DSR-PD150P Premium
February 2001
DSR-PD150P Premium
DVCAM Camcorder with PrimeSupport
Following on from the successful launch of the 2-year PrimeSupport
contract for the DSR-PD150P and the subsequent high uptake of
contracts, it has been decided to introduce a new product, offering
PrimeSupport as standard.
This will ensure that customers not only receive all the benefits of this market leading 3 x 1/3-inch CCD DVCAM
professional camcorder, but also have the reassurance of this excellent support package from Sony Broadcast and
The DSR-PD150P has been successful in many different market segments including multimedia, webstreaming and
low-end production. Its size and cost coupled with its professional features makes the product a very attractive offering
in these applications.
Timecode preset
The ability to set the timecode in either record run or free run allows the user
to specifically identify the tape during the editing process
2-ch XLR audio input
Physical 2-channel XLR input, enabling audio inputs to be plugged directly
into the camera
DVCAM / DV recording
Can be switched from DVCAM to DV recording when longer record times are
Optical Steady Shot
Optical rather than a digital steady shot maintains the picture quality in
steady-shot mode
Audio level adjustment
Audio levels for ch 1 and ch 2 can be set independently using manual
adjustment or one channel can be left in automatic mode while the other is
set manually, thus enabling greater control of the audio levels
Hi-res B&W viewfinder
500 line B&W viewfinder enables easier focus than colour LCD viewfinder
LCD colour monitor
200k pixel LCD monitor enables viewing and camera set-ups
Digital Memory Stick™
Can be directly inserted into the camera providing a wide range of additional
features including photo, memory mix, memory chromakey, memory
luminescancekey, camera chromakey, memory overlap
Manual functions
In addition to the automatic functions, many features can be adjusted
manually to help you get the best out of the camera; focus, zoom, iris,
shutter speed, gain, AE (auto exposure shift), white balance, custom preset,
bracket, colour level, sharpness, white balance shift, ND filters (1/4 and
1/32), audio recording level, spotlight and backlight buttons, zebra pattern
(100% or 70%), guide frame
2-year PrimeSupport contract
Repair of faulty camera for 2 years (excluding wear and tear, accidental
damage and claims where the unit is actually performing normally. Dispatch
to the dealer of a loan unit on day fault reported. Priority repair by Sony at
specialist Sony Repair Centre. All carriage of faulty and loan unit between
Sony and the dealer paid for
Continued overleaf
New Product
Additional features
12x zoom lens
530 TV lines resolution
● Minimum illumination 2 Lx
Supplied Accessories
● NP-F330
● RMT-811
● MSA-4A
● Picture Gear 4.1 lite
● Stereo AV cable
● Lens hood
● Hood cap
● Carrying belt
Mono Microphone
AC adaptor
InfoLITHIUM rechargeable battery pack
Remote commander
IC Recording Media Memory Stick™
Memory Stick reader/writer (USB terminal adaptor and driver software included)
Optional Accessories
● VCL-HG0758
● LCH-VX2000
● VMC-IL4408/4415/4435
● VMC-IL415/4635
● VCL-HG178
● VF-58PK
● AC-VQ800
● MSA-4A/8A/16A/32A/64A
InfoLITHIUM rechargeable battery pack
Tripod with remote control
Wide conversion lens 0.7x
Hard carry case
4-pin to 4-pin i.Link cable
4-pin to 6-pin i.Link cable
4-pin to 6-pin with lock i.Link cable
Tele conversion lens 1.7x
Filter kit, PL and multi-coat filter
Battery Charger
IC recording media Memory Stick™
SRP excludes VAT
Personal View
Mark Harrison,
Team Leader
“It’s a great idea. It will further enhance a great and market-leading product.”
People to Contact
Marketing Manager
Declan Bermingham
01932 816257
Technical Support
Tony Bidgood
01932 816287
Sales Support
01932 816340
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