Remote Access to DVR using a Dynamic IP Address

Remote Access to DVR using a Dynamic IP Address
 Remote Access to DVR using a Dynamic IP Address This tutorial demonstrates how to setup remote access to your DVR surveillance system using a dynamic IP address. Step 1 Go to and register a free domain name. Choose any hostname you want. What we’re doing here is mapping your dynamic IP address to a fixed hostname, so even if your IP address changes, your hostname will be able to keep track of it. Step 2 We are going to configure port forwarding now. Port forwarding allows you to open a port on the router to enable remote access to the DVR. What you’re going to do here is input the local IP address for your DVR and map it to port 7000 (you can also map port 80, but for security purposes, port 7000 is recommended). Once port 7000 is mapped to the local IP address of your DVR, go ahead and save the settings and logout of the router. At this point, the only step remaining is configuring the DVR for remote access. Step 3 Access the Main Menu of your DVR. Click on Network Setup. Select LAN. You will be setting up a local IP address for your DVR. Input the local IP address that you port forwarded 7000 or 80 on your router (e.g. If you port forwarded 7000 or 80 to, then just set the IP Address on the DVR to Leave the Subnet Mask as Set the Gateway and DNS as the router’s IP address (e.g. If you login to your router with, then just set the Gateway and DNS as Step 4 Set the DDNS Server to Set the Host Name to the name that you set when you registered the host name. The User Name and Password is the sign‐in name and password you used to login to your account. Step 5 The last step is configuring the HTTP Setup to enable access to the DVR from any web browser. Go to HTTP Setup, and make sure that HTTP Server is enabled. Next, open port 7000 (default is port 80, but for security purposes, use a nonstandard port, like 7000). At this point, you are done configuring remote access to your DVR. Step 6 Using the internet browser on your computer or mobile phone, type in the hostname that you created followed by the colon and then followed by the port 7000 (That is the port that you port forwarded on your router). Type in the user name and password for the DVR when prompted (Default user name is admin and password is 123456. You can change the user name and password in the settings of your DVR). Step 7 Once login is successful you will be given 3 choices to view remotely: 1. Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 2. Download DVR Remote Software to your computer (Windows XP, Vista, 7 supported) 3. JPEG Viewer (Viewable on any device that has an internet browser. This is also the preferred method to connect when using mobile phones, such as the iPhone, Android Phones, or Windows Mobile Phones ) Note: There are also applications specifically made for the mobile phones. For the Blackberry, that is the only way to view remotely. Please check the CD for setup instructions. Select your preferred method to connect and the video will be displayed. 
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