Print from Adobe Photoshop to the Epson Stylus Pro 3800:

Print from Adobe Photoshop to the Epson Stylus Pro 3800:
Print from Adobe Photoshop to the Epson Stylus Pro 3800:
Bring your own Epson paper up to 17 inches wide.
Before you begin any work in
Photoshop, you must set up your color
management policies.
Your most effective color management
settings for printing in our lab are shown
at the right:
Located at Edit/Color Settings
Settings: North America Prepress 2
Click OK
Next step choose File/Print
Click Print Settings...
In the print dialog for
Photoshop, choose the printer
Epson Stylus Pro 3800
Choose the position, size,
scale, etc. The preview
window shows the printable
area in white.
Choose the color handling:
either: Printer Manages
Photoshop Manages Color,
and choose the correct
Printer Profile for your
printer, ink, and paper
Choose the correct Paper Size
for your job from the pull down
Click the Layout pull-down to
reveal specific printer settings
for your job.
Color Matching:
EPSON Color ControlsPrinter Color Management
ColorSync-Photoshop color
Print Settings:
Select the appropriate Paper Setup,
Media Type, Print Mode, Output
Resolution, etc.
Media Type: Choose the type of paper
you are using and appropriate black ink
Print Quality: 720 dpi, 1440 dpi
(print type and paper determines best
*Higher resolution=Slower printing
*High Speed can produce banding in
some cases
*Finest Detail slightly sharpens JPG
compressed images
2880 dpi only increases the print time not
Gamma of 2.2 is considered standard
Click Save, then Print
Print from Adobe Acrobat to the Epson Stylus Pro 3800:
Bring your own Epson paper up to 17 inches wide.
Go to File/Print:
Printer: Epson Stylus Pro 3800
Make sure the preview
accurately represents what
you intend to print.
Set Page Sizing appropriately.
In this example, the document
size and paper size are equal.
1-Click Page Setup:
Choose the printer, paper size,
and orientation.
2-Click Advanced:
Choose the size sheet you are
*There is a 1/8” margin on all
four sides of sheet paper on
the Stylus Pro 3800. You can’t
print borderless.
Advanced Print Setup:
Start at the Output field on the left.
Make changes appropriate for your job.
Most importantly, make sure you are using
Printer Color Management.
(See all settings below)
When you are satisfied, click OK.
After clicking OK, you are back here:
3-Click Printer:
Click the pull-down menu which
currently says, Layout.
Choose Color Matching from the pull-down
Printer Settings:
These are the specific settings for
your job on this printer.
Page Setup: Sheet Feeder
Media Type: Choose the best setting
for your paper
Ink: Photo Black or Matte Black
depending on paper type
Print Mode: Color
Color Mode: Epson Standard (sRGB)
Output Resolution: 720dpi or
1440dpi (2880dpi adds nothing to the
print quality only increases printing
High Speed: Can cause banding in
some cases.
Flip Horizontal: Prints a mirror image
Finest Detail: Adds sharpening to
poor JPG photos, doesn’t do anything
to improve printout.
If you are using printer color
management, the Advanced Color
Settings can be use to manipulate
fine adjustments in color cast, etc.
without further editing the image.
Great for last minute fine tuning.
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