 150-200 ppm calcium
* Maintain proper alkalinity for type of
sanitizer used.
NOTE: If your source water has a high metal or mineral content, a specialty chemical should
be used to avoid staining or accumulation of deposits. These guidelines cover the most
common water problems when operating a PowerPool™ with ozone. Contact your dealer for
further information regarding chemical control issues.
Usual Cause
System not
- House circuit breaker tripped or
in OFF position
- Reset circuit breaker in panel box
Heater not
- Water level too low
- Heater mode not selected
- No power to heater
- Heater not operating/defective
- Add water to fill line on skimmer
- Refer to temperature/heater
functioning. See Control
instructions pg. 13
- Check house circuit breaker
- Contact dealer
Water not clean
- Clogged or blocked suction
or skimmer
- Dirty or clogged filter
- Poor water chemistry
- Insufficient filtering time
- Improper maintenance
- High content of solids in water
- Clean suction grate and
skimmer basket
- Clean or replace filter elements
- See Maintenance section
pg. 23
- Program longer filtration cycle,
pg. 17
- Contact dealer
- Use clarifier or drain, clean
and refill
water usage
- Excessive evaporation
and/or splashing
- Use PowerPool™ cover and refill
as necessary
- Revise your swimming stroke/
exercise regiment to include
less splash
- High ambient temperature
- Contact dealer
Low water flow
from jets
- Operating in FILTER mode low speed
- Clogged or blocked suction or skimmer
- Dirty filter
- Jets in OFF position
- Slice valves closed
- Select hi-speed jets
- Clean suction grate and
skimmer basket
- Clean or replace filter
- Open jets; Turn outer ring to left
- Open slice valves; ensure valve
safety clips are attached
Usual Cause
Noisy pump
and motor
-Clogged or blocked suction or skimmer
-Low water level
-Damaged or worn motor bearings
- Clean suction grate and
skimmer basket
- Add water to normal water level
-Contact dealer
No water flow
from jets
-Pump not primed
-Adjustable jets turned off
-House circuit breaker tripped,
no power to system
-Faulty pump or motor
-Pump surges
-Slice valves closed
- See Priming section, pg. 13
- Turn on jets
- Reset circuit breaker at
house panel
- Contact dealer
- Check water level
- Open slice valves; ensure valve
safety clips are attached
Water leakage
from under
-Check unions & drain hoses
-Check for water seepage around jets
or at glued fitting
- Close or tighten as necessary
- Contact dealer
No air flow
from jets
-Air control not open
-Jet nozzle not seated properly
-Jet nozzle missing
- Open control
- Check jet nozzles
- Inspect jets and replace
as necessary
Motor will
not operate
-House circuit breaker tripped or in
OFF position
-Improper or defective wiring or
electrical supply
-Pump thermal overload switch tripped
- Reset house circuit breaker in
panel box
- Contact dealer
- Auto reset after pump motor has
cooled. Contact dealer if pump
continues to cycle
Black powder
film around
water line
-Wearing in of turbo/blower brushes
- Will disappear after use
PowerPool™ will
not shut off
-PowerPool™ is in heating cycle
-PowerPool™ is in filter cycle
-PowerPool™ is in standard mode
- Check ‘Set Temperature’ in
standard mode
- Normal. No need to change
- Check mode setting
Persons with heart disease, diabetes, blood
pressure or circulatory abnormalities, a
serious illness, or pregnant women should
not enter a PowerPool™ without prior
consultation with their doctor.
People with skin, ear; genital or other body
infections, open sores, or wounds should
not use the PowerPool™ because of the
possibility of spreading infection.
Before entering, look at the water in your
PowerPool™. If there is cloudiness,
foaming, or a strong chlorine smell is
present, the water needs treatment.
Properly maintained water will greatly
reduce potential skin rash (pseudomonas).
Ask your Authorized Dealer for guidance.
Shower with soap and water before and
after using the PowerPool™. Showering
before use removes many common skin
bacteria, perspiration, lotions, deodorants,
creams, etc. that may reduce the
effectiveness of the sanitizer and lessen
the ability of the filter to work efficiently.
Showering after use will help reduce skin
irritation that may result from contact with
sanitizing chemicals.
Enter the PowerPool™ slowly and
cautiously. Be careful of your footing,
and allow your body to gradually adjust
to the water temperature. Exit slowly
to accommodate relaxed leg muscles and
possible light-headedness.
6. Soaking for too long may cause some
users to feel nauseous, dizzy, or
light-headed. If you wish to soak in
high temperature water (40°C), leave the
PowerPool™ after 15 minutes, shower,
cool down and then return for another
brief stay. In lower temperatures (e.g.
37.5°C - normal body temperature) most
people can comfortably and safely soak
for longer periods at one sitting. Never use
the PowerPool™ to swim, jog or exercise
in hot water. Recommended water
temperature for swimming and exercising
is 27°C - 30°C. If you have any questions
about what is right for you, your family, or
other guests, consult your doctor.
7. Always be sure to check the water
temperature before entering, and while
using the PowerPool™.
8. Never use the PowerPool™ while under
the influence of alcohol or drugs.
9. Consult your doctor about potential harmful
effects of using drugs or medications while
swimming, jogging, and exercising or hot
water soaking in your PowerPool™.
10.Never use the PowerPool™ when you
are alone. The first rule of Aquatic
Exercise is Safety. Always be sure that any
PowerPool™ user is under the supervision
of a responsible adult who is capable of
rescuing the PowerPool™ user in case of
an emergency.
11.Never allow children or elderly adults to
use the PowerPool™ unsupervised.
12.Never allow anyone to jump or dive into
the PowerPool™. The water depth will not
accommodate jumping or diving, and
serious injury or possible death can result
from these dangerous actions.
13.Consult your physician before beginning
any new exercise regiment, including
swimming, aqua-jogging, aquatic exercise
and aquatic stretching.
14.When using the optional aquatic resistance
exercise equipment take care to always
wear shatterproof goggles to protect your
eyes in case you misconnect the attachment
device or should a band slip or break.
15.Never leave exercise equipment or any
other objects in PowerPool™ when you
are finished with them. They may create a
trip or injury hazard f they are unseen
below the surface of the water.
16.Closely monitor your physical condition
when exercising in the PowerPool™.
A general rule is that you should be able
to talk normally while exercising. If you
find it difficult to speak or think clearly
during exercise, you should exit the
PowerPool™ until you are back to normal
heart rate and can breathe freely.
17.Display all safety signs and rules located in
the Owner Package for PowerPool™.
Make sure that all users and guests under stand the rules and know how to use the
PowerPool™ before allowing them to use it.
18.Swimming against the jets is similar to
using a treadmill. You will want to pace
your swim strokes and kicks to maintain
your place in the water for an optimal
workout. If you like to sprint during your
workout, you can use the optional swim
tether to give you maximum resistance
when sprinting.
19.Always wear waterproof shoes when Aqua Jogging for the best slip resistance and to
protect your feet.
20. The bottom of the PowerPool™ has contours
built in for added structural integrity. Make
yourself aware of those contours so that you
know where they are as you exercise.
21.Always use swim-goggles when using your
PowerPool™. Swim-goggles make it easier to
see the bottom of the PowerPool™ when
swimming so that you can fix your position in
the swim-lane. Swim-goggles also protect
your eyes from continuous splashing during
exercise. Whenever using resistance exercise
bands or swim-tether, we recommend that
you use shatter-proof swim-goggles.
22.Whenever using the optional resistance
exercise bands, be sure that they are
positively clipped into the attachment
hardware on the PowerPool™. After
attaching, give the cords a tug to ensure
that they are latched. Always remove
them from PowerPool™ when you leave
the PowerPool™. Keep resistance bands
out of the reach of children.
23.Whenever using the optional swim-tether,
be sure that it is positively seated in the
pole retainer. If it is not properly installed,
it can slip out of place and enter the
PowerPool™ causing possible injury.
24.Be safe, be healthy, have fun!
460 Series System Wiring Diagram
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