Motion Control Solutions
Motion Control
for the automation industry
Baldor Motion Solutions
Baldor Motion Control
At the Heart of
Baldor motion control products are at the heart of automation, bringing
reliability and flexibility to today's machines. Our products operate
around the globe in thousands of applications, making sure consumers
and businesses alike receive the products they demand in an ever
growing global economy. It is Baldor's commitment to quality, service
and investment in R&D that makes Baldor a global leader in the motion
control industry.
Our comprehensive motion control range includes
Rotary AC and DC servo motors
Linear motors
Servo drives
Multi-axis motion controllers
Inverter and vector drives
> A Proven Company
In 1920, an electrical engineer and a master machinist
began designing and manufacturing some of the
highest quality, most energy efficient electric motors
in the world. The company's original slogan - “Baldor:
A Better Motor" - aptly expressed the company's
Nearly a century later, Baldor Electric Company
continues this philosophy and commitment to quality.
Today, that same level of unparalleled quality is
designed and applied to every product in our extensive
line of motion control products - from motors, to drives,
to programmable motion controllers.
Baldor begins
operations St
Louis, Missouri
Baldor ships
first adjustable
speed motor
a line of
servo motors,
controls and
expands the
BSM servo
motor facility
in Westville,
Motion control
expanded with
the acquisition
of Optimised
Baldor's World Headquarters and Drives Center in
Fort Smith, Arkansas U.S.A.
Bristol, England - Design
and manufacture of Servo
Drives, Motion Controllers
and Mint programming
A Global Company with a Local
Baldor now has more than 8,000 employees in
26 worldwide manufacturing facilities producing
an unmatched range of industrial electric motors,
drives, generators, motion controls and power
transmission products. With 14 motor production
plants alone, shipping over 60,000 motors, our
facilities are some of the most efficient and
productive plants in the world and are constantly
being updated with the latest technology and
automated production equipment.
Our philosophy is to be a ‘local company' in a
global market. With a worldwide sales office and
distribution network, we sell to more than 160
industries in 70 countries with a comprehensive
technical support capability within the countries
we serve.
Baldor Plants
Offices and Warehouses
Distributors (outside N.A.)
Fort Smith World Headquarters and Plant
introduces a
new family
of motion
and Mint®MT,
facility in
Bristol, England
is expanded.
more axes of
control and
system cost
Linear motors
and stages
with the
of Normag,
Santa Clarita,
Dodge and
products and
a wider motor
line. Sales
Baldor Motion Solutions
website and product support
Specify with
Baldor’s comprehensive range includes multi-axis motion
controllers, high performance servo drives, rotary servo motors and
linear motors – all designed to seamlessly interface with each other
to provide a complete motion solution. This allows you to minimise
your design time, save development costs and maximise your time
to market.
Technical knowledge is the key to solving customers’ needs.
Our extensive experience has been gained over many years
Baldor firmly believes in offering our customers a range of products
to fit a variety of market needs. Whether this means delivering
a product from stock, designing a product for your specific
application, accessing technical data, or how you place your order,
we make it easy to do business with us. Our products are designed
to handle simple through to demanding applications.
Quality, Reliability & Design
With ISO9001:2000 accreditation to ensure high quality standards
and by using the latest CAD tools and manufacturing techniques,
Baldor’s engineering teams work side-by-side through design,
product development, manufacture and final test to make sure that
total quality and reliability is built into and stays with each product
throughout its long lifetime.
through close customer contact from product development to
field maintenance, providing invaluable feed-back for our product
development process - ensuring Baldor motion control products
meet the ease of use, flexibility and performance demanded by the
markets we serve.
Application notes reflecting our knowledge and ability are available
for download on the web at
Information must be comprehensive and easily accessed. To make
it easier for our customers, we provide a complete range of product
literature as well as a website dedicated to motion control products
- This brings together in one location, all
the information relevant to motion control products and includes
technical information, latest news, application stories, application
notes and support.
> Leading the Way
We don't just use the latest technology, we help define it. Baldor
is an active member of the Ethernet Powerlink Standardization
Group. We helped in defining one of the leading real-time
Ethernet technologies on the market today.
Setting New Standards in Motion Control
Baldor's new NextMove e100 multi-axis motion controller and
MicroFlex e100 servo drive range set new standards in ease
of use, modularity and flexibility. Utilizing the real-time Ethernet
Ethernet Powerlink is the latest generation of real-time Ethernet
network protocol, Powerlink, NextMove e100 can interpolate
solutions providing a simpler interface between motion
over 16 axes across the Powerlink network. Over 200
controller and drives. Analog and encoder signals are replaced
further axes can be coordinated using the
by a simple Ethernet cable. This not only brings about cost
standard CAN in Automation
savings in wiring, but reduces setup time and provides for a
(CiA) DS402 device
modular control system. Different machine configurations can
profile built into the
be dealt with more easily.
real-time technology
Industries Served include:
Food & Beverage
Automated Assembly
Material handling
Electronic Production
& Test
Manufacture & Test
Laser processing
Medical Device
Stage & theater
The Value Formula
Automotive assembly
The Baldor Value Formula is at the core of
everything we do, from design to manufacturing to
sales and service.
Application Competence
Cartoning machines
Web based sheet
materials handling paper, plastics and
Flow wrapping
Tube Fillers
Pick and place
Parts handling
Electronic assembly
Laser cutting/
Vinyl cutting
Food processing
Camera control
Wrap and Pack
Motion Simulators
X-ray Machines
Automotive assembly
Gantry robots
Vp =
Qp x Sp
(p = perceived)
The Value formula illustrates the equal importance
of four factors shaping our customers perception
Automated barriers
of Value (Quality, Service, Cost and Time). We
Flat bed cutters
constantly make improvements in the Quality of
our products. We strive to improve the level of
Service to our customers, making their jobs easier.
By improving Quality and Service, while reducing
Automatic fluid
the ownership Cost of our products, and the Time
to deliver products to our customers, our Value (as
PC Board trimming
perceived by the customer) continues to increase ...
Automatic pouching
year after year.
Foil machines
High speed rotary
Material handling
Web feeders
... and more
Glue laying
Harmonization for Ease of Use
Our MotiFlex® e100 is new range of high performance multi-axis
drives designed with harmonization and ease of use in mind.
MotiFlex integrates state of the art DSP technology specifically
designed for motor control, with a real-time Ethernet Powerlink
platform, modular construction and Baldor's Mint® motion control
technology. With universal AC operation and current ratings from
1.5 to 33 Amps in two package sizes, MotiFlex has software
selectable servo or AC vector modes and suits both rotary and
linear motor control.
Baldor Motion Solutions
Mint® – The Programming
Language for Automation
Baldor's Mint Motion Language is a high speed compiled BASIC programming language
for motion and machine control that combines multitasking capability for motion, I/O,
HMI and communication tasks allowing complex applications to be divided into
simpler, more manageable sub-tasks
With twenty years of history and now in its fifth generation, Mint embraces all the modern
BASIC programming functionality with powerful features such as multitasking, functions and
procedures, data types and local data - making it easy to write and develop modular programs that
are easily understood by others, easily maintained and easily re-used across different applications.
Mint's comprehensive library of motion applications includes interpolated moves, cam profiling, flying shears,
electronic gearing and more
A common programming interface for both NextMove and Baldor’s intelligent servo and inverter drives further increases productivity and
ActiveX® components are supplied free of charge to aid in the development of Microsoft Windows® front end applications
> Application Development Tools
Program Navigator
Program Editor
Monitoring Tools
Context Sensitive Help
Watch Window
Command Line
Mint Code Library
Quick Access Tools
More than just Motion Control
Mint excels in motion control applications, but is
equally at home in I/O handling, HMI interaction,
communications and complex mathematical
functions. Some designers choose a standard
‘open’ PLC language platform that offers a
‘standard’ set of motion features. However, many
industries at the cutting edge of motion control find
PLC technology limited in its capabilities for motion
control. Those looking for an edge will find it in the
advanced motion capabilities of Mint.
Realizing that today’s applications are more
demanding, more precise, more dynamic and
more complex, Mint focuses on providing creative
features, advanced motion capabilities and
features for the user to innovate in the application
Learn more about Mint in section B of the BR1202
brochure set.
Mint® WorkBench
Mint WorkBench is a Windows tool which is common across
Baldor’s range of NextMove motion controllers, servo drives and high
performance inverter and vector drives. Mint WorkBench offers an
easy to use Windows development front end for Mint programming,
with its color highlighting of keywords and context sensitive help. The
Program Navigator makes it a breeze to navigate the source code, no
matter how complicated.
Features include:
Program Navigator for rapid program development
Mint code library for re-use of commonly used Mint code sections
Spy window to monitor common motion variables and I/O
Software oscilloscope eases tuning and diagnostics
Full debug capabilities including breakpoints and single stepping
Watch window for variable and task monitoring
Command line interface to interrogate the controller even when the
program is running
SupportMe function with automatic e-mail generation for rapid
technical support
Web updates of firmware within Mint WorkBench
Easy management of firmware files
More than just motion control
Baldor Motion Solutions
Multi-Axis Motion
Control Solutions
Baldor’s multi-axis motion controllers have been at the heart of automation machines
for almost twenty years. The NextMove motion control family is synonymous with power,
flexibility and versatility. Operating around the world, NextMove has met the demands of
a rapidly developing automation world, providing increased productivity, reliability and
flexibility. The latest version of NextMove now incorporates real-time Ethernet Powerlink
for dozens of axes of control with vastly improved cabling infrastructure.
At the Center of Control
NextMove controllers are available in a range of formats, from panel mount standalone controllers to PC based
controllers, providing a flexible architecture for multi-axis machine control. On board digital and analog I/O can
perform tasks usually associated with PLC devices and for many applications this allows the PLC to be eliminated. The
I/O is easily expanded using the standard CANopen port resident on the NextMove controller. I/O handling, motion
and communication are easily intermixed within the same application program using the versatile Mint programming
Flexible Programming
At the heart of NextMove’s success and flexibility is Baldor’s highly acclaimed motion programming language, Mint.
Mint provides a high level, easy-to- use programming language that incorporates the needs of multi-axis motion, HMI
communications, I/O machine control and more. Mint allows the NextMove motion controllers to operate in a standalone capacity without the need for a PC or PLC. The supplied ActiveX control allow complete freedom to program
motion, I/O sequencing and monitoring from any Windows application. The application can be run in parallel to the
embedded Mint application for increased flexibility.
Learn more about the NextMove product range in section C of the BR1202 brochure set.
> NextMove Motion Controllers
NextMove e100
Stand-alone Ethernet based motion
controller for up to 16 axes coordinated
motion and many more axes of noninterpolated motion.
NextMove ESB-2
NextMove PCI-2
Up to 8 axes stand-alone servo and
stepper motion controller.
Up to 12 axes PCI-bus servo and
stepper motion controller.
20 digital in; 12 digital out; 4 analog in
20 digital in; 12 digital out; 4 analog in
20 digital in; 12 digital out; 4 analog in
NextMove Features
NextMove ES
Mint Option Board
6-axis Euro card stepper and servo
motion controller.
Mint capability for MotiFlex drives, from
1 to 4 axes.
20 digital in; 12 digital out; 2 analog in
4 digital in; 4 digital out; 2 analog in
1 thru 16 axes of fully coordinated motion
Choice of multi-axis PC board, panel mount
or distributed intelligent controls
Move types: linear, circular, helical
interpolation; software cams; flying shears;
electronic gearing; splines; synchronization
with positional offsets and virtual axes
Flexible processor architecture to tackle the
most demanding applications
Choice of open or closed loop motion
Flexible onboard machine control I/O:
digital and analog
High speed registration inputs
Choice of communication interfaces
Peer-to-peer communications
Ethernet Powerlink communications
Baldor Motion Solutions
Servo Drives for
Today's Equipment
Whether your needs call for control of speed or torque, preset point-to-point
moves, or a fully Mint® programmable single axis positioner/drive, Baldor has the
answer with our wide range of servo drives.
Getting Started Quickly
Baldor's drives are designed for ease of use the moment you take them out of the box. Start the accompanying
Windows based Mint WorkBench and the wizard will take you through all of the commissioning steps. Simply select
your rotary or linear catalog model number from the database and answer some simple application questions. Full
auto-tune of current, velocity and position loops will get you up and running quickly, deliver optimum performance, and
test that the motor cables have been correctly wired and the feedback is in the correct orientation.
Dynamic Performance
The MicroFlex and MotiFlex families incorporates sophisticated low pass and notch filters to handle the most dynamic
of applications, by helping to eliminate resonance within the machine. These are configured within the easy-to-use
Mint WorkBench.
Real-Time Ethernet Drives
MicroFlex e100 and MotiFlex e100 lead the way in utilizing the real-time Ethernet protocol, Ethernet Powerlink, where
traditional wiring is replaced by a single Ethernet cable. This simplifies wirings, reduces costs and improves setup time
and diagnostics.
Flexibility and Versatility
Baldor's servo drives offer the best in flexibility and versatility. If your needs call for point-to-point moves then the
Flex+Drive-II will handle this. Preset position or speeds can be programmed from an easy-to-use table configuration
tool. Flex+Drive-II is also programmable in Baldor's programming language Mint. With a large complement of onboard
I/O Flex+Drive-II can deal with more complex applications without having to rely on external logic such as a PLC. Our
award winning MintDrive-II can handle more sophisticated application such as cams, or flying shears, in addition to
multi-tasking Mint capability.
Learn more about Baldor's servo drive product range in section D of the BR1202 brochure set.
> Servo Drives
Economical drive solution
Fully featured servo drive
115 or 230 VAC 1ph to 7.5A
230-460VAC 3ph to 27.5A
Point-to-point moves or Mint
Multitasking Mint programmable
105-230 VAC 1ph to 9A
230 VAC 3ph
115 or 230 VAC 1ph to 7.5A
230-460VAC 3ph to 27.5A
115 or 230 VAC 1ph to 7.5A
230-460VAC 3ph to 27A
Servo Drive Features
Operates rotary and linear brushless servo
motors, and AC Induction Motors
AC and DC drives available
Windows software setup – easy to setup,
adjust and tune
Full auto-tuning – current, velocity and
Sophisticated control features (low pass &
notch filters) for dynamic applications
Single phase drives to 9A
Three phase drives to 54A
Choice of Encoder, Resolver, EnDat,
Hiperface, SSI, BiSS feedback §
Fieldbus options: DeviceNet, Profibus-DP,
CANopen, Ethernet/IP, ProfiNet-RT §
Ethernet Powerlink based drives simplifies
wiring, reduces set-up time and improves
§ - Product dependent
MicroFlex® e100
MotiFlex® e100
Ethernet Powerlink® enabled
High performance multi-axis
Ethernet Powerlink drives
105-230 VAC 1ph to 9A
230 VAC 3ph
230-460VAC 3ph to 33A
Baldor Motion Solutions
High Performance
Servo Motors
Baldor is a major worldwide provider of servo motors for automation solutions. Our
servo motors are designed to a high specification for high performance. They operate
quickly and precisely in order to maximize your machine operating time.
More Uptime - Less Maintenance
Baldor's servo motors represent the toughest, most durable and reliable product from the industry's servo motor leader,
providing the best long term investment. Many models are available from stock and custom motors are available on short
lead time, the shortest in the industry.
AC Servo
Baldor's AC servo motors are available in two families, the BSM C-Series, a cost effective higher inertia motor, and the
BSM N-Series offering the ultimate in servo performance. BSM N-Series is ideally suited to demanding applications
which require a high product throughput. Both product families use Neodymium Iron Boron magnets for maximum
torque, durability and reliability. Both families are available in all stainless steel washdown for pharmaceutical and food
processing applications.
DC Servo
Baldor offers a range of DC servo motors designed to exacting standards for continuous high duty operation. Standard
mountings are designed for worldwide acceptance.
Servo Gearheads
Baldor's new range of servo gearheads provide precision and long, trouble free operation. Their high efficiency design
maximizes power transmission capability. These gearhead mount directly to the BSM servo motor family to provide torque
multiplication, speed reduction and inertia matching.
Learn more about the Baldor servo motor line in sections E and F of the BR1202 brochure set.
> Servo Motors
BSM N-Series AC Servo
BSM C-Series AC Servo
BSM Stainless Steel Servo
MT Series DC Servo Motors
High performance servo motor
Higher inertia servo motor
0.2 to 6.3Nm (1.8 to 56lb-in)
0.4 to 40Nm (3.9 to 354 ln-in)
1.2 to 120Nm (10 to 1062lb-in)
Pharmaceutical; food duty;
0.45 to 32Nm (3.9 to 283lb-in)
Servo Motor Features
Precision Servo
High efficiency,
low backlash
Pre-made cables to
simplify installation
Torque range from 0.3Nm (2.8lb-in) to
120 Nm (1062 lb-in)
Very high acceleration torques - over
360 Nm (3190 lb-in)
Available in high and low inertia models
Wide speed ratings - to 8,000 RPM
Stock and custom designs
Variety of feedback options - resolver,
incremental and absolute encoder,
synchronous serial interface (SSI), BiSS
Optional integral holding brakes, cooling
fans to extend torque capability and servo
IEC and NEMA frame sizes available
Optional stainless steel models available
Baldor Motion Solutions
Linear Products
Baldor is a leading designer and manufacturer of linear motors. We provide advanced
innovations for linear solutions. When your application calls for extreme acceleration
and speeds with position, repeatability and accuracy in microns, the best choice is a
Baldor linear product - for long-term trouble-free operation.
Complete Application Solutions
Baldor can provide a complete application solution to meet your needs. Linear products can be provided as a standalone motor assembly (consisting of magnet and moving forcer) or as a complete stage - built with an extruded
aluminum housing with linear bearings, limit switches, cable track, protective bellows and encoder in a wide variety of
Unique Performance
Linear motors provide unique speed and positioning performance advantages such as direct-coupled backlash-free
motion, zero friction for maximum life and the elimination of mechanical transmission devices.
They offer substantial improvements over applications using ball screws, timing belts, etc. The rugged mechanical
design provides accurate motion and precision positioning for hundreds of millions of cycles. Baldor linear motors and
stages are used in thousands of successful applications worldwide.
Baldor's servo drives provide control of the linear servo motors as standard. Coupled with our NextMove multi-axis
motion controllers and BSM rotary servo motors, this will provide you the best automation solution in the market place
Learn more about the Baldor's linear motor line in section G of the BR1202 brochure set.
> Linear Motors
Cog free linear motor
Brushless Iron Core
Stepper Motor
Stepper Motor
High performance and smooth
operation motors and stages
16 to 2300N (3.6 to 517 Lbs)
High performance motor
Cost effective linear solution
Dual axis stepper
80 to 5179N (18 to 1164 Lbs)
10 to 200N (2.2 to 45Lbs)
15 to 134N (3.3 to 30Lbs)
Linear Motor Features
Linear Induction
High forces and long travel
Pre-built stages in different
62 to 2224N (14 to 500 Lbs)
High repeatability - resolution to less than 50
nanometers (0.000002 inches)
Extremely high accuracies to 50 nanometers
(0.000002 inches)
No backlash - improving positional accuracy
Fast acceleration - to 10 g's (98 m/s2)
Higher speeds - to 8 m/s (300 inches/sec)
Long term reliability - non contact design
No wear or maintenance - friction free
Brushed and Brushless linear servo designs
plus linear stepper and AC linear induction
designs for maximum application choice
Cog-free designs for smoother performance
Available as components or built-in to single
or multi-axis positioning tables - gantry styles
Baldor Motion Solutions
Baldor V*S Drives
Industrial Series
As well as designing and manufacturing some of the most exciting motion control
products available on the market today, Baldor is also leading the field in industrial
motor and drive technologies. The Baldor V*S Drive range has been designed to
define quality, reliability and performance by utilising easy-to-use interfaces, intuitive
programming and the capability to meet any application need.
Strength and Depth
Baldor V*S Drives are grouped into 3 categories to provide the functionality and performance across the widest range of
High Performance Drives
Pump and Fan Drives
High Performance
No other drives on the market can offer you the user-friendly approach or consistent performance of the Baldor V*S Drives
high performance AC drives-no matter what voltage, power rating, or performance level your application demands. With their
powerful processor and advanced design features, these drives assure you control to the highest power.
Fan and Pump
The VS1PF Pump and Fan drive is a feature rich AC drive targeted at the pump and fan market but with functionality that
rivals more sophisticated general purpose products. The VS1PF provides ability to gain traditional energy savings achieved
by controlling centrifugal loads with a variable frequency drive while implementing unique algorithms that further reduce
energy consumed by your application.
Competitive in price, and compact, the Baldor microdrives features user-friendly interfaces and design elements that assure
consistent motor control throughout a wide range of voltages, horsepower's, and enclosure types. Ranging from .37 to 10kW
(1/2 to 15 Hp) stock ratings, these performance-proven microdrives are well suited for a wide range of applications.
> V*S Industrial Drives
Starter-style Microdrive:
Microdrive; NEMA 4X
(IP66) and NEMA 12 (IP55)
Microdrive: IP20, NEMA 1
with kit
Pump and Fan Drive: NEMA
1 to 11kw (15Hp), NEMA 1
kit to 93kW (125Hp), IP00
Industrial Drives Features
High Performance, Pump and Fan, and
Microdrives ranges for best application match
Inverter and Vector with closed-loop,
encoderless or V/Hz
Standard and Washdown enclosures NEMA-1
or NEMA 4X (IP66)
Choice of keypad or Mint WorkBench
set-up §
Some models offer optional Mint Motion Card
for positioning. Active-X and ModBus libraries
Voltage range from 115-660 volts single and
Power ratings to 700Hp (520 kW)
§ - Product dependent
Enhanced Sensorless
Vector or V/Hz Control;
NEMA 1 enclosure. NEMA
4X available
Performance Vector,
Sensorless Vector or V/Hz
Control; NEMA 1 Enclosure
Performance Servo Control;
NEMA 1 and NEMA 4X
Baldor Motion Solutions
A Complete
Motion Control Solution
The driving force in today’s equipment/machines resides within motion control.
> Product Range Overview
motion control
AC Servo
Vector &
Inverter Drives
NextMove e100
Up to 16-axis stand-alone
Ethernet based motion
controller. Over 200 noninterpolated axes
Economical solution
Mint Workbench
development suite
NEMA 4X and
Fully featured servo drive
NextMove ESB-2
Up to 8-axis stand-alone
servo and stepper motion
MicroFlex® e100
Ethernet Powerlink
Pump and Fan
Point-to-point moves or
Mint programmable
CAD to Motion
NextMove PCI-2
Up to 12 axis PCI-bus
servo and stepper
motion controller
MotiFlex® e100
High performance multiaxis drives
Multitasking Mint
Plotter language
NextMove ES
6-axis Euro card stepper
and servo motion
Performance servo
vector or V/Hz
vector or V/Hz
Unrivalled Expertise
Baldor provides unmatched advanced expertise for equipment and machines worldwide. We also
provide solutions and products that are proven to provide more up time, while enhancing your
equipment with productivity, flexibility and rapid machine cycle times and increasing manufacturing
Our products – from motors to drives to motion controllers – provide today’s machines with stateof-the-art solutions and technology. Our products are very easily and quickly installed, adjusted,
integrated and maintained.
AC Servo
Single Bearing Stage
Moving Coil
HMI Panels
Cog Free Brushless
Low Inertia
Iron Core Brushless
Linear Stepper
Stainless Steel
Standard and Low Inertia
Gear Heads
I/O Devices
GBSM Servo
CANopen Slice I/O
Cables and
Cross Roller
Dual Axis Stepper
Cog-Free Gantry
DC Servo
Text & Touch
Enclosed Stage
Standard Inertia
DC Servo
AC Induction
DSM Stepper Motors
Baldor's Motion Solutions Catalogs
BR1202-A Motion Control Solutions
BR1202-B Mint® Software and Applications
BR1202-C NextMove Multi-Axis Motion Controllers
BR1202-D AC Servo Drives
BR1202-E AC Servo Motors
BR1202-F DC Servo Motors and Drives
BR1202-G Linear Motors and Stages
BR1202-H Motion Product Accessories
Real-Time Ethernet Motion Solutions
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