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Logic Energy In-vehicle Charger
or Tait TP8100 Series
Logic Energy In-vehicle Charger
for HYT TC Series
Logic Energy In-vehicle Charger
Hytera DMR PD Series
Logic Energy In-vehicle Charger
for Motorola GP328 / GP328+ Series
Logic Energy In-vehicle Charger
for Motorola XTS Series
Logic Energy In-vehicle Charger
for Motorola Mototrbo Series
Logic Energy In-vehicle Charger
for Harris P5400 Series
Logic Energy In-vehicle Charger
for Kenwood Nexedge Series
(various TK Series)
(Elogicenergy- Y
TP8110, TP8115, TP8135,
TP8120, TP8140
TC-610P, TC-620
PD702, PD782
HT750, HT1250
GP328+, EX500/EX600
XPR6300, XPR6350,
XPR6500, XPR6550
P5300, P5350, P5370, P5450,
P5470, P7300, P7350, P7370
NX200/NX210, NX300
TK2180, TK3180, TK5210, TK5220,
TK5310, TK5320, TK5410
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Logic Energy Advanced Charger Contact
The Logic Energy In-Vehicle Charger,
or LEVC, is designed for demanding
Its ultra-rugged design and modular concept make
it ideal for public safety, construction, utility, service
and forestry vehicles.
Key features include:
e Low profile and custom fitting radio holder with
multidirectional mounting bracket.
e High impact and vibration tolerant contacts.
e Compact charge controller with integrated mounting
e Rapid charging for NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion,
and LiPo batteries.
e Charges battery while on radio or separately.
e Easy-to-replace radio holder simplifies and reduces
cost of radio upgrade.
The Logic Energy radio holder features the industry’s
most compact footprint and lowest profile. It allows
a radio to be installed in locations where space is
limited and where access to the radio
is more convenient. The restraining
cord holds the radio securely in _g#
place, includes a quick 4
release latch, and is
Installation accessories include
DC power cable, controller to
radio holder interface cable,
and multidirectional mount
with fasteners.
The Logic Energy charge controller measures only
145mm x 78mm x 30mm (including mounting brackets),
which makes it easy to install under a seat or dash.
With the interface cable provided, the charge controller
can be installed over six feet from the radio holder.
The charge controller operates with 12V or 24V DC
input and its durable housing is made from anodized
e Logic Energy in-vehicle chargers are radio specific
and available for a wide range of radio models from
Tait, Kenwood, Motorola, HYT / Hytera, Icom and
e Status LED confirms charging “in progress”,
“80% charged” or battery “fully charged”.
Dimensions — radio holder (LxWxD)
Dimensions — charger controller (LXxWxD)
Weight (complete unit)
Compatible battery chemistries
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Power supply input
Charge rate
Contact type
Contact cycle life
Radio holder — material
Charge controller — housing
DC power cable
Controller to radio holder interface cable
Radio holder mount
Status LED
Status LED O
When a battery is placed in the ©
LEVC, the charging status is oe
indicated by the LED colour and
flash pattern.
122 х 66 х 46 тт / 4.8” х 2.6” х 1.8”
145 x 78 x 30 mm / 5.7" x 3.1" x 1.2" (with mounting brackets)
650 д / 1.4 165.
NiCd / NiMH / Li-Ion / LiPo (7.2V — 9.6V)
15° C— 30° C / 59° F — 86° F
0° С - 65° С / 32° Е - 149° Е
12V — 24V DC @ 1.0A (maximum)
700 mA
High impact and vibration tolerant alpha contact™
20,000+ insertions
Black acetyl with aluminium mounting plate
Anodized aluminium
16 AWG / 5A in-line fuse / 3.0 m (9.83
2.0 m (6.63
Multi-directional with standard AMPS 4-hole pattern
Tri-colour (red / amber / green)
Solid orange: charger performing battery diagnostic.
Solid red: battery is charging.
Flashing red: battery has fault condition.
See user manual for details.
Flashing green: battery is 80% charged.
Solid green: battery is fully charged.
High Impact And Vibration Tolerant: alpha contact™
The contacts incorporated in the LEVC are highly robust, corrosion resistant, and maximise positive contact with the radio,
even when travelling over rough roads. In addition, the contacts have a cycle life rating of more than 20,000 battery
insertions, far superior to the typical in-vehicle charger. The alpha contact™ is one of many reasons you can expect
premium performance from the LEVC.
Logic Energy Advanced Charger Contact
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