09-032 Solara 3G-Spree 3G sellsheet:Solara3G_Spree_SS

09-032 Solara 3G-Spree 3G sellsheet:Solara3G_Spree_SS
Invacare ® Spree 3G Pediatric Tilt-in-Space Custom Manual Wheelchair
The Invacare® Spree 3G pediatric tilt-in-space wheelchair offers virtually all of the
enhancements available on the Solara® 3G wheelchair, only in a smaller package. With a
compact sleek design, more configurations, and additional accessories to choose from such
as Bodypoint® positioning products, the Spree 3G pediatric wheelchair can easily match every
child’s individuality. The redesigned Spree wheelchair also allows for easier growth, easier
tilting and easier adjustments for a parent or caregiver.
Invacare ® Solara® 3G and Spree 3G Tilt-in-Space Custom Manual Wheelchair
Solara® 3G
Spree 3G
Frame style
Seat width
Seat depth
Back height
Adjustable angle back
Seat-to-floor heights
Knee-to-heel range
Tilt range
Weight capacity
12" – 24"
12" – 22"
17" – 20", 20", 24"
0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°, 25°, 30°
12.5" – 19"
12", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24"
4", 5", 6", 8"
4.5" – 24"
-5° to 50°
250 lb.
400 lb. heavy-duty package
34.50 lb.*
Lifetime on frame and crossbraces
12" – 18"
12" – 19"
17" – 20", 20", 24"
0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°, 25°, 30°
12.5" – 19"
12", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24"
4", 5", 6", 8"
4.5" – 24"
-5° to 50°
Weight of chair
Limited warranty
*Base chair without accessories
Invacare Corporation
200 lb.
32 lb.*
Lifetime on frame and crossbraces
Frame Colors
104P Electric Teal
62P Electric Blue
125P Emerald Green
121P Lolly Pop Blue
127P Grasshopper Green
122P Cosmic Blue
30P Sunny Yellow
61P Electric Red
119P Bubblegum Pink
120P Grape Madness
115P Black Prism
24P Wet Black
105P Midnight Blue
60P Silver Metallic
Invacare ® Solara® 3G and Spree 3G Tilt-in-Space Custom Manual Wheelchair
71P Silver Vein
One Invacare Way
Elyria, Ohio
(800) 333-6900
570 Matheson Blvd. E.
Unit 8
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Z 4G4 Canada
(800) 668-5324
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All rights reserved.
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Form No. 09-032
* ANSI/RESNA W/C 19 sec 6.2 Presale Literature Notification
Invacare® Solara® 3G/Spree 3G Wheelchairs
Minimum turning radius 25".
Minimum turn-around width 38.68".
(16" W Medium frame chair without footrests).
The Solara and Spree wheelchairs tested were tied-down using four
tie-down brackets - 2 brackets located near the front of the seat frame
and 2 brackets located on the rear of the base frame.
Solara and Spree wheelchairs with long frame may be longer than 1220 mm,
exceeding the ADA definition of common wheelchair and the maximum
length requirements of lifts on public vehicles, and may therefore present
particular difficulties accessing some vehicles.
The Solara and Spree wheelchairs were tested with a 170 lb. test
The Solara and Spree wheelchairs tested used a wheelchair-anchored
pelvic belt and vehicle-anchored shoulder belt.
Total wheelchair mass = 80 lb. (36 kg), including wheels, arms, front riggings,
seat pan, Invacare Personal Back 10 seat system, 3" seat cushion, tie-down
brackets, wheelchair anchored pelvic belt, and rigidizing bar.
The Solara and Spree wheelchairs tested comply with the
performance requirements of ANSI/RESNA W/C 19 sec 5.3.
Average lateral dummy displacement=approximately .65" (16.5 mm).
Overall Score = 16
Overall Rating = B
The Solara and Spree wheelchairs tested were sized to accommodate a
170 lb. test dummy. (Medium frame, 16"W x 19"D, 60 degree front
rigging, 12" wheels, pneumatic flat free tires, steel seat pan, cushion,
Invacare® Personal Back™ 10 seat system, 6" x 2" semi-pneumatic
For all types of vehicles, the Solara and Spree wheelchairs require four
SAE J2249-compliant tie-down strap assemblies for effective securement.
When the TRRO or TRBKTS option is selected, the Solara and Spree
wheelchairs provide a location for anchoring of an Invacare-provided pelvic
belt. This belt has been tested in accordance with ANSI/RESNA W/C 19.
The wheelchair-anchored pelvic belt is supplied by Invacare.
For more information on the Invacare® Solara® 3G/Spree 3G Tilt-in-Space Wheelchairs visit our website:
Invacare ® Solara® 3G Tilt-in-Space Custom Manual Wheelchair
The Invacare® Solara® 3G tilt-in-space wheelchair offers more adjustability, better
serviceability, increased configurability and is easier to tilt as compared to the previous
generation Solara wheelchair. With a 30% reduction in fasteners and new options such as a
400 lb. weight capacity heavy-duty package and seat widths up to 24", the Solara 3G wheelchair
offers everything you loved about the Solara® 2G wheelchair plus so much more. In fact, there
are nearly 40 improvements on the Solara 3G wheelchair making it the best yet!
Invacare ® Solara® 3G Tilt-in-Space Custom Manual Wheelchair
Invacare ® Spree 3G Pediatric Tilt-in-Space Custom Manual Wheelchair
The center-of-gravity adjustment, which
is available on the Solara 3G wheelchair, has
three settings: front, mid and rear and helps to
improve tilting. The front setting, for example,
accommodates a chair with more weight distributed to the front casters while the mid setting is
best for mildly uneven weight distribution.
With less exclusions and no lock pins, the
upgraded transport tie down* system
offers more configuration possibilities and is
even easier to use.
The refreshed seat pan system is easily
Color coded rust-resistant zinc hardware
converted from flush mount to drop mount, or
vice versa, by utilizing the same hardware.
New hardware is not needed.
makes adjustments even easier. The silver
hardware indicates a point where an adjustment
can occur while the black bolts are static and
never need to be adjusted.
A durable mechanical linkage foot-operated
wheel lock is positioned at the rear of the
frame and is a more economical option to the
foot operated hublock. Pressing one of the
two levers easily locks both rear wheels.
Additionally, the new rear axle plate offers
2" more fore and aft adjustability.
The back angle adjustment has been relocated
from under the seat rail to behind the back cane.
With 30 degrees of adjustment in five-degree
increments, it is now easier to fit aftermarket
seating systems. A new 24" back cane option
includes a 10-degree bend which also better
accommodates after-market back hardware.
Seat-to-floor heights are more
configurable and are available in a variety of
lower heights. For example, with a flush seat
pan and a 4" caster a 12.5" seat-to-floor height is
possible. Better yet, with a drop seat pan the
height can be as low as 10.5".
A redesigned contracture footrest system
offers greater strength and adjustability. The
bilateral contracture footplates offer inversion
and eversion while both the platform and
footplates can be easily adjusted laterally the
full width of the chair.
* This wheelchair conforms to the requirements of
ANRI/RESNA WC/19 vol. 1 - section 19.5.3 (Frontal
Impact Test). Please refer to the back page of this sell
sheet for the ANSI/RESNA WC/19 sec. 6.2 Presale
Literature Notification. Invacare recommends that
wheelchair users NOT be transported in vehicles of any
kind while in wheelchairs. As of this date, the U.S.
Department of Transportation has not approved any
tie-down system for transportation of a user while in a
wheelchair in a moving vehicle of any type. It is
Invacare’s position that users of wheelchairs should be
transferred into appropriate seating in vehicles for
transportation and use be made of the restraints made
available by the auto industry.
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