V 810 Duet

V 810 Duet
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Two-in-one functionality for both
merchant and customer
Unrivaled connectivity from Ethernet
and USB ports and Secure Digital IO for
contactless module
Proven reliability from award-winning
VX Solutions platform
PCI PED approved for secure PIN-based
debit transactions
Dual-facing functionality in one
sleek countertop solution
Designed for high-volume
points of sale
The VX 810 DUET is perfect for
fast transactions, such as smart
card, mag stripe, contactless and
PIN-based debit—making it ideal
for high-volume POS. Another great
feature: the Secure Digital IO (SDIO)
expansion port allows modular
contactless capabilities and
future-proof upgrades.
The extraordinary usability of
the VX 810 DUET comes from
its dedication to maximum user
interface (MAXui) in a small
footprint. The interface is intuitive,
with a large white backlit display,
and the large keypad offers familiar,
ATM-style keys. A printer is located
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in the base unit, providing
easy handover of a lightweight,
comfortable PIN pad unit
to customers.
VeriFone’s V X 810 DUET offers
a complete countertop payment
solution with a sleek payment
interface for easy use. With the
VX 810 DUET, both merchants
and customers benefit from the
device’s true dual-user functionality,
speeding payments and improving
customer service right at the point
of sale. The exceptional design
of the unit is based in its dual
nature—an easy to hand over
PIN pad that sits on a base unit
containing a thermal printer and
high-speed modem. And the
device is flexible, offering a range
of connectivity choices for any
environment, including Ethernet,
USB and serial ports.
The VX 810 DUET’s proven Verixbased operating system allows
merchants to get up and running
quickly, utilizing tools and
knowledge for application
development while minimizing
software certifications. Flexible,
secure encryption via VeriShield
file authentication reduces fraud
and misuse.
Dual-user functionality, sleek
interface, modular expansion,
reliable performance. VeriFone’s
VX 810 DUET. All in one. Two in one.
V 810 Duet
Sleek, ergonomic design for easy
handover and user-friendly interface
for quick use
Dual Attraction. Dual Function.
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200MHz ARM9 32-bit microprocessor
6 Mbytes (4 MB of Flash, 2 MB of SRAM)
Optional 12 Mbytes (8 MB of Flash,
4 MB of SRAM)
Optional 20 Mbytes (16 MB of Flash,
4 MB of SRAM)
128 x 128 pixel graphical LCD with highcontrast, white backlighting; supports
16 lines x 21 characters with standard
font set
Magnetic Card Reader
VX 810 Duet
Dual Attraction. Dual Function.
Triple track (tracks 1, 2, 3), high
coercivity, bi-directional
Primary Smart Card (Optional)
Unique two-in-one design allows easy handover of the ultra
sleek customer-facing PIN pad.
ISO 7816, 1.8V, 3V, 5V or synchronous
and asynchronous cards; EMV Level 1
and Level 2 approved
SAM Card Reader (Optional)
3 Security Access Modules
3 x 4 numeric keypad, plus
8 soft-function keys and 4
screen-addressable keys
Peripheral Ports (in base)
Easily accept contactless
payments by adding the
optional contactless module.
Accepts multiple contactless
forms, from key fobs to cards
to NFC-enabled phones.
One USB 1.1 port supports flash memory
One RS-232 port supports peripherals
including PIN pads and check readers
One telco port and one Ethernet port
support communications
SDIO interface (in PIN pad unit)
supports optional module or secure
digital memory card
Integrated thermal printer with graphics
capabilities, 18 lines per second,
24, 32 or 42 columns, standard paper roll
58 mm (2.25 in.) x 25M, single ply
Standard 14.4k bps modem supporting
Bell 103/212A, CCITT
(300/1200/2400/9600/14400 bps) and
HC Fast Connect for 1200 bps
Application selects between
asynchronous protocols (Visa 1,
Visa 2, and others)
and synchronous protocols
(including ISO 8583/SDLC)
SSL v3.0, 3DES encryption, Master/
Session and DUKPT key management;
PCI PED approved; VeriShield file
Length: 178 mm (7.01 in.).
Width: 98 mm (3.86 in.).
Height: 109 mm (4.3 in.);
Weight: terminal, 735 g (1.62 lbs.);
full shipping, 1800 g (3.96 lbs.)
0 to 40 C (32 to 104 F) operating
temperature; 5% to 90% relative
humidity, non-condensing
AC input 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz;
DC Output 8.6 – 9.4 VDC, 4.0 Amp
Features & Benefits
Two-in-one device
• Perfect for all types of payment in
high-traffic retail environments
• Ergonomic design with compact
footprint that saves counter space
Outstanding functionality with
modular expansion
• Supports payment, EMV smart
card transactions and value-added
applications for additional revenue
• Single device to purchase, inventory
and support
• SDIO expansion port allows easy
field upgrades to accept contactless
Exceptional Function in a
Familiar Interface
• Contactless module accepts both EMV
and mag-stripe contactless payments
for ultimate global flexibility
• Easy-to-use interface with a large,
high-res, 128 x 128 backlit display
• Large, ergonomic keypad speeds
checkout by minimizing key entry
• Sleek design includes large backlit
display in small footprint, perfect
for busy countertop use
• Intuitive ATM-style interface
increases customer speed and
ease of use
• On-screen prompts and function
keys reduce merchant training time
• Solid-construction base unit
offers reduced footprint and
reliable connectivity
• Provides connectivity for USB,
serial and Ethernet, easily fitting
into multiple merchant schemes
• Proven Verix-based operating system
delivers unmatched compatibility and
industry-leading performance
• Triple-track, high-coercivity
magnetic-stripe card reader offers
exceptionally accurate read rate,
speeding customer transactions
Unmatched Security and Reliability
• PCI PED approved for secure debit
and other PIN-based transactions
• Certifications include Interac,
PCI PED, and EMV Level 1 and 2
• VeriFone’s “end-to-end” SSL
transaction security results in
secure key exchange between
browser and server
• VeriShield file authentication helps
stop fraud and misuse
• Application separation at hardware
and software levels minimizes need
to recertify existing applications
when modified
• Supports multiple smart card
solutions and added data protection for
secure EMV smart card transactions
• Extended smart card life for high
volume EMV transaction markets
• Increased memory support for robust,
revenue-generating applications
• 200 MHz, 32-bit, ARM 9, the fastest
processor available, allows quick
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