MX5100VR/02 Philips DVD/VCR Home Theater System

MX5100VR/02 Philips DVD/VCR Home Theater System
DVD/VCR Home Theater
Total Immersion in Movies
Bothered by the various boxes under your TV? With Philips DVD/VCR home theater
system solutions, you can now record & play movies & music entertainment from
practically any disc format at the very comfort of your home.
Ultimate convenience
• ShowView for quick and easy programming
• Front AV input ensures easy connection to external devices
• One Touch Recording
Superb audio and video performance
• Cinema Center Speaker™ for realism cinematic experience
• DTS Digital Surround for multi-channel surround sound
• Dolby Digital for movies or concerts in full surround sound
• Dolby Pro Logic for surround sound from stereo sources
• Advanced Class D Amplifier™for compact, powerful sound
Plays practically any disc format
• Movies: DVD, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, (S)VCD, VHS Tapes
• Music: CD, CD-R/RW and MP3-CD
• Photos: Picture CD (JPEG)
DVD/VCR Home Theater System
Product highlights
Storage Media
• Aspect ratio: 4:3, 16:9
• Recording media: VHS
D/A converter: 24 bit, 96 kHz
Distortion and Noise (1kHz): 90 dB
Equalizer settings: Digital, Jazz, Optimal, Rock
Frequency response: 30-20000 Hz
Signal to noise ratio: >120 dB (A-weighted)
Sound Enhancement: Digital Sound Control 4
• Sound System: Dolby Digital (AC-3), DTS, Matrix
• Total Sound Power (RMS): 450 W
• Satellite Speaker: 2 way, Magnetically shielded
• Satellite speaker freq range: 120-20000 Hz
• Satellite speaker impedance: 4 ohm
• Satellite speaker drivers: 1 piezo, 3" full range
• Center Speaker: 2 way, Cinema Center speaker,
Magnetically shielded
• Center freq range: 120-20000 Hz
• Center speaker impedance: 4 ohm
• Center speaker drivers: 1.75" tweeter, 4x 2" mid
range woofers
• Subwoofer freq range: 30-120 Hz
• Subwoofer impedance: 4 ohm
• Subwoofer driver: 6.5" high efficiency woofer
Video Playback
• Compression formats: MPEG1, MPEG2
• Playback Media: DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD-RW
(Video mode), DVD-R, DVD-Video, SVCD, Video
• Disc Playback Modes: A-B Repeat, Repeat
• Head Cleaner: Auto
• Loader Type: Tray
• Number of Discs: 1
• Video disc playback system: NTSC, PAL
• Video tape playback system: PAL
• Videotape Enhancements: Turbo Drive Deck
Video Recording
• Max recording time on DVD: 0 hr
• Recording enhancements: Direct Record, Erase,
One Touch Record (OTR)
• Recording system: PAL, SECAM
Audio Playback
• Compression format: Dolby Digital, DTS, MP3,
• Playback Media: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3-CD
• Disc Playback Modes: Fast Forward/Backward,
Next/Previous Album Search, Next/Previous
Track Search, Repeat one/album/all, Shuffle Play
• MP3 bit rates: 112-320 kbps
Aerial Input: 75 ohm coaxial (IEC75)
Auto digital tuning
Auto store
Number of Preset Channels: 40
Tuner Bands: FM Stereo, MW
TV system: PAL, SECAM
• Front / Side connections: Audio L/R in, CVBS in
• Other connections: Digital coaxial out, FM
Antenna, MW Antenna, SCART1 (CVBS, S-video/
RGB out), SCART2 (CVBS, S-video/RGB in), TV in
(antenna cable)
Child Protection: Parental Control
Display Type: FTD, On Screen (OSD)
Pre-set Channels: 99
Programmable Events: 6
Programming Period: 1 month
Programming/Timer Enhancements: Daily/Weekly
Repeat Program, Manual Timer, One Touch
Recording, ShowView, VPS/PDC recording
• Remote Control: Multi-functional
• Included Accessories: 1x center speaker, 1x
subwoofer, 2x front satellite speakers, 2x rear
satellite speakers, AC Power Cord, Coax RF
antenna cable, FM/MW Antenna, Quick Use
Guide, Remote Control, Scart Cable, User
Manual, Warranty certificate
• Included batteries: 2x Longlife AA
• Center speaker dimensions (W x H x D):
435 x 72 x 63.5 mm
• Center Speaker Weight: 1.3 kg
• Packaging dimensions (W x H x D):
580 x 469 x 540 mm
• Set dimensions (W x H x D): 435 x 99 x 362 mm
• Set weight: 7.4 kg
• Subwoofer dimensions (W x H x D):
196 x 391 x 432 mm
• Subwoofer Weight: 5.72 kg
• Surround Speaker dimensions (W x H x D):
94 x 155 x 89 mm
• Surround speaker Weight: 0.65 kg
• Weight incl. Packaging: 18.22 kg
• Power supply: 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz
• Standby power consumption: < 5 W
With the ShowView system, all you need to do to
program your video recorder is to enter the ShowView
number – a single code of up to nine digits (but usually
less) that is printed next to each TV program in most TV
Front AV Input
Front AV Input makes it much more convenient to
connect external devices like audio equipment, games
and video cameras. It's the easy way to enjoy an extra
audio sensation or a totally immersive gaming
One Touch Recording
Simply pressing the REC/OTR key will start a recording. If
‘Direct Record’* is activated, the (DVD) Video Recorder
will automatically look up the channel to which the TV set
is tuned and record from the same channel.* available in
Europe only.
Cinema Center Speaker™
Recreate and experience realism cinematic experience
right in your environment with Cinema Center
Speaker™. With a wider sweet spot delivered by four
multi-directional woofers and a high frequency tweeter
positioned precisely at different angles, more sound
depths are distinguished from front and background and
action from dialogue. Natural and crystal clear sound
reproduction are created through the revolutionary new
2" full range woofers to give an incredible 'through the
screen' experience which creates the sensation of being
not just in the cinema but in the movie itself.
DTS Digital Surround
DTS delivers superior surround sound with your DVD
Dolby Digital Surround
Because Dolby Digital and DTS, the world's leading digital
multi-channel audio standards, make use of the way the
human ear naturally processes sound, you experience
superb quality surround sound audio with realistic spatial
Dolby Pro Logic
Because Dolby Pro Logic, from the world renowned Dolby
Laboratories, makes use of the way the human ear
naturally processes sound. You experience superb quality
5.1 channel surround sound audio from stereo
6x Class D Digital Amplifier
When it comes to perfect audio there is no room for
distortion. Digital amplifiers generate far less heat than
standard analog amplifiers, allowing for smaller set
enclosures. Philips Class D Amplifiers™ provide
dramatically enhanced sound quality over digital
amplifiers used by competitors as they are designed to
control and reduce EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference).
In addition, the Class D Amplifiers™ use a closed loop
design which suppresses distortion and loss of audio
quality. The overall result is enhanced audio performance
from a much smaller package.
Multi-format Movies and VHS
Multi-format playability allows you to play most disc
formats and VHS tapes for maximum compatibility and
viewing pleasure.
Issue date 2009-02-12
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Multi-format Music
Multi-format playability allows you to play most disc
formats for maximum disc compatibility and listening
Picture CD (JPEG)
Multi-format playability allows you to view images in the
comfort of your living room and play most disc formats
for maximum disc compatibility and viewing pleasure.
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