Fog and Haze Machines

Fog and Haze Machines
Fog a n d H aze M achi nes
By JustinLang
ur business may be lighting, but where would we be with out atmospherics? I may be preaching to the choir here,
but without fog and haze, those amazing aerial effects we see wouldn’t be as punchy. Sure, there are particles all
around us in the air, wherever we are. But the density of airborne particulates is nothing like what the machines
below can produce.
This month we examine the latest products in the Fog and Haze machine
category. As always, this is just a sampling of the products available from these
manufacturers. Due to print restrictions, we can only offer a few products from
each manufacturer. Look for an expanded version of this buyers guide online at
While we offer an overview of the products, we encourage you to continue your
research online and in person at trade shows, where you can see the products
in action and get a clear view of each manufacturer’s entire line of haze and fog
CITC Polar Controller
Happy hunting!
Chauvet DJ
Global Special Effects
High End Systems
Martin Professional
MDG Fog Generators
Global Special Effects Smoke Stack
HazeBase base*highpower
High End Systems FQ-100 Fog Generator
Le Maitre USA G300
Look Solutions Cyro Fog HP
MDG M3e Fog Generator
Reel EFX DF-50 Diffusion Hazer
Rosco V-Hazer
Martin Jem Ready 365 Hazer
OmniSistem DF-V6 PyroFog
Robe Low FOG 1550 FT
Ultratec Radiance Haze Machine
Fluid Name and Type
Method of
Method of
Retail Price
F-5 Fazer
Antari FLG
700w Heater
Squirrel Cage
Electronic Timer/DMX
Elation EWDMXT
21” x 18.3” x
50.4 lbs
Haze 3D
Squirrel Fan
DMX, timer remote,
digital display
HC-T timer remote
13.4” x 12.9”
x 15”
23 lbs
Silent operation, low-fluid indicator and auto shut down, 2-DMX channels, 4min heat-up, fills a room in seconds.
Well suited for mobile entertainers or nightclub environments that need a lot of haze at
an affordable price.
Geyser Wireless
18.7” x 12.5”
x 7.8”
21 lbs
The Geyser RGB produces a pyrotechnic-like effect by emitting 25-foot-high blasts of color, fog and light. It has 21 bright 3W LEDs
and instant On/Off for precise timing and effects. The tank flip technology also allows for inverted firing.
An effect fogger that adds a touch of drama. Can blast a 25-foot vertical stream of safe,
water-based fog while simultaneously illuminating it with 21 high-power (3W) LEDs. A
combination of red, green and blue LEDs lets users easily mix a wide array of colors to
light the fog.
Updating the F-3, the F-5 Fazer offers double the output, and improved tubing technology reduces clogging. Other features in- Efficient, quiet operation, rugged design, continuous output. Use with Antari FLG premiclude near silent operation, multi-language interface with electronic timer function and built-in wireless DMX.
um fog fluid only.
Geyser RGB
Water based
Pump (Pressure)
DMX and Wireless
Organic Haze fluid
Heat and Air
Adjustible Fans
Wireless DMX tranceiver, case, hanging apparatus
22” X 10” X
29 lbs
AquaMax allows for a 1-2 hour hang time from Organic Haze without scent or residue. Conservative on haze fluid, consumes only a
fraction of what other hazers go through. Comes with a timer, remote, DMX and bracket. Can run with larger 5 gallon cubitainers for
longer operation. Low electrical requirements, quick (4 min) heat-up time, fluid certified Organic, Vegan, Kosher.
Natural Low Ground
fog fluid
Heater and Air
Remote for Cooler and
Remote for Fogger
Road case on
40” X 24” X
197 lbs
Designed to make low ground fog easier and less expensive, unit incorporates both a fog and a refrigeration unit so users don’t
have to have three separate machines.
Produces very dry low ground fog.
Smoke Stack
ANY water-based fog fluid, GSE
Premium Fog Solutions
Manual or DMX
DMX relay module
10” x 14”
15 lbs
The Smoke Stack works with any water-based fog fluid, but the company says it works best with Global Special Effects Premium
Fog Solutions products.
base*hazer*pro fluid
DMX, Timer, Remote
1500W water-based haze machine built into an Amptown road case. Continuous output, digital display sets DMX functions and standalone settings. Haze output and fan speeds are micro adjustable. Low fluid consumption, only 1 minute warm-up time.
Tour-tested hazer well suited for theater stages, houses of worship or large outdoor festival settings.
base*hazer Fog Fluid
XL, M, S
Radio remote, wired
remote, flying rack
Built-in variable
2600W water-based fog machine available with built into an Amptown road case. Continuous output possible, digital display sets Tout-tested fogger well suited for theater stages, amusement parks and outdoor festival
DMX functions and stand-alone settings. Digital technology allows for precise control.
settings. Made in Germany.
FQ-100 Fog
Atmospheres HQ and Stage
Pump (20,000
cu. ft. /minute
max output)
Timer, set DMX and
continuous fogging
DMX connectors,
safety cable
25.4” x 11.8”
x 6.6”
34 lbs
Designed to meet the demands of the nightclub, theatrical and touring industries, this updated version of the F-100 fog generator
produces any atmosphere, from dense fog to fine mist.
Low noise levels make this unit well suited for theatrical and studio work. Includes an internal LCD digital menu system that can be used to set the volume control, timer control
and DMX functions as desired.
Le Maitre water-based fluids:
Standard Smoke; Global Long
Lasting Smoke; Quick/Extra
Quick Dissipating Smoke; Molecular Low Smoke; Industrial
Smoke; C-Beam Regular Haze
Dual internal
0-10v; Selectable parameter master/slave; 2
channel DMX512 or timer remote option with
4-digit LED
Road Case; Standard & DMX Remotes; Remote Cables; Ducting Kit
24” x 11.5” x
50 lbs
Dual mode fog and haze machine. High output: 51000 cbm/hr with automatic and continual flow control. Rugged construction.
Genesis easy change block system. 4 liter fluid tank. Connects directly to Freezefog Pro/LSG chillers
Highest continuous output fog unit. Unique Fog or
Haze option. Meets Equity approvals.
2 channel DMX512 standard / manual control
from machine
Road case
9” x 25” x
55 lbs
Hazer converts 750cc fluid/hour. High power fan converts 130cbm/hr. Built-in DMX controls haze output and fan velocity; manual
steerable haze stream with fan louvers; quiet. Consumes just 800W of power. Quick pre-heat.
Built for continuous use. 4L of fluid gives approximately
5 hours of output. Meets Equity approvals.
Leaves no residue on stage. Independent and adjustable control of output, cooling, and
fan via DMX. Creates dense, white, low fog.
vaporizing chamber
Genesis Dual
Heater Block
Industrial Grade
Multi-stage heater
Air Pump; Fluwith low mass stainid Pump; High
less steel vaporizapower variable
tion tube
speed Fan
23” x 21” x 7”
48 lbs
22” x 9” x 10”
Neutron Haze Fluid Glycerol based
Cryo Fog HP
Cryofog Fluid (glycol/water)
Standalone, Analog
0-10V, and DMX
20” x 26” x
62 lbs
Complete low fog solution in a tiny package. Uses common 20 lb or 50 lb CO2 tanks. Fills an area 20’x20’ with a footprint of only
20”x26.” Flightcase built-in. Well suited for one-offs and stages with small wings.
Tiny S
Tiny Fluid (glycol/water)
Fluid Pump
Standalone, Wired Remote, Radio Remote
Radio Remote
4.5” x 2” x 1.4”
.5 lbs
The tiniest fog generator. Battery, fluid tank, and fog machine all in a small package. Rechargeable battery provides 3 minutes of Comes in case with battery charger, batteries, wired remote switch, fluid, fluid tank, and
fog output; consumes battery power only while actually fogging.
tank refill system. Radio Remote is optional.
Water based fluid. Long hang time. Integrated airflow director for smooth haze distribution. Stored settings from last operation and
programmable fast access keys. Easy to use and set up. Gas pressure readout on display. Inert gas operation with low gas pressure
warning (via display and RDM). 3.5 L fluid storage in machine (approx. 200+ hours operation at low output).
Jem Ready
365 Hazer
ATMe haze
M3e fog
Jem R365 Haze Fluid
Water Based
MDG Neutral fluid - A highly
refined and filtered mineral oil
715w heater
CO2 or N2 gas
Manual or DMX-512
Flight case
29.9” x 12.6”
x 11”
35.3 lbs
27” x 7” x 12”
37 lbs
24” x 7” x 12”
35 lbs
Continuous operation (100% duty cycle), DMX control of haze output level, APS automatic purging system prevents clogging, 0.50.7 micron particle size for low fluid use and excellent hang time, 8-min warm-up time
C02 hazer produces fine-particulate atmospheric effects for larger venues. Water-based
fluid produces high quality transparent haze. External gas cylinder with quick-connect
fittings (self-sealing type). Low gas consumption (max gas consumption approx.. 0.25 kg
per hour). DMX control with RDM standard. Robust, precision preset regulator without
gauges designed for durability.
2 year warranty, RDM compliant
2 year warranty
OmniFog, Water-Based
Heating Element
DMX 512, Wireless
Remote or Timer
2.0L Tank, Wireless
Remote Set, Timer
10.4” x 17.2”
x 10”
18 lbs
Reel EFX
DF-50 Diffusion Hazer
Original Diffusion Fluid /
Non-Oil Diffusion Fluid
Local / Remote /
DMX / Timer
Road Case / Remote
14” x 15” x 8”
35 lbs
Robe Lighting
1550 FT
Robe Standard Fog/Performance Fog/Premium Fog
100% pure aluminum cast heater
25.4” x 9.4”
40.7 lbs
By Request
Rosco Fog Fluid
21.1” x 10.9”
x 9.8”
24 lbs
1200W heater, continuous operation, DMX, detachable remote. Precise output control makes the Vapour well suited for use in
different venues. Unique air input line for cleaning to extend heater life. Modular internal components for easy service.
23.9” x 11.5” x
32 lbs
DMX, detachable remote, independent fan and pump control. Quiet, Smooth, even haze with long hand time. No residue Unique
air input line for cleaning to extend heater life. Modular internal components for easy service
New water based haze technology. Built-In DMX controls haze output and the internal fan.
4-port rapid clean vaporizer, built-in DMX, variable fan, variable haze output standalone operation optional. Remote w/ timer. Use Unit can be operated with on board variable settings or an optional remote. Additional fea2L and 4L jugs of Ultratec’s Luminous 7 Haze Fluid. Technical Benchmark Spec.: Continuous - 400 cc/ hour. Competitive Comparison: tures: IDC removable power cable, multiple use bracket. 4-Port Rapid Clean Vaporizer can be
10,000cfm Power Cord: 6 ft. - 1.8 m Heater Watts: 500 Watts Rating: 110 volt AC 50/60 Hz 5 amps TUV Certified.
cleaned and returned to service in less than 15 minutes. One-year warranty on parts and
service. Continuous reheat time: 8 minutes. Fluid consumption: 6.7 cc per/ min (full output).
Ultratec Special Effects
Chauvet DJ Geyser RGB
Le Maitre USA
Look Solutions
Antari F-5 Fazer
Heater: 1,500 W
V-Hazer Fluid
Ultratec Radiance Haze
Ultratec Luminous 7 Haze
Fluid-Water Based
MAY 2014 •
Volume, Timers, DMX
Intrgrated fan
4-Port Rapid Clean
Fluid Pump &
Air Pump
Remote Extension
Ultratec Radiance
Built -In DMX or On
Touring Road Case/
Board Stand Alone OperVersa Fan/ Remote
ation or Remote w/ Timer
16” x 13” x 7”
28 lbs
External tank, Fitted with timer for interval of smoke output, Thermal protection cut-off safety switch & pump
Enhances show lighting. Safe, economical haze with no heat. Superior hang time (up to 3 hours). No warm-up period. Odorless and
tasteless Haze. 35 hours of use on 2 liters.
Output: 20,000 cu.ft/min. First Heat up Time: 8.5 min. Fluid Consumption Rate: 8.5 min/liter
(100% Output) Tank Capacity: 6 liters
Designed to project the fog straight up. Gives the illusion of a pyro effect without needing
extra permits. Delivers 20,000 cubic feet per minute.
Designed to produce pure, dry white fog is produced. Electronic fluid level sensor stops operation in low-fluid situations. Helps protect heavy-duty and silent pump and the 100% aluminum cast heater. Well suited for productions needing intensive effects. Portability good
fit with needs of touring and rental markets. Custom flightcases available for this fogger.
N/A •
MAY 2014
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