Connecting the Units
This product conforms to CEMA cord colors.
Printed in Japan
<CRB1733-A> UC
• This unit is for vehicles with a 12-volt battery and
negative grounding. Before installing it in a recreational vehicle, truck, or bus, check the battery
• To avoid shorts in the electrical system, be sure to
disconnect the ≠ battery cable before beginning
• Refer to the owner’s manual for details on
connecting the power amp and other units, then
make connections correctly.
• Secure the wiring with cable clamps or adhesive
tape. To protect the wiring, wrap adhesive tape
around them where they lie against metal parts.
• Route and secure all wiring so it cannot touch any
moving parts, such as the gear shift, handbrake and
seat rails. Do not route wiring in places that get
hot, such as near the heater outlet. If the insulation
of the wiring melts or gets torn, there is a danger of
the wiring short-circuiting to the vehicle body.
• Don’t pass the yellow lead through a hole into the
engine compartment to connect to the battery. This
will damage the lead insulation and cause a very
dangerous short.
• Do not shorten any leads. If you do, the protection
circuit may fail to work when it should.
• Never feed power to other equipment by cutting
the insulation of the power supply lead of the unit
and tapping into the lead. The current capacity of
the lead will be exceeded, causing overheating.
• When replacing fuse, be sure to use only fuse of
the rating prescribed on the fuse holder.
• To prevent incorrect connection, the input side of
the IP-BUS connector is blue, and the output side
is black. Connect the connectors of the same
colors correctly.
• Cords for this product and those for other products
may be different colors even if they have the same
function. When connecting this product to another
product, refer to the supplied Installation manuals
of both products and connect cords that have the
same function.
Connecting the Units
Connection Diagram
Protect the Antenna Connector
Multi-CD player
(sold separately)
IP-BUS Input
Screw (3 × 6 mm)
IP-BUS Output
Power Supply
Antenna Input
This Unit
Fig. 2
Yellow (Satellite)
To IP-BUS Input
IP-BUS cable
Antenna Unit
(sold separately)
Head Unit
(sold separately)
Fuse holder
To terminal always supplied with power
regardless of ignition switch position.
Black (ground)
To vehicle (metal) body.
Fig. 1
• Before finally installing the unit, connect the
wiring temporarily, making sure it is all connected
up properly, and the unit and the system work
• Use only the parts included with the unit to ensure
proper installation. The use of unauthorized parts
can cause malfunctions.
• Consult with your nearest dealer if installation
requires the drilling of holes or other modifications
of the vehicle.
• Install the unit where it does not get in the driver’s
way and cannot injure the passenger if there is a
sudden stop, like an emergency stop.
• When mounting this unit, make sure none of the
leads are trapped between this unit and the surrounding metalwork or fittings.
• Do not mount this unit near the heater outlet,
where it would be affected by heat, or near the
doors, where rainwater might splash onto it.
• Before drilling any mounting holes always check
behind where you want to drill the holes. Do not
drill into the gas line, brake line, electrical wiring
or other important parts.
• If this unit is installed in the passenger compartment, anchor it securely so it does not break free
while the car is moving, and cause injury or an
• If this unit is installed under a front seat, make sure
it does not obstruct seat movement. Route all leads
and cords carefully around the sliding mechanism
so they do not get caught or pinched in the mechanism and cause a short circuit.
Installing the Unit
Mounting with Brackets (Fig. 3)
Tapping screw (4 × 12 mm)
Screw (4 × 6 mm)
Car mat or chassis
Drill 2 to 2.5 mm diameter holes.
Fig. 3
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