RM-YD028 - Remote
Operating the TV
Using the Remote Control
To Insert Batteries into the Remote
Insert two size AA batteries (supplied) by
matching @ and @ on the batteries to the
diagram inside the battery compartment of
the remote control.
Push to
uidelines to follow
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* Point your remote control directly at the IR sensor
located on your TV.
* Make sure that no objects are blocking the path
between the remote control and the IR sensor on your
* Fluorescent lamps can interfere with your remote
control; try turning off the fluorescent lamps.
* If you are having problems with the remote control,
reinsert or replace your batteries and make sure that
they are correctly inserted.
Remote Control Button Description
Press once to display the banner with channel/program
information you are watching. The banner will time
out in a few seconds or press again to exit.
2] CC
Press to turn On, turn On when Muting or Off the
Closed Captions (CC).
These buttons are used to control the equipment
connected to the TV by using the Control for HDMI
function (not available on all Control for HDMI
equipment). Some other buttons on the remote control
may also operate BRAVIA® Sync™ equipment.
<< (fast reverse): Press to play a program in fast
rewind mode.
D> PLAY: Press to play a program at a normal speed.
11 PAUSE: Press to pause playback.
>> (fast forward): Press to play a program in fast
forward mode,
SYNC MENU: Press once to display the Sync’d
HDMI Devices (while a Control for HDMI device is
not selected). Select the HDMI device and then press
SYNC MENU to display the menu of connected
equipment (not available on all Control for HDMI
№ STOP: Press to stop playback.
THEATER: Press to turn on and off the Theater
Mode. The picture settings will be set for a cinema-
like experience and the audio will be switched to the
audio output of the attached speakers of your BRAVIA
Sync audio system. Your BRAVIA Sync audio system
must be connected by an HDMI connection to your TV
(see page 21 for details).
Press once to display the stored Favorites list. You
can store up to 10 channels and/or external inputs in
your Favorites list.
[5] WIDE
Press repeatedly to cycle through the available Wide
Mode settings. See page 23.
Press to go back to the previous screen or exit from the
screen when displaying menu items and settings.
Press to display the menu with TV functions and
settings. See “Using the Menus” on page 25.
Press 0-9 to select a channel; the channel changes after
two seconds. Press ENT to change channels
Use with 0-9 and ENT to select digital channels.
For example, to enter 2.1, press OL O , (1) and ENT.
The TV alternates between the current channel and t
last channel that was selected.
VOL +/— Press to adjust the volume.
MUTING Press to mute the sound. Press again or press VOL + to
restore the sound.
POWER Press to turn on and off the TV.
INPUT Press to display the list of External Inputs and TV
mode. Press repeatedly to toggle through the inputs.
See page 24.
4/9/€/> Press 4/4/€/» to move focus'highlight. Press (7) to
select/confirm an item.
TOOLS Press to display a list of convenient functions and
menu shortcuts. The TOOLS menu items vary based
on current input and content.
CH +/- Press to scan through channels. To scan quickly |
through channels, press and hold down either CH +/—.
JUMP Press to jump back and forth between two channels.
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