2016 DSC Resource Guide
2016 DSC Resource Guide
The Next Generation in Security Systems has arrived
From Tyco Security Products
Table Of Contents
Sales Support
Tyco Security Products Overview.............................1
Brands & Products...................................................2
Sales Tools....................................................... 44-45
Call Scripts........................................................ 47-48
Solution Overview
DSC Overview
Marketing Support
About DSC...............................................................3
Leading Global Security Brand.................................4
Environmental Responsibility....................................4
Marketing Collateral...........................................49-51
Custom Labeling....................................................52
Promotional Items...................................................53
PowerSeries Neo
Customer Support
The Secret Behind PowerSeries Neo........................7
The Power of PowerG...............................................8
Solution Benefits......................................................8
Alarm Verification Solutions.................................... 12
Software Support Solutions.................................... 12
Customer Care.......................................................55
Two-Way Wireless Security System................... 15-16
Security at Your Fingertips...................................... 17
Solution Benefits...............................................19-22
Installation Guides
Quick Programming Guides...............................57-62
Case Studies
Sur-Gard.......................................................... 63-66
PowerSeries Neo....................................................67
Interactive Security Management
DSC Interactive Solutions..................................25-26
Alarm.com......................................................... 27-33
Telguard........................................................... 34-36
A Comprehensive Solution................................ 37-38
Important Links......................................................69
Sur-Gard Receivers...........................................42-43
The Perfect Solution...............................................44
Introduction to Tyco Security Products
Tyco Security Products—
Allowing Customers to See
More, Do More, and Save More
Tyco Security Products and its portfolio of brands
form one of the largest security portfolios in the world.
Engineers specializing in Video Security, Access
Control, Location Based Security and Intrusion
Security provide Tyco Security Products a competitive
advantage when it comes to system integration.
Tyco Security Products is a unified group of
world-leading access control, video, location
based security and intrusion brands.
Our security integration platforms, built by our
developers from across all product disciplines, allow our
customers to see more, do more, and save more.
With the most trusted brands in security in one portfolio,
we offer the most comprehensive range of premium
security solutions in the industry; an unbeatable
combination from a single source.
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 2
Intrusion Security
Bentel Security
Residential Solutions
Alarm Systems IP Management
Proprietary Applications
Security Solutions
Commercial Solutions
Visual Alarm Verification Solutions
In-house Monitoring Systems
Fire Control Systems
Wireless Security Solutions
Wireless Property Protection Solutions
Central Monitoring Station Systems
Home-automation and
Interactive Solutions
Personal Emergency Response Systems
Access Control Solution
Software House
CEM Systems
IP Security Solutions
Door Controllers
Security Software
Security Software
Door Controllers
Integrated Security
Management Systems
Integrated Solutions
Telephone Entry & Exit Control Devices
Video Solution
Location Based
Physical Security
American Dynamics
Exacq Technologies
IP Solutions
Video Management Systems
Security and Visibility Solutions
Airport Security
Real-Time Location Based
Security Solutions
Corporate Security
Storage Solutions
Digital/Analog Solutions
Video Management Systems
Public Safety & Security
Federal Civilian & Defense Agencies
About DSC
Security is What We Do
DSC (Digital Security Controls)
is a world leader in electronic
security. Since the company’s
genesis, the experts at DSC
have been leading the way.
From our revolutionary control
panels, to our industryleading IP alarm monitoring
products and now to our sleek,
contemporary self-contained
wireless panels, DSC has
always been front and center
in the security space.
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 4
Leading Global Security Brand
DSC Solutions
Wireless Security Solutions
Standard to Expanded Residential Solutions
Business Solutions
Commercial Security Solutions
Home Automation Solutions
Panels, Keypads and Modules
Sensors & Accessories
Access Control – Web Entry
Environmental Responsibility
DSC believes that we have a responsibility to our
customers, to the communities where we work and
where we do business globally – to ensure that our
manufacturing process is environmentally responsible
and our products are environmentally sound.
As a result, we are committed to ensuring that our
products adhere to all global and local environmental
standards and legislation.
DSC is committed to bringing reliable, environmentally
responsible and quality products to our customers
around the globe – for today and for our future.
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 6
PowerSeries Neo
Mighty Communication Technology
DSC makes a powerful statement with
PowerSeries Neo, a new feature-rich
platform which leads the industry in
redefining scalable commercial and
residential security.
State-of-the-Art Technology
flexible and modular platform
to a wide spectrum of intrusion industry
needs, ranging from residential through to
scalable commercial.
operational efficiencies while enhancing
the reliability of high quality and secure
cellular and/or IP communication
methods ensuring high speed, reliable
and secure alarm communications.
Neo capitalizes on PowerG;
the industry’s leading edge wireless
intrusion technology.
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 8
The Power of PowerG
Power Like No Other
Frequency Hopping Spread
Spectrum technology enables the system to
hop between wireless frequency channels.
Transmission Power translates into
up to eight years of battery life.
transmission ranges allow for devices to
reliably communicate within up to 2 km/2187
yards line-of-sight, therefore reducing the cost
of installing additional repeaters to service
larger premises.
TDMA synchronized communication technology
prevents messages from colliding by splitting
channels into various time slots, allowing for
an increased amount of data transmission and
ensuring that devices are able to consistently
communicate when needed.
128 bit AES encryption offers exceptionally high
level of protection against analysis tools and
digital attacks.
Protection against lost alarm messages,
interference and frequency blocking.
Solution Benefits
system offers potential for extraordinary
range to suit scalable commercial demands.
Total control from remote allows for easy
configuration of devices and peripherals
as well as remote diagnostics.
Optimized device placement via LED makes
any installation quick and simple.
incremental high costs that can
be incurred by false alarms and unnecessary
assess the situation inside the
premises when an alarm is triggered.
issue resolution and inspection
tool reducing the number of truck rolls.
and intuitive ‘Real-Time’
Dashboards for real-time monitoring.
to fit a wide range of operational
structures significantly cutting manpower
and maintenance costs.
The Next Generation in Scalable Commercial
Security Solutions.
Panels, Keypads and Modules
Control Panels
PowerSeries Neo’s control panels
cater to the requirements of today’s
installations, but coupled with one
or more of a complete line of
expansion modules.
Offer potential for added expansion
capabilities and features and services
PowerSeries Neo wireless keypads are
a primary interface to this revolutionary
hybrid system.
ase of installation, simplistic
programming and user-friendly interfaces
Sensors and Accessories
A constellation of PowerG-enabled
wireless devices make installation easy.
Minimal installation time due
to less wiring requirements
PowerSeries Neo gives you options for
ultimate reliability of communications.
No phone line is required for installation
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 1 0
Peripheral Modules
Control Panels
hs2016/ hs2032/ hs2064/ hs2128
From 6 to 128 Zone Control Panel
Power Supply
High Current
Output Module
PowerG Wireless
Two-Way Audio Module
PowerG Host
Transceiver Module
8-Hardwired Zone
Expander Module
Wireless PowerG
Prox Tags
Hardwired Keypads
hs2lcd/ hs2lcdP
Full Message
LCD Keypad with
optional Prox Tag
Low Current
Output Module
ICON Hardwired
Keypad with
optional Prox Tag
7 inch Hardwired TouchScreen
Keypad with Prox Support in black
and white
Hardwired Keypads with
Built-in PowerG Wireless Transceiver
Full Message LCD Keypad with
Built-in PowerG Transceiver with
optional Prox Support
ICON Hardwired Keypad with Built-in
PowerG Transceiver with optional
Prox Support
Mini Prox Tag
PowerG Wireless Keypads
Wireless Full Message LCD PowerG 2-Way
Wire-Free Keypad with optional Prox
Support Voice Prompting
PowerSeries Neo by DSC, Security Redefined.
Wireless PowerG
Panic Key
Wireless PowerG
Wireless PowerG
Wireless PowerG
4-Button Key
2-Button Key
4-Button Key
Supports up to 32 keys of any combination
Wireless PowerG
Contact in white
and brown
Wireless PowerG
Contact with
Auxiliary Input
in white and brown
PowerG PIR
Wireless PowerG
Outdoor PIR
PIR Motion
Motion Detector
Detector with
with Integrated
Supports up to 10 PIR Cameras
of any combination
Wireless PowerG
Curtain PIR
Motion Detector
Wireless PowerG
Dual Technology
(PIR & MW)
Motion Detector
Wireless PowerG
Mirror Optic PIR
Motion Detector
Wireless PowerG
Outdoor PIR
Motion Detector
Wireless PowerG
Glass Break
Wireless PowerG
Smoke Detector
Wireless PowerG
CO Detector
(US only)
Wireless PowerG
Wireless PowerG
Indoor Siren
Wireless PowerG
Outdoor Siren
Wireless PowerG
Flood Detector
Wireless PowerG
Smoke and Heat
Software Support
3G2080/ 3G2080R TL2803G/ TL2803GR
HSPA Cellular
Internet and HSPA
Dual-path Alarm
With optional serial integration support.
TL280/ TL280R
Internet Alarm
Remote Mounting
3G8080/ 3G8080I*
HSPA Cellular Alarm
compatible with
CD8080/ CD8080I*
CDMA Cellular Alarm
compatible with
(US only)
Compatable with PowerSeries Neo 1.1 +
Product varies depending on country
*with support for the alarm.com image
sensor (IS124)
WebSA System
Routine System
Management Software
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 1 2
Alarm Verification Solutions
PowerSeries Neo redefines intrusion security with an exceptionally flexible platform which utilizes
innovative alarm verification solutions designed to decrease operational costs for dealers while
providing ultimate reliability for end users.
Visual Verification
Audio Verification
Sequential Verification
PowerSeries Neo is equipped
with PIR cameras which are
activated the moment an
alarm is triggered.
Once an alarm is triggered,
a built-in microphone and
speakerphone in peripherals
allows security service providers
to call into the system and listen
in on any sounds within the
premises and allows for verbal
confirmation from occupants.
PowerSeries Neo panel is
able to intelligently monitor
devices and intrusion-related
events to effectively discern
real, from false, alarms.
Software Support Solutions
WebSA System Administrator Software
PowerSeries Neo boasts the most comprehensive
suite of support software in the industry designed
specifically to help security professionals significantly
cut time and cost invested in the installation.
• Ability
to manage, monitor and control user
functionality of their security system
• User-friendly
and intuitive interfaces featuring
‘Real-Time’ Dashboards
Routine System Management (RSM)
Remote issue resolution and inspection tool
• Simple
highly efficient workflow process which
encompasses steps such as data collection,
evaluation, testing and record keeping
removes, wherever possible, the need
for site visits
Based on DLS5 Downloading Software, which
runs on Microsoft’s powerful .NET Framework 4.0
and utilizes SQLite, DSC has created a powerful
combination of software featuring:
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 14
IMPASSA Security System
IMPASSA — simple security
system control with easy
access to home automation
IMPASSA comes with the defense and
offense needed to protect the ‘king’—
the home and homeowner. As easy as
setting up a chessboard, installers can
now deliver a full-featured home security
solution in minutes by easily enrolling a
range of compatible wireless devices into
the IMPASSA security system.
Looking for an all-in-one
security solution?
Tired of false alarms?
Worried about compatibility?
Two-way Voice
During an alarm activation,
you will be able to talk to a
live operator who will dispatch
emergency services as the
situation requires.
Peace of Mind
The IMPASSA all-in-one
security system is so easy
to use and has all the
performance you need to
protect what matters most.
2 0 15 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 1 6
A wireless system that installs quickly with minimal
compromise to your home structure.
Emergency Response
A monitored IMPASSA system will
instantly connect to a monitoring
station at the event the alarm occurs
and emergency services will be
dispatched as required.
This enables the monitoring station to
assess the situation in your home once
an alarm is activated. This feature only
works when the alarm is triggered.
With the IMPASSA system you will be
able to maximize your home security
with a variety of smart control and
monitoring solutions.
Making it Simpler and Easier for You
With only one wire needed for AC power,
installers need to drill fewer holes and pull
fewer wires, reducing on-site time, which
leads to increased productivity
and revenue.
Using the IMPASSA 2-Way Wireless
Security System also reduces the time
spent enrolling compatible wireless devices.
Installers confirm Electronic Serial Numbers
(ESN), zone numbers and zone type
through a series of user-friendly screens.
In addition, IMPASSA’s template
programming feature allows installers to
quickly program basic functions
by just entering a 4-digit code. Codes
exist for pre-defined zone definitions,
reporting code formats, communication
call directions and DLS setup.
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 1 8
Self-ContAIned 2-WAy WIreleSS SeCurIty SySteM
detect. defend. defeat.
5 Button Key *
Indoor Siren *
Outdoor Siren *
4 Button Key
2 Button Key
Wire-Free Keypad *
** Shown on image
† Proximity Tag
5 Button
12 Channel Key
4 Button Key w/Flashlight
4 Button Wireless
Wall Plate
Wireless Repeater
PN 30001321
Pet Immune
60 lbs (27 Kg)
Flood Detector
Pet Immune
85 lbs (38 Kg)
Shock Sensor
www.dsc.com | 1 888.888.7838
Smoke Detector w/Heat
Smoke Detector
Carbon Monoxide Detector
1-Button Personal Panic
Door/Window Contact
Tri-Zone Door/Window Contact
Recessed Door Transmitter
Vanishing Door/Window Contact
*2-Way Wireless
• Outdoor temperature display
• Tamper switch
• Proximity Arm/Disarm
• Nominal battery life – 1 year
(WT5500P Only) †
• Multi-Language support
• Visual armed status during sleep mode
• 3 one-touch emergency keys
Life Safety
Smoke Detector
w/Heat WS4916
Smoke Detector
Smoke Detector
Smoke Detector
• Built-in, dual-sensor heat detector
• Easy-maintenance removable
• Easy-maintenance removable
• Easy-maintenance removable
with fixed heat and rate of rise
• Easy-maintenance removable
smoke chamber
• Long-life lithium batteries included
smoke chamber
• Long-life lithium batteries included
• Long-life lithium batteries included
• Low battery indication
• Low battery indication
• Low battery indication
• Automatic drift compensation
• Automatic drift compensation
• Automatic drift compensation
• Automatic drift compensation
Outdoor Siren
Indoor Siren
• Siren sounds for alarms and squawks
• Front and back tamper detection
• S trobe light functionality for
• Nominal battery life - 1 year
• Provides temperature
• Nominal battery life – 2-3 years
• Large print area for company logo
smoke chamber
• Long-life lithium batteries included
• Low battery indication
visual indication
smoke chamber
• Front and back tamper detection
• Siren sounds for alarms, door chimes,
entry/exit delay and troubles
5 Button
12 Channel Key
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 2 0
Pet Immune Detector
60 lbs (27kg)
• High-traffic shutdown
• W S4904P features pet immunity
up to 60 lb (27 kg)
• 1 lithium
battery included
Flood Detector
Pet Immune Detector
80 lbs (38kg)
• 1 lithium battery included
• High-traffic shutdown
• Case and wall tamper
• Pet immunity up to 85 lb (39 kg)
• End-of-line resistor
• 4 ‘AA’ batteries included
• 4 year battery life
• Built-in reed switch
Glass Break Detector
Shock Sensor
• 2 lithium batteries included
• Electro-mechanical shock sensor
PN 30001321
Pet Immune• Tamper-activated
60 lbs (27 Kg)
Pet Immune
85 lbs (38 Kg)
Door/Window Contact
• Adjustable sensitivity
• Pre-Alert
• Built-in reed switch
Shock Sensor
Smoke Detector w/Heat
Smoke Detector
Carbon Monoxide Detector
1-Button Personal Panic
Recessed Door Transmitter
www.dsc.com | 1 888.888.7838
© 2011 Tyco Internat
Door/Window Contacts
Door/Window Contact
• Built-in reed switch
• Normally closed external contact input
• 1 lithium battery included
• Case and wall tamper
Tri-Zone Door/
Window Contact
Recessed Door
Vanishing Door/
Window Contact
• 3 zones in 1
• Long-life lithium battery included
• Wafer-thin profile
• Tilt switch mode for overhead doors
• Flexible mounting options (screw
• Long-life lithium battery included
• Long-life lithium battery included
• Case tamper
• Reliable 433 MHz technology
Wireless Repeater
• Greatly extends the range of DSC
1-way wireless devices
• S tatus LEDs for AC, battery and
RF Jam
• Up to four repeaters can be installed
for each panel/receiver
• W S4920 supports up to 164
wireless devices
• Wall and case tamper protection
• Identifies the optimal location for
mounting taking in to consideration
noise and interference
mount or press fit)
• Reliable 433 MHz technology
• Powerful, rare earth magnet
• 5/8" (16 mm) magnet gap
• Reliable 433 MHz technology
• Includes double-sided tape
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 2 2
Life Safety
5 Button Key
4 Button Key
2 Button Key
• Wafer-thin profile
• Durable, scratch-resistant buttons
• 2-button, 3-function wireless key
• Backlit ICON display
• 4 programmable function keys
• Full 3-second delay on panic function
• Built-in buzzer for audible feedback
• Long-life lithium batteries included
• Integrated LED to indicate signal
• Key tactile feedback
• Full 3-second delay on panic
• 4 one touch function keys,
alarm to reduce false alarms
• Long-life lithium batteries included
• Water resistant
• Water resistant
5 Button,
12 Channel Key
4 Button Key
4 Button Wireless
Wall Plate
• 12 programmable function keys
• Built-in, high-intensity LED flashlight
• Programmable Disarm function
• Integrated tri-color LED to
• 4 programmable function keys
• 4 programmable function keys
• Long-life lithium batteries included
• Long-life lithium batteries included
• Full 3-second delay on emergency
• Full 3-second delay on emergency
programmable for up to 6 functions
• Water resistant
• Nominal Battery life - 3 years
indicate signal transmission
and security modes
• 4 durable, scratch-resistant buttons
and center toggle button
• Full 3-second delay on panic function
• Long-life lithium batteries included
• Water resistant
alarm to reduce false alarms
• Water resistant
alarm to reduce false alarms
• Additional functions: open garage
doors turn on lights, open powered
gates, etc.
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 2 4
DSC Interactive Solutions
• High/Lo temps & precipitation
• 4-day forecast
Touch Arming
• Arm stay
• Arm away
• Quick exit
DSC Touch
Connect Your Home with DSC
• Disarm
• Bypass sensors
• Entry delay
• Exit sounds
DSC enhances its industry-leading connected
home solutions with DSC Touch, an innovative
smart panel which provides customers with home
management and interactive security capabilities
in an all-in-one, intuitive and easy to use interface.
Uniquely based on Google’s Android operating
system and integrated with Alarm.com, DSC Touch
employs WiFi, Bluetooth and Z-Wave technology
for a completely wire-free install and ‘all-in-one’
wireless communications. Built-in cellular radios
enable DSC Touch to communicate with Alarm.
com’s cloud for home automation features and
mobile applications (iOS and Android).
Offering wireless connectivity, security and
home control all together through the easy to
use interface, DSC Touch is the next generation
in keypad, alarm and home control technology
for the connected home.
SD Card Slot
• Add photos
• Manual software update
Speaker #1
• Dedicated to panel
• Sounds & voices
Status App
• Current system status
• System alerts
• Alarm events
• System history
• Installation
• System settings
• User management
• About
• System tests
2 0 15 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 2 6
Color Coded Status
Not ready
• Disarm photos
• Alarm photos
Camera App
• View disarm photos
• View alarm photos
• Future camera features access
Speaker #2
• Dedicated
for two-way voice
• Photo frame
• S ound settings
• Bi-lingual toggle
• S afety sensors
• Dealer contact info
• Message center
Built-in Siren
• A
uxiliary, fire
• FAQs
• SIA rated to UL 1023 standard
• Built-in
• Return to
• S
mart Socket
or police
• Video tutorials
• Two-way voice
Home Screen
• L ocks
• T
Interactive Security Management
Alarm.com Overview
Revolutionizing the Industry
Connecting Homes
Alarm.com is a technology company
focused on developing innovative cloud
services for the connected home.
Alarm.com connects a wide range of
devices across the internet of things to
provide an integrated connected home
experience. Powered by an intelligent
cloud-based services platform and easily
controlled through mobile apps their
technology puts every aspect of your
home in your hands.
The Alarm.com platform combines
innovative communication devices,
reliable and proven cloud services, top
rated mobile apps, a broad ecosystem
of connected devices and a network of
best-in-class professional dealers offering
a comprehensive solution.
Their connected home technology
uses data and information from devices
and sensors all around the home to
intelligently adapt to the home owner’s
lifestyle and deliver an unmatched
experience that makes life a little easier
and a lot more secure.
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 2 8
Interactive Security
Reliable and Secure
Dedicated Communication
Reliable & fast cellular
communication, no
landline needed.
In the event of a
power outage, the
system will operate on
backup battery power
for 24 hours.
Safe for critical
security messages—
not shared with
internet, entertainment
or phone lines.
Dedicated and secure cellular communication provides safe and reliable
uninterrupted protection – even if the phone, internet or broadband is down.
Patented Crash & Smash
technology ensures that
the system works even
if the security panel is
damaged before it can
send a signal, or the
phone line is cut.
Secure cellular
communication is not
impacted by damaged
phone, internet or
broadband lines that can
be cut from the outside.
Awareness and Control
Visual Verification: Image Sensor
Alarm.com lets home owners know what is
happening at their property at any time – whether
the system is armed or not. And with the mobile app,
they can check in anytime and arm and disarm the
system remotely wherever they go.
Customized Notifications
Get instant image alerts for any activity – like
anytime the dog walker arrives, when someone
disarms the system during specific time periods,
or in an alarm event.
Features that Matter
On-Demand Views
Peek-in to see what is happening at any time,
right from the phone.
Always-on monitoring
keeps home owners
aware of what is
happening at all times,
even if their system
is disarmed.
Stay in control at
all times. Alarm.com’s
mobile app puts
the home in the
owners’ hands.
High Quality Images
View high quality images in daytime or at night, thanks
to an onboard color camera with night Vision LED flash.
Pet Immune Motion Detector
Sensitive motion detection utilizes a smart PIR
(Passive Infrared) sensor to monitor any activity, but
stays immune to pets constantly tripping the sensors.
Easy Installation
The image sensor is easy to install anywhere at home
– its battery operated and completely wireless so it
can be placed anywhere without having to run wires.
Get real-time notifications
by text, email or phone
call to know what is
happening at home, the
moment it happens.
Searchable event history.
Look back at activity
over time or search for
specific events.
Create unique user
codes for family and
visitors, and know who
is coming and going.
Enable or disable
codes at any time.
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 3 0
Professional Grade Service
Alarm.com systems come with end-to-end professional service provided by best-in-class
Authorized Dealers, and backed with 24/7 professional monitoring.
Licensed and Authorized
Security Professionals
Alarm.com systems are installed and
serviced by Authorized Security Expert
backed by a network of professional
security dealers.
Elements: Fire, CO & Flood Monitoring
Alarm.com Elements immediately signals the central
monitoring station for emergency response when fire,
CO or flood is detected, so home owners can rest
assured that their home will be attended to even if they
are not home to call for help.
24/7 Emergency Response
Licensed Central Station Monitoring
ensures professional Emergency Response
for alarms or fire. In an emergency,
person in distress can speak directly to an
emergency responder through the security
panel, using two-way voice.
Video Monitoring
Instant Visibility
Alarm.com’s Video Monitoring service offers end-to-end video solution. It includes
anytime live streaming, smart clip capture with secure cloud storage, instant video
alerts and continuous high definition recording.
Live Video
Watch live feeds from your property right on your phone, tablet or computer. See what
is happening anywhere on your property, at any time.
Stay Connected! Live
streaming video while
away from home
Full view by pan/tilt
camera via the web,
smartphone or tablet
Crystal clear video
with HD quality
See everything!
Simultaneously view
multiple locations on
the same screen
Save money and integrate
existing video cameras
with Alarm.com
Smart Clip Capture
Alarm.com video cameras work around the clock, hand-in-hand with the security system.
• Triggers—automatically
capture pre-alarm and post-alarm video footage for a more
complete view.
• Geo-Services—configurable
by camera, set recording to always capture footage while away
but not when at home.
• Use
the security sensors throughout the home to intelligently capture activities such as
when a door or window opens.
Continuous Recording
Alarm.com offers the ability to capture 24/7 high definition recording of what is happening
at a property and provides cloud-based streaming and video clip access from anywhere.
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 3 2
Energy Management
Effortless Control
Alarm.com Energy Management learns your activity patterns and adapts to the
home owners’ needs, automatically.
Climate and Ambiance Control
Take control of the energy use by controlling lights and thermostats automatically.
A Smarter Thermostat
• Alarm.com
• Home
helps optimize home climate.
climate automatically changes with weather conditions.
Intelligent Lighting
• Scheduled
• Set
lighting while you are home or away.
the lights to come on at sunset.
Mobile App
• Connect
• With
and control from anywhere.
instant alerts, you will be in control of your home environment.
Exclusive Features
Alarm.com can uses the
home owners’ location
to automatically adjust
their thermostat to save
energy when they are
gone and re-set for
comfort when they are
on their way home.
A Smarter way to
save. Thermostat will
automatically adjust a few
degrees up on hot days
and down on cold days.
Activity Patterns
Using information
from all sensors –
door and windows
opening, motion,
arming and disarming
– the system learns
the lifestyle patterns
and make a personal
for optimal energy
A Complete 24/7 Safety Net
Wellness offers a secure and cost-effective option for independent living with safety,
security, and comfort.
Activity Patterns
Understand family members’ activity pattern and get an alert if it’s out of the ordinary.
Make sure loved ones are getting up and about.
Be alerted if loved ones are wandering or leaving the house at odd hours.
Security & Automation
Simplify daily routines with automated temperature, light and security settings
Integrates Pendants
Wellness can also be paired with Personal Emergency Response (PERS) pendants
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 3 4
About Telguard
Tyco Security Products, has
partnered with Telguard, a division
of Telular Corporation, to offer
industry-leading interactive service
solutions to support its DSC
Intrusion Security products.
Telguard, a division of Telular
Corporation, combines devices,
communications, alarm processing
and interactive services into
turnkey systems for monitoring
intrusion and fire systems
without a traditional landline. For
further information on Telguard
HomeControl Services visit
*In Canada, all Telguard products
and services are offered and sold
under the Telular brand.
Telguard Home Control
Available for DSC PowerSeries and IMPASSA
panels, Telguard HomeControl allows dealers to offer
cellular connectivity, interactive services and life style
management, all for OneRate.
HomeControl OneRate
The HomeControl OneRate service plan offers a single
flat price. The OneRate plan gives dealers a 50%
savings over other interactive solutions while providing
the superior performance features of HomeControl
interactive services. This single, all-in price enables
them to more effectively upsell interactive features,
and capture higher RMR in today’s highly competitive
security market.
HomeControl OneRate includes:
Telguard cellular connectivity.
• Remote
• Unlimited
• Z-Wave
automations and schedules.
• Upload/download.
• End
user notifications.
• Live
& event based video.
• Two-way
• 500MB
voice, based on panel capability.
or 21 days of video storage
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 3 6
The Power of Two
When the best-in-class security panel and accessories
integrates with the state-of-the-art interactive security
service, the result is unsurpassed intelligent system that
will make your home safer, smarter and more efficient.
DSC and Alarm.com provides unparalleled integrated
security system that keeps homes protected in the
event of fire or any other emergency situation.
Interactive Security System
Professional Monitoring & Emergency Response
In emergency conditions, Alarm.com immediately
signals the central monitoring station.
Real-time Alerts
Get real-time text and email alerts anytime
dangerous conditions are detected.
Connected Automation
Set triggers to automatically respond
to emergency conditions.
* Teleguard HomeControl is compatible with DSC’s PowerSeries and IMPASSA systems only.
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 3 8
Fire, CO, or intruder alarm triggers
Central Monitoring Station
two-way communication assesses
the situation and contacts the
appropriate response team
Emergency response dispatched
Contact Information
Technical Support
Technical Support
TEL 1-800-229-2326
TEL 1-866-834-0470
EMAIL [email protected]
Available Monday through Saturday,
8:00AM to 8:00PM Eastern time
Technical Support is available Monday-Friday
from 9am until 9pm EST as well as Saturdays
from 10am to 7pm EST.
Billing Department
Billing Department
TEL 1-800-229-2326
TEL 1-800-395-7690
EMAIL [email protected]
Available Monday through Saturday,
8:00AM to 7:00PM Eastern time
Contact our Billing Department if you have any
questions regarding your monthly invoice or any
other finance related questions between the
hours of 9am to 6pm EST.
Order Inquiry
Order Inquiry
TEL 1-800-229-2326
EMAIL [email protected]
TEL 1-888-327-0879
EMAIL [email protected]
Available Monday through Saturday,
8:00AM to 7:00PM Eastern tim
Order Inquiry team can help you determine the
status of an equipment order. They can also help
you adjust orders which have already been placed.
Call taking hours are from 9am to 4pm EST.
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 4 0
Sur-Gard Monitoring
Station Receivers
SG-System receivers pack a mighty
punch in a small package, but this small
footprint by no means compromises
performance. These industry-leading
receivers deliver the configuration
flexibility you require. SG-System
receivers use patented technologies to
help reduce online time, saving staffing
and phone line costs.
Receiver sizes and configurations
meet every need
Compact design requires less space
Robust built-in diagnostic software
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 4 2
Sur-Gard Family of Receivers
SG-System 5
• Monitors up to 1,474,560 IP
communicators (Cellular or Ethernet)
• Future-proofed to cater to growing
system requirements and IP account
• Supports industry trending alarm
verification solutions significantly
reducing incremental costs that can
be incurred by false alarms
SG-System IV
• Designed for larger volume central
monitoring stations who require the
ability to output signals faster to
automation or who do larger amounts
of IP monitoring
• I P line cards can handle up to 3,072
total IP Accounts. With an optional
license, this can be increased to 9,216
IP accounts per IP Card
• For a completely redundant, UL-listed
IP solution, each receiver can monitor
up to 110,592 IP Accounts
SG-System III
• Designed for central monitoring
stations that require all the flexibility
that a Virtual Receiver offers, such as
integrated redundancy and the ability
to monitor any incoming phone call on
any line card
• I P line cards can handle up to 1,536
total IP Accounts
• Multi-format receiver supports
over 120 standard and proprietary
communication formats
SG-System II
• Designed for proprietary applications,
such as college/university campuses,
gated communities/condominiums,
private corporate security and
government facilities
• I P only reciever supports 1,536 IP
accounts. An additional 1,536 IP
accounts may be added via a license
key at any point
SG-System I
• Designed for in-house monitoring
needs, such as smaller central stations
or proprietary applications
• C omes with two phone line
connections with an option to add in
512 IP accounts
• Desktop or rack mount (optional kit)
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 4 4
SG-System receivers are compatible
with most leading formats, including
10-40 baud, 3/1, 4/2 checksum,
Express, Acron, Adcor, Ademco
Express, Contact ID, Modern, SIA, etc.
A World Class Service Agreement
Program for Ultimate Reliability
As the world leader in Central Monitoring Station
equipment, Sur-Gard is committed to ensuring ongoing satisfaction to customers worldwide who have
made Sur-Gard the brand of choice for alarm receiving
equipment. The System III /IV and 5 offer a full Service
Agreement Program that provides exclusive benefits,
such as:
Features that Make a Difference
Receiver sizes and configurations to meet every need
Patented ANI and DNIS reception
Patented Automatic Handshake Selection (AHS)
High-security network monitoring
Compact design requires less space
configuration tools
Robust built-in diagnostic software
Firmware upgradable
Automation output over TCP/IP
with standard 19” racks (optional feature
in SG-System I and II)
5% off all future hardware purchases
Access to Monthly Sur-Gard Webinars
Firmware upgrades
Free 30 Day Loaner Receiver Program
24hr/7 days a week Tech Support
Advanced Hardware Replacement Program
This unique approach demonstrates Sur-Gard’s
commitment to ensuring reliability that is required
by all components that make up today’s Central
Monitoring Station.
Sales Support
DSC Marketplace
Do you have an event to sponsor?
Are you preparing for a customer meeting?
Looking for promotional items
for a tradeshow?
You are one click away.
An online web portal that will give you access to
all DSC literature, promotional items and training.
A powerful tool that will help you make an impact
in the market.
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 4 6
DSC Videos
Watch videos on our DSC Youtube channel, download them for your own
customer meetings or trade events.
Simply visit the link below and start watching!
Examples of videos on DSC Youtube Channel:
Videos are available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Finnish.
PowerSeries Neo:
Security Redefined
Watch Now
DSC 2-Way Wireless
TouchScreen Arming
Watch Now
DSC PowerSeries
DSC Touch
TouchScreen Keypad Self-Contained 2-Way Watch Now
Watch Now
Wireless Security
System Watch Now
The online trainings are available at any time from any computer. This gives
you and your team the ability to view the trainings at your own pace and time.
Please contact your sales representative for more details.
Neo Technical Training
IMPASSA Technical Training
PowerSeries Technical Training
PowerSeries Technical Training
Call Scripts
PowerSeries Neo:
Hello ‘Customer Name’, this is
from ’Distributor/
Dealer Name’, your security provider. I wanted to call
you and inform you about our new PowerSeries Neo
product platform. It brings security to a whole new level
that will fit your needs perfectly. It gives you:
from ’Distributor/
Hello ‘Customer Name’, this is
Dealer Name’, your security provider. I wanted to call
and inform you about our newest self-contained wireless
products which allows us to give you a new arming
station that will fit your needs perfectly. It gives you:
Full encryption which was not offered prior to this product
transmission wireless range giving you the
ability to cover your outside shed
life is up to 8 years so you won’t have to pay
for service calls as often
that is out of sight
keypads that can talk to you
Interactive and its apps to arm and disarm
from your smartphone
ton of new wireless devices
Interactive services
I’ll be in the area this week, would today or tomorrow
work better for me to stop in for a quick chat and show
you the product’s competitive features?
Great see you then!
I’ll be in the area this week, would today or tomorrow
work better for me to stop in for a quick chat and show
you the product’s competitive features?
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 4 8
DSC Touch:
Hello ‘Customer Name’, this is
from ’Distributor/
Dealer Name’, your security provider. I wanted to call
and inform you about our latest product that we can
add to your existing system. It will help update your
system without having to replace the entire thing. It
gives you:
from ’Distributor/
Hello ‘Customer Name’, this is
Dealer Name’, your security provider I wanted to call
and inform you about our new Interactive products
that you have probably seen being advertised on TV.
It brings security and home automation to a whole new
level that will fit your needs perfectly. It gives you:
wireless keypads that will even talk to you
wireless zones
WiFi, Bluetooth and Z-Wave technology for
a completely wire-free install and ‘all-in-one’ wireless
with Alarm.com and its apps providing
customers with home management and interactive
security capabilities
I’ll be in the area this week, would today or tomorrow
work better for me to stop in for a quick chat and show
you the product’s competitive features?
lock control
options in addition to your central
station monitoring
log reporting
and disarm from your smart device
notifications during emergencies or not
I’ll be in the area this week, would today or tomorrow
work better for me to stop in for a quick chat and show
you the product’s competitive features?
Marketing Support
Marketing Collateral
DSC is committed to your success
and will support you with a variety of
marketing tools that will contribute to
your growth and customer satisfaction.
There are several ways in which you can
benefit from DSC’s marketing platforms:
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 5 0
DSC’s website [www.dsc.com] will provide you with
all the updated marketing collateral that you need
to upsell and market DSC to your customers.
DSC Website contains the following material:
Programming Worksheet
Product Approvals
Reference Manual
Specification Sheets
Technical Advisory Bulletins
Installation Manuals
Installation Instructions
Reference Guides
Brochures & Catalogs
DSC Marketplace:
DSCmarketplace.com will support you with an
assortment of brochures and other marketing material
that effectively communicate the value and benefits of
our products to commercial and residential customers.
Examples of available collateral:
Joining DSC Marketing place is simple. Please visit
www.dscmarketplace.com and fill in the online form
to get started.
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 5 2
Custom Labelling
You have the option to co-brand any DSC product with
your own brand logo. We will take the hassle of your
hands and deliver the product ready with your logo.
How could this benefit you?
Increase in visibility and sales
Strengthen your market position
Establish credibility
Promotional Items
Unlike traditional advertisement, promotional products
are difficult to miss. They provide extended brand
exposure and awareness. DSC has a wide variety of
items that will allow your customers to see, associate and
recognize the brand. Leverage the strength of the DSC
brand to increase your visibility and impact your sales.
Where would promotional items have highest impact?
shows, expos, road shows and similar events.
Typically these type of events have a wide variety of
attendees that are potential customers.
and meetings are excellent venues to
market to others. Presenting participants a promotional
gift keeps the DSC brand on top of their mind.
openings and special events. People
get excited about social gatherings, and with a
promotional item it’s easy to strike up a conversation
with potentially interested customers.
Samples of promotional items:
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 5 4
Customer Support
Technical Support Centres
Our technical support service
representatives don’t just answer
questions when you call in. They
take care of your needs. Whether it is
quickly providing a solution or listening
and advising you on your current situation,
our technical support representatives are
committed to providing exceptional service.
Who are we
Highly trained and skilled support personnel, who
will provide user-friendly assistance for individuals
having technical problems with Tyco Security Products.
The technical support team is composed of individuals
that are familiar with the ins and outs of a product. With
this knowledge, they are able to troubleshoot most
problems that a userexperiences. Technical support
may be provided over the phone, or through email.
Your questions may be escalated to the next level.
We have an automatic escalation process to ensure
that your questions are answered in a timely manner.
Our customers
Because we care about security, our support is mainly
designed for integrators and installers that have been
trained or certified to maintain our products. Users of our
products can get information and answers on its usability
but should be calling their installer, integrator or service
contractor if any issues arise with their security system.
Our Vision
Our promise is to provide customers with real
value through prompt, helpful service and a better
understanding of how to access and use our products.
We promise not only to provide solutions, but to listen and
work with our customers to exceed their expectations.
Personalised customer service communications
A complete record is established in our database
system for each call and company, giving our
customer service representatives the ability to
personalise their communications.
Software House
American Dynamics
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 5 6
USA & Canada
Brands /Hours
Phone #
8:30AM -6:00PM EST
8:00AM- 8:00PM EST
1-800-507-6268 opt 3
English, Spanish,
French, Portuguese
8:00AM- 8:00PM EST
1-800-507-6268 opt 4
English, Spanish,
8:00AM- 8:00PM EST
1-800-507-6268 opt 2
English, Spanish,
French, Portuguese
English Support
8:00AM- 8:00PM EST
Spanish, French,
Portuguese Support
9:00AM- 6:00PM EST
English, Spanish,
French, Portuguese
English Support
8:00AM- 8:00PM EST
Spanish, French,
Portuguese Support
9:00AM- 6:00PM EST
1-800-223-0020 opt 4
English, Spanish,
French, Portuguese
English Support
8:00AM-8:00PM EST
Spanish, French,
Portuguese Support
9:00AM-6:00PM EST
English, Spanish,
French, Portuguese
English Support
8:00AM-8:00PM EST
French Support
9:00AM-6:00PM EST
6:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST
1-317-845-5710 opt 2
English, French
Quick Programming Guides
Reference Guide Impassa 9057
Enrolling WL Keypads
1. Apply power to the control panel. Keypad enrollment
is active during the first two minutes of system power
up. Note that the panel’s Ready and AC LEDs will be
flashing for this two-minute period.
2. A WL keypad must be turned on during this two
minute period for it to be assigned to the panel.
3. Press the ‘Enroll’ button to start the enrollment
process or press the “ * and 1 together.”
4. W
hen the keypad has been successfully enrolled on
the system (this should take less than 5 seconds), the
message ‘Enrollment Successful’ will be displayed on
the keypad screen for five seconds. The Ready and
AC LEDs will return to their previous state.
Section [402] DLS Downloading Number
(pg. 29) Enter Upload Number D _ - _ _ _ -_ _ _ _ #
(leave FFFF) Note: While in programming, the keypad
will say “Enter Section”. Press *. It will now say
“Enter LCD Section”.
Section [074] Keypad Options (pg. 40)
Turn on options 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 then press #
Section [075] Second Keypad Options
Turn on 8 (auto-scroll open zones)
Enrolling Sensors
4. E
nrolling Wireless Devices (Zones, Keyfobs,
Keypads and Sirens) (pg. 7)
5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 on each additional keypad to
be enrolled.
Section [898]
Reed Switch or Create a Tamper
the Serial Number by pressing *
1. Setting Time and Date (pg. 11)
* 6, 1234, 1, Enter Time (Military), then #
2. D
uress Code
* 5, 1234, 16, 2580, 9, 16, >, *, ##
the Zone Number or Device Number
the Zone Type (See Below)
3. Programming
Enter Installers Programming * 8, 5555
Section [015] Third System Options (pg. 20)
1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 should be on
Section [348] Test Transmission Reporting (pg.
26) Arrow to the right 6 times * 1 * 2 then #
the device for placement test
# to continue on to the next device
Zone Types (pg. 19)
01 – Delay 1 (Front Door)
05 – Motion Detectors
02 – Delay 2 (Garage Door)
81 – Wireless Carbons
03 – Instant (Perimeter)
88 – Smokes
04 – Glass break
2 0 15 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 5 8
Optional Programming
Section [851] Subsection [985]
Toggle Option 1 ON in Section [601]
1. Powered Up
2. Receiver SMS from Connect24
* 6 , MASTER CODE, 6
3. Radio Reset
4. Radio Attached to Network
Section [804]
5. NA
6. Siren Options [804] (pg. 35) If you are using a
wireless siren use the following options:
Subsection [311] Siren #1
Subsection [312] Siren #2
Subsection [313] Siren #3
Subsection [314] Siren #4
6. NA
7. GSM Receiver 1 Initialized
8. GSM Receiver 2 Initialized
Outdoor Siren - 1, 6 and 8 should be on
Indoor Siren - Leave Default Settings (1, 2, 3 and 4 on)
Zone Labeling
7. D
eleting Sensors and Devices [804]
Programming Zone Labels (See pg. 65)
• Press * to enter LCD Programming [001] to [064]
001 for Zone 1 – zero out zone number
to back out
002 for Zone 2, 003 for Zone 3, etc.
8. M
aster and User Codes
Change Master Code: Press *5 + 1234 enter 40,
then enter new Master Code followed by #
Change User Code: Press *5, current Master code
and enter 01-15 then enter the user new code, then
press # to exit
Impasssa Internal GSM
To Activate Internal GSM Section [382]
Option 5 must be on
GSM Signal Strength Indicator Section [850]
Trouble Shooting (See 2055 manual pg. 26)
Section [851] Subsection [984]
View GSM Initialization Progress
(See 2055 manual pg. 26)
Press 001 for Zone 1
Type in the zone label
Press * < * to save (NOT #)
Press 002 for Zone 2
Type in The zone Label
When finished press * < * to save (NOT #).
[<] = Display Left (Previous)
[6] = P Q R 6
[>] = Display Right (Next)
[7] = S T U 7
[1] = A B C 1
[8] = V W X 8
[2] = D E F 2
[9] = Y Z 9 0
[3] = G H I 3
[0] = Space
[4] = J K L 4
[*] = Select
[5] =M N O 5
[#] = Escape
When finished with all, press #, #[6] = P Q R 6
Broadcasting Zone Labels to Local Keypads
5. Press [*] to select the word.
* to enter LCD Programming
6. To add another word, repeat the above procedure
from step 2.
* to broadcast labels
7. To add a space, press the right scroll key [>].
8. To clear characters, select “Clear to End” or “Clear
Display” from the “select Options” menu.
Label Library (see pg. 67)
9. To save the current label, press [*] to access the
“select Options” menu, scroll left [<] to “Save” then
press [*] again.
screen says “Enter LCD Section” it is finished,
press #, #, to exit programming.
The Label Library is a database of words commonly
used when programming labels. Individual words can be
combined as needed. e.g., Front + Door. Each line of the
display supports a maximum of 14 characters. If a word
will not fit on a line, scroll right until the cursor appears at
the first character of the second line then add the word.
To program a custom label using the Label Library:
1. Enter keypad programming and select the label to
change. e.g., [*][8][Installer Code][*][001] (to program
the label for zone 01).
2. Press [*] to open the “Select Options” menu.
3. Press [*] again to select the “Words” option.
4. Enter the 3-digit number corresponding to a word
(see Words Table below) or use the scroll keys [<][>] to
view words in the library.
2 0 15 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 6 0
Keypad Programming
Wireless Programming
Note: When in Programming it will say “Enter
Section”, press the * key and the display will say
“Enter LCD Section”.
Step 1: LCD Section 076
Step 1: Wireless Enrollment
Enter Section 804
Enter ESN slot number
Note: 01-32 – Wireless Zones 41-56 - Keyfobs
Option 8 on. (Auto scroll open zones)
Step 2: LCD Label Programming
Example: Enter section 001 for zone 1, enter
064 for zone 64 labeling.
* to save label.
[<] = Display Left (Previous)
[5] =M N O 5
[>] = Display Right (Next)
[6] = P Q R 6
[1] = A B C 1
[7] = S T U 7
[2] = D E F 2
[8] = V W X 8
[3] = G H I 3
[9] = Y Z 9 0
Enter ESN Number
Example: * In/Out of hex programming
1-A 4-D
2-B 5-E
3-C 6-F
1AB23C Enter: 1*12*23*3
[4] = J K L 4
Technical Support
Step 1: Time/Date
Toggle Options
*6, 1234, 1, Enter Time in Military Time.
(When finished Press #)
Step 2: Installers Programming
*8, 5555
Note: Only make changes as stated below.
Step 5: Section 014
Step 3: Template Programming
Enter Section 899
Enter template number 0654
• Enter Central Station Receiver Number followed by #
• Enter 4-digit System Account # followed by >>
• Enter 905700 or DLS Access Code
• Enter 045
• Enter 060
• Enter your new installer code
Note: this will now be your installer code.
on option 4
Step 6: Section 015
on option 1, 3 and 4
Keypad Programming
Note: When in Programming it will say “Enter
Section”, press the * key and the display will say
“Enter LCD Section”.
Step 1: LCD Section 076
option 8 on.
(Auto scroll opens zones)
Step 4: Wireless Enrollment
Step 2: LCD Label Programming
Enter Section 898
Activate Reed Switch or Create a Tamper
• Confirm the Serial Number by pressing *
• Enter the Zone Number or Device Number
• Enter the Zone Type (See Below)
• Activate the device for placement test
• Continue on to the next device.
Zone Types
01 – Delay 1
05 – Motion
02 – Delay 2
(Garage Roll up Door)
88 – Smoke Detectors
03 – Instant
81 – 24 Hr. Wireless
Carbon Monoxide
04 – Glass break
Example: Enter section 001 for zone 1, enter 064 for
zone 64 labeling.
• Press * to save label.
[<] = Display Left (Previous)
[5] =M N O 5
[>] = Display Right (Next)
[6] = P Q R 6
[1] = A B C 1
[7] = S T U 7
[2] = D E F 2
[8] = V W X 8
[3] = G H I 3
[9] = Y Z 9 0
[4] = J K L 4
Technical Support
2 0 15 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 6 2
Step 1: Time/Date
Step 5: System Times
*6, 1234, 1, Enter Time in Military Time.
(When finished Press #)
Step 2: Installers Programming
*8, 5555
Step 3: Template Programming
Enter 005
• Enter 01 (Partition 1 Times)
• Enter 045 (Entry Delay 1)
• Enter 180 (Entry Delay 2)
• Enter 060 (Exit Delay) Toggle Options
Toggle Options
Enter Section 899
Enter template number 12652
• Enter Central Station Receiver Number followed by #
• Enter 4-digit System Account # followed by >>
• Enter 4-digit Partition Account # (Same as Partition
• Enter 6322100
• Enter 045
• Enter 060
• Enter the Last 4-digits of the Account #
Note: This will now be your installer code.
Note: Only make changes as stated below. Step 6:
Section 015
Step 6: Section 015
Step 7: Section 017
Turn on options 1 and 6 Step 8: Section 017
Step 8: Section 017
Step 4: Zone Programming
Turn on options 1, 3 and 4 Step 7: Section 017
Turn on options 1 and 6
Note: If you are installing in Arizona or Hawaii
DO NOT turn option 6 on. Step 9: Zone Attributes
001 for Zones 1-16
002 for Zones 17-32
003 for Zones 33-48
004 for Zones 49-64
Step 9: Zone Attributes
Note: Always create a zone list first.
• Turn on option 8 for all zones that will be wireless Step
10: Zone(s)/Partition(s)
Step 10: Zone(s)/Partition(s)
Turn on/off any zones that you will or won’t be using.
Zone Types
01 – Delay 1
03 – Instant
04 – Glass break
88 – Smoke Detectors
02 – Delay 2
(Garbage Roll up Door)
Step 5: System Times
05 – Motion Detectors
81 – 24 Hr. Wireless
Carbon Monoxide
202 - Zones 1-8 204 - Zones 17-24
206 - Zones 33-40 208 - Zones 49-56 203 - Zones 9-16
205 - Zones 25-32
207 - Zones 41-48
209 - Zones 57-64
Step 11: Two-Way Voice
Option 5 on (Talk/Listen on Phone #1/3 Enabled)
Two way voice.
Case Studies
Centra-Larm Monitoring, Inc. with Sur-Gard
Case Summary
Location: Manchester, N.H.
System Installed: Sur-Gard SG-System IV
This successful New England central station provider chooses Tyco Security
Products’ Sur-Gard SG-System IV monitoring station receivers to monitor its
90,000 residential and commercial accounts.
For the last 27 years, Centra-Larm Monitoring, Inc. has
provided its customers with central monitoring of fire,
video and intrusion alarm systems. Founded in 1988 by
current owner Kevin Helmig’s father, Stewart Helmig,
the company’s original focus was on fire alarms and
fire prevention. Over the ensuing years, the company’s
business expanded, first to include distribution of alarm
devices, and then to provide alarm monitoring services
and call answering.
Today, Centra-Larm’s primary focus is third-party alarm
monitoring. This family-owned business maintains two
central stations in New Hampshire and one central
station in California, partnering with more than 500 alarm
dealers throughout the country who serve more than
90,000 residential and commercial customers. CentraLarm is a UL listed, CSAA 5 Diamond Certified Central
Station, indicating that its facilities and operations meet
the industry’s strictest standards.
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 6 4
Centra-Larm employs more than 70 people who primarily
answer and manage alarms as they are received at
each of the company’s three central stations. The
company’s customer base is broad and varied and its
central stations monitor everything from fire alarms to
elevators. Centra-Larm also offers video monitoring, GPS
monitoring, two-way voice and answering services.
Due to the many types of systems it monitors, located
in both residential and commercial facilities, and the
large volume of monitored accounts, Centra-Larm was
searching for an alarm solution that can handle a large
volume efficiently and effectively and that can be flexible
enough to meet customers’ specific needs. Already
considered one of the fastest responding and most
accurate dispatching alarm monitoring stations in the
industry, the company sought a solution that can further
increase alarm transmission rates. Centra-Larm also
wanted a solution that can process many types of alarms
and that perform advanced functions, beyond basic fire
and security alarm transmissions.
The Challenges
With Centra-Larm’s account base growing quickly and
the number and kinds of alarm signals increasing, the
company needed a powerful, nimble and multifunctional
receiver at the center of its three central stations. The
company specifically sought a solution that employs
automatic hand-shaking for faster communications.
Handshaking is communication between the receiver
and alarm and when it is automated, the two different
systems can transmit information over a communication
channel without requiring an operator to intervene.
“Today’s central station has to accept
many different kinds of alarm signaling
technologies. The advanced signal
frequency and level of detail being
sent from newer alarm panels has
increased the workload placed on alarm
receiving equipment within the central
station,” said Kevin Helmig, Centra-Larm
president. “We needed a solution that
has advanced functionality for available
forms of signal reception, speed of alarm
signal communication and simultaneous
signal handling from multiple inbound
Centra-Larm also wanted a single platform to manage its
accounts’ signals, rather than operating several different
systems and/or receivers for different types of alarms
or accounts. With a singular platform, the company
anticipated that there would be not only space and cost
savings, but also a reduction in electricity usage.
The Solution
Centra-Larm turned to Tyco Security Products’ Sur-Gard
SG-System IV for a solution with increased functionality
and high-speed transmissions. In addition, Centra-Larm
wanted to ensure that its receivers could process many
different types of alarms including fire, carbon monoxide,
openings and closings, water pressure change, burglary,
medical alert, temperature changes and gas leak alarms,
depending on individual customer needs.
Centra-Larm ultimately chose Sur-Gard SG-System IV
for its central station receivers because it meets all of
the company’s requirements for speed, versatility and
automation. Sur-Gard SG-System IV supports more than
120 communication formats, can monitor IP transmitters,
and supports up to 24 line cards, giving Centra-Larm the
size, power and flexibility required to service its many and
varied customers. Sur-Gard SG-System IV also supports
an automatic handshake table of 250,000 entries,
expandable to up to 500,000 entries with a separate
license key. This large number of entries increases
speeds of communications between the central
station receivers and devices sounding alarms, giving
Centra-Larm the ability to automate communications as
much as possible. Also, accounts may be blocked or
canceled at the receiver level and without intervention
by a human operator, thus automating another aspect
of the central station’s functions. Two linked and
identically configured receivers provide reliable back up
in the event of device failure.
The solution’s ability to process many different types of
alarms without additional hardware or software provides
the singular platform that the company sought from
the beginning in its search for a new alarm response
system. In addition, Sur-Gard SG-System IV is relatively
small in size, meeting Centra-Larm’s request for smaller
and more efficient receivers.
Sur-Gard SG-System IV receivers also offer the ability to
integrate many different types of alarms of varying levels
of specificity. With their built in redundancy back up
and processing of high volume traffic, they met CentraLarm’s need for variability, advanced features and high
traffic management.
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“The receiver’s robust feature set, in
combination with its ability to handle
multiple forms of simultaneous alarm
signal communication, makes it the best
alarm receiver solution available today,”
said Kevin Helmig. “As alarm system
technology continues to advance, the
central station must continually evolve
in order to meet changing alarm signal
reception demands. I am confident that
Centra-Larm’s continued use of Sur-Gard
SG-System IV alarm receivers will keep us
in sync with whatever the future holds for
alarm panel technology.”
Sur-Gard SG-System IV has met all of Centra-Larm’s
established requirements, including further automation
of alarm processing and expansion of services to include
the monitoring of supervisory codes, temperature
alerts and other advanced alarms. Its small footprint,
automation and multi-functionality also provide a high
ROI for the company, saving costs on additional staffing
and physical space, and by reducing energy usage.
As it prepares for future technological advances and
anticipates continued growth, Centra-Larm considers
itself well equipped to handle the changing role and
responsibilities of the central station.
1898 Wycliff Condominium with PowerSeries Neo
Case Summary
Location: Buckhead, Atlanta
System Installed: DSC PowerSeries Neo hybrid alarm system
The Buckhead section of Atlanta, just outside the city, is perhaps one of the most
sought after communities in this area. Considered the uptown district of Atlanta,
Buckhead includes a major financial and commercial district, the Lenox Square
shopping area, and large homes throughout many different neighborhoods.
Within the Ardmore Park neighborhood, which spans
four square blocks, is a mix of homes, apartments and
condominiums all within walking distance from the
Peachtree Battle Trail, part of Atlanta’s trail system. Some
buildings in this area date back to the 1920s, built at a time
when many structures were constructed out of brick.
The Challenges
The 1898 Wycliff Condominium is a three-floor complex
located in a building constructed in 1928. Known as one
of Atlanta’s first condominiums, it includes 13 spacious
residential units in a nearly 90 year-old brick structure.
When it was time to upgrade the condominium’s smoke
detectors in its common areas, such as hallways, two
lobby entrances and the basement where the building’s
furnace and hot water system is located, installation
became a concern because of the building’s exterior
brick walls and interior walls constructed of concrete.
“Because this is an old building, we do
not have the wiring in the walls or the
ceilings to install a hardwired system,”
said Sue Skipper, President of the 1898
Wycliff Condominium Association. “This
building is old and historic and it would
become too costly to wire a new system.”
For years, 1898 Wycliff Condominium Association had
relied upon inexpensive smoke detectors screwed into
its ceilings to notify owners and guests in the event the
sensors detected smoke or heat. The building’s age,
as well as that of the existing wiring within its walls,
increased residents’ concerns about the risk of fire.
To solve that problem, the condominium association
turned to Jim Eure, President of Protex Security Systems
based in Atlanta, a local systems integrator. With the help
2 0 16 D S C R eso u rce G u ide 6 8
of Eure, the condominium association was able to select a
wireless alarm system that could reliably transmit fire alarm
signals in the event of an emergency without compromising
the historic nature of the building.
In addition, Eure wanted to avoid having to install multiple
repeaters throughout the condominium, saving on the cost
of the system.
The Solution
Together, they selected the PowerSeries Neo hybrid alarm
system from Tyco Security Products. The outstanding
wireless signal strength that the system offers and its ability
to change frequencies as needed for reliable and secure,
encrypted communications – are all features of the industryleading wireless PowerG technology. The project involved
installing a dozen carbon monoxide, smoke and fire alarm
detectors throughout the common areas of the building.
Skipper said it was time to install a new system that
provided residents with the peace of mind that it would
work properly and reliably in the event of fire.
Condominium owners also wanted a system that could be
remotely monitored, thereby enabling the city to dispatch
the fire department in the event of an emergency.
“Before, they were not using a hardwired
system. It was a standalone wireless
system with smoke detectors in different
areas,” said Eure. “The building didn’t
have a direct connection to any sort of
monitoring source.”
Eure said it was important to install a commercial grade
wireless alarm system that could handle a large area without
additional repeaters that did not compromise the strength of
the signal. The condominium association also did not want
the installation to disrupt residents, so it was important for
Eure to select a system with a quick enroll function and the
ability for his firm to remotely troubleshoot issues.
Another appealing aspect of the PowerSeries Neo system
was its sleek design, said Skipper, which would not detract
from the condominium’s impressive two front entrances
featuring large hanging chandeliers. In addition, the
system’s longer battery life and ability to notify management
if the battery is dying was also a plus. Previously, residents
could be woken up in the middle of the night by the chirp
of a smoke detector indicating a low battery.
While the current installation involves only the common
areas of 1898 Wycliff Condominiums, in the future the
association may look to install the system throughout
the building to include owner units. This would give the
owners the same fire alarm system in the common areas,
and also the ability to tap into the system’s intrusion alarm
capabilities, as well.
“We love having that as an option,” said
Skipper. “We couldn’t be more pleased with
the current system and the opportunity to
expand the fire system and incorporate an
alarm system in the future.”
The Systems Integrator—Protex Security Systems
Protex Security Systems has been serving customers in
the Atlanta area and throughout the Southeast since 1988.
The company provides the design and installation of alarm,
video, access control and medical / panic systems to both
residential and commercial customers.
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