View and the Rice Cooker Manualin PDF

View and the Rice Cooker Manualin PDF
1. Rice measuring and washing
User’s Manual
Cover Release Button
Water Holder
Rice Cooker
• The measuring cup is mainly used to measure the amount of rice. A flat cup of rice is
0.18L (approx.150g).
• Do not wash the rice directly in the inner pot to avoid scratching its non-stick layer,
distorting the body and affecting the heat efficiency of the pot due to poor contact with
the electric heating plate.
“WARM” Indicator Light
“COOK” Indicator Light
Please read this User’s Manual carefully for proper use of Midea’s Rice Cooker.
“COOK” Switch
• No foreign matter should be allowed between the inner pot and the electric heating
Water Holder
“COOK” Indicator Light
“COOK” Switch
Rated Voltage
Rice Paddle
Power(W) Capacity(L)
Measuring Cup
Cooking Rice Quantity
5. Cooking
The "Warm" lamp will light up once the unit is plugged into the
outlet. If you want to begin cooking rice, push the "COOK"
switch down and the "COOK" indicator lamp will light up.
6. The cooking process will begin only when the “On” switch is
pushed down and the inner pot is in its proper position. Once the
cooking process is done, the rice cooker will automatically switch
to WARM (the light will be on) and will remain on until the
appliance is unplugged.
Power Cord
7. For steaming:
Add the appropriate amount of water into the inner pot.
The amount of water depends on the food and quantity. Make
sure that amount of water does not exceed the height of the
8. When scooping rice, use the rice paddle provided with the
appliance. Avoid using metal spoons as these can damage the
non-stick coating of the inner pot. Keep the inner pot clean and
free from dried grains of rice.
1. Please use a dedicated and high quality power outlet, with high power rating (10A). Do not use
poor quality outlets. It is advisable not to share the power outlet with high power ratings, such as
an air conditioner, electrical stoves etc, to avoid fires caused by overloading the outlet.
2. Do not stand with your face and hands close to the steam vent in order to avoid scalding injuries.
Note: Initially installed fit of the water holder may be tight.
3. Never cover the steam port with a cloth, as this may cause accidents or damage to the
rice cooker.
4. Do not attempt to dismantle or repair the appliance by yourself. Please contact our service center
to do this for you.
Disassembly Method:
• When the food steaming is finished, you must turn off the switch button manually
(push up). The cooker can be in the WARM setting for several hours.
After washing it, the water holder must be re-installed by pushing
it until it locks in place.
4.Press down the cover until it snaps in place.
Special Hint: Rice is best served 15 minutes after cooking.
Installation Method:
“WARM” Indicator Light
1. Unplug the unit and then clean the inner pot using detergent and water. Wipe it dry
with a soft cloth.
• Do not use metal brushes or other harsh tools to wash inner pot, to avoid damaging
the non-stick coating.
2. Remove the water holder and clean it before reinstalling it back to the unit.
3. You may use a smooth sandpaper to remove the dried grains of rice.
In order to dissemble the water holder, hold the sides of the
water holder then pull it out.
• The non-stick coating of the inner pot conforms with the standards of food safety.
• Make sure the cover is properly closed, otherwise the cooking performance
may be affected.
Cover Release Button
• To steam food, add only the appropriate amount of water to prevent water overflowing
the steamer rack.
3. Make sure the inner pot and the panel are both dry. Rotate
the inner pot left and right to ensure that it contacts with the heating
plate properly.
2. Put the washed rice into the inner pot and add water to the
corresponding level (e.g add water to level "3 if 3 cups of rice are
to be cooked). Add or reduce the amount of water depending on
your preference.
Disassembly Method:
Open the cover and rotate the steam valve counter clockwise until
the steam valve holde points to the triangle (▲) mark on the top
cover. (See figure on the right)
Push the steam valve until it pops out of the cover.
Method of Installation:
1. Open the top cover and insert the steam valve from the top
(with the steam valve hole aligned with the triangle mark (▲) of
the top cover).
2. Rotate the steam valve clockwise until the steamm valve hole
aligns with the circle mark (●). (See figure on the right)
1. Make sure the steam valve is free from dirt or other foreign matter. Clean it regularly so
that it won't affect the cooking performance of the appliance.
2. When washing the steam valve, do not pull or push the seal ring.
3. Do not use the appliance if the plug, main cord or the appliance is damaged. If the power
cord is damaged, have it replaced by our service center.
4. The unit, especially its plug, must be kept free from dust and insects to avoid short circuit of the
electrical board.
5. The plug must be inserted into the socket thoroughly to avoid fire, electric shock or short circuit.
6. Do not rinse the rice cooker under running water.
The light
is off.
The light
is on.
Circuit of electric rice cooker is
not connected to power supply.
Heating plate
is hot.
1. Wiring connection of indicator
light has loosened.
2. Indicator light is damaged.
Heating plate
is not hot.
2. The rice cooker will automatically switch to the "Warm" mode once it is done cooking the
rice. It is advisable to let the rice sit in the cooker for 15 mins before serving.
4. Do not use the product to cook porridge or soup, unless it has those extra cooking
functions. Doing so might cause the liquid to overflow and damage the unit.
1. Internal wiring has loosened.
Inspect whether the switch, plug
and socket connector, fuse and
leading wire of power supply are
in good condition and insert the
plug properly.
It should be sent to an authorized
service center for inspection and
2. Electric-thermal tube has burnt
1. Cook rice according to required
2. The fine sand paper can be used
for correcting slight deformations but
the severely deformed one should be
sent to maintenance department for
3. Check if the pot is in its proper position.
4. Remove it using a smooth
5. Send it to an authorized service
Cooked rice is hard or time
of cooking is too long.
1. Cooking time is
2. Heating plate is deformed.
3. Inner pot is not in its proper
4. There is foreign matter
between inner pot and
heating plate.
5. Inner pot is deformed.
Rice is burnt; Rice cooker
does not automatically
switch to the "Warm" mode
1. The keys of cooking rice and
lever link gear are not working.
It should be sent to an authorized
2. The steel magnet temperature
service center.
limiter is not working.
3. The temperature controller got
burnt out or its wiring is loose.
3. Do not keep the rice in the "Warm" setting for more than 12 hours.
9. Please clean the water holder after every use.
Heating plate
is not hot.
1. The inner pot cannot be heated on any other heat source, otherwise it can deform easily.
Poor installation of the steam
1. Follow the installation
instructions in the manual.
2. Wash it or remove foreign
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