Each apartment should have one cable remote, digital converter box, Ubee Wi-Fi modem, power cords,
HDMI and data cables in the common area providing all residents of the apartment Time Warner’s
Internet, Standard Cable Package, Variety Tier and Showtime.
How to connect your TV:
1. Make sure the cable digital converter box power cord is plugged into the wall outlet.
2. Connect your TV to the cable box using one of the 3 different ways below :
Coaxial Cable
Component cables
HDMI cable
Turn on the cable digital converter box.
Make sure the TV power cord is plugged into the wall outlet.
Turn on the TV.
If using the Coaxial cable, change the TV (not cable digital converter box) to channel 3
Use your cable remote to browse channels.
 Contact Time Warner technical support if you are having trouble with any of the following:
(TW contact information is on the back):
 You are not receiving the provided cable channels
 You want additional cable services in your bedroom
at your own expense (HBO, Starz, Digital, etc.)
Wi-Fi Internet:
1) Look at the back of your modem. You will see something like
the front picture.
2) Your Wi-Fi names (SSID) can be found at A and B.
3) Select one of them on your device.
4) The password can be found at C.
Notice: Please do not make any changes to your WiFi
name or password. A $20 fee will be assessed for
unauthorized changes.
Last Updated August 16, 2015
 Submit a Maintenance Request online for the following:
 Equipment is missing (cable remote, cable digital converter box, cable power cord, coaxial
cable or Modem)
 Time Warner representatives were unable to assist you.
 Internet or Wi-Fi issues.
 How to contact Time Warner:
1. Dial 1-866-550-3211
2. *99
3. Do not press # to use the enhanced voice system (wait for the second menu of options)
4. Do not enter a phone number.
5. Press 1 if you don’t have an account option.
6. Press 2 if you do not want to get new service.
7. Press 1 for cable assistance, 2 for internet assistance or 4 for assistance with both
8. Enter the CSUDH business zip code - 90747
9. Press 1 for technical support.
10. Inform the representative you have a “CSUDH Bulk Account” (no account #)
11. Provide University Housing residential address – 1100 E. Victoria Street (Apt. ??)
They may also ask you about your modem MAC address or Serial # which can be found on the
back of your modem. ( see picture below)
12. Do not make changes to the common area account or add a phone # to the account.
 Upon departure, leave all common area equipment in the apartment (cable remote, cable digital
converter box, modem, cable power cord and other cables cord). If you ordered additional cable
services, contact Time Warner Cable (not University Housing) to discontinue your service and
arrange to return your equipment.
University Housing - CSUDH
Last Updated August 16, 2015
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