Door Hinge Assembly Replacement

Door Hinge Assembly Replacement
Top Hinge Repair Kit
• Part 2907 for Classic® doors
• Part 5705 for S//E® doors
Remove door from frame.
Reconnect the door plug if it was removed.
• Holding the top hinge pin with a 5/16” wrench,
loosen the lock nut with an 11/16” wrench.
This will release the spring tension.
Adjust the door tension:
• Open the door and remove the two screws from
the door plug. If a cord is present,
unplug the cord from the frame.
• With the door open about 90 degrees, lift
the hold open cam off the slide pin.
• Lift the door up and out off the bottom hinge pin.
Remove the retainer ring from the top hinge
hole by compressing the open ends together.
Pull the top hinge bushing from the door. If
bushing is still attached to the torque rod,
do not pull the torque rod more than 6” out
of the door. If the bushing is not attached to
the torque rod, pull the torque rod from the
top hinge hole, but not more than 6”.
To replace the top hinge bushing, hold the torque rod
and pull old bushing off. (NOTE: If bushing is black,
remove old spring from torque rod and slide new
spring and washer in place. If bushing is not black,
do not remove spring). To install new top hinge
bushing, align square of torque rod to square hole in
top hinge bushing and tap onto torque rod. Torque
rod should be inserted at least 1” into bushing.
The torque rod and hinge bushing can now be
pushed back into the door. Top hinge bushing
should be deep enough into the hinge block to
expose retainer clip groove. If groove is not visible,
then the top hinge bushing is not far enough on
the torque rod. Once the groove is visible, replace
the retainer ring by compressing the open ends.
• Using a 5/16” wrench on top hinge pin, turn toward
direction of door closing to increase tension.
• Tighten top lock nut with an 11/16” wrench.
• Repeat above steps until desired
tension is obtained.
NOTE: If the top hinge bushing squeaks or
binds, pull the bushing out and lightly sand
the outer surface with fine sandpaper. Apply
a light coating of oil and replace bushing.
CAUTION: Before replacing door, remove
existing nylon washer from the bottom hinge
pin and install a new washer in its place.
Replace door by engaging top hinge pin into to
bushing of door and lift door over bottom hinge
pin, allowing door to drop into proper position.
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©2008 Commercial Refrigerator Door Company
Tools Required:
• 5/16” Wrench
• 11/16” Wrench
• Hammer
• Retainer Ring Pliers
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