Widgets 1.0.2 Release Notes

Widgets 1.0.2 Release Notes
Widgets 1.0.2 Release Notes
Firmware and Software Versions
Design Center
o Version and higher *NEW
InFusion Controller
o Firmware Version (application code): *NEW
o Rootfs: rootfs-20130610.dwn
o Kernel: kernel-20100930.dwn
Equinox 73
o Firmware Version (application code): *NEW
o Kernel: kernel-20131120.dwn *NEW
o Rootfs: rootfs-20131112.dwn *NEW
Equinox App (Apple)
o App Version *NEW
o Requires iOS 6.0 or higher *NEW
o Recommended iOS 7 (with 1GB RAM) *NEW
Note: Gen 1 iPads, iPhone 1, 2, 3 and 3G are no longer supported due to memory limitations.
For the best Eq App performance, it is recommended that the iOS device possess 1GB RAM.
This would include Gen 3 iPads or later, iPad Mini with Retina or later, iPhone 5 or later, and
iPod Touch 5 or later.
Equinox App (Android)
o App Version *NEW
o Requires Android OS version 4.0 or higher
Design Center
Equinox Emulator
The Equinox emulator has been fixed to work over a remote connection.
Edited Thermostat Properties
Thermostat properties modified in Design Center after the initial download were not being
propagated to Equinox devices. This has been fixed.
Axium 450
Deleting an Axium 450 would not remove its child static sources. This has been fixed.
Newly Certified for Equinox
Ademco.Vista_128BP_rev4 version 82
Integra.DTR-10.5 version 24
Integra.DTR-20.3 version 43
Integra DTR-30.1 version 159
Integra.DTR-30.2 version 168
Integra.DTR-30.3 version 34
Integra.DTR-40.2 version 45
Integra DTR-40.3 version 29,
Integra.DTR-5.2 version 26
Integra.DTR-5.4 version 24
Integra.DTR-6.2 version 12
Integra.DTR-6.3 version 13
Integra.DTR-6.4 version 15
Integra.DTR-6.5 version 32
Integra.DTR-6.8 version 11
Integra.DTR 7.1 version 10
Integra DTR 70.1 version 164
Integra.DTR-70.2 version 54
Integra.DTR 80.1 version 164
Integra.DTR 80.2 version 49
Integra.DTR-8.2 version 11
Integra.DTR-8.3 version 15
Integra.DTR-8.4 version 8
Integra.DTR-9.9 version 41
Leaf.LHDMI44 version 6
Leaf.LTHDMI2020E version 11
Leaf.LTHDMI88 version 10
Lutron.Homeworks_QS version 16
McIntosh.MX119 version 13
MiddleAtlanticProducts.UPS-1000R version 13
Nuvo.NV-T2DFG version 10
Autonomic Mirage version 106
Denon AVR-2112CI, Alias: AVR-1912
Denon AVR-2312CI, Alias: AVR-2312
Denon AVR-3312CI, Alias: AVR-3312
Denon AVR-4520CI, Aliases: AVR-4520, AVR-3313, AVR-3313CI, AVR-X4000
Denon AVR-X3000, Aliases: AVR-1613, AVR-1713, AVR -1913, AVR-2113, AVR-2313, AVR300, AVR-400, AVR-X1000, AVR-X2000
GE.NX-587E version 216
MIddleAtlanticProducts.RackLink version 28
Equinox 73
In some circumstances in a dark room, the backlight could flash on and off. This has been fixed,
and the fix can be applied by updating the Equinox 73 firmware (kernel).
Equinox Widgets
Some of the widget fixes listed below require both the Equinox 73 firmware (or Equinox app)
and the controller firmware to be updated
App Launch Time
On launch, apps were requerying the controller for the configuration even though the
configuration had already taken place. This was causing a longer than normal launch time. This
has been fixed.
Splash Screen Icons
The Equinox splash screen now has 3 icons instead of two. The 3 icons from left to right are as
Connection to the controller
Downloading new Data (progress bar will show as new data is being downloaded)
Configuring UI
Each of these will light up in turn as the device is getting ready.
Splash Screen Edit Mode
The splash screen edit mode (accessed by the icon in the upper right) now includes several
options and diagnostics.
- The info section gives visibility into the general state of the device. Visible here are:
 Device IP address*
 Serial number
 App version
 Uptime*
 Controller connection state
 Controller IP address
 Controller firmware version
- The network section gives control over the network connection settings for the device
 Static and dynamic ip addressing*
 Controller local and remote addresses**
* EQ73 In wall only
** Mobile Apps only
- The reset section can be used to re-read from the attached controller or remove the mobile
device from the currently attached controller
Security Widget / Brightness
The green, yellow and red colors on the security widget have been enhanced to improve
recognition on 73 and apps, especially when screen brightness is reduced.
Security Widget / Partition Status
In security system installations with multiple partitions, the background would not update
properly when swiping between partitions. This has been fixed.
Equinox Profiles and User Data Mismatch
In rare cases the system would incorrectly show the “Profiles and User Data Mismatch” error,
which prevents Equinox profiles and user data from being retained. This has been fixed and will
no longer occur in a project once the controller firmware included with this release is installed in
that project.
(Note - the Retain and Restore Equinox Profiles and User Data feature in Design Center allows
user profiles, scenes, and other user data to be retained and restored after a full program. If
Design Center detects that the project already on the controller is not the same as the project in
Design Center, then it will correctly prevent the Retain and Restore operation from happening.
The problem that was occurring was that the “mismatch” was being flagged in some cases
where there was no actual mismatch.)
Audio Widget / Autonomic
Various bug fixes were made to the integration of the audio widget with the Autonomic Media
Server. As part of these fixes, the queue feature in the audio widget has been removed for the
Autonomic Media Server due to problems that were occurring.
Audio Widget / NuVo ProPlayer Reconnect
An hourly timer was added that will validate the status channel between the audio widget and
the Nuvo Pro Player media streamer. If for any reason the status channel validation fails it will
attempt a reconnect.
Audio Widget / NuVo ProPlayer Play & Pause State
Under certain circumstances the play/pause state of a nuvo source could get out of sync. This
has been fixed
Audio Widget / Kaleidescape
Having a Kaleidescape music zone selected on an audio or video widget was causing the UI to
not load. This has been fixed.
Audio Widget / iPort
The iPort system does not provide library cover art, only for “Now Playing”. However, the audio
widget was not populating with default art in the album list. This has been fixed.
Audio Widget / Tuner Preset Buttons
On mobile devices, tuner presets buttons on the tuner page of the audio widget could
disappear. This has been fixed.
Video Widget / Attached Tasks
In some cases the task that was attached to a video source in Design Center could execute
twice when swiping to that source in the video widget. This has been fixed, so the attached task
will now execute just once.
Settings / Deleted Profiles
Profiles deleted on an Equinox device could reappear after another full download from Design
Center. This has been fixed.
Settings / Equinox 73 Timeout
The screen timeout property for the Equinox 73 as specified in Design Center was not being
utilized. This has been fixed.
Equinox Bootup on Multi-Controller Systems
Some tweaks were made on the Equinox bootup sequence that should improve boot reliability
on multi-controller systems.
Weather Widget / Weather Validation Message
If an unsupported location was entered in the weather widget when adding a new city, the
notification message was not showing up because it was covered by the keyboard. This has
been fixed.
Climate Widget / Humidistat Screen
The spacing and layout of the humidistat screen in the climate widget had several issues which
have been resolved.
Climate Widget / Thermostat Schedules
Automatic setpoint changes for thermostat schedules were taking effect about 1 minute after the
scheduled time. This has been fixed, so the change will now occur at the scheduled time.
Climate Widget / Layout on Thermostat Widget
When in idle mode, misalignments could occur in the layout of the thermostat widget. This has
been fixed.
Climate Widget / Default Themostat Home Schedule
The default “Home” schedule contained an incorrect time of 7:00 AM in track 3 of day 2. This
has been changed to 7:00 PM.
Climate Widget / Edited Thermostat Schedule Names
A full reprogram from Design Center would overwrite any schedule name changes that were
made in Equinox. This has been fixed.
Scene Widget / Playlist Selection in Scene Editor
For music actions, the scene editor was not always highlighting the selected playlist. This has
been fixed.
Scene Widget / Playlists in the Scene Editor
Newly created audio playlists were not showing up in the Scene Editor. This has been fixed.
Camera Widget / Multiple Camera Slowdown
Having more than 4 cameras active could cause slowdown on an Equinox 73 or app. A restart
would correct this problem. This has been optimized
Equinox Procedural Steps
Step 1: Prepare
Assure that the Network is solid
Use Vantage Products and Premier Partner Drivers as much as possible
Plan on a Mix of EQ40 keypads, In-Walls (EQ73) and Mobiles/Tablets
- Add the appropriate EQ-APP license card (5, 10 or unlimited)
- Equinox 73s and Apps auto build the commands and UI based on the objects, drivers as
setup in DC
Step 2: Set up Design Center
Add Objects (loads, tstats, cameras, drivers, etc) to file
Use / Setup Display Names for Objects
Make sure the EQ Drivers, Sources, Zones, Displays (for Audio, Video) are mapped to each
Assign Comm ports to drivers and Edited as necessary
If using non EQ drivers (set-top boxes, disc players, TVs, etc) check that driver interfaces are
learned correctly (i.e. Play, Pause, etc) else they will not show up in the EQ UI correctly
------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: If doing an upgrade from old DC to new 3.2, check for newer EQ rated drivers and
replace manually as necessary (DCN compatibility)
- This could result in some tasks needing to be redone
- Delete extraneous tasks and unused TPTs, objects, etc (saves memory on controller and
time to download)
Step 3: Update Firmware and File Download
Update all controller(s) firmware
Program system (uncheck “Retain User Data” the first time, check all times after that)
Update 73(s) firmware and iPad or Android apps as necessary
Step 4: Setup Equinox UIs
Rearrange Widgets as necessary
Go into Edit Mode for Zones/Sources, press the star for lighting favorites, remember that the
topmost item in a list is what shows up on the dashboard
Add Profiles and rearrange widgets, default zones, lighting favorites and scenes as necessary
Use the Equinox Emulator in DC for quicker access or tablets to setup iPods, iPhones, etc
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