Kärcher WV 60 plus, WV 70 PLUS User manual

Kärcher WV 60 plus, WV 70 PLUS User manual
WV 60 plus
WV 70 plus
Operating Instructions
Before first use of the unit
read these operating instructions and act in accordance with
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Safety instructions
Safety instructions . . . . . . .
. . .3
Start up. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . .4
Finish up your work / clean appliance . . .6
Troubleshooting . . . . . . . . .
. . .6
Special accessories . . . . . .
. . .7
Technical specifications . . .
. . .7
Disposing of old device and battery
pack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . .5
Helpline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . .8
 This device is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental abilities or lacking experience and/or
knowledge, unless they are supervised
by a person responsible for their safety
or are instructed by these persons on
the use of the device. Children should
be supervised, to ensure that they do
not play with the device.
 Do not insert objects into the air louvers.
 Do not spray jet into eyes.
 Do not direct the spray jet directly on
equipment containing electrical components, such as the interior of ovens.
 Prior to using this appliance on sensitive (high shine) surfaces, test the microfibre wiping pad at an inconspicuous
Information regarding the battery
 Short circuit hazard! Do not insert
conductive objects (such as screwdrivers or similar) into the charger plug.
 You may recharge the battery using
only the original charger provided with
the appliance or a charger approved by
Tips for using the battery charger
 In case of visual damage, replace the
charger with charger cable immediately
by original parts.
 The voltage indicated on the type plate
must correspond to the supply voltage.
 Only use and store the charger in dry
rooms, ambient temperature 5 - 40° C.
 Never touch the mains plug with wet
Information regarding the transport
 The battery has been tested as per the
relevant directives for international
transport and can be transported/
Dear Customer,
Please read and comply with
these original instructions prior
to the initial operation of your appliance and
store them for later use or subsequent owners.
Proper use
Use this battery operated appliance
only for personal use, for cleaning
moist, smooth surfaces such as windows, mirrors or tiles. Not meant for the
vacuum of dust.
– The appliance is not intended to vacuum up larger amounts of fluids from horizontal surfaces, such as from a tipped
drinking glass (max. 25 ml).
– Only use this appliance with conventional window cleaners (no spirit, no
foam cleaners).
We recommend: Window cleaner concentrate made by KÄRCHER (see
chapter "Accessories").
– Please use this appliance only with accessories and spare parts approved by
Any use extending beyond this is not considered as proper use. The manufacturer is
not liable for any losses resulting from this;
the user alone bears the risk for this.
English 3
Environmental protection
The packaging material can be recycled. Please do not place the packaging into the ordinary refuse for disposal, but
arrange for the proper recycling.
Old appliances contain valuable materials that can be recycled. Please
arrange for the proper recycling of old
appliances. Batteries and accumulators
contain substances that must not enter the
environment. Please dispose of your old
appliances, batteries and accumulators using appropriate collection systems.
Notes about the ingredients (REACH)
You will find current information about the
ingredients at:
4 English
Start up
Description of the Appliance
When unpacking the product, make sure
that no accessories are missing and that
none of the package contents have been
damaged. If you detect any transport damages please contact your dealer.
Note: Please refer to page 2 for figures of
the appliance and the operation.
1 Charger with charging cable
2 Basic appliance
3 Charging box
4 Charge/operations display
5 Support leg
6 Handle
7 ON/OFF switch for appliance
8 Dirt water reservoir, removable
9 Lock, dirt water reservoir
10 Suction head
11 Release, suction head
12 Attachment with removable lips, wide
13 Attachment with removable lips, narrow
14 Release, attachment
15 Spray bottle
16 Spray lever
17 Wiping attachment
18 Fixating ring
19 Window cleaner concentrate
20 Micro-fibre wiping pad (+ 2x*)
21 Removable lips, wide (+ 2x*)
22 Removable lips, small (+ 2x*)
* accessories WV 70 plus
Assemble the appliance
Start working
 Place the attachment on the suction
head with the removable lips until you
hear it lock in.
Note: Depending on the size and accessibility of the surface to be cleaned,
use the corresponding attachment
(wide or or narrow).
Cleaning with spray bottle and wiper attachment
 Press the spray lever on the bottle to
apply the detergent and spray the surface evenly; after that, loosen the dirt
using the wiping pad.
Note: Rinse pad under running water if
 Switch the appliance on, the charge/operations display will illuminate.
 Pull the appliance from the top to the
bottom to vacuum up the detergent.
Note: Hard to reach areas can be vacuumed vertically or horizontally (limited
If the battery is losing its performance, the
charge/operations display will begin to blink
slowly and the appliance will shut off after a
certain time. In this case, recharge the battery.
Switch the appliance off after each cleaned
surface. This will increase your operating
time per battery charge.
Attach the spray bottle and wiper attachment and fill it with detergent
Note: Please note that after first activation
of the spray head the transport look will be
Attach the wiping attachment
 Remove the spray head from the spray
 Attach the wiper attachment to the
spray head.
 Secure the wiper attachment and the
spray head with the fixating ring.
 Attach the wiper pad to the wiper attachment and secure with Velcro.
Fill the spray bottle
 Fill the included concentrate (1 x 20 ml)
into the spray bottle and fill the bottle
slowly with clear water (makes 250 ml
of detergent solution).
 Close the bottle.
Charge the battery
 Insert the charger delivered with the appliance into a proper socket.
 Insert the charging cable plug to the
back of the appliance.
Note: During the charging process, the
charge/operating display blinks. Once
the battery is fully charged, it will be permanently illuminated.
Recharge the battery after finishing
your work.
Cleaning without the spray bottle
 Apply the detergent as usual according
to manufacturer's instructions and loosen the dirt.
 Further procedure same as the "Cleaning with spray bottle and wiper attachment", see illustration
Interrupting the work
 Set the appliance on the support leg
(parking position) and switch it off.
English 5
Emptying the reservoir during operation
Once the max. fill level (mark) of the dirt
water reservoir is reached, please empty
the tank.
 Turn off the appliance.
 Pull off the lock of the dirt water reservoir and empty the tank.
 Close the dirt water reservoir.
Finish up your work / clean
 Turn off the appliance.
 First, release the attachment with the
pull-off lips and remove it from the suction head, then release the suction
head and remove.
 Clean the suction head and the attachment with the pull-off lips under running
water (do not wash in dishwater).
Caution: The basic appliance contains
electrical components. Do not clean this
under running water!
 Remove the dirt water reservoir, rotate
the lock and pull out.
 Empty the reservoir and rinse with clear
water. Close the reservoir again.
 Pull the wipe pad off the spray bottle
and clean under running water. The
wipe pad can be cleaned in a washing
machine; however, do not use fabric
 Let the cleaned appliance dry prior to
 Charge the battery.
Storing the Appliance
 Store the appliance upright in a dry
6 English
Spray bottle does not spray
 Refill detergent.
 Pump mechanism in spray botte defective, contact dealer.
Machine does not start
Check the charge/operations display:
 No signal or slowly blinking signal:
Charge the battery.
 With a rapidly blinking signal: Inform
your dealer.
Streaks while cleaning
 Clean the pull-off lip.
 Reverse the used pull-off lip:
Pull the pull-off lip out of the rubber toward the side. Moisten the rubber lip's
rounded sides with water or detergent.
Reinstall the rubber lip into the holder
with the reverse side first.
 Replace the pull-off lip if necessary:
If both edges are worn after the rubber
lip was reversed, you will need to install
a new lip. Replace the rubber lip as described above.
 Adjust the dosing of cleaning solution.
Water is leaking from the air louvers
 Empty the dirt water reservoir (max.
100 ml content).
Special accessories
Window cleaner concentrate (4 x 20 ml)
Order No.
Micro-fibre wiping pad (2 piece)
Order No.
Removable lips, wide (2 ea.)
Order no.:
Removable lips, small (2 ea.)
Hip belt bag
Disposing of old device and
battery pack
This appliance includes a built-in battery
pack; please remove this battery pack before disposing of the old appliance.
Remove battery pack and dispose
 The appliance may only be opened in
order to dispose of the battery pack.
Caution when opening the appliance
avoid short circuits.
Technical specifications
Type of protection
Volume of dirt water reser- 100
Operating time with full
Nominal battery voltage
Rated power of appliance
Charging current for empty battery
Output voltage, charger
Output current, charger
Sound pressure level
(EN 60704-2-1)
Battery type
 Remove the battery pack and dispose
of properly (at a collection site or the
몇 Warning
 Do not open the battery, as there is a
risk of an electrical short; also, irritating
or caustic vapors can escape.
 Do not expose the battery to direct
sunlight, heat or fire, there is a risk of
Subject to technical modifications!
English 7
KÄRCHER UK Limited operates a helpline
allowing customers to discuss any problems experienced with our products.
The helpline operates during normal business hours and may be busy at peak periods.If you have difficulty getting through we
would ask that you try to contact us again
later in the day.
The helpline number is 01295 752200,
open from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm
Monday to Friday.
It helps us if you have the model number
and data plate details to hand before making your call so that we can assist you with
your query more effectively.
Alternatively you may write to us at the
address below:
Kärcher House
Beaumont Road
Oxon, OX16 1TB
or E-mail us:
[email protected]
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