Using a Wireless LAN Adapter

Using a Wireless LAN Adapter
Using a Wireless LAN Adapter
Your notebook model may include a wireless local area network (WLAN)
adapter. A WLAN adapter enables your notebook to connect to a compatible
wireless network access point or to another, compatible, wireless-enabled
notebook. A WLAN adapter cannot be used to connect the notebook to a mobile
telephone service, a Bluetooth wireless device, or a cordless telephone.
Setting up a wireless network requires:
A notebook equipped with a WLAN adapter—The WLAN adapter can be
integrated or a free-standing add-on, such as a PC Card.
A wireless access point—Wireless access point functionality can be
provided by a standalone device or be included with another networking
device, such as a router.
Accessing the Internet through a wireless network requires:
An Internet access device, such as a broadband cable or DSL
(digital subscriber line) modem or a shared analog modem connected to
a phone line.
Service from an ISP (Internet service provider).
Hardware requirements for an Internet connection include a WLAN adapter
in the notebook, a wireless access point, and a modem. (Notebook
appearance varies by model.)
To use a wireless LAN connection:
1. Verify that all drivers required by the WLAN adapter are installed and that
the WLAN adapter is correctly configured.
If you are using an integrated WLAN adapter, all required drivers are
installed and the adapter is preconfigured and ready for use.
2. If you are using an integrated WLAN adapter, verify that the WLAN adapter
is enabled. When the WLAN adapter is enabled, the wireless device light is
on. If the wireless device light is off, press the wireless device button to
enable the WLAN adapter.
To identify the wireless device light and button on your
notebook, look on your notebook for the button and light
identified with the wireless symbol illustrated here, or refer to
your model-specific documentation.
3. Verify that your access point is correctly configured. For instructions, refer
to your access point documentation.
4. When you are setting up a WLAN connection for the first time, place your
notebook very near a compatible WLAN access point (or a compatible
wireless-equipped computer). Functional range for subsequent WLAN
connections will vary, depending on your notebook’s WLAN
implementation and any interference from varying types of walls and other
electronic devices.
5. To configure your wireless network connection using Windows XP, follow
the instructions available at Start > Help and Support.
For more information about using a WLAN connection:
Access the information and Web site links provided at Start > Help and
Refer to the documentation included with your notebook. The
Troubleshooting guide on the Documentation Library CD contains a
“Wireless LAN (WLAN) Device Problems” section.
Refer to the documentation included with your supplementary networking
devices and services.
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