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TRANSFER . . . transfer a caller to another Mason phone number.

With call in progress, press the Trans soft key. The caller is automatically placed on hold. Dial the five-digit phone number where the call is being transferred. Announce the caller, then press Trans again to complete the transfer.

If the called party does not answer, press the Hands free key to reconnect to the caller.


…….retrieve voicemail messages from your Mason phone.

Lift the handset and press the MESSAGE key. This key is programmed to automatically dial voice mail.

…….retrieve voicemail messages from your home phone.

Dial 703-993-4500. Enter *#, then enter your seven-digit Mason phone number.

Telephone User Guide

1210 IP Phone


Volume adjustment Adjusts volume of ringer, handset listen, hands free listen, headset listen and buzzer.

Contrast adjustment Adjusts contrast on display screen.

Language Choose language to display.

Date/Time format Choose from several different ways to display date/ time.

Local Dial pad Tone When you press a key on the dial pad you can choose between sound or no sound.

Ring type

Call Timer path

On hook default

Choose from eight different ring tones.

Measures duration of call.

Choose between Headset or Hands free.

Live Dial Pad Make a call without lifting handset or pressing the

Hands free key.

Updated 11/20/2012

Please contact Telecom Administration x3-3546, with

questions regarding features or to schedule training.


Soft key









Cancel action.

Select a symbol.

Clear the input field.

Switch the next character to

Either uppercase or lower case.

Backspace one character.

Application dependent.

Access additional soft keys.

Features . . .

(listed in alphabetical order)

CALL PARK. . . place a call on hold and retrieve it from another phone.

While on an active call, press the Park soft key. You will see a 5-digit number on the display. This is the number you will use to retrieve the call. Remember this number. Press Park again. Go to the phone where you will retrieve the call. Lift the handset and dial the 5-digit number where the call is parked.

CALL PICKUP . . . answer a ringing telephone located in the next workstation, without leaving your desk.

You must be in the same CALL PICKUP group with the ringing telephone.

Lift the handset and press the Pickup soft key. If your telephone does not have a call pickup key, lift your handset and dial *11.

CONFERENCE CALL . . . (five people + you).

Dial the first number, when the person answers let them know you are setting up a conference call. Press the Conference key, this places the person on hold and gives you dial tone. Dial the second number. When the person answers let them know you want to add them to a conference call.

Press the Conference key to bring the three of you together. Repeat to add additional people. If the person you want to add to the conference does not answer, press the Goodbye key to end the call. Press the Hands free key to return to your original call.

FORWARD . . . Send a call directly to your voice mail or to another

Mason phone.

Without lifting the handset, press the Fwd soft key. Enter the five-digit Mason telephone number where you want your calls forwarded. Press the Fwd soft key again. There will be a solid indicator next to the Fwd soft key to remind you that your phone is forwarded. To cancel the forward press the Fwd soft key. The indicator next to Fwd will go out and you will now receive calls on your phone. Example: To forward directly to voice mail, press Fwd soft key and dial 34500. Press Fwd soft key again to activate forward.

HOLD. . . place a caller on HOLD.

Press the HOLD key (located on the bottom right corner of the phone). Press the HOLD key again to return to the caller on hold.

Redial . . . the last number that you called.

● Press the HANDSFREE key twice. OR

● Lift the handset, then press the Hands free key.

RING TYPE . . . change the ring tone on my phone.

There are eight different ring types to choose from. Press the Services key and select Telephone Options. Use the down navigation key to scroll through the menu. Select Ring Type. Ring type 1 will flash. Press the Play soft key to listen to that ring. Press Stop soft key to stop the ringing.

Use the down navigation key to go to the next ring type. Repeat to select and listen to each ring type. When you have decided on the RING TYPE, press the Select soft key to save it. Press Quit to exit the Options List.


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