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Read these instructions carefully before use and keep them for future reference.
Your child’s safety may be affected if you do not follow these instructions.
Instruction Leaflet
Travel Cot
Suitable for babies from birth up to a maximum of 15kg
in weight and who are unable to climb out.
Complies with: BS EN 716-1 : 2008 + A1 : 2013 Customer Care Line: 01454 326 568
To open
1. Pull back the Velcro straps, remove the mattress and
set aside.
Fig 1.
Open and unfold the
Fig 1.
Velcro straps
2. Lift the four top folding rails up until they click into
place. Do not push the centre hub down until all four
folding rail locks are fully locked and engaged. The rails
will be horizontal and rigid when this is done correctly.
Fig 2.
Centre hub
Fig 2.
NOTE If the folding rails do not click into place easily,
check again that the centre hub is raised. Do not apply
excessive force.
3. When all four folding rails have clicked and locked into
place, spread the legs of the travel cot and then firmly
press the centre hub down. The safety lock in the
centre hub will then automatically engage.
Fig 3.
Folding joint
with button
Folding rail
Fig 3.
2. Push centre hub down
4. Place the mattress inside the travel cot with the
padded side up.
Fig 4.
5. Feed the Velcro straps on the bottom of the mattress
through the corresponding holes on the base of the
travel cot. Attach the straps to the other Velcro
fastening under the cot. This ensures your mattress
remains secured safely. You may need to lift the travel
cot slightly to do this.
Fig 5.
1. Spread legs of travel cot
Fig 4.
Ensure the travel cot is correctly assembled before
use, with the top bars locked straight, the centre foot
firmly on the ground and the mattress in position.
Do not, under any circumstances, use the travel cot
unless all folding rails are fully engaged.
Fig 5.
Central folding mechanism
Under side of travel cot
Folding rail
Folding rail
Velcro tab and strap (x4)
Pull centre hub up
To fold
6. Remove the mattress. Pull the centre hub up to a
raised position. Approx to half way or more.
Fig 6.
Fig 6.
7. Lift the folding rails in the centre marked by the
arrows. Squeeze the button underneath the rail
(folding joint), keep the button pressed in and drop
the rails down.
Fig 7.
If you are experiencing difficulty with getting the folding
rails to unlock, make sure the centre hub has been
pulled all the way up and that you have lifted the folding
rail before squeezing the button.
Fig 7.
Central folding mechanism
(button underneath rail)
8. Pull the centre hub completely up and draw in the four
corners of the travel cot and tuck in any loose fabric.
Fig 8.
Folding rails
To store
9. Wrap the mattress around the travel cot and secure
with the Velcro straps. Store in the carry bag.
Fig 8.
Handy hints
For added safety this product features two safety
devices that prevent inadvertent release of the
folding mechanism. Please see the following
helpful tips to ensure correct operation of the
safety functions on this model.
Centre hub
Once the centre hub has been pushed fully down it
is not possible to assemble / release the top
folding rails.
Draw corners in
Fig 9.
When assembling the travel cot, the top folding
rails must be fully engaged before pushing the
centre hub down.
When folding the travel cot, the centre hub must be
raised to allow the top folding rails to be folded.
Top rails
The top folding rail consists of three parts. There
are two rods held either side of a central folding
mechanism. Both sides of the central lock need to
be released individually to enable the top rail to
Wrap mattress around
General care:
• The correct use and maintenance of this travel cot
is essential.
• Do not leave the travel cot in direct sunlight for long
periods of time as this will cause the fabrics to fade.
• Always store in a dry place.
• Fabric covers, trims and the carry bag may be
sponged clean with a mild detergent and warm
water. Dry in the open position in a ventilated area
and out of direct sunlight. The covering fabric is not
• Metal parts can be cleaned with a damp cloth then
wiped dry.
• Clean plastic parts with a mild soap and water
• Regularly inspect for loose, damaged or missing
parts. Use the travel cot in accordance with the
instructions; failure to do this or misuse may
invalidate your warranty and be dangerous for the
Extra Information:
• Unlike cots that have rigid sides the Sleeptight
travel cot has flexible sides. As a result the
mattress is specially designed to prevent a
suffocation hazard. The mattress has a solid base,
a specific length and width and is less than 25mm
thick in order to meet the relevant safety
standards. Using a thicker or differently sized
mattress may allow a child’s head to get between
the mattress and the side of the travel cot causing
suffocation. The mattress size used on this product
is 950mm x 650mm x 25mm.
• Do not use for a child that is able to climb out,
reaches 86 cm in height or weighs more than 15kgs.
(Whichever is first).
• Intended for use by children under 3 years of age.
• Never allow other children to play with the product.
The travel cot is designed for baby whist sleeping
not as a restraint device.
Safety warnings:
• WARNING: Your child’s safety is your
• WARNING: Be aware of the risk of open fire and
other sources of strong heat, such as electric
bar fires, gas fires, etc. in the near vicinity of the
• WARNING: Do not use the cot if any part is
broken, torn or missing and use only spare parts
approved by the manufacturer.
• WARNING: Do not leave anything in the cot or
place the cot close to another product, which
could provide a foothold or present a danger
of suffocation or strangulation, e.g. strings,
blind/curtain cords, etc.
• WARNING: Do not use more than one mattress in
the cot.
• Do not leave a child unattended in this product.
Always keep your child in view.
• Ensure that the product is correctly assembled
before use; with the top bars locked straight, the
centre foot firmly on the ground and the mattress in
• Use only the mattress supplied with this product and
ensure it remains in position. Do not use pillows.
• Do not allow a child to lift the sides of the mattress up.
• Position the product on a level and stable surface
• Keep the product away from trailing cords and
• This travel cot is designed for convenient limited use,
it is not designed to replace a cot on a long term
• Do not use for more than one child at a time.
Complies with: BS EN 716-1 : 2008 + A1 : 2013
Customer Care Line: 01454 326 568
Imported by:
The Red Kite Baby Co Ltd. 35 Lavenham Road, Beeches
Industrial Estate, Yate, Bristol, BS37 5QX. UK.
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