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Little Giant
Compact Commercial Cleaning Systems
Commanding Performance
In a Space-Efficient Design
Welcome to Miele Professional
The motto, Immer Besser, perfectly sums
up the Miele philosophy. Roughly translated as Forever Better, it represents
Miele’s dedication to excellence through
outstanding design, a direction we have
held since our inception in 1899.
Compact Design
When floor space is a concern, but
performance cannot be sacrificed, the
Little Giant is your perfect solution. Built for
demanding day in, day out use, the Little
Giant cleans with the ability and finesse
you expect from Miele Professional.
Miele Professional evolved from this
dedication to excellence, providing true
commercial cleaning systems with outstanding speed, capacity, and first-rate
The Little Giant’s height makes it ideal for
undercounter locations, providing you
design and installation flexibility without
sacrificing the benefits of a true commercial cleaning solution.
Miele Professional now introduces the
Little Giant: a high-performance, small
footprint commercial cleaning system.
Combining a stainless steel exterior with
durable, rugged components, it is equally
suited for a master suite or day spa, a
yacht washroom, or bed & breakfast.
The Little Giant delivers unparalleled
commercial cleaning performance in a
compact package.
For added convenience, the washer and
dryer can be easily stacked for placement
in master or guest suites, pantries, or storage rooms. Other added benefits for easy
installation include a drain pump, eliminating the need for a floor drain, and very low
machine noise and vibration, even during
the washer’s impressive 526 G-force,
1400 rpm extraction spin.
Left photo: Featured are the PW 6065 washing
machine, PT 7136 dryer, and HM 21-100 rotary
Bottom photo: Featured are the PW 6065
washing machine and PT 7136 dryer.
Profitronic Plus Controller
User-Friendly Controls
The Little Giant is much more than
a compact washer and dryer. The most
space-efficient offering in the Miele
Professional commercial laundry line,
this cleaning system shares several
unique traits enjoyed by the larger
washers and dryers. Featuring a
Profitronic Plus controller, the Little Giant
offers 13 pre-installed wash programs for
common commercial applications. These
programs are easily selected through the
dial and button controls, following clear
directions shown on the digital LCD
screen in one of 21 selectable languages.
For added convenience, the controller
features four Function Keys, which you
can set to your most commonly used
All Profitronic Plus programs are freely
programmable, allowing the modification
of wash temperatures, spin speeds,
and starting times to pamper your
exact laundry requirements. For even
greater personalization, Miele offers
unique Application Packages, featuring
highly specific and extensively developed
cleaning programs.
Left photo: Featured is the PW 6065 washing
machine with Profitronic Plus controller.
Bottom photo: Featured is the PW 6065
washing machine.
Professional Cleaning
Delivering Reliable Results
Superior Cleaning
The Little Giant’s HoneycombTM drum
provides superior garment care while
enhancing overall cleaning. The Little
Giant drum benefits from integrated lighting, ensuring the operator will not overlook an item after a wash.
The washer’s powerful asynchronous
motor with a frequency-controlled drive
system enables gentle starts
and excellent machine life.
An astounding 1400 rpm and
a G-force of 526 during extraction
means that drying times are
reduced, and garment life extended.
The Little Giant dryers offer various programs including Hot Air or Cool Air Timed
Drying. A Residual Moisture Program
utilizes highly accurate sensors to dry
items to the percent moisture value you
Commercial Reliability
The main bearing for the Little Giant is
built to last an amazing 25,000 operating
hours. The washer’s two-stage imbalance
sensor guarantees optimum laundry
distribution during spinning for maximum
extraction performance – no longer will a
user have to manually stop the machine
and re-balance a load. This ingenuity is a
contributing factor to the legendary
longevity of Miele Professional systems.
The dryer’s large lint filter, easily accessible in the front of the dryer, requires very
little maintenance. In fact, depending on
the type of fabric being dried, this filter is
capable of collecting lint from up to 16
drying cycles – making the Little Giant an
ideal choice for businesses.
The Miele Professional Little Giant is
the ultimate in compact commercial garment care. In a convenient size for
lower volumes of commercial laundry,
the Little Giant will provide you years of
reliable operation, rugged design, and
professional performance.
Left photo: Featured is the PW 6065
washing machine.
Why a Little Giant?
Enduring Quality
If you’re looking for the ultimate in
commercial quality and fabric care, a
Miele Little Giant is for you. Every Miele is
manufactured to exacting standards and
is designed for many years of efficient,
reliable operation. Beneath the Little
Giant’s contemporary, stainless steel
exterior, lies superior motors and components built to run 24 hours a day, seven
days a week. With a Miele, your business
never has to take a break.
Miele’s Little Giant is also compact
and stackable, allowing you to take
advantage of its startling power while
using just a fraction of the space. And
because Little Giant machines can be
hooked up to single phase electricity,
wiring and installation is a breeze.
Once your Little Giant is ready to go,
you'll be able to choose the best cleaning
program for your individual needs, thanks
to an LCD display featuring 21 languages
and direct access keys. Specialty
program packages customize your
machine for maximum efficiency, giving
you complete control over your delicate
Residential Laundry Room
Hair Salon
Car Wash
Bed & Breakfast
Butcher’s Shop
Doctor's Office/Medical Center
Limitless Applications
Whether you own a home or a business,
Miele’s Little Giant can help you obtain
better cleaning results. From the main
laundry room of a home to the back
room of a day spa, the Little Giant’s 546
G-force and 15 lb. capacity make it the
perfect choice for your cleaning needs.
In fact, the Little Giant is a space, time,
and money-saver in just about any
environment, including:
Bottom photo: Featured are the PW 6065
washing machine and PT 7136 dryer with
stainless steel HoneycombTM drum.
Where Can You Use a Little Giant?
Machine Specifications
PW 6065 Washer
PT 7136 Dryer
Load Capacity
15 lbs / 6.5 kg
15 lbs / 6.5 kg
Machine Exterior - Front
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Machine Exterior - Lid and Sides
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
33.5” H
33.5” H
23.5” W
23.5” W
27.6” D
27.6” D
17 gallon / 59 liter
34 gallon / 130 liter
18.9” Ø
23” Ø
11.8” deep
22” deep
11.8” Ø
Stainless Steel
1400 RPM
Stainless Steel
Profitronic Plus
Profitronic Plus
256.5 lbs / 116.3 kg
130 lbs / 58 kg
Electrical Connection (Standard)
2 AC 208 V 60 Hz
3 AC 208 V 60 Hz
Electrical Connection (Optional)
2 AC 208 V 60 Hz
2 AC - 2 x 20
3 AC - 3 x 30
2 AC - 2 x 30
4.0 kW
6.4 kW
Min - 30 psi
Max - 145 psi
2022 N
Cold Water Line
Warm Water Line
3/4” vented
Vent Diameter
Evaporation Rate
3.4 fl oz / minute
Machine Dimensions
Drum Volume
Drum Dimensions
PW 6065 Washer
• 33.5”H x 23.5”W x 27.6”D
• 256.5 lbs / 116.3 kg
• 2 AC 208 V 60 Hz
• 2 x 20 A
• Little Giant system
Door Opening
Drum Type
Spin Speed
Control Type
Net Weight
Fuse Rating
Total Rated Load
Required Water Flow Pressure
Maximum Floor Load
Water Connection
Drain Line
PT 7136 Dryer
• 33.5”H x 23.5”W x 27.6”D
• 130 lbs / 58 kg
• 3 AC 208 V 60 Hz
1 phase optional
• 3 x 30 A
1 phase, 2 x 30 A
• Little Giant system
Featured is the PW 6065 washing
machine and PT 7163 dryer.
Miele Professional
9 Independence Way
Princeton, NJ 08540
✆ 800.991.9380
Featured are the PW 6065 washing machine
and PT 7136 dryer.
©2008 Miele, Inc.
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