HP ProCurve 1410-24G Switch Quick Setup Guide

HP ProCurve 1410-24G Switch Quick Setup Guide
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HP ProCurve 1410-24G Switch Quick Setup Guide
For more detailed information to set up your switch, view or download the Installation and Getting Started Guide for your
switch at www.hp.com/go/procurve/manuals.
1. Unpack and check included parts.
Documentation kit
• Read Me First
• Quick Setup Guide
• Safety and Regulatory information
• Software License Agreement and Hardware Warranty
Accessory kit (installation hardware)
AC power cord
2. Prepare for installation. To avoid personal injury or product damage, review the “Safety Precautions” on
page 3.
3. Connect power and verify that the switch power LED turns on. The switch does not contain a power switch. It is
turned on by connecting power through the AC power cord.
Power LED = On
4. Install the Switch Hardware. Turn off the switch before installing the switch hardware.
Table or Desktop: Attach the four self-adhesive pads
(included in the accessory kit) to the bottom corners of
the switch.
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4. Install the Switch Hardware (Continued)
M-4 tap
Wall (or Under-Table): For wall or under-table mounting,
use a #1 Phillips (cross-head) screwdriver and the 20-mm M4
tap screws (included). For screw positions, see the mounting
template on page 4. (Under-Table: After installation, a third
screw may be used to prevent switch movement.)
For wall-mounting, the network ports must be facing up (see
figure). Do not mount the switch with ports facing down, or
ventilation ducts on the side of the switch facing up or down.
(See “Safety Precautions” on page 3.)
Rack Mounting: A special rack-mounting kit is included. Use a #1 Phillips (cross-head) screwdriver to attach the special
brackets to the switch using the eight 8-mm M4 screws. Then use the four number 12-24 screws to secure the brackets to the
5. (Optional) Lock the Switch. Use a Kensington lock or
similar device (not included) to physically secure the switch.
6. Power On the Switch and Connect Network Cables.
For transceiver connections, use only supported HP ProCurve
mini-GBIC/SFP transceivers.
After installing a transceiver, allow it to initialize (wait a few
seconds) before removing it.
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Safety Precautions
To avoid personal injury or product damage when installing your switch, read the installation precautions and guidelines below.
Installation Precautions
The rack or cabinet should be adequately secured to prevent it from becoming unstable, tilting or falling.
Devices installed in a rack or cabinet should be mounted as low as possible, with the heaviest devices at the
bottom and progressively lighter devices above.
Do not wall-mount any switch without checking for restrictions in the Installation and Getting Started
Wall-mount the switch with network ports facing up (away from the floor). Do not wall-mount the switch
with the ventilation or fan ducts facing up or down.
Ensure the power source circuits are properly grounded, then use the power cord supplied with the switch to connect
to the AC power source.
If your installation requires a different power cord than the one supplied with the switch and/or power supply, be
sure the cord is adequately sized for the switch’s current requirements. In addition, be sure to use a power cord
displaying the mark of the safety agency that defines the regulations for power cords in your country/region. The
mark is your assurance that the power cord can be used safely with the switch and power supply.
When installing the switch, the AC outlet should be near the switch and should be easily accessible in case the switch
must be powered off.
Ensure the switch does not overload the power circuits, wiring, and over-current protection. To determine the
possibility of overloading the supply circuits, add together the ampere ratings of all devices installed on the same
circuit as the switch and compare the total with the rating limit for the circuit. The maximum ampere ratings are
usually printed on the devices near the AC power connectors.
Do not install the switch in an environment where the operating ambient temperature exceeds its specification.
Ensure the air flow around the switch is not restricted. Leave at least 7.6 cm (3 inches) for cooling. For other available
air flow information, see the Installation and Getting Started Guide for your product, located on the HP ProCurve
Web site at www.hp.com/go/procurve/manuals.
For additional Safety and Regulatory information, refer to the Safety and Regulatory documentation included with your switch.
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Wall Mounting Template for HP ProCurve 1410-24G Switch
(Under-table mounting) After installation, prevent switch
movement by placing a third screw along this side.
83.95 mm
3.31 Inch
Screw-hole position for
150.00 mm
5.91 inch
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