IMPortAnt SAFEGuArdS en

IMPortAnt SAFEGuArdS en
Important safeguards en
Thank you for choosing a De’Longhi product.
Please take a few minutes to read these instructions.
This will avoid all risks and damage to the appliance.
When using any electrical appliance, some basic
safety precautions should always be observed to
reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and/or injury
to persons. Specifically:
1. Read all instructions carefully before using the
2. This appliance gets very hot when in use. To
prevent burns, do not touch hot surfaces with
bare skin. Use the handle when moving the
appliance. Keep all flammable materials, such as
furniture, pillows, bedding, paper, clothing, and
curtains at least 3 feet (90 cm) from the front and
top of the appliance, also avoid contact with the
sides and back.
3. The appliance is not intended for use by persons
(including children) with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of
experience and knowledge, unless they have
been given supervision or instruction concerning
use of the appliance by a person responsible for
their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that
they do not play with the appliance.
4. Always disconnect the plug from the power
outlet when the appliance is not in use.
5. Do not operate the appliance with a damaged
cord or plug, after faulty operation, or when it
has been dropped or damaged in any way.
Contact the nearest authorized service facility
for examination, electrical or mechanical
adjustment, or repair.
6. Do not use the appliance outdoors.
7. This heater is not intended for use in bathrooms,
laundry areas, or similar indoor locations.
Never position the appliance where it may fall
into a bathtub or come in contact with water.
8. Do not run the power cord under carpeting. Do
not cover cord with throw rugs, runners, or the
like. Keep the cord away from any passageways
where it could be tripped over.
9. To completely turn off the appliance, push the
ON/OFF button (A), and then unplug the heater.
10. Do not wrap the cord around the appliance
immediately after use.
11. Do not insert or allow foreign objects to get into
the air intake or air outlet grille, as this may cause
electric shock or fire, or damage the appliance.
12. To prevent a possible fire, do not block air intake
or air outlet grille in any way.
Do not use the appliance on soft surfaces, such as
beds, where the openings may become blocked.
13. To prevent overheating and the risk of fire, do not
cover the appliance while it is in operation.
14. The internal parts of the appliance can become
very hot or produce sparks during operation. Do
not use the appliance in areas where gasoline,
paints, or other flammable liquids are used or
15. Use this appliance only as described in this
manual. Any other use not indicated by the
manufacturer may cause fire, electric shock, or
injury to persons.
16. To prevent current overload and blown fuses,
make sure that no other appliance is plugged
into the same outlet or into another outlet wired
into the same circuit.
17. It is normal for heater’s plug and cord to feel
warm to the touch. However, an excessively
hot or deformed plug or cord is not normal and
may be the result of a defective electrical outlet.
Defective outlets must be replaced before using
the heater. Plugging the heater into a worn
outlet may result in overheating of the power
cord or may cause the risk of fire.
18. If the power cord is damaged, to reduce the
risk of malfunction it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, its service agent, or a licensed and
qualified professional.
19. Do not use this appliance with an extension cord
or power strip. Connect the appliance directly to
a suitable outlet.
20. Make sure that the plug is fully inserted into
the outlet. Wall outlets may deteriorate with
time, so check the plug periodically for signs of
overheating or deformation. If the outlet has
deteriorated, stop using it and have it repaired.
21. Check that neither the appliance nor the power
cord have been damaged during shipping.
22. Make sure that no styrofoam or other packing
materials remain in the appliance.
23. The first time the appliance is used, run it at
the maximum power for at least two hours.
During this time, ventilate the room thoroughly
to eliminate the “new” smell released by the
appliance. It is completely normal for the
appliance to emit “creaking” sounds the first time
it is run.
24. CAUTION: To prevent electric shock, make sure
the wide prong of the plug is inserted in the wide
slot of the outlet.
25. Do not place the heater near a bed because
objects such as pillows or blankets can fall off
the bed and be ignited by the heater.
26. Extreme caution is necessary whenever the
heater is left operating unattended.
27. Do not open the appliance. No user-serviceable
parts inside.
(see fig. 1)
A ON/OFF button
B +/- adjustment buttons
C MODE button (selects the operating mode)
D “ECO plus” button
E Timer button
F Swivel button
G Remote control receiver
H Indicator light
I Air intake grille
J Filter
Description/Use en
The appliance can be used on any horizontal surface.
Do not overload the electrical circuit. Avoid using the same
outlet for other appliances.
Electrical connection
- Before plugging the appliance into the outlet, check that
the outlet power corresponds to the value indicated on the
rating plate and that the outlet power is adequate for the
Mounting the base
Fit the two parts of the base together, matching the guide
pins on the front with the recesses on the back and snapping
the two clips into place (fig. A and fig. B).
Turn the appliance upside down and fix the base to the body
with the 6 screws supplied (fig. C).
Tools needed and estimated time
1 Phillips head screwdriver type PH 2 x 100
6 screws (included)
Assembly time: approx. 5 minutes
Operation and use
1. Plug into the outlet.
2. The appliance emits a beep. The indicator light (H) comes
on and remains lit while the appliance is powered.
3. Press the ON/OFF button (A) to turn the appliance on.
The appliance comes on with the setting used during the
previous period of operation.
4. Press the MODE button (C) to select one of the following
operating modes:
Freeze prevention
Heating 1
Heating 2
Heating 3
4.1 Fan
In this mode, only the fan operates and the appliance does not
heat the room.
4.2 Freeze prevention
In this mode, the appliance keeps the room at a temperature of
45°F (7°C) to avoid freezing.
4.3 Heating 1, 2 and Heating 3
In this mode, the desired temperature can be selected by pressing
Maintenance/Safety functions en
the adjustment buttons + and – ( B ):
- Heating 1
The appliance operates at low power, reducing noise levels
and energy consumption to a minimum.
- Heating 2
The appliance operates at medium power.
- Heating 3
The appliance operates at high power to heat the room
Please note: Room temperature can be displayed in either °C or
°F. To change the unit of measurement for the temperature, press
the + button for approx. 10 seconds, then release.
5. “ECO plus” function
The “ECO plus” function is available in Heating 1, 2 and 3 modes
only. To activate the function, press the “ECO plus” button (D).
When this function is active the appliance automatically sets the
most appropriate power level to guarantee optimum comfort
while reducing energy consumption.
While the “ECO plus” function is active, the appliance may switch
automatically to a lower heating power than the one displayed.
This may happen a number of times in an hour.
6. Swivel button
To distribute the air flow over a wider surface, press the swivel
button (F)
. The appliance swivels to the right and left.
To stop the appliance in the desired position, simply press the
swivel button (F) again.
7. Turn the appliance off
To turn the appliance off, press the ON/OFF button (A).
The display may show a countdown for about 6 seconds.
again, together with the symbol indicating that the timer has
been set. When the programmed time is reached, the appliance
goes off automatically. To go back to operation without the timer,
press the timer button (E) twice.
The timer symbol disappears from the display.
Using the remote control
The functions on the remote control are the same as those on the
appliance control panel. For a description of the functions, see the
“Operation and use” section on the previous page.
Installing or replacing the batteries
The remote control is powered by
a CR2032 lithium battery.
To operate the remote control,
pull and remove the plastic strip
under the battery cover.
To replace the batteries, remove
the battery cover by sliding it
as shown in the figure. When
replacing the batteries, make
sure you respect the polarity (see
figure 2). Replace the cover as
Fig. 2
shown in the figure. Old batteries
are harmful to the environment and must be removed
and disposed of in compliance with current legislation.
Digital 24 h timer (selection from 0.5 hrs to 24 hrs)
This function can be activated from any operating mode.
Auto-start: with the appliance in ON/OFF, press the timer
(E) . The
symbol is displayed together with the
time remaining before the appliance comes on.
To adjust the timer, use the adjustment buttons + and - (B), then
wait a few seconds for the setting to be stored. The stand-by light
(H) is displayed together with the symbol, indicating that the
timer has been set. When the programmed time is reached, the
appliance comes on with the settings used during the previous
period of operation.
Auto-off: Auto-off: with the appliance on, press the timer
(E). The
symbol is displayed together with the
time remaining before the appliance goes off. To set the timer,
use the adjustment buttons + and - (B), then wait a few seconds
for the setting to be stored. The current settings are displayed
Always unplug from the outlet before cleaning.
During the season when the appliance is in use, clean the air
intake and outlet grilles regularly using a vacuum cleaner.
To clean the filter, remove the rear grille by pulling it
outwards (fig. 1). Remove the dust filter that retains
impurities in the air drawn in from the room, blow on it
lightly then put it back in the appliance.
Never use abrasive powders or solvents to clean the
Safety functions
- Safety device: the appliance is fitted with a safety
device that switches it off in the event of accidental
overheating (e.g. obstruction of air intake and outlet
grilles, motor turning slowly or not at all). To reset,
unplug the appliance from the outlet for a few minutes,
remove the cause of overheating, then plug in again.
- Tip-over safety device: a tip-over safety device
turns the appliance off if it falls over or is positioned
inappropriately in such a way as to jeopardize safety.
The appliance emits a beep and a dot flashes on the
display. The appliance resumes operation a few seconds
after being placed in an upright position again.
Troubleshooting en
PF display
Temperature sensor is not working The product needs to be serviced, contact
our toll free number for assistance
Product doesn’t turn on
Check that the plug is connected to the Plug in
Wait till time elapsed or press the button (E) twice to cancel the auto-start
and push the button (A)
Auto-start is on
Room temperature reaches the set Use the “+” button to increase the set
A green dot is flashing and unit is off
The tip-over switch has been activated
Power supply Absorbed power
See rating plate
Make sure the appliance is standing
upright on a flat surface, if the problem
persists contact our toll free number to
assist you
Limited warranty en
This warranty applies to all products with De’Longhi or Kenwood brand names.
What does the warranty cover?
We warrant each appliance to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Our obligation under this warranty is limited
to repair at our factory or authorized service center of any defective parts or part thereof, other than parts damaged in transit.
In the event of a products replacement or return, the unit must be returned transportation prepaid. The repaired or replacement
model will be returned at the company expense.
This warranty shall apply only if the appliance is used in accordance with the factory directions, which accompany it, and on an
Alternating current ( AC ) circuit.
How long does the coverage last?
This warranty runs for one year (1) from the purchase date found on your receipt and applies only to the original purchaser for
What is not covered by the warranty?
The warranty does not cover defects or damage of the appliance, which result from repairs or alterations to the appliance
outside our factory or authorized service centers, nor shall it apply to any appliance, which has been subject to abuse, misuse,
negligence or accidents. Also, consequential and incidental damage resulting from the use of this product or arising out of any
breach of contract or breach of this warranty are not recoverable under this warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion or
limitation of incidental or consequential damage, so the above limitation may not apply to you.
How do you get service?
If repairs become necessary, see contact information below:
U.S. Residents: Please contact our toll free hotline at 1-800-322-3848 or log onto our website at
Residents of Canada: Please contact our toll free hotline at 1-888-335-6644 or log onto our website at
Residents of Mexico: Please contact our toll free number 01-800-711-8805 for assistance or log onto our website at www.
The above warranty is in lieu of all other express warranties and representations. All implied warranties are limited to the
applicable warranty period set forth above. This limitation does not apply if you enter into an extended warranty with
De’Longhi. Some states/countries do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above exclusions may
not apply to you. De’Longhi does not authorize any other person or company to assume for it any liability in connection with
the sale or use of its appliance.
How does country law apply?
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state/country to
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