dri eaz 1200 commercial dehumidifier

dri eaz 1200 commercial dehumidifier
1. Keep children away.
2. Keep unit grounded.
3. Protect power cord from damage.
4. Extension cords. Extension cords must be grounded and able to deliver 115 Volt/60 Hz. and 6.4 Amps.
5. Handle with care.
6. Run on stable surface.
7. Secure during transport.
8. Keep out of water. Never operate unit in pooled or standing water. Do not store or operate outdoors.
9. Keep air intakes clear.
10. Keep filter clean.
11. Keep electrical components dry.
12. Allow repair only by qualified person.
DrizAir Dehumidifiers are designed to reduce water vapor or high humidity in a building or part of a
building. The purpose is to prevent humidity damage, and to try to dry out wet materials such as carpet,
carpet cushion, floors, walls, furniture, contents, lumber, and structural materials. To speed up the rate of
evaporation, and dry out materials faster, use floor dryers/fans also.
The dehumidifier must be operated in an enclosed area to achieve best efficiency. Close all openings to
other areas of the building, like windows and doors, to prevent moist air from mixing with the air in the
drying area. Keep traffic through doors at a minimum. This forms a closed drying chamber.
Inside the drying chamber, air should circulate freely. Open interior doors and operate floor dryers and
fans to maintain good airflow to all areas. Place the dehumidifier where there is no restriction to air flowing
through either the inlet or outlet. Keep away from loose material like curtains and drapes.
Under normal circumstances, place the dehumidifier in the center of the room. To dry a specific area,
place the dehumidifier so the outlet air points at the wet area and the warm, dry air passes across it. The
duct should never be closer than three feet from the wall. The DrizAir Dehumidifier warms the air as it
removes its moisture. In smaller rooms this can raise the temp. substantially. Room temp. of about 68 to
80 degrees F are usually a good condition for drying. Never allow room temp. to exceed 100 degrees F
because this could damage the dehumidifier or building contents.
1. Operate ONLY in the upright position. If the dehumidifier has been in a horizontal position for more than
a few minutes, let it sit in the upright position for at least 30 minutes before starting.
2. Plug into a standard outlet with the correct voltage and amperage for the unit. Push the ON switch.
Listen for proper operation of fan and compressor before leaving the unit unattended.
3. Allow 5 minutes before restarting after the unit shuts off for any reason. This will avoid damage to the
4. Run the pump drain hose into a sink, toilet, drain, or bucket. Make sure the hose is not kinked.
5. Before moving the unit, make sure the pump is empty of water. To do this, let the unit sit while OFF for
10 minutes, while water drains from the coils into the pump. Then push the PURGE switch.
6. The purge runs automatically every six minutes during operation, and whenever the resevoir is full.
7. The display will read DEFROST ON whenever the unit is in a defrost cycle. During normal operation,
frost forming on the coils is detected by the temp. sensor, causing a defrost cycel to start.
Dehumidification is suspended as hot gas flows through the coils and melts the frost. At the end of the
defrost cycle, the display returns to its normal condition.
8. For error message ER9, check to make sure the pump tube is completely unwrapped and not kinked.
For all other error messages, return equipment for servicing.
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