SM45 Supervisory Module

SM45 Supervisory Module
Eaton DC Power Solutions
SM45 Supervisory Module
• Ethernet interface built-in
• SNMP agent
• Web server
• Supports PSTN and GSM external modems
• SMS alarm messages (with GSM modem)
• Temperature compensation
• Serial control of up to 24 rectifiers
• Controls up to two Low Voltage Disconnects (LVD)
• Battery current limiting
• Setup via keypad or DCTools configuration software
• Compliance with international standards
• Data logging
• 3-phase AC metering option
• Language options
The SM45 supervisory module
is an advanced control and
monitoring solution for the
Eaton Access Power Solutions
range on DC power solutions.
It provides a full suite of
advanced communications
options, including built-in
Ethernet interface, Web server,
and SNMP agent.
Alarm notifications may be by
SNMP traps, SMS, dial-out to
PowerManagerII remote
monitoring software, or relay
contact closures.
The SM45 can also be reconfigured on-site using the
Windows compatible DCTools
configuration software via the
front panel RS232
communication port or
remotely via Ethernet.
The SM45 supervisory module
provides full control of system
voltage, load current, status and
alarms, which can be displayed
and changed on the optional
LCD display and keypad.
Technical Specifications
Brief Technical Specifications
Supply Voltage
19 to 60V DC
-10 to +70 °C [14 to 158 °F ]
Analog inputs: Current sensor/shunt (2),
Bus voltage (1),
Temperature: (2)
Digital inputs: 9 internal (pre-defined),
6 external (user-defined)
Relay outputs: Up to 6 open-collectors. Relays
fitted on system backplane or interface PCB.
Physical: Ethernet and RS232.
Software: IP, http (Web) and SNMP, S3P.
Management software: DCTools configuration /
local management software.
PowerManagerII remote management software.
SNMP agent supports standard network
management system software including HP
OpenView Network Node Manager.
Data Logging
Display and
with SiteSure
AC Metering
Display: Back-lit dot matrix LCD
Keypad: Membrane type, 5 keys
English: Standard
Chinese: Chinese language software upgrade
available on request.
Other languages: Other language software
upgrades by arrangement.
Analog inputs: 48
Digital inputs: 108
Digital outputs: 32
Full support for communications and alarms from
CellSure battery monitoring and fault diagnosis
PSTN or GSM. Requires external modem.
3-phase voltage and frequency measurement and
alarms. Requires external AC meter.
In the interests of continual product improvement all specifications are
subject to change without notice.
Power on
Urgent alarm
Non-Urgent alarm
10,000 record event log
10,000 record data log
Eaton, CellSure, SiteSure, DCTools and
PowerManager are trade names,
trademarks, and/or service marks of
Eaton Corporation or its subsidiaries and
affiliates. All other trademarks are
property of their respective owners.
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