M7208 / M7310 / M7324 / T7208 / T7316 Loud Ringer

M7208 / M7310 / M7324 / T7208 / T7316 Loud Ringer
Jan 2000
M7208 / M7310 / M7324 / T7208 / T7316
Loud Ringer
For Norstar/BCM Telephones:
M7208/7310/7324 OR T7208/7316
There are four ways to activate a Loud Ringer from a Norstar/
BCM M7208/7310/7324 OR T7208/7316 digital telephone.
1. KSU Auxiliary Ringing Dry Contacts
If the auxiliary ringing dry contacts of the KSU have not been
utilized for another function, then they can be programmed to
activate when the station rings. (See www.algosolutions.com/
Diagram 1: Connect to Headset Jack
2. Unused Analog Port
An unused analog port or ATA can be assigned to ring when the
telephone rings, which could activate a ringer. See www.algosolutions.com/pdf/AN-0102.pdf.
3. Connect to Headset Jack
For a direct connection to the telephone, the 1825PM Duet Plus
Loud Ringer can connect to the headset jack, as illustrated in
Diagram 1. The Duet Plus should be within 14 feet of the telephone, and the ring volume should be set a few levels above
minimum. No ringing will be provided while the telephone is in
1825PM Duet Plus
2501 Modular Cord
1185 Horn Speaker (optional)
Diagram 2: Connect to AuxBox
4. Connect to AuxBox
The 4100 AuxBox can monitor the digital signals to the telephone and provide a dry-contact closure during ring to activate
the 1825 ringer. The AuxBox can be located anywhere between
the KSU and telephone, as shown in Diagram 2. There are no
distance limitations between the AuxBox and Duet Plus.The
advantages of this option are that the ring volume of the telephone can be minimized, connections can be made in the equipment room, and ringing will be provided even when the
telephone is in use.
4100 AuxBox
1825PM Duet Plus
1185 Horn Speaker (optional)
Learn More
• Overview of Loud Ringing Solutions and Configurations (see www.algosolutions.com/pdf/AN-0112.pdf)
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