SI 3CT LP square label Rev. B

SI 3CT LP square label Rev. B
Ceiling Speaker
Input: 70V or 100V, Selectable Taps
Driver Impedance: 8 Ohms
In compliance with the following safety standards:
For use in Air Handling Spaces.
UL 2043: Fire test for Heat and Visible Smoke Release
for Discrete Products and their Accessories
Installed in Air Handling Spaces.
NFPA 70: National Electric Code 2005, Article 300-22(C).
NFPA 90A: Installation of Air Conditioning and Ventilation
Systems, Section 2-3.10.1(a), Exception 3.
UL 1480: Speakers for Fire Protective Signaling Systems.
For Installation Instructions refer to SI 3CT LP Owner’s Manual.
Engineered in USA
Made in China
Signaling Speaker
33-1413-01 Rev. B 08 06
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