EPSON TM-U220 Network Printer Install Instructions

EPSON TM-U220 Network Printer Install Instructions | Manualzz
Setting up EPSON U-220B Network Printer
1. Plug in printer power; connect Ethernet cable (not provided) to printer and your computer.
2. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change Adapter Settings. Right click Local Area
Connection -> Properties.
3. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) in list, click Properties
4. On the General Tab, (Keep note of the current configuration to reset
this connection later), Select Use the following IP Address radio
button and enter these values:
a. IP Address:
b. Subnet Mask:
c. Gateway: (Leave Blank)
Click OK, Close.
Open internet browser and navigate to
You are now in the Web interface for this printer. Go to TCP/IP under Configuration.
If you would like to use DHCP and have your router deliver an IP Address to the printer automatically, select ‘Get
IP Address’ to Auto. Otherwise, if you would like to set the IP Address in the printer itself keep the ‘Get IP
Address’ option as Manual, set the desired IP Address to a valid IP Address for your network, set the Gateway to
the IP Address of your network’s gateway, and set the Subnet Mask to your networks Subnet Mask.
Click SUBMIT, and RESET.
Once the Printer resets (A few minutes, as the webpage will not tell you it’s done), unplug the printer’s Ethernet
cable from your computer, and into the network port in the desired printer location. ALSO, don’t forget to set
your network connection’s IP Address settings back to what they were back in step 5.
Once the printer is back on and in its new location, press the little button on the back by the Ethernet port with
a ballpoint pen for 3 seconds, until it starts printing a configuration page. Verify the network settings it is
reporting are correct. If not, restart these instructions.
Now it’s time to set up your printer on your machine (or any other machine on the network).
Execute the self installer package, named APD_454aE.exe.
Click Next, Accept the terms and click Next, Click Add and select the driver for this printer (EPSON TM-U220
Receipt), set desired name, and set Port type to Create Ethernet Port. Click Next.
Enter the IP Address assigned to your printer, Click Next.
Finish the installation.
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