SOP20 - Use of Various Heat Guns

SOP20 - Use of Various Heat Guns
Safe Operating Procedure
Description of Work:
Machine Used:
Additional equipment /
accessories used
Use of Various Heat Guns
Various brands include Bosch, Ryobi, Black & Decker
Potential Hazards:
- Burns
The tool is designed to heat to high temperature
May not be the true representation of the tool being used.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Required (Tick the box for required PPE):
Face Masks
Safety Apron
Welding Mask
High Vis Clothing
/ Vest
Safety Harness
Wear Seat Belt
Lift Correctly
Manual Handling
Switch off After
Advice for the Operator
Read all instructions prior to operating the heat gun.
Do not leave heat gun unattended while on or plugged in.
All electrical equipment to have current test and tag.
Heat gun may start a fire if appropriate precautions are not taken.
Never touch the nozzle as it becomes extremely hot.
Safe Operating Checklist (This checklist is not limited to the below).
1. Set up work area and inspect machine:
a. Ensure work area is away from flammable materials.
b. Ensure machine is always clean, dry and free from oil or grease.
c. Regularly inspect the machine and cable before use, if damaged do not use.
d. Always keep the heat gun upright or suspend it with the stand supplied.
2. Operate the machine:
a. Ensure the tool switch is at OFF position before plugging in.
b. Do not wear loose fitting clothing or jewellery, wear no slip footwear and ensure hair is tied back.
c. Never force the tool or accessories and only use them for the purpose for which they are designed.
d. The nozzle gets extremely hot, wear gloves and eye protection.
e. Ensure the nozzle does not come into contact with materials during or just after operation.
f. Do not direct the hot airflow towards other workers or items.
g. Never push anything down the heat nozzle or reduce the hot airflow by blocking or covering the nozzle.
h. When servicing, always use manufacturer’s original parts to replace worn or damaged parts.
3. Turn off and clean up work area:
a. Always unplug and leave the heat gun to cool down completely before storing it away.
b. Never carry or pull on the cable when disconnecting from power.
c. Store under cover in a dry safe place.
d. When servicing, always use manufacturer’s original parts to replace worn or damaged parts.
Notation: Heat guns have a safety cut-off which will stop the heat gun if you are working too close to the surface being stripped. If
the cut-off operates, the heat gun must be allowed to cool for about 30 minutes before it can be used again.
Unique Template Number: D49
Adopted: 17.08.2006
Last Amended: 11.12.2013
Version: 4
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