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September 2012
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With budgets tight, any investment a school makes has to be of
optimal value to its pupils and staff.
Choosing printers that can be used throughout the school
mean you can be more flexible GELJET printers offer a unique
operation panel that is certified by CUDO (Colour Universal Design
Organization) for people challenged with colour recognition, so no
student or staff member is left at a disadvantage.
The GELJET range is ideal for any school, with a small footprint,
full-front access and easy connectivity, they feature Ricoh’s fastdrying LiquidGel technology to simplify colour printing in any aspect
of school life.
Ricoh SG 3110DN
• High Productivity: Network print speeds up to 29 ppm.
• Ricoh’s fast-drying Liquid Gel™ technology produces a sharp image quality
on plain paper with Waterproof and UV resistant ink.
• Unique ECOnomy Color: colour at almost B/W cost.
• Paper saving: standard duplex.
• User-friendly design: full front acces and weights of up to 1OKG can
be placed on the flat top of the printer, enabling space to be saved in a
surprising way by the GELJET as a shelf for desktop furniture.
• Environmental friendly: partially made from plant-based plastic, toxic free
materials, low power consumption.
• Small pamphlets can be created without staples or glue. Useful for
printing classroom booklets. Just click on pamphlet setting on printer
• Claim £30 End User Cash-back with the SG 3110DN until 30th
Septemeber 2012, visit for full details.
Caiso FX-85GT+ Casio FX-83GT+ £
Approved for use in schools, college and University,
the number one best selling scientific calculators in the
UK includes some of the basic and complex calculation
Natural V.P.A.M.
Textbook Display - displays as written in a mathematical textbook.
Suitable for GCSE, A level and above.
2 line large LCD display.
FX-85GT+ 9 numeric data memories / FX-83GT+ 7 numeric data memories.
10+2+12 digits.
FX-85GT+ 260 functions/FX-83GT+ 249 functions
Mathematical functions include percentage, square root and memory
Slide on case supplied
FX-85GT+ Dual power solar & battery / FX-83GT+ includes AAA battery
Casio FX-9750Gii £
This graphic calculator is suitable for GCSE, A Level and
Degree level mathematics. With a hard case for easy
and safe transportation, this pocket-sized, lightweight
calculator is a high-performance tool which will tackle
even the most complicated permutations with ease.
21 character x 8 line LCD display
61Kb memory
Solves equations with integral/ differential and probability functions
Random Integers & Unit converter
Chi-squared GOF Function
Pie charts and bar graphics
Financial mathematics and depreciations
Pre-installed ECON2 application for measurement value logging
Overhead panel compatible with any FX-9750GII
USB port, Zoom, Trace, Plot, Scroll
Simultaneous equation solver
think it, print it
plan it green
Reduce print costs & make a difference.
Reduce print costs
while making a
As schools seek to cut expenditure, print costs have been put under the
microscope like never before. Reducing print volumes has caught on as a quick
and easy way for schools to save money, lower paper consumption and promote
their own eco-credentials.
See page 16 to find out how
this trend represents a major challenge for the channel, with the big
downside of lower hardware, consumables and paper sales. On a more positive
note, it also gives resellers an opportunity to differentiate themselves from other
and approach
a proposition
to the requirement
p12 Laser
: p21 with
Audits :tailored
p32 Erasable
for costeffectiveness, sustainability and eco-efficiency.
This is just what planitgreen delivers, with the added bonus of a compelling CSR
message where for every toner cartridge sold, 25p is donated to The Starlight
Children’s Foundation. As part of our broader environmental responsibilities,
planitgreen also runs a free toner collection and recycling programme both for the
planitgreen range and original toners.
planitgreen provides affordable printer supplies that your customers can use to
save money and reduce the environmental impact of their installed base of laser
printers and desktop MFPs.
Fellowes MS460Cs
The Fellowes MicroShred MS460Cs shreds up
to 10 sheets per pass into 2x8mm particles
as fast as 100 sheets per minute. Ultra-quiet
operation with virtually silent motor for use in
shared spaces or cubicles. Patented SafeSense
technology stops shredder immediately when
hands are too close to the paper opening.
• 10 times smaller micro-cut particles provide superior protection
• Shreds 10 sheets per pass into 2x8mm micro-cut particles
(Security Level 4)
• SilentShred® Technology minimises noise disruption in shared
work spaces
• Patented SafeSense® Technology stops shredding when hands
touch the paper entry
• Shreds continuously up to 12 minutes with a 28 litre pull-out bin
• Also shreds staples, credit cards and CDs
Fellowes 225Ci
The Fellowes 225Ci is ideal for Commercial
use in a school office for up to 5 users. The
Cross-cut 3.9x38mm model is able to shred 20
sheets at a time. To save energy the shredding
system reduces in-use energy consumption and
powers down after 2 minutes of inactivity.
• 100% Jam Proof system eliminates paper jams and powers
through tough jobs
• Shreds 20 sheets of A4 paper per pass into 3.9 x 38mm
cross cut particles (Security Level 3)
• SafeSense® Technology immediately stops shredding when
hands touch the paper entry
• Energy savings system reduces in-use energy consumption and
powers down after 2 min of inactivity.
• Continuous duty motor for non-stop shredding by 5+ users
• Shreds credit cards, staples, paperclips and CDs
GBC CombBind C340 4400420
The C340 is ideal for frequent binding needs,
combining a punch capacity of up to 25 80gsm
sheets with a binding ability of up to 450 sheets.
It binds A3 portrait, A4 or A5 sizes, includes auto
centring, paper separator and a full width handle to
make paper punching smooth and easy.
Punch Capacity: 25 Sheets
Binds up to 450 sheets using a 51mm comb.
Document Separator - Divides your pages into punch able quantities
Perfect Pages - The Auto edge feature ensures there are no ugly
paper break outs at either edge.
• Automatic Centering of Pages - The ‘auto centering’ feature positions
the pages for perfect punching
• Easy Access Clippings Tray
• Double Handle - For extra power when punching
• Quick Starter Guide
• Solid construction provides longer life and greater durability.
GBC Multibind 230e £
Featuring the Flowline Pro Binding system, which
offers paper separating and auto centring as
standard, the MultiBind 230E makes the binding
process easy and ensures perfect results every
• Document Separator Divides your pages into punch able quantities
• Electric Punching Punches 30 sheets at the press of a button
• SimplyClick Comb Selector Adjusts the settings to suit the comb size.
• Automatic Centering of Pages The ‘auto centering’ feature positions the
pages for perfect punching.
• Binding Capacity: 125 pages Using a 14mm Wire or 450 pages Using
a 51mm comb
• Binds A4 and A5
• Clippings Tray Full Indicator
GBC HeatSeal H520
Made for high throughput, the HeatSeal H520
Laminator handles up to 3 documents every
minute. It takes standard to heavier pouches
and sizes from ID to A3, using twin sets
of heated and pressure rollers to produce
top quality results. It comes with variable
temperature controls and an easy to use guide
whatever your experience.
• Clear colour table to help user get best results.
• Fixed Speed - laminate 1 A4 sheet with Standard Pouch in 22.5
sec and with a High Speed Pouch in 16 sec.
• Reverse Button: Anti-jam function to solve any miss-feeding
• Perfect for Schools where a high volume of documents are
• Uses new ‘HighSpeed’ technology.
GBC Ultima35 Ezload
Designed for education, the RollSeal Ultima 35
Ezload Roll Laminator guarantees high volume,
economical results. It is ready to use in a
minute for small items to banners and posters
up to 150m in length
• Variable temperature: Enables lamination from 42.5 micron up
to 250 micron thicknesses (Total 500 micron)
• High Speed 1000 mm/min, laminates 1 x A4 sheet in 13 sec
and 1 x A3 sheet in 18 sec
• EzLoad™ Film Loading Technology makes it impossible
to load films in error
• Laminates all formats up to 305 mm width, Not restricted
by conventional paper formats (DIN-size)
• 1 minute ‘Warm up’ period - Less wasted time
• Features cooling fans for improved quality over continuous
lamination and an inbuilt Manual Film Cutter
• Paper Guide to align items to ensure that longer items are
fed into the laminator straight
Franklin Dictionaries,
Spellers & Thesauruses
Franklin SPQ-109 £
The Franklin SPQ-109 includes content from the
Collins Concise English Dictionary.
Collins Dictionary of Spelling & Hyphenation.
My List: Save up to 40 words for personal study or review.
Calculator, Metric and currency converter.
6 Games: Anagrams, Hangman, Word Train, Word Blaster,
Word Deduction, Spelling Bee.
• Solvers: Crossword Solver, Anagram Solver, Word Builder.
Franklin LWB-1216 £
The Franklin LWB-1216 Childrens Oxford Literacy
Word Bank Features word games aids and
enhances the study of English.
• Designed to help children improve literacy and story writing skills
at key stages 1 and 2, 5 to 11 years
• Oxford Primary Dictionary over 30,000 definitions and
Thesaurus 50,000 synonyms
• Word Bank over 6,000 words in 100 topics developed by the
National Literacy Association
• Instant phonetic spelling correction, Confusables and
matchmaker feature
• 7 educational games provide fun, systematic approaches to improve
spelling, vocabulary and maths skills
Franklin TPQ-109 £
The Franklin TPQ-109 includes content from the
Collins Compact Thesaurus 3rd Edition.
• Contains over 280,000 synonyms and antonyms from Collins
Compact Thesaurus
• 180,000 word phonetic spell corrector - from “fizix” to “physics” in
an instant
• Confusables - highlights commonly confused spellings.
• 3 Solvers; Crossword, Anagram and Wordbuilder.®
• 7 word games, Calculator, Currency and metric conversions.
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