the best of both worlds

the best of both worlds
SM2032MW - monitors
the best of both worlds
The SAMSUNG Pebble SM2032MW is a truly stunning widescreen TV Monitor with sleek
piano black curves and a crystal clear display. It is the perfect solution to all your digital
entertainment needs, with convenient connections for DVD players and game consoles. Plus,
with an embedded TV tuner and a superb sound system, you can watch TV with or without a
PC in any area of your home or work environment.
HDCP(high-bandwidth digital content protection)
DVI delivers video images with very high resolution and
essentially perfect quality. You can enjoy digital content with
the DVI interface (HDCP supported).
High Definition Multi-Media Interface (HDMI) transmits video
and audio signals in one cable. Enjoy perfect image and
sound with the Digital interface.
Magic Contrast 1000:1
Magic Speed (5ms)
With 1000:1, SyncMaster gives the user crisp images.
The monitor supports fast response time to reduce blurring in
various connectivity
With HDMI, Composite, S-video, and Component inputs, the
monitor can be connected to a variety of AV devices such as
games console, DVD player, VCR, Audio Camcorder as well
as computers.
Screen Size
20" Widescreen
1680 x 1050
Contrast Ratio
Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical)
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