Precision TIG 225 Product Comparison

Precision TIG 225 Product Comparison
Comparison Guide
Precision TIG 225
The Power to Perform! ™
Check Under The Hood!
Compare Lincoln Electric’s Precision TIG ® 225
to Miller Electric’s ® Syncrowave ® 200
Ready-Pak ® w/Cart Pkg.
(Stocking Number: K2535-2)
Runner ™ Pkg.
(Stocking Number: 907308011 )
Input Power Cable, Plug and Receptacle
• Lincoln Electric 208/230 models include
a thick #6 diameter cable with an
integrated 6-50P plug and matching
6-50R receptacle for your shop wall.
• Miller® models feature a smaller
diameter #8 input power cable
terminating with bare wires. This
requires the after-sale purchase of
proper plugs and user or third party
Foot Amperage Control Construction
• Wide base for added stability.
• Narrow base tips more easily.
• Low profile is more comfortable to use.
• Steep angle strains muscles when
used for long periods of time.
• Strain Relief protects control cable.
• Metal MS-Type connector is made for
rugged use.
• Metal case designed for rugged use.
• No strain relief is used to protect the
control cable.
• Plastic connector can be more
susceptible to damage.
Precision TIG 225
The Power to Perform! ™
Polarity and Power Switches
• Heavy duty Snap-Action™ polarity switch
is spring loaded to lock into position.
• Older knife switch design does not
positively lock into position.
• Design ensures positive electrical
• Can be accidentally set to a position
that causes intermittent electrical
contact that can arc and burn.
• Heavy duty industrial power switch has
a similar positive snap
action feel.
• Smaller power
switch does not
positively lock into
Choke and Transformer Spacers
• Coils wound and varnished without
wooden spacers remain secure for
long service life.
• Wooden spacers swell in high
moisture conditions and shrink as
they dry out, which eventually may
cause loose windings.
• Triple dip varnish and Nomex® insulation result in a class H insulation rating
certified to 180°C (356°F).
• Insulation rating is unknown.
• Large aluminum heat sink plates are in
the direct fan path for effective cooling
and better thermal dissipation.
• Smaller rectifier design is placed at
the bottom of the machine, resulting
in less effective cooling.
Varnish Insulation
Rectifier Cooling
Precision TIG 225
The Power to Perform! ™
Shielding Gas Solenoid
• More expensive 100% brass solenoid
is used for long life.
• Less expensive plastic solenoid
housing may crack and leak
over time.
• Enclosed high frequency spark gap
is shielded from the air flow in the
machine to minimize dirt and dust
that affect performance.
• High frequency spark gap is
minimally protected from dust
circulating throughout the machine,
resulting in the need for more
frequent cleaning and maintenance.
Spark Gap Access
Power and Gas Line Protection
• Attention to assembly details
includes wrapped control leads
that are additionally sleeved and
secured by tie wraps to prevent
abrasion during extended use.
• Power and Gas lines are not sleeved
or secured and frequently are left to
run over sharp sheet metal edges
that can damage these leads over
time, which may cause operational
and reliability concerns.
• Lincoln Electric PC Boards receive some
of the toughest protection in the
industry, including extensive dipping or
potting to seal from the environment
and locking tabs for key connections
to eliminate loosening that can cause
electrical failure.
• Sealant is less extensive and locking
tabs are not used.
PC Boards
Comparison Guide
Precision TIG 225
The Power to Perform! ™
Weld thicker material, especially useful in stick welding
More Welding Power
(Amperage Range)
Micro-Start™ II
This engineered arc enhancement aids starting, arc
focus and stability and crater fill – throughout the weld
Lincoln Electric’s Micro-Start™ II is always on – no
matching to your application, no hidden menus to set.
115v 15 amps
20 amps allows you to power bigger industrial tools,
including a compact MIG welder.
9 ft. input power cord in a #6 diameter size with
integrated 6-50P power plug and also 6-50R power
receptacle for mounting in your shop.
Micro-Start™ II
AC Auto-Balance™
Visual Pulse Control
Automatically sets the optimal cleaning vs. penetration
level for great looking aluminum welds.
Easily “Set It/See It” with Lincoln. The flashing light
lets you see the pulse rate before you strike an arc.
More Auxiliary Power
Heavy Input Power Cord, Standard
Power Plug and Receptacle
Top-Mounted Torch Parts Storage
Footpedal/Helmet/Other Storage
Top Quality Accessories
115v 20 amps
Store your torch tungstens, collets and other parts here.
Stow your footpedal and ground clamp when moving
around the shop or your helmet, gloves and other gear.
Lincoln features a tough Harris® flowmeter/regulator
and professional 150 amp air-cooled TIG torch with
Ultra-Flex™ cable.
Rated Output
Required Input Current
at Rated Output
H x W x D in. (cm)
E3.37.2 3/10
90A/24V @ 100%
Duty Cycle
150A/26V @ 40%
Duty Cycle
Weld all day on typical applications.
Check local electrical codes carefully when specifying
input power requirements.
20.7 x 14.5 x 25.6
(526 x 368 x 650)
30.125 x 21.125 x 21.5
(765 x 537 x 546)
Compact size and smaller shop footprint saves space
while packing more power and superior features.
Miller ®, Miller Electric ®, Syncro Start ™, Runner ™ and Fan-On-Demand ™ are all trademarks of Miller Electric Manufacturing Company ®
Take the TIG challenge
Don’t outgrow your investment
Check out what’s included with
the Precision TIG ® 225
and what’s missing from the
Diversion™ 165
Micro-Start™ II Technology!
Lincoln Yes!
Miller No!
More Welding Power!
5-230 Amps vs. 10-165 Amps
Lincoln Yes!
Miller No!
Lincoln Yes!
Miller No!
Built-in TIG Pulser
Smaller Heat
Affected Zone
Micro-Start™ II
Micro-Start™ II
AC Auto-Balance® Control
Lincoln Yes!
Miller No!
Smaller Bead
Standard TIG Weld
(at 60 amps)
Pulsed TIG Weld
(at 60 amps)
Foot Pedal Included
Lincoln Yes!
Miller No!
Easiest way to TIG weld.
Nothing extra to buy!
Automatically sets the optimal cleaning vs. penetration
level for aluminum welding based on amperage!
Let the machine do the work or customize your own
Lincoln Yes!
Miller No!
Stick Mode
Weld more processes. It’s like
getting a stick machine for free!
Precision TIG ® 225
vs. Diversion 165
Make the Smart Choice. Choose Lincoln!
Great training tool!
Make better looking welds!
Great for heat control on thin material!
Start better, weld better, weld easier!
Adjustable Post Flow
With Fixed Balance you’re stuck with either too
much cleaning or too much penetration.
Lincoln Yes!
Miller No!
One setting doesn’t fit all. Save
gas and protect your weld.
MC08-86 10/08
© Lincoln Global, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Precision TIG® 225 vs. Diversion™ 165
Precision TIG® 225
Diversion™ 165
Lincoln Advantage
TIG Torch Connection
Detachable Twist-Mate™
Permanently attached
• Easily change TIG torch size or type.
• Does not require a Service Shop to replace a worn torch.
Welding Modes
AC/DC TIG, Stick
AC/DC TIG only
• Excellent TIG and Stick welding output on a wide variety of electrodes, even E6010.
• Why buy only TIG capability when you can get stick for free?
Remote Foot Amperage
Foot Amptrol® included
with machine
Foot pedal optional
• Foot pedal control is the easiest way to TIG weld successfully.
• No need to spend an additional $150 for a foot pedal.
Arc Start
Micro-Start™ II provides a
smooth, stable start with
minimal high frequency
Machine starts with
excessive hot start and
high frequency
• Focused arc and concentrated heat input for less burnthrough and easy puddle formation on
thin materials.
AC Arc Stability
Micro-Start™ II delivers
focused, quiet and stable
Loud unstable arc
• More heat control for clean and consistent TIG welds.
• Easier to make great looking professional welds.
Gas Post-Flow Time
• Adjust post-flow time depending on application.
• Minimizes gas waste and maximizes crater protection.
AC Balance Control
AC Auto-Balance® or
manually adjustable
Fixed, non-adjustable
• AC Auto-Balance® allows great looking welds without a lengthy set-up. It automatically adjusts
the level of cleaning vs. penetration based on the welding amperage. You can also override the
automatic setting for increased cleaning action or weld penetration. Fixed balance does not allow
you to adjust the arc, making it difficult to obtain the customized welding results you want.
TIG Pulse Welding
Not available
• Pulse welding is great for controlling the welding heat input on thin materials.
• Use the pulsing arc as a guide when adding filler metal for consistent stacked dime appearance.
Output Range
5-230 Amps
10-165 Amps
• A lower end with great arc stability allows you to weld thin material.
• A higher output range means you can weld thicker material exceeding 3/16” aluminum.
• Output range meets a variety of application needs.
• Investing in Lincoln delivers more value by welding more processes, welding thicker and thinner
material. It is easier to use and one that won’t be outgrown by your welding needs. It might be
the last welding machine you’ll need to buy!
Miller and Diversion 165 are registered trademarks of the Miller Electric Company.
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