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The complete range
of HVAC solutions
for your business:
Talk to the experts in temperature
control rental solutions
Liquid chilling, air-conditioning, air to air heating, and hot
water supply are vital to businesses everywhere and we
can supply equipment that will help you to sustain and
maximise performance.
Carrier can provide the fastest possible answers, followed by rapid
equipment delivery to wherever it’s needed in the UK.
Carrier deliver a complete service package that deals with all the elements
of the rental solution from design, through installation to decommissioning.
Technical expertise – planning and analysis
Coping with customers’ emergency requirements
is an everyday occurrence for us and our service
delivery is geared to match. Of course, the earlier we
can have a dialogue and begin to plan the better.
Whatever the need, our specification teams analyse
every project to ensure that the equipment solution
is tailored to meet the circumstances, precisely.
Dedicated account management, free site surveys and
contingency planning services complete the picture.
Service Delivery – Ready To
Total Project Management
is known for innovation. At Carrier Rental Systems this
Supply, Right Place, Right Time Carrier
is very much the case with our fleet ancillary equipment and
Our equipment is drawn from a large, highly invested rental
fleet. Our own experienced engineers service and maintain the
equipment and test it prior to mobilisation.
Carrier Rental Systems’ installation teams provide the
reassurance that on-site we can deliver, install, optimise
performance and de-install with the minimum fuss and maximum
efficiency. An extensive package of ancillary equipment includes
quick connect pipe work and hoses to permit the fastest possible
installation with minimum downtime to your operation.
Support – 24 Hours,
365 Days a Year
We provide support to your on-site staff, or supply a service
from our own dedicated technicians based all over the UK.
We can also locate standby machines on site or hold dedicated
equipment for emergency cover.
Range of Applications
To match the reputation of Carrier’s manufacturing expertise in
chillers and air-conditioning equipment, Carrier Rental Systems
provides superior technical solutions to cooling and heating
applications of all types throughout the UK.
Our specialist application knowledge enables us to assist clients
in the design of systems to match any requirement. We pride
ourselves on our ability to design packages of equipment, which
enhance our client’s processes and business – output could be
increased and energy efficiency improved.
We have a range of high specification equipment which is
selected to be flexible, low noise, compact and, above all,
efficient in performance. We can confidently approach any
project with the knowledge that we can apply the correct
equipment cost-effectively.
Whether you require a critical 1000 kW process cooling system,
operating at -15˚C or a 200 kW air-conditioning system to
cool a film studio, Carrier Rental Systems will supply the right
equipment, with the right service, at the right time.
services. We are able to enhance our core fleet of chillers, air
handling units, heaters and boilers with innovative packages of
services that can facilitate the installation of the rental equipment
in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner.
Our turnkey management capability enables us to make any
project stress-free for our customers. We are used to managing
road closures and crane lifts, as well as providing scaffold
platforms and safety fencing.
We can also supply additional items that can be critical to client
systems such as heat exchangers, pumps and manifolds. In
addition, we regularly undertake diesel fuel management to
support our own silenced power generators.
EH&S and Quality
As part of a large global corporation, our systems of corporate
governance, quality control, ethical behaviour and environmental
responsibility are of the highest standard.
Stringent EH&S procedures give clients peace of mind knowing
that at all times we will protect our teams, you and your clients.
Our Health and Safety Systems are backed by training and
regular audits. This process includes the provision of safety
passports for all engineers, the use of comprehensive method
statements and risk assessments, prior to commencing work.
Contingency Planning
- Disaster Avoidance
This supports clients’ risk management processes, all over the
UK, in preparing their cooling and heating systems to be ready
to switch to a temporary or back-up service without major
adjustment or costly re-engineering. This will minimise your
system downtime. These plans are always customised, but the
solutions are tried and tested. Carrier Rental Systems is a safe
pair of hands.
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about our products and services:
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