RPBG6L 6” Bench Grinder with Light

RPBG6L 6” Bench Grinder with Light
Original Instruction Manual
6” Bench Grinder with Light
For your safety read instructions
carefully before assembling or using
this product. Save this manual for
future reference.
Version 2.0
June 2010
Woodworking Machines & Accessories
Record Power Ltd
Unit B, Adelphi Way
Staveley S43 3LS
Telephone: 01246 561 520
Fax: 01246 561 537
Email: sales@recordpower.co.uk
Always follow the instructions provided with the manual. Always wear safety glasses when using woodworking
equipment. Always disconnect the power before adjusting any equipment. Failure to observe proper safety
procedures and guidelines can result in serious injury.
WARNING: Do not allow familiarity (gained from frequent use of your machine and accessories) to become
commonplace. Always remember that a careless fraction of a second is sufficient to inflict severe injury.
Always wear safety glasses when
using woodworking equipment.
Always read the instructions
provided before using
woodworking equipment.
1. Introduction
2. Health & Safety Guidance
3. Additional Safety Instructions
4. Record Power Guarantee
5. Specification
6. Installation
7. Operating the Grinder
8. Mounting of Wheels
9. Wheel Care
10. General Care
11. Parts Identification
12. Spare Parts Identification
Certificate of Conformity
1. Introduction
Dear Customer,
Thank you for investing in a Record Power® product, which has been designed to give you years of satisfying service. Please do not
forget to fill in and return your guarantee card. (This does not affect your statutory rights).
This manual serves to give details of Specification, Health & Safety, Installation & Assembly.
Please ensure you have sufficient basic skill before using this machine.
Considerations of environmental issues are an integral part of the design, production and other associated aspects of this product, and
all reasonable environmentally friendly options have been adopted throughout.
Users are advised to consider environmental issues associated with the use of this product, particularly when considering workpiece
material. Confirmation of sourcing from well-managed forests is advisable whenever practically possible.
The WEEE regulations aim to encourage reuse, recycling and recovery of electrical and electronic waste. The document outlining the
WEEE guidelines is available at http://www.dti.gov.uk/sustainability/weee.
2. Health & Safety Guidance
WARNING: When using electric tools, basic safety precautions should always be
followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and personal injury.
Safe Operation
1. Eye Protection
The operation of any power tool can result in
foreign objects being thrown into your eyes, which can result in severe eye
damage. Always wear safety glasses or other suitable eye protection. Wear
safety glasses at all times. Everyday glasses only have impact resistant lenses.
They are not safety glasses which give additional lateral protection. It is also
important to wear ear protectors when operating the table saw.
2. Keep work area clear.
Cluttered areas and benches invite accidents and injuries.
3. Consider work area environment.
Do not expose the machine to rain or damp conditions.
• Keep the work area well lit.
• Do not use the machine in the presence of flammable
liquids or gases.
4. Guard against electric shock.
Avoid body contact with earthed or grounded surfaces.
5. Keep other persons away (and pets).
Do not let persons, especially children, not involved in the work, touch the
machine, or extension cord (if used) and keep visitors away from the work area.
6. Store idle tools.
When not in use, tools should be stored in a dry, locked- up place, out of reach
of children.
7. Do not force the machine.
It will do the job better and work more safely if operated at the speed at which
it was intended.
8. Use the right tool.
• Do not force small tools to do the job of a heavy-duty tool.
• Do not use tools for purposes other than those for which they were intended.
9. Dress properly.
• Non-slip footwear is recommended.
• Do not wear loose clothing, neckties or jewellery; they can be caught in
moving parts.
• Roll up long sleeves above the elbow.
• Wear protective hair covering to contain long hair.
10. Use protective equipment
• Use safety glasses. (See note 1. above)
• Use face or dust shield if cutting operation creates dust.
• Use ear plugs or ear defenders when the machine is in use
11. Connect dust extraction equipment.
12. Do not abuse the cord.
Never yank the cord to disconnect it from the socket. Keep the cord away from
heat, oil and sharp edges.
13. Do not overreach.
Keep proper footing and balance at all times.
14. Secure work.
Ensure that your work piece is properly held before
starting to cut.
15. Maintain tools with care.
• Follow instructions for lubrication and changing accessories.
• Inspect electric cords periodically and, if damaged, have them repaired by an
authorized service facility or qualified electrician.
• Inspect extension cords (if used) periodically and replace if damaged. Always
use properly rated extension cord.
16. Disconnect Machine.
When not in use, before servicing, changing blades etc. disconnect the machine
from the power supply.
17. Never leave machine running unattended.
Turn power off, do not leave machine until it comes to a complete stop.
18. Remove adjusting keys and wrenches.
ENSURE that all adjusting wrenches and keys are removed before switching the
machine ‘ON’.
19. Avoid unintentional starting.
Ensure the switch is in the “STOP” position before turning on the power from
the main electricity supply. Your Record Table saw already incorporates low
voltage protection. This means the machine will not automatically start up after
say a power cut, unless you first reset the start switch.
20. Out-door Extension Leads.
Your machine should not be used outdoors.
21. Stay alert.
Watch what you are doing, use common sense and do not use the machine
when you are tired.
22. Check for damaged parts.
• Before use of the machine, it should be carefully checked to determine that it
will operate properly and perform its intended function.
• Check for alignment of moving parts, binding of moving parts, breakage of
parts, mounting and any other conditions that may affect its operation.
• A guard or other part that is damaged should be properly repaired or replaced
by a qualified person unless otherwise indicated in this instruction manual. Have
defective switches replaced by a qualified person.
• Do not use the machine if the switch does not turn on and off.
23. Warning!
• The use of any accessory or attachment, other than those recommended in
this instruction manual, or recommended by our Company may present a risk of
personal injury.
24. Have your machine repaired by a qualified person.
• This electric machine complies with the relevant safety rules. Only qualified
persons using original spare parts should carry out repairs. Failure to do this may
result in considerable danger to the user.
25. This machine is designed for cutting wood.
• Do not use for cutting any material other than wood.
Maintenance and Servicing
This machine requires very little maintenance. This handbook gives clear
instructions on installation, set up and operation.
Read these instructions carefully. Remember always to switch off and
unplug from the main electricity supply before carrying out any setting up or
maintenance operations.
Should you need advice on the repair or maintenance of this product, our
Customer Service Department can be contacted on 01246 561 520 and will be
happy to assist you.
3. Additional Safety Instructions for Woodworking
1974’, and the ‘Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998’. We
recommend that you study and follow these regulations.
WARNING: For your own safety, do not attempt to operate your dust extractor
until it is completely assembled and installed according to the instructions.
Wood Dust
The fine particle dust produced in wood cutting operations can be a health
hazard. Some imported hard woods do in fact give off highly irritant dust
which causes a burning sensation. The wearing of a dusk mask will give added
1. The machine should be assembled fully before use
2. Loose clothing such as ties, loose sleeves and long hair should be avoided
when operating this machine
3. Make sure wiring codes and recommended electrical instructions are followed
and the machine is properly grounded.
For further help on any of the above matters please contact our Customer
Services Department at :- Tel: 01246 561 520 Fax: 01246 561 537
WARNING: Do not allow familiarity (gained from frequent use of your machine)
to cause complacency. Always remember that a careless fraction of a second is
sufficient to inflict severe injury.
4. Check that the switch is in the OFF position before plugging in the power
5. Ensure that your hands are away from moving components.
6. Always disconnect the power source before making any adjustments to the
7. Be sure that the extraction hose is fitted correctly before operating.
8. Always wear eye protection or a face shield.
9. Keep guards and covers in place.
10. Remove any loose articles from the machine before starting it.
11. Always stop the machine before clearing away chips or adjusting the
12. Ensure that:
(i) the voltage of the machine corresponds to the mains voltage.
(ii) To use an earthed power source (wall socket).
(iii) The cord and plug are in good condition, i.e. not frayed or damaged.
13. Never leave the machine running unattended.
14. If the mains lead is damaged, it must only be replaced by a qualified
15. Never use a long extension cable.
16. WARNING LABELS – It is important that labels bearing Health &
Safety Warnings are not removed or painted over. New labels are
available from Customer Services.
17. This machine falls under the scope of the ‘Health & Safety at Work etc. Act
4. Record Power Guarantee
1.1 We supply machinery through a network of dealers and authorised
distributors and you should be aware that your contract of sale is with the
retailer from whom you purchased this product. 1.2 If you are not satisfied with this product you should in the first instance
approach the retailer from whom you purchased it.
1.3 Customers have statutory rights to protect them and information on
this can be found at the Citizens Advice Bureau or on such web-sites as that
operated by the DTI (http://www.dti.gov.uk)
1.4 Returning your guarantee card will speed up the claims procedure and can
be very helpful as a proof of purchase should the initial receipt be mislaid or
damaged. We recommend that this is returned as close to your original purchase
date as possible.
1.5 Correct installation, set-up, adjustment and routine maintenance of the
machine are the responsibility of the end-user and problems arising from
incorrect set-up, adjustment or maintenance are not covered by the terms of this
guarantee. However support is available in the first instance from the retailer
who supplied you and free technical support is available from Record Power on
01246 561 520 during office hours and from an extensive knowledge base on
our website www.recordpower.co.uk. We also recommend that those users who
have not had suitable training in the safe use of machinery should seek such
training locally before using or attempting to set up and adjust any machinery
(please contact your retailer for recommendations in your local area).
2.1 In addition to the above Record Power guarantees that for a period of 5
years from the date of purchase the components of this product will be free
from defects caused by faulty construction or manufacture.
2.2 During this period Record Power will repair or replace free of charge any
parts which are proved to be faulty in accordance with paragraph 2.1 above
provided that:
2.2.1 You follow the claims procedure set out below;
2.2.2 We are given a reasonable opportunity after receiving notice of the claim
to examine the product. 2.2.3 If asked to do so by us, you return the product to Record Power's premises
or other approved premises such as those of the supplying dealer, for the
examination to take place.
2.2.4 The fault in question is not caused by continuous industrial use,
accidental damage, fair wear and tear, willful damage, negligence on your part,
incorrect electrical connection, unapproved modification, abnormal working
conditions, failure to follow our instructions, misuse, or alteration or repair of
the product without our approval.
2.2.5 This product has been purchased by you and not used for hire purposes;
2.2.6 This Guarantee extends to the cost of carriage incurred by you returning
the product to Record Power as long as it is demonstrated that the defect falls
within the terms of this Guarantee and you follow the claims procedure as
outlined below; 3. CLAIMS PROCEDURE
3.1 In the first instance please contact the retailer who supplied the product
to you. In our experience many initial problems with machines that are thought
to be due to faulty parts are actually solved by correct setting up or adjustment
of the machines. A good dealer should be able to resolve the majority of these
issues much more quickly than processing a claim under the guarantee.
3.2 If the dealer who supplied the product to you has been unable to satisfy
your query, any claim made under this Guarantee should be made directly to
Record Power at the address set out at the foot of this Guarantee. The claim
itself should be made in a letter setting out the date and place of purchase, and
giving a brief explanation of the problem which has led to the claim. This letter
should then be sent with proof of the purchase date (preferably a receipt) to
Record Power. If you include a phone number or email address this will help to
speed up your claim.
3.3 PLEASE NOTE that it is essential that the letter of claim reaches the
address below on the last day of this Guarantee at the latest. Late claims will
not be considered.
3.4 We will contact you once we have received your initial written claim. If
it is necessary to return the item, in most cases but subject always to clause
2.2.5, we will arrange for collection or will provide freepost information to
enable return depending on the weight and size of the product concerned. If
the product is to be returned to us, we will agree with you in advance a Returns
Number, to speed tracking of the claim and ensure the most appropriate method
of return to you is used.
This Guarantee applies to all goods purchased from an authorised retailer of
Record Power within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
This Guarantee does not confer any rights other than those expressly set out
above and does not cover any claims for consequential loss or damage. This
Guarantee is offered as an extra benefit and does not affect your statutory
rights as a consumer. Additional written copies of this Guarantee can be
obtained by writing to the address below. Please include a stamped and self
addressed envelope for each copy of the Guarantee requested.
Record Power Ltd.
Unit B, Adelphi Way
Ireland Industrial Estate
Staveley, Chesterfield
S43 3LS
5. Specification
Motor: 240V ~ 50Hz
Motor Power: 250W
Speed: 2800rpm
Noise Emissions (no load): < 85db (A)
Weight: 6kg (13.2lbs)
6. Installation
The voltage supply to which the machine is to be connected must be within range shown on the machines
specification label. The fuse rating must be 13A.
Any re-wiring must only be carried out by a qualified electrician.
Remember to check that the stone is running down towards the toolrest before using the machine.
Secure the machine firmly to a work bench or pedestal. the pedestal used must be fixed on a firm level surface.
Abrasive wheels must be checked to make sure that the speed rating of the wheel exceeds the maximum
speed stated on the machine specification label.
7. Operating The Grinder
• End shields are secured to the main wheel guard by screws, which must be secured at all times.
• Wheel can be revolved freely by hand.
• The tool rests are in position, and adjusted to within 2mm (1/8”) of the periphery face of the wheel
and firmly secured.
• The protective spark shields fitted to the bench grinder are clean and secured in the correct position and
that recommended and approved types of protective goggles, with clean lenses, are worn before operating
the machine.
• All adjustments and checks must be made with the machine disconnected from the power supply.
• Spark arrestors are adjusted to within 2mm (1/8”) of periphery face of wheel and firmly secured.
• Check that the wheel, especially a new replacement wheel, is in sound condition by allowing the machine
to run up to maximum speed and remain there for at least 30 seconds. During this check make sure that all
personnel are standing clear of the machine.
• Allow the machine to run up to full speed before applying the workpiece to be ground.
• Feed the workpiece smoothly on to the grinding wheel and avoid harsh intermittent pressure and bumping
on to the wheel.
• Always apply light but firm pressure and allow the wheel to rotate at the maximum possible speed.
• Avoid excessive pressure as this will tend to decrease the wheel speed and the amount of stock removal,
causing uneven wear on the grinding wheel and overloading on the motor.
• Do not grind on the side face of the wheel.
• Do not stop the wheel by applying pressure to the side face of the wheel.
• Do not stop the wheel by applying pressure to it at the conclusion of the grinding operation. Always allow
the machine to run down freely to rest.
• The machine should not be operated for more than 30 minutes per hour.
8. Mounting of Wheels
• Check the wheel dimensions: the outer diameter must not exceed recommended measurement and the
hole must be correct as specified on the machines specification plate. The wheel should easily slide on to the
spindle shaft and must never be forced on with pressure.
• Before mounting a wheel, it must be checked for flaws and damage. Test wheel by letting it hang
freely and hitting it lightly with a piece of wood. A good wheel should make a clean clear metallic
sound, while a defective wheel will sound “dead”.
• If reduction bushes for wheel’s hole size are used, check that they do not protrude over the sides of
the wheel.
• The wheel must be supplied with washers of paper or compressible material placed around the hole on
each side of the wheel. If these are missing or damaged, new ones must be put on.
• The inner and outer flanges, which are delivered with the machines, must always be used. They have and
must retain the same diameter and must be kept clean and undamaged. The inner flange is secured to the
spindle shaft.
• Place the wheel between the two flanges and fasten the nut. Note, there are left and right hand threads in
the left and right sides, respectively. The nuts must be tightened enough to hold the wheel securely but avoid
over tightening as this can cause damage to the wheel.
9. Wheel Care
Store spare grinding wheels flat on a firm surface with a layer of compressible material between the wheels
and the storage surface. Similar material should be placed between them when a number are being stored.
As the grinding wheel is used it will wear. It is recommended that the wheel is replaced when the diameter
has been reduced approximately 25% below its original size (e.g 300mm to 225mm : 200mm to 150mm :
150mm to 112mm : 125 to 94mm).
Wear on the wheel can cause eccentricity leading to machine vibration and “bouncing of workpiece”.
Unless this condition is corrected it can result in further damage to the wheel and possible harm to the
motor bearings.
To obtain wheel balance and good efficient grinding action the wheel must be re-dressed. We recommend
use of Record Power dressing sticks, use the coarse grey stick (Part no: SDS-1) to remove imperfections
and debris to ensure a true running circular stone. Then use the fine textured white stick
(Part no: SDS-2) to clean your grindstone back to its original condition. Use fine and coarse dressing
sticks in conjunction with each other to prolong the life of your grindstones.
10. General Care
Always disconnect the machine from the power supply before making any adjustment to the wheels or any
other attachment. Check the supply cable and replace if damaged. Replacement of the power cable should
only be carried out by a qualified electrician.
The earth wire must always be connected and maintained. Keep the area around the machine as clean as
Replace damaged tool rests and spark shields. Failure to do this can cause accidents.
11. Parts Identification
Spark Shield
Flexible Arm
Spark Arrestor
Motor Housing
Wheel Guard
Grinding Wheel
Grinding Wheel
Tool Rest
Tool Rest Lock
Start/Stop Switch
12. Spare Part Identification
Item 1
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Description
Eye shield support
Screw M5*45
Washer 5
Washer 5
Nut M5
Protective cover
Motor guard
Nut M12
Screw M5*15
Stone washer
Grinding wheel
Screw M5*20
Protective lid (left)
Tool rest (left)
Washer 8
Washer 6
Washer 6
Mounting bracket
Screw M5*8
Item 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 Description
Washer 5
Rubber mat
Base plate
Bolt M5*135
Strain relief cap
Strain relief
Strain relief nut
Motor cover
Switch plate
Screw M5*10
String release
Protective lid (right)
Tool rest
Nut M12
Eye shield
EU Declaration Of Conformity
Cert No: EU / RPBG6L / 1
Unit B, Ireland Industrial Est.
Adelphi Way, Staveley, Chesterfield S43 3LS
declares that the machinery described: 1.
Type: 6” Bench Grinder with Light
2.Model No: RPBG6L
3. Serial No .........................................................................
Conforms with the following directives:
and its subsequent amendment
EN 55014-1:2006
and its subsequent amendments
EN 61000-3-2:2006
EN 61000-3-3:1995+A1+A2
EN 55014-2:1997+A1
and conforms to the machinery example for which the
EC Type-Examination Certificate No. N8 09 08 55256 124, M8T 09 11 55256 129, Z1A 09 08 55256 122
has been issued by TUV Rheinland Product Safety GmbH,
at: Am Grauen Stein, D-51105. Cologne, Germany and complies with the relevant essential health and safety requirements.
Signed.............................................................. Dated: 01/06/2010
Andrew Greensted
Managing Director
for the full range of
Record Power products.
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Telephone: 01246 561 520
Facsimile: 01246 561 537
Email: sales@recordpower.co.uk
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