infotec IS 2022/IS 2027 - 4mat Digital Solutions

infotec IS 2022/IS 2027 - 4mat Digital Solutions
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Flexible and Economical:
copying, printing, faxing & scanning
infotec IS 2022/IS 2027
Maximum flexibility
The infotec IS2022 and IS2027 systems represent a new
generation of powerful multi-functional devices designed
to handle information transfer in the office.
The basic models are productive and reliable digital B/W
copiers, operating at speeds of 22 and 27 ppm respectively,
with high quality 600 dpi resolution. Owing to the flexible,
modular design, they can easily be upgraded in a variety of
ways to provide: printing, full network connectivity, network
scanning, faxing, PC-faxing, document storage and archiving,
file merging, duplex printing and professional finishing.
In addition to the tried and tested functions of; copying,
printing and faxing, the office environment can now benefit
from the innovative new facilities to revolutionise the
document workflow, such as:
Large Touch Screen Display
Unique in their class, the infotec IS2022
and IS2027 systems feature a large and
clearly designed user panel.
Using the systems' optional network scanner, the everincreasing piles of paper in the office can be converted to
digital format, saving time, space and improving the flow of
information by making documents available to whoever
needs access to them.
At the touch of a button, you can
conveniently choose between the
various functions, such as
1) Copying
2) Document server
3) Faxing
4) Printing
5) Scanning
Storing documents and/or files
Large volumes of data can be stored in the optional
document server for use as and when required.
The most important settings for your
selected function can be selected directly
via the user-friendly touchscreen display.
Document management
direct from the Desk
The software utilities supplied with the
printer and scanner upgrades allow users
to access, manipulate and manage the
files stored on the IS2022/27 Document
Server directly from the PC
Output and distribution
In conjunction with the PC, the documents
stored in the Document Server can be:
reproduced, re-printed, searched for, modified,
deleted, faxed, transmitted and sent
electronically to connected PCs through
the network, as often as required.
Mixing file formats
Files from different applications, as well as hard
documents scanned in, can be combined into a
single print job on the document server, or PC,
without opening the associated application.
Overview of highlights
22/27 page per minute copy and print speed
(A4) in simplex and duplex (IS2022/IS2027)
Time-saving Quick Start-Up Technology:
warm-up time only 15 seconds
First copy/print in only 4.9 seconds
“Scan once – print many” technology
Genuine high quality 600 dpi resolution
and 256 grey scales
Special digital functions such as: text, text/photo
or photo mode, automatic paper format selection,
automatic image rotation, sorting etc
Clear, large touch screen display for ease of use
Flexible paper supplies: 1,000 sheets as standard,
3,100 maximum
Copies and prints onto paper sizes from A6-A3,
and paper weights of 52-157 gsm
Optional 6 GB document server for convenient
storage of all types of documents
Printer upgrade providing a fast, printer up to A3,
which can be fully networked to provide access
to all users
Network scanner option; 600 dpi resolution,
256 grey-scales, also available to all users
A sophisticated suite of software for Document
and Print management
Multi-port fax option allowing for up to 3 lines,
one of which can be ISDN
100 User codes for monitoring individual use,
upgradeable to 500
A choice of finishers – 500 or 1,000 sheet capacity,
for professional sorting and stapling
Uncompromisingly productive and economical
Stamp functions for adding page numbers, dates,
key words, logos etc to documents
Very Environmentally friendly - Ozone-free, with
extremely low power consumption
Always the right language
A networked business environment needs output
systems that support several page description languages.
The infotec IS2022 and IS2027 systems support all standard
languages and set new standards of user-friendliness
and speed:
Printing on tap
An optional printer module upgrades the systems to
high-powered 600 dpi A3 laser printers.
PCL5e and PCL6 for rapid printout of typical
Adobe PostScript 3 for precise output of
PostScript DTP files and fast printing of
PDF files.
RPCS (Refined Printing Command Stream) offers
higher speeds and ease of use. In virtually all
Windows applications, it achieves a higher print
speed compared with other page description
languages. A unique driver interface means
standard print jobs can be submitted with just
one click on a pre-defined or user-defined icon.
No need for complicated settings.
Full network support
Universal interfaces enable different applications
to co-exist regardless of platform:
Simple connection to standalone PCs
or standard networks:
- Standard bi-directional parallel interface for use as a
PC workstation printer.
- Optional Ethernet 100Base-TX/10Base-T network
card for integration into existing networks.
- Optional IEEE 1394 FireWire interface to set
up separate networks with data speeds up
to 400 Mbps.
Support for standard network protocols such
as TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk and NetBEUI
(only with SmartNet Monitor)
Printer drivers for Win 9x; NT 4.0; 2000; Me,
Macintosh from OS 7.6.1.
Since the infotec IS2022 and IS2027 systems
support Unix (Sun Microsystems Solaris,
HP-UX and Red Hat Linux), they are also
ideal for all technical and scientific printing
tasks, in addition to use in normal office
Automatic paper format conversion
This useful feature automatically converts
letter format print jobs into A4, if letter paper
is not available, or vice versa. This function is
particularly useful, for example, when a printout
is required of information and documents from
the Internet often set up in letter format.
RPCS features a user-friendly driver
interface. Click on the appropriate
RPCS icon to start a print job.
Optional hard disk for increased
printer functionality
■ Proof Print: in Proof Print mode, the infotec systems
first produce a single copy. If you aren't satisfied with
the result, change the settings and request another
copy. Once you are happy with the result, set up the
required print run. A feature that saves both time and
Confidential printout: safeguards your documents
from unauthorised access. The data sent to the
infotec systems must be unlocked by entering a
password prior to printing.
In addition, the optional hard disc allows electronic
sorting even in print mode, storage of documents,
as wel as macro and font download.
Printer specifications
Printer specifications IS2022; IS2027 (option)
Sustained print speed
Printer interfaces
Network card:
Ethernet 100Base-TX / 10 Base-T; 1 x RJ45
Operating systems: Novell NetWare 3.12, 3.2, 4.x, 5.0;
Windows NT4.0; Windows 95/98/Me/2000,
Mac OS 7.6.1 and higher, Unix (Solaris 2.51/2.6/7/8,
HP-UX 8.x/9.x/10.x/11.0, Red Hat Linux 6.x/7)
Not just the bare fax
The fax option upgrades these infotec systems to
advanced Super G 3 fax systems, with a further option
to add an extra G3 and /or ISDN line to create a
MULTIPORT system, which can use up to 3 lines
simultaneously. The advantages for you:
- You can send and receive faxes at the same time.
- During transmission from memory, another
message can be sent at the same time using
direct transmission. No need to wait until the
machine is free.
Advanced features include instant transmission, delayed
transmission, confidential sending and receiving, book fax,
double-sided transmission (using ARDF) and integrated
phone book (for up to 1,200 fax numbers).
Digitalising and storing files
The optional printer/scanner module upgrades the
infotec IS 2022 and IS 2027 to genuine 600 dpi network
scanners. Using the document glass or the document
feeder (ARDF), up to 29 pages (Twain driver) or
42 pages (ScanRouter V2 lite) per minute can be
scanned, transmitted within the network or stored
on the optional document server for later use.
DeskTopBinder V2 lite (supplied with the printer or
printer/scanner) can be used to access the documents,
manipulate them and/or combine them with other files.
Optional 64 MB memory expansion and printer
or printer/scanner module
22 A4 ppm (IS2022)
27 A4 ppm (IS2027)
RM5231, 200 MHz
Parallel Port IEEE1284 (ECP)
FireWire interface IEEE1394 (6-pin),
2 ports 400Mbps/ 200Mbps/ 100Mbps
Printer language
PCL5e, PCL6, RPCS and PostScript 3 (optional)
Printer drivers
Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT4.0
PS3: Macintosh, Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT4.0
Print resolution
600/300 dpi
600 dpi
600 dpi
PS3 (option) 600/300 dpi
96 MB (32 MB Std. + 64 MB optional)
Integrated hard disk
6 GB (option)
Network protocols
AppleTalk (auto switching),
NetBEUI in conjunction with SmartNet Monitor,
(optional network card required)
Utility programs
DeskTopBinder V2 Lite,
SmartNetMonitor for Admin and Client,
LAN-Fax M1, 1394 Utility,
Printer utilities for Mac,
TWAIN driver (for printer/scanner module)
ScanRouter V2 Lite (for printer/scanner module)
Control functions (options) Built-in WebServer; Telnet Server;
Lpd daemon, IPP daemon
Network scanner specifications (option)
Scan speed
File formats
(ScanRouter software)
Optional 64 MB memory expansion, printer/scanner
module and optional network card
using ScanRouter V2 Lite software:
42 pages/minute (A4 landscape, 200 dpi)
using Twain driver:
29 pages/minute (A4 landscape, 200 dpi, MMR)
600 dpi, 256 grey-scales
Multipage TIFF, PDF, JPEG
Optional network card
Fax specifications SUPER Group 3 or ISDN Group 4 (option)
PC fax
The optional printer and
scanner modules with fax
and optional NIB provide
a PC fax function across
the network, with no
need for additional
software .
With these modules,
you can send fax
messages directly from the PC via the LAN. Sending
faxes from the PC requires fewer steps; consequently,
there is no need to print out the fax beforehand.
Connection (Multiport)
Transmission speed
Scan speed
Modem speed
Data compression
Memory capacity
Simplified dialling
Group Dial
Convenience functions
Special features
Fax kit
PSTN, PABX, ISDN (option); up to 3 lines can be
operated simultaneously (2x G3 + 1x G4)
ITU-T (CCITT) G3, G4 (option)
8 x 3.85 l/mm, 200 x 200/100 dpi
8/16 x 15.4 l/mm, 400 x 400 dpi
G3: 3 seconds (with optional JBIG, 2 seconds)
G4: 3 seconds
< 0.66 seconds (200 x 100 dpi, A4)
33.6 Kbps (SUPER G3); 64 Kbps G4 (option)
MH, MR, MMR, JBIG (option)
2 MB SAF memory as standard and
4 MB pages memory;
Option: 32 MB (of which 26 MB for SAF memory)
1 hour
400 One-Touch Dialling buttons;
Optional: 1200 One-Touch Dial or
1000 One-Touch + 200 Speed Dial codes
(with JBIG option)
64 groups (500 numbers per group)
Telephone book, last number re-dial, send later,
send on, Dual Access, confidential sending and
receiving, batch transmission, chain dialling, double
-sided sending and receiving, detailed journal
Transmission starts even while
data is being scanned.
Document management
Each day we receive vast quantities of
information from a very wide range of
sources: as text files or image files, as
hardcopy, by e-mail or through the
All this data is processed in one way
or another - printed, copied, faxed,
distributed internally or stored.
Digital Data
Printer data
PC Fax
Paper Fax
Copy, Print,
Paper Fax, PC Fax
Paper Fax, PC Fax
Scanned originals,
The deluge of information makes it even more difficult to access specific
documents directly. And once the required document has been located, further
processing once again takes up a lot of time, as the laser printer may not be
located right next to the copier, or the fax machine is perhaps on a different floor,
and special requirements (such as stapled copies or booklets with cover sheets)
demand additional manual work. Such a loss of productivity is not necessary.
The solution:
the optional document server for the
infotec IS 2022 and IS 2027 systems.
Monitor the status of digital
systems and print queues on
the network with SmartNet
ScanRouter V2 Lite
automatically forwards
scanned documents to
recipients (not shown).
DeskTopBinder V2 Lite
allows you to view, process,
print and electronically
distribute documents from
your PC.
Job Binding combines
files from different sources
and applications into a
single print job.
The advantages for you:
Centralised and transparent document management!
File management at the PC workstation
Your workgroup or department's print, copier, scan and
fax data can be stored on the optional document server.
This data can then be displayed and managed on the PC
monitor using the SmartNet Monitor, DeskTopBinder V2 Lite
and ScanRouter V2 Lite (software package included with
the optional printer/scanner module). This means efficient
document management right from your desk. The infotec
systems act as a focal point for your team's data, to which
all staff can contribute information which can then be
viewed, processed and forwarded as required.
Scanned documents are numbered in ascending order,
or can be given 8-character filenames and usernames.
6 GB storage capacity (up to 9,000 pages).
Proof print and confidential printout.
File Merge: combine several documents from
different applications into a single print job (Including
scanned hard copies with electronic files such as Word
Features – Benefits
DeskTopBinder V2 Lite
is document management software for your PC workstation.
It simplifies the management of different files and documents
- whether these are images, whole Office files, text documents,
spreadsheets or presentations. Options include:
Network access to all documents and files stored in the
optional document server - with and without password.
Preview of the first page of the stored documents.
Advanced document search by username or filename
and date of creation.
Job Binding: organising and merging files from different
applications such as: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
PDF files, incoming fax messages and/ or scanned documents.
Digital technology
High-quality input and output (copy and print
600 dpi), extensive editing and stamp functions,
electronic sorting, text mode, text/photo mode
and photo mode, numerous special features.
Scan Once - Print Many
Less wear and tear on originals, reduces the noise
level, unlimited output with consistent quality.
Touchscreen LCD display
Simple and convenient controls, via a large,
clear user interface
Innovative GW architecture
Software upgrades allow fax, printer and scanner
functions to be added to the basic digital copier
Expandable memory
- + 32 MB copier memory:
extended electronic sorting, A3 duplex,
duplex via ARDF, stamp functions
- + 6 GB hard disk: intelligent document server
- + 32 MB fax memory (for approx. 1,000 pages)
- + 64 MB expanded copier memory and/or
printer and scanner memory for using printer
and scanner modules
6 GB hard disk (option)
- Real multi-tasking: scanning and printing
at the same time.
- Document server: store up to 9,000 pages.
- Extended stamp functions: background
numbering, pre-defined stamps,
user-defined stamps
Extended print functions
Confidential printing, proof print, electronic
sorting, macro and font download
Document server (with optional hard disk)
Combination of copy and print jobs,
storing documents, files, faxes and job settings,
assign and modify filenames.
Job Binding combines files from different sources and
applications into a single print job.
Automatic document feeder
Up to 50 originals, even double-sided,
can be fed in one batch.
Duplex unit (option)
Automatic double-sided copying and printing
at 22 or 27 ppm.
10 copy jobs
Set up further jobs while one is running, i.e.
increased productivity.
Paper supply up to 3,100 sheets
Uninterrupted printing and copying, even of
big print-runs
New Office documents can be created and saved as
DeskTopBinder lite documents, without opening the
associated application.
Deleting saved documents.
Modifying filenames and usernames.
Media supply from up
to 5 sources
Flexible range of media. Process up to 3 media
types in one document.
Printing, faxing and electronic forwarding of saved documents.
Finishing options
1,000-sheet or 500-sheet finishers for sorting and
stapling complete sets of documents.
ScanRouter V2 Lite: Provides true network scanning,
allowing hard copy images to be transformed to electronic
files and stored, managd and distributed across the network
as required. All users on the network can have an “inbox”
where their documents are held.
Flexible page processing
- PCL5e, PCL6 and PostScript Level 3 (option)
guarantee printing from standard Windows,
Mac and Linux applications.
- RPCS exclusively supports Windows applications,
increases data flow and is exceptionally
Open architecture
Cross-platform networked printing.
The optional network card supports the
operating systems Novell NetWare 3.12, 3.2,
4.x, 5.0; Win 95/98/Me/2000/NT4.0; Mac OS 7.6.1
and higher and Unix (Solaris 2.51/2.6/7/8,
HP-UX 8.x/9.x/10.x/11.0, Red Hat Linux 6.x/7).
Network protocols
TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk (auto switching),
NetBEUI (in conjunction with SmartNet Monitor)
Technical Data
General specifications IS 2022 and IS 2027
Copier specifications
Scan element:
Print process:
First copy
Copier speed
Duplex (option)
Duplex speed
Standard memory
Integrated hard disk
Paper formats
Paper weights
Paper capacity
Output capacity
User codes
Document server
Stamp functions
+ opt. 32 MB memory
+ HDD and 32/64 MB
Hard disk (option)
Power supply
Power consumption
Flatbed with mobile CCD image-sensor area
Electro-photographic 2-way laser with
dual-component toner
DIN A5 - A3, bypass A6 - A3
52 - 157 gsm
2x 500-sheet cassettes
1st tray:
1x 500 sheets, 60 - 90 gsm
2nd tray:
1x 500 sheets, 52 -157 gsm
2x 500-sheet cassettes, 64 - 105 gsm or
1x 2,000-sheet paper bank, 60 - 90 gsm
100-sheet bypass, 52 - 157 gsm
3,100 sheets
500 sheets (with Bridge Unit 250 sheets)
Internal output tray: 125 sheets
or 500-sheet finisher
or 1,000-sheet finisher
100 (max. up to 500)
with optional hard-disk (6 GB)
Date and page numbering
Pre-defined stamp functions: Copy, Urgent, Priority,
For your Info, Preliminary, For internal use only,
Confidential, Draft (in English only)
Background numbering, user stamp and pre-defined
stamp functions in 14 languages: Copy, Urgent,
Priority, For your Info, Preliminary, Confidential,
For internal use only, Draft
Document server, stamp functions and electronic sorting
550 x 604 x 980 mm (W x D x H); < 62 kg
220-240V, 50/60 Hz
< 1.5 Kw
Additional options
A) ARDF document feeder 50 sheets (80 gsm), max. A3
Simplex: 40 - 128 gsm, duplex: 52 - 105 gsm, A5-A3
B) Internal hard disk
6 GB, for document server, extended functionality
C) 2 media cassettes
2x 500 sheets, A5 - A3, (60-90 gsm)
D) LCT high-capacity
2x 1000 sheets, A4, (60-90 gsm)
paper bank
E) Finisher 1000 SR790
1000 sheets, A6-A3 + 250-sheet upper storage (80 gsm)
(60-157 gsm)
Stapling up to 50 sheets, once or twice in 2 positions
each for paper weights from 64 - 90 gsm
F) Bridge unit
For finisher 1000/500, 250 sheets capacity, A4, (60-105 gsm)
G) Finisher 500 SR820
500 sheets, B5-A3 (at 80 gsm)
(60-128 gsm)
Stapling up to 30 sheets, 1 position
for paper weights from 64 - 90 gsm
H) Duplex
A5-A3 (64-105 gsm)
I) Shift Tray
For shifted output
J) Bypass
100 sheets (52-157 gsm)
1-bin tray (not shown) 125 sheets, A5-A3 (60-105 gsm)
Lower cabinet
For consumables
(not shown)
4.9 seconds
22 cpm A4 (IS2022), 27 cpm A4 (IS2027)
Automatic (for paper weights 64-105 gsm)
22 cpm A4 (IS2022), 27 cpm A4 (IS2027)
600 dpi, 256 grey-scales
32 MB (+ 32/64 MB expansion and/or 6 GB HDD)
6 GB, for extended stamp functions,
document server, electronic sorting up to 1000 sheets
from the document glass: 25 - 400% in 1% steps
from the ARDF: 25 - 200% in 1% steps
Enlargement/reduction 12 pre-defined settings (25%, 50%, 65%, 71%, 75%,
82%,, 93%, 115%, 122%, 141%, 200%, 400%)
User interface
Clearly structured and generous
LCD touchscreen display
User codes
100 (max. 500 with optional
"User Account Enhance Unit")
Multiple copy
up to 99
Warm-up time
15 seconds
Electronic sorting
Standard 50 pages, with 32 MB memory 90 pages,
1000 pages with optional hard disk
Special functions
Text mode, photo mode, text/photo mode,
stretching and compressing (directional or by
percentage), positive/negative, image rotation,
automatic media selection and page layout, image
brightness/contrast, delete border/centre
Special features
Cover sheet, separator sheet for OHP transparencies,
stapling with optional finishers (single or double in
2 positions), archiving (with optional document
server + optional HDD), start job while originals are
being scanned.
Combination of originals Simplex:
2 in 1, 4 in 1, 8 in 1
4 in 1, 8 in 1, 16 in 1,
Printer specifications (option)
see technical data inside the brochure
Network scanner specifications (option)
see technical data inside the brochure
Fax specifications (option)
see technical data inside the brochure
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