Using Skype from your Desktop

Using Skype from your Desktop
Using Skype from your
Skype is software that allows you to make telephone and video calls over the Internet.
It’s available for staff to use from their University networked computer and on all Classrooms across
Campus (please skip to the Log on to Skype section for this as you won’t need to install the software
in a classroom).
Note: In order to use this service you must first:
 Install Skype software on your University computer:
o PC users can do this themselves by following the instructions below.
o Mac users should contact the IT Helpline to arrange to have Skype pushed to their
 You must create your own Skype account (PC & Mac users) – see below.
Install Skype Software
Staff can install Skype on their University networked computer as follows:
 Click Start > All Programs > Microsoft System Center > Configuration Manager > Software
(If you can’t see this click Programs to proceed)
 Scroll down and click on Skype, then click Install
The Skype icon will appear on your desktop
Create a Skype Account
Go to
Click Join Skype and Create an Account
Complete the online form
Read the Licencing Agreement and other Terms and Conditions
o Remember - By agreeing to the Licencing Agreement and any Terms and Conditions
that you are entering into an agreement with Skype (not Northumbria University)
Click I Agree to continue
You will receive an email to help you get started
o If prompted, you don’t need to install Skype at this point because you already have it
on your desktop
Skype Call Charges
When you are in contact with someone else using Skype the following are free:
 Skype-to-Skype calls
 Video calls
 Instant messaging
The following services are charged and you will need to purchase your own credits if you want to do
 Calls to landlines
 Mobiles or texting is charged
Although connection to Skype has been made available from staff desktops, please be aware that IT
Services is not responsible for the payment of any charges incurred through its usage.
Skype Credit
You will receive pop up messages encouraging
you to buy more credit. This is not necessary if
you are just using the free services
Log on to Skype
Double click on the Skype icon
Enter your Skype password and click Sign In
(It may take a little while the first time you make the connection)
How to Add a Contact
You can search for people you know. Enter their Skype Name, Full Name or Email address
and click Find this.. Then click Add Contact.
Or click Add a Contact and enter the details if you know them
When found click the Add.
Type a message to your contact and click Send and Close
Your contact needs to accept your request before you can communicate with them, until
then their status will appear Offline
When they’ve accepted, their status will change whenever they are online
Prepare for a Call
Before making a call it’s a good idea to check that your speakers, microphone and video are working.
Click on a Contact then click the check settings button
Click on each tab to check your connections
How to make a Phone Call
Select a Skype Name from your Contact list and click the green Call button
How to make a Video Call
 Select a Skype Name from your Contact list and click the green Video Call button
How to answer a Call
If someone is calling you, you will hear the sound of a telephone ringing and a floating call window
will appear on your screen.
to connect, or
to reject it
As soon as you decide to answer a call, a two-way voice conversation will begin and the
duration of the call will be visible. Either person can end the call at any time by clicking the
red Hang Up button
Instant Messaging
Select a person from your contact list
Type your message in the SMS box provided
Click the Send button
Note on Webcams
It is possible to use Skype without a webcam, you can use the instant messaging feature without any
additional equipment or telephone calls with headphones and a mic. If you would like to use video
calling, you can check prices for a variety of webcams at Any purchases need to
be processed via your Faculty or Service Administration.
Help with Skype
If you have a problem during your call, click the Call Quality Information button
Here you can see any messages about your connection and check your Microphone, Sound and
Video settings.
When using Skype please be aware that IT Services only install the necessary software and can only
help if you have any problems launching the software. Once you are logged in to Skype any
connection problems, delays or communication-related faults would be dealt with by Skype.
Help is available on the Skype website at
For further advice please contact the IT Helpline
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