Treadmills - Furman University

Treadmills - Furman University
The treadmill can be used for walking or Th
t d ill
To begin, straddle the treadmill belt and g
stand on the side bars. Start the treadmill at a slow speed (~1 mile per hour). Once the treadmill belt has started to move, carefully step onto the belt and begin walking Adjust
step onto the belt and begin walking. Adjust the speed and incline as desired. Find a level where you can talk but not comfortably sing.
Exercise on the front portion of the treadmill. For added safety, fasten the safety clip onto your waistband. If you start to move too far back the safety strap will disengage and the
back, the safety strap will disengage and the treadmill belt will stop moving. If you need to stop the treadmill belt quickly, press the emergency stop button on the console (usually a red button).
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