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LD Systems:
Taking Sound
to a New Level
Also in the news:
Bosch Communications Systems
welcomes New VP of Sales – Americas
Dynacord: a winning performance in Vegas
Green Thinking: Bosch and the Environment
Midas XL8 at Christian Faith Center, Seattle
RTS intercom: upping the ante at the Olympics
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Communications Systems
Welcome to the first edition of
Newsflash for the Americas!
• US Rental Giant Clair Brothers Showco Purchases Two Midas XL8
Inside you will find an array of news and
information from Bosch Communications
Systems brands Dynacord, Electro-Voice,
Klark Teknik, Midas, RTS, and Telex.
3-5: NEWSbites
• Midas XL8 Mixes Canadian Songwriter Awards
• Electro-Voice at the Live Indie Rock Wars
• Drummer Boy Sound “Hoop It Up” with Dynacord Cobra
• Electro-Voice XLCi for Minnesota Casino Showroom
• Telex Aviation Headsets for New Cessna Flagship
The timing for this inaugural issue could
not have been better. InfoComm 2008 sees
Bosch Communications Systems firmly
front and center in our industry, with no
less than five major new product lines released. Our brands are stronger than ever
under the Bosch banner, as is our commitment to customer-driven sound solutions.
Newsflash is a way for us to stay on the
same page—literally—when it comes to celebrating our products, the people behind
them, the customers who use them, and
how we all make the world sound better.
There are few industries that create such
passion and drive as ours. We hope you’ll
find Newsflash is one more way to enjoy
what we do!
• Greensboro, NC Church Debuts EV Sound System on MLK Day
• Infinite Audio and Dynacord Win Prestigious Industry Award
• Midas XL8 Makes an Impact in Brazil
• Dynacord Variline at the Venetian in Vegas
8-9: Feature
• How To Do It Big, How To Do It Right:
LD Systems & EV at the Houston Rodeo
10-11: News
• Bosch Communications Systems Announces New Vice President of Sales
• EVIDs in Action at Award-Winning Recreation Center
• Bosch CCS Ultro Systems: Saving Time and Sounding Better with Cory’s
Audio Visual Services
12-13: Feature
• Dual Midas XL8 Systems for Christian Faith Center, Seattle
14-15: News
• Bosch Communications Systems Announces New Sales Manager, Mexico
• Electro-Voice and Dynacord at Calle Ocho
• EV Sound for Texas Rangers Ballpark
Cover: LD Systems‘ X-Line system in action at the
2008 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
• Xi Loudspeakers for New Ohio Houses of Worship
16-17: Feature
• EV Sound for Clear Channel Minneapolis Performance Theater
18-19: Feature
State of the Art Emergency Operations with RTS® ADAM
20-22: News
• RTS® Builds for the World Stage
• Bosch Conferencing for Ballard AGM
• EVI Flies High at Mexico City Airport’s New Terminal 2
Telex Communications, Inc.
12000 Portland Ave. S.
Burnsville, MN 55337
Guy Low
James Edlund
Bryan Wilkins
Greg Davis
Krystle Christensen
• The Rock Giants Return – With Midas XL8
23-29: New Products
• Klark Teknik: DN9696 hi-res hard disk recorder; Square ONE Splitter
• EV-Innovation: Electro-Voice’s next generation loudspeaker
• Electro-Voice: DC-One digital controller; ZX3 lightweight loudspeaker;
PL Series microphones; EVID FM in-wall loudspeakers; XLC & XLVC
new additions
• Dynacord: D12a & D12-3a powered loudspeakers; D-LITE 1000;
Powersub 312
• Bosch: CCS 800 Ultro Discussion Systems
• RTS®: KP-32CLD keypanel
30-31: Feature
• Green Thinking: Bosch and the Environment
US Rental Giant Clair Brothers Showco
Purchases Two Midas XL8 Systems
Clair Brothers Showco, one of the world’s most influential PA
rental companies, has purchased and taken delivery of two
Midas XL8 Live Performance Systems. The Midas flagship joins
Clair Brothers’ extensive XL4 and Heritage 3000 rental inventory.
Midas has worked in partnership and consulted with Clair
Brothers Showco throughout the XL8’s development, with delegations from Midas paying regular visits to Clair’s headquarters
in Pennsylvania since the beginning of the project in early 2004.
“As a leading light of the global touring industry we have always been very proud to have Clair Brothers Showco as a long
term Midas customer,” says David Cooper of Midas. “The Clair
Brothers Showco final seal of approval is extremely important
to us. This purchase sends a very clear signal that the Midas
XL8 is fast establishing itself as the digital standard at the
highest level of touring production.”
Clair Brothers Showco commented: “With so many of our long
term clients in love with the legendary analog ‘Midas sound’
we were excited to be involved in the birth of their first digital
console. Purchasing our first Midas XL8s is a natural step in
our company’s ongoing policy of offering the latest cutting
edge technology to all of our many worldwide touring clients.”
Midas XL8 Mixes Canadian
Songwriter Awards
PA Plus Productions (Toronto) deployed a Midas XL8 digital
live performance system for this year’s Canadian Songwriter’s
Hall of Fame Awards, streamlining their annual audio production for this prestigious live/broadcast event. Held on March
1st at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, the 2008 show honored, among others, legendary Canadian singer/songwriter
Paul Anka.
As the first big digital product from a brand famous for
analog quality, the XL8 really does live up to the Midas name,
according to John Lacina of PA Plus, who mixed the music
portion of the show: “It sounds, feels, and behaves like an
analog Midas, but with huge digital processing power. Right
from the start I noticed a marked improvement in sound
quality over other digital products I have used. The XL8 does
not sound digital at all. In this sense the stellar onboard EQ
and Dynamics can be used to fine tune the sound rather than
outright fix it, as is often the case on other less ‘musical’
digital systems.”
EV at the Live Indie Rock Wars!
EV was everywhere at the first annual Live Indie Rock Wars,
billed as “The Three Day Live Event That Will Change Rock
Music History”, held at Lake Las Vegas on April 25-27, 2008.
Bosch Communications Systems pro audio brands ElectroVoice and Dynacord co-sponsored the event, which showcased
the top 21 bands from the competition. These up-and-coming
bands were all in the running for the $50,000 grand prize and
two year management deal. The winners of the event “The Underground Rebels” also won a complete EV mic package.
Bosch Communications Systems pro audio rep Buck Tallman
was on site to support the show: “This is what it’s all about! A
live, full-bore rock n roll war! We were there to provide handson support and meet the bands—we’re committed to supporting new talent, and that fact was heard loud and clear over the
course of the competition, with EV mics all across the stage
and an array of EV, Dynacord, and Midas PA equipment (provided by FBP Group of Las Vegas) ensuring every band sounded its best on the big day. It was an awesome event, all bands
sounded great, and we were very proud to be a part of it.”
Drummer Boy Sound “Hoop It Up”
with Dynacord Cobra
Miami’s Drummer Boy Sound, 99 JAMZ WEDR, Powerade,
and the City of Miami Gardens recently teamed up to sponsor
and host the national touring “HOOP IT UP” 3 on 3 basketball
challenge at Calder Race track in Miami Gardens, Florida. DBS
deployed their portable powerhouse Dynacord Cobra line
array system for the event, with additional high-performance
equipment from Electro-Voice, Midas, and Klark Teknik.
The event included a host of local and national R&B and Hip
Hop artists, including Ray Lavender, ACE with DJ Khaled,
and Urban Mystic. The event was hosted by radio personality
Mike B (99 Jamz WEDR) and DBS’ very own VP of Marketing
and Development, Tangela Cummings, AKA “Lady DBS”. The
banging bass and sounds were spun by Miami’s hottest DJ’s,
DJ ICE and DJ GREO from WEDR 99 Jamz.
“It’s a good thing when the only complaint you get for a
two day event is that your system is too loud!” says Harold
Cummings of DBS. “But it’s easy to turn down; what’s
important, aside from the tons of headroom we’re packing, is
that the system gives incredible presence, intelligibility, and
punch at all SPLs. Whatever the client needs, we can deliver
with finesse and complete control.”
Electro-Voice XLCi for Minnesota
Casino Showroom
Greensboro, NC Church Debuts EV Sound
System On MLK Day
The New 2100-Seat Showroom at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior
Lake, Minnesota, is among the upper Midwest’s premier
entertainment venues. A new Electro-Voice sound system is
ensuring the space exceeds the expectations of audiences
and A-List performers alike.
Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC, saw a
standing-room-only attendance of 3000 for their Martin
Luther King, Jr. Day service this year, and a brand new
Electro-Voice XLCi sound system installed by CareySound
ensured every word was heard loud and clear.
Installed by Electronic Design Consulting Services and
designed by Olson Sound Design, the new XLCi127DVX—the
installation version of the industry-leading mid-sized line
array loudspeaker system—and a five-cabinet central XLD281
line array ensure every seat in the house is covered with high
quality audio.
The service at Mt. Zion Church was the culmination of a
full day of community activities celebrating Dr. King’s life.
Greensboro has strong historical ties to the civil rights
movement, and the power-packed event at Mt. Zion Baptist
featured a host of special guest artists and speakers.
The event also marked the debut of Mt. Zion’s new EV
sound system to the community at large. The sound system
was designed and installed by local systems integrator
CareySound. Company owner Ken Carey, along with VP of
Sales Tommy Martin, and John Carey, HE, were on hand to
handle the engineering duties for the evening.
Ken Carey and Stu Schatz of Electro-Voice faced several
challenges when designing the new sound system: “The
10 year old system we replaced never really addressed
the serious issues in the room,” Carey says. “Aside from
being very wide, this sanctuary is built back to front in
comparison to an auditorium, with the tall part of the room
at the front and the short part at the rear with a balcony.
This arrangement effectively funnels all of the sound
down into the back rows, presenting many more reflective
surfaces in the process. And all this was in addition to a
very loud HVAC system.”
The solution to this unique combination of issues was
the installation of a precisely focusable Electro-Voice
XLCi loudspeaker line-array. Dual 13-element Line Arrays,
each consisting of eight XLCi127DVX boxes hung under
four XLCi215 subs, flank the stage powered by eight
Electro-Voice P3000RL remote supervised Precision
Series Amplifiers. “Utilizing the great sounding, high
performance, XLCi loudspeaker system with the aid of EV’s
powerful LAPS aiming software, we were able to design
a verifiably accurate system with complete confidence,”
Carey continues. “All of the issues created by the original
32-box, 29-amplifier system, along with the oddly shaped
room and loud HVAC system, were overcome with the new
system. Everybody in the sold out auditorium tonight had
the best seat in the house!” In addition to the main house
system, the church has a new EV REV UHF wireless system
with RE410 mic capsules.
The central XLD array over the proscenium is fixed in position
with the new TAE (Tilt Angle Extender) fly-bar, aiming the
cluster down over the front rows at a precise 72-degree
angle, with no pull-back or stabilizer necessary, keeping
hardware to a minimum for a streamlined, architecturefriendly appearance. Featuring one of the largest stages in
the state and allstadium-seating,
the showroom has
hosted concerts by
Gretchen Wilson,
Alan Jackson, Big &
Rich, and dozens of
other top names.
Telex Aviation Headsets For
New Cessna Flagship
The Cessna Aircraft Company, the world’s largest
manufacturer of general aviation aircraft, has announced key
suppliers for the production of its new Citation Columbus
aircraft, scheduled to begin customer delivery in 2014. The
Citation Columbus will be Cessna’s largest ever business
jet, and, as with the entire Citation line preceding it, Cessna
has selected Telex active noise reduction headsets for its
standard equipment specification.
“The Airman 850 is the standard installed headset for the
entire Citation line,” says John Weeks of Telex, “and, thanks
to the performance and reliability of that product, Telex been
approved as the standard ANR headset for the new Citation.
Not only does this reaffirm the Airman 850 as the leading
non-battery-operated ANR headset, it also demonstrates a
mutual commitment to the future of our partnership. We are
very proud to continue providing innovative, professional
grade products to this great aviation company.”
Infinite Audio and Dynacord Win
Prestigious Industry Award
Spectacular installations like Pacha in New York and
Space in Miami have established Infinite Audio as one of
the most influential pacesetters in the American entertainment industry. They are also one of the most highly
respected companies too, as their first place finish in the
“Best Sound Installation” category at the recent International Dance Music Awards (IDMAs) at the Winter Music
Conference 2008 demonstrates.
“It is an award that perhaps represents the level at which
we are installing nationally, and soon internationally,” says
Lord Toussaint of Infinite Audio. “We are designing and integrating more than audio systems. As I stated when I presented in Straubing at House Messe, we are installing “revenue generating equipment”. These systems make venues
desirable and memorable, in great part because of HOW
they sound compared to others. We have been able to help
nightclub owners “gain and retain” dedicated customers
with the implementation of Dynacord, Alpha Concept and
Electro-Voice products. These systems become part of the
club venue’s DNA. One of the first things people mention
when discussing our Alpha clubs is the “sonic experience”
that keeps them going back for more.”
Midas XL8 Makes an Impact in Brazil
Brazilian Midas Distributors TelePonto recently teamed
up with renowned sound engineer Joao “Cotô” Guarino
of Bosch Communications Systems and took to the road,
introducing the Midas XL8 system to audio professionals
across Brazil.
The “Midas XL8 Roadshow” included meetings with
principals and staff at many top production and rental
houses. Bosch Communications Systems’ Franck Fabry,
(Director of Export Sales, Americas), Juan Montoya (Sales
Manager, Central & South America), and Jim Pfitzinger
(Technical Sales Coordinator) joined TelePonto’s efforts
for the AES Brazil live demonstrations in Sao Paulo
(May 5-7, 2008). In addition to the XL8, the Roadshow
presented a range of audio systems from across the Bosch
Communications Systems family of brands, including
Electro-Voice XLD line arrays with IRIS-Net control.
“The extent and flexibility of the Midas XL8 digital mixing
system can only be appreciated to its fullest when seen inperson,” says Franck Fabry. “This hands-on demonstration
approach is essential in expanding the unique Midas sound
in Brazil and Latin America. The Brazilian pro-audio market
is a power house—this country is blessed with so many
talented artists and audio professionals.”
Dynacord Variline at the
Venetian in Vegas
Having established itself as THE loudspeaker brand of choice
for high-end entertainment venues with the awe-inspiring
Alpha Concept system, Dynacord’s star continues to rise in the
entertainment capital of the world thanks to an installation at
the Venetian’s new TAO Beach club, designed and installed by
Bob Athey and Frank Heinrich of FBP Group.
The installation, featuring Dynacord Variline VL262, Cobra
subwoofers, D-Lite D 12, and system drive via IRIS-Net control,
has caught the attention of every restaurant, lounge, bar, and
club executive on the strip, thanks to a precise balance of
aesthetic and performance values.
A new addition to the mega-hotel’s popular TAO nightclub,
TAO Beach is the top pool party in Vegas, featuring a DJ booth,
bar, lounge and luxury cabanas surrounded by palm trees and
opulent drapery. A serious club sound system was necessary
to maintain TAO’s high standards, which attract international
DJ stars like Erick Morillo and Paul Oakenfold, and A-list
celebrities like Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Heidi Klum, Jay Z,
Jessica Simpson, and Michael Jordan. To keep the aesthetic
ambience intact at TAO Beach, big, black 15-inch two-way
boxes were not an option. The solution? A system design
including a brand new loudspeaker line from Dynacord unlike
anything else available: Variline.
The Dynacord Variline range delivers the most state of the art
acoustic performance available on the market today, coupled
with a sharp eye on fashionable design criteria. The dual high
performance neodymium 6.5” woofers and 1” compression
driver in the VL 262 provide shocking clarity for heavy-duty,
high SPL applications, along with multi-functional hardware
accessories for fixed and mobile applications to ensure easeof-use and versatility.
The complete Dynacord system solution at TAO Beach blends
very well with the design elements of the space; for this
installation, the speakers are color matched, and nestled
discreetly in the drapery but fill the entire pool area with
sound. Six Dynacord Cobra-2 Subs provide additional low
end support; 12 D-Lite D12 full range cabinets supplement
the surrounding VIP areas and hot tub deck. Powered by five
Dynacord Power-H 5000 remote control DSP amplifiers with
RCM26 modules, FIR presets optimize each loudspeaker’s
performance, and continuously monitor every voice coil in the
system to ensure reliable operation.
How To Do It Big, How To Do It Right:
LD Systems & EV at the Houston Rodeo LD Systems delivers Electro-Voice
sound reinforcement on a massive
scale with precision, performance,
and control for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, held annually at Reliant Park, Houston. Running
for three weeks in February and
March every year, and celebrating its 76th year in 2008, Rodeo
Houston is both the world’s largest
livestock exhibition and the world‘s
largest rodeo event.
And, every night after the rodeo competition winds down, the
organizers roll out big name entertainment to match.
Everyone from Elvis to Beyonce has performed under the
Rodeo Houston banner. With nightly attendances at Reliant
Stadium often reaching 73,000—this year both Hannah Montana
and Brad Paisley hit the mark—the Rodeo continues to be
among the highest attended live concert series in the world.
An essential element of Rodeo Houston’s success is its
consistently excellent sound quality. For 15 years, Houstonbased LD Systems has designed and deployed sound
reinforcement and lighting on a suitably massive scale for the
Rodeo, upping the ante every year. Long time Electro-Voice
users, the LD Systems team oversee what is probably the
largest temporary installation of EV equipment in the world
for the three week run.
For the past five years, LD has used a main stadium rig based
around 108 EV X-Line boxes powered by an equal number
of EV P3000RL remote control amplifiers running IRIS-Net
control and supervision software. 54 P3000RL amps a side
sit racked on two catwalks over 200ft above the ground,
powering 12 eight and ten-box hangs of X-Line Xvls and Xvlt,
with each array alternating left and right channel output for a
full coverage stereo image around the vast room.
Working closely with the EV tech support team, LD’s
commitment to continuous improvement is clearly
demonstrated by this huge deployment. Employing the latest
digital control, supervision, and distribution technologies
from EV—this year saw LD incorporate 14 NetMax N8000
controllers—the rig gets more streamlined, precisely
controlled, and sonically impressive every year, as Robert
Ausmus, Director of Production Services, LD Systems
explains: “This is a very large X-Line system” Ausmus adds,
“with 108 cabinets distributed over a 12-array zone coverage
configuration. This system has rewarded us with the absolute
best results yet in our 15 years handling sound for the Rodeo.
We started out in the Astrodome in the early ‘90s, and moved
to Reliant Stadium five years ago, where the acoustical
challenges are even more complex. It’s mind-boggling how
much more presence and performance we get out of the EV
system than from our former products.”
“This year we integrated the NetMax N8000 processors,
which added FIR filters and reduced our cabling significantly
while providing far better speaker management and control,”
Ausmus continues. “This was the world premiere for X-Line
with FIR-drive. We only have one vantage point, in the middle
of two arrays, from the mix position. The other ten arrays are
off the radar, as it were, so they need continuous monitoring
to ensure they’re providing the same quality audio as the
two facing us. The IRIS-Net control and supervision software
(supervised by LD’s Mike “Monk” Shear, above right) affords
us that capability via a single screen, along with a very
high level of control over the whole show from a technical
“Using the EV equipment with CobraNet and the Ethernet
control software backbone has also improved the sonic
quality—the impact, as I call it. It’s on a whole new level this
year, as opposed to running standard crossovers. We’ve really
enjoyed the results, and are eager to get back to work with
the technical team at EV after this run, to give them good
solid feedback to make sure we continue to raise the bar.”
Bosch Communications
Systems Announces New
Vice President of Sales
Bosch Communication Systems is delighted to announce
the appointment of Daniel Nix as Vice President of Sales Americas for the Pro Audio Group.
Daniel previously served as principal of The Nix Agency, a
southwest rep firm handling the pro audio brands of Bosch
Communications Systems, and has been part of the Bosch
family for the past five years. Prior to the Nix Agency, Daniel
served as VP of Sales for a national contracting firm, Sales
Manager for a national retail music chain, and has extensive
experience in film and theatre technical production and digital
music production. This diverse background, combined with
20+ years of industry relationships, provides Daniel broad
insight into the A/V marketplace.
Nix remarks, “Our heritage of industry-leading brands like
Electro-Voice, Midas, Dynacord, and Klark Teknik, now
combined with the strength and resources of Bosch, forges
new opportunities in our converging markets. I am pleased
and honored to join such a wonderful family of people and
manufacturers who passionately dedicate themselves to
this industry.”
“Dan was the perfect choice for the VP of Sales position,”
adds Thomas Hansen, Vice President, Americas, Bosch
Communications Systems. “Having recently been voted
our Rep of the Year, and having been Chairman of the
Rep Council, Dan has already proven his leadership and
communication skills at a very high level.
“From his years as a successful rep, Dan has an acute
understanding of our customers’ changing requirements as
traditional audio
markets continue
to change and
as technologies
His wealth of
knowledge in
the AV world and
his practical,
perspective make
him an asset to our
organization and
our brands, all of
which are stronger
than ever under
the Bosch banner.”
EVIDS In Action At Award-Winning Recreation Center
The Rio Vista Recreation Center in the City of Peoria,
Arizona, is a stunning new complex that combines modern
architecture with state-of-the-art AV technology. The site
blends so seamlessly into the surrounding landscape, and
offers such a high-level of user-friendliness, that it was
recently recognized with a major architectural award from
the COAA (Construction Owner’s Association of America).
Everyday recreational and community activities at the
facility enjoy high-resolution AV performance, thanks to the
fully integrated systems designed and installed by Level
3 Audio Visual (Mesa, Ariz.). Their system specs feature
a variety of Electro-Voice EVID loudspeakers, along with
CDP series paging horns for the gymnasium. “The EVID
family’s streamlined styling was a perfect fit for the center’s
contemporary look, helping to maintain the architectural
vision while delivering superior quality audio throughout the
complex,” commented Jeremy Elsesser of Level 3.
Drawing from the most extensive range of professional-grade
install speakers available, Level 3 selected specific EVID
models to address the various needs of the facility, including
EVID 4.2T and 6.2T surface-mounted speakers, whose
architecture-friendly lines have made them a favorite with
contractors, and EVID C8.2LP (low profile) and C8.2HC (high
ceiling) recessed ceiling speakers.
The various EVIDs at Rio Vista deliver a consistently high level
of paging and playback performance, as Elsesser explained:
“This is more than just a distributed system in a municipal
facility. We equipped the center to exceed the expectations
of the tech-savvy iPod generation; every room has an easy
to use interface, allowing multiple microphones (wireless
equipped), line sources, and iPods. Every speech, playback,
and paging application is possible, all with super-intelligible,
full-bandwidth audio performance. We listened closely to the
center’s needs, and they are extremely happy with the look
and sound of the EV solutions.” “EVID ceiling speakers are in a class by themselves,” Elsesser
adds. “The whole package is well designed, looks great, and
offers remarkable audio quality. People are shocked to hear
this level of performance from a ceiling speaker. After hearing
the C8.2, the City of Peoria told us it’s the only ceiling
speaker they’ll be using from now on!”
Bosch CCS Ultro Discussion Systems: Saving Time and
Sounding Better with Cory’s Audio Visual Services
Cory’s Audio Visual Services, Inc. (OKC, OK) is having great
results deploying Bosch CCS 800 Ultro Discussion Systems
for a wide range of corporate jobs.
Cory’s Rental Manager Brad Poarch described a monthly
board meeting that demonstrates the CCS 800’s flexibility,
ease of use, and sound quality: “One client that has benefited
from the new System is the Oklahoma Board of Nursing
Review Board, with whom we’ve worked for nine years. These
meetings take place in a temporary boardroom in a hotel
ballroom, which we equip to ensure professional boardroom
functionality and ambience. The Bosch Conferencing Systems
are helping make that happen on a whole new level this year.”
As the review meeting has grown over time, requiring more
microphones, so have the challenges: “We had been using
a 16-channel mixer with standard cardioid microphones,
going straight into the installed distributed sound system,”
says Poarch. “As you can imagine, using the house system
in a hotel ballroom makes it hard to get available gain with
16 open mics. Then, of course, you have people sitting at
the table, leaning back off their mics, or having trouble
hearing, etc. Since switching to the CCS 800 System with
the all-in-one desktop units, the whole deployment has been
streamlined, with an amazing improvement in performance—
the clients absolutely love it.”
“First off, they commented on the sound quality—a vast
improvement over the old mics,” Poarch adds. “Secondly,
users liked that they could have the volume up louder without
risk of feedback; thanks to the system’s digital acoustic
feedback suppressor, less microphones are hot at any given
time—a straightforward solution to the gain problems in the
room. Thirdly, the all-in-one design means there’s a high
quality speaker at each station as well as a mic, so we no
longer need to plug into the house sound system for overhead
monitoring. This means the installed recessed ceiling speakers
can be dedicated completely to the audience. Everyone can
hear—and be heard—clearly.”
“Perhaps the biggest difference with the new desktop
units is that our customers don’t need to touch anything,”
Poarch says. “We set their Systems up and plug them in, and
they just go on with their meeting. There’s no worry about
adjusting levels, and there are enough outputs on the CCS
Control Unit to feed to the stenographer and the secretary
handling recordings.”
Dual Midas XL8 Systems
For Christian Faith Center, Seattle Christian Faith Center in Seattle is one of the latest large
houses of worship to elevate the sonic quality of their
services, concerts, and seasonal productions with XL8,
the flagship digital mixing system from Midas.
Christian Faith Center has one of the largest and fastestgrowing congregations in the United States. The church is
located on two main campuses in suburban Seattle—one of
which is a state-of-the-art facility completed in September
2007 — and 8,000 people a week now attend services at the
two sites. Christian Faith Center is dedicated to continuous
growth, and has integrated the highest quality equipment at
their facilities to ensure a worship experience second to none.
When it came to upping the ante with regard to sound
reinforcement, the church worked with AV specialists
Michael Garrison Associates to install two XL8 systems in
the 5000-seat sanctuary at their new campus, a 550-sq.
ft. octagonal space with stadium seating. Kris Hillstrom,
Technical Director at Christian Faith Center, described how
the church is sounding better than ever with Midas XL8
consoles at both FOH and monitor mix positions:
“Obviously we were a little concerned at first,” says
Hillstrom, “diving into the deep end of digital, but the XL8
is not like other digital desks—it retains that familiar analog
feel, layout, and all-important audio quality. XL8 makes
sense: buttons and dials have similar functions as on earlier
Midas desks, and the faders and EQ retain that hands-on feel
and responsiveness. There are also lots of new user-friendly
features-like the displays, color-coding, and POP groups-that
make life simpler. Jorgen Brotnov, our Head Engineer, loves
mixing on it. Technically it’s a supercomputer, but physically
it feels like your favorite analog Midas. We only have two
in-ear mixes; the rest is all wedges, for a nice live, rocking
sound—real room mixing. The room has plenty of acoustic
treatment, and the mid-sized line arrays (in a stereo plus
mono configuration) provide great coverage throughout. The
XL8 is at the heart of a system that delivers superb sonic
warmth and transparency; it’s a pleasure to mix on it, and
even more of a pleasure to hear it.”
As is the case in large houses of worship across the U.S., as
congregations get bigger, so do their locations, and so do
the musical productions, which end up little different to fullblown theatrical productions, with the additional logistical
challenge of involving multiple acts with various lineups over
the course of a single day. XL8 offers the flexibility needed
to handle any such scenario, with a combination of sound
quality, ergonomics, and inspired digital design not found on
any other mixing system, as Hillstrom explains:
“The XL8 has centralized our control of the mix. The DSP is
onboard, we have plenty of inputs, and we can quickly go
to another scene in the console when there’s a set change
— the list goes on. As well as the musical praise teams, we
have a very active school, and they put on a wide range of
musicals and productions. It really simplifies things to have
those stored settings in there; we have scenes EQ’d out for
lapel mics, so you can make a quick, seamless transition from
loud wedges for the band to lapel mics in the next scene for
more theatrical performances, and all without having to scroll
through a ton of pages—the XL8’s large display screens make
accessing presets and plug-ins so much quicker. We also
have a weekly TV show that will expand back to the national
level now the new building is finished; we send a broadcast
mix to the control room from the FOH XL8. We’re all set to
address any logistic in the broadcast, live concert, or school
production realm—it’s all covered.”
Montañez brings over 10 years of professional audio
experience to his position. A native of Mexico City, Montañez
joins Bosch Communications Systems after working for the
past two years as the Sales Manager Pro Audio for Sennheiser
Mexico. Prior to that, Montañez worked for eight years for
Multimedia, an AV integrator operating in Mexico City and
Monterrey. Ernesto has an Audio Engineering Degree from the
Universidad Tecnologia Vicente Perez Rosales in Santiago de
Chile, Chile, and obtained various certification requirements
from renowned audio manufacturers (Crestron, Bose, Biamp
Systems, etc.).
L-R: Ernesto Montañez with
Nicolas Betancur, Inside Sales
Engineer, Latin America, Bosch
Communications Systems
Bosch Communications
Systems Announces New
Sales Manager, Mexico
Bosch Communications Systems is pleased to announce the
appointment of Ernesto Montanez as their new Sales Manager
for Mexico. Based in Mexico City, Montanez will oversee
all Bosch Communications Systems’ current sales channel
partners in Mexico.
The appointment of Montañez comes on the heels of excellent
2006 and 2007 sales results reported by the company in Mexico.
Franck Fabry, Director of Export Sales for Bosch
Communications Systems, remarks: “The healthy sales results
Bosch Communications Systems experienced in the past two
years shows that professional audio, intercoms, conferencing,
and public address systems are in growing demand. Ernesto’s
hiring strengthens our operations and arms us to better
service our existing partnerships. Ernesto has solid experience
in the local audio industry and demonstrates a high level of
competency in the skills and knowledge required for this
position. I believe that Ernesto’s personality and technical
expertise will be great assets for our current customer base
in Mexico, and I am confident that our place in the fixed
installation market in Mexico will be significantly and positively
affected by bringing him on board.”
Electro-Voice and Dynacord at Calle Ocho
The largest street party in the U.S. and celebrating its
30th anniversary in 2008, the Calle Ocho (“Eighth Street”)
carnival is a colorful celebration of Latino culture that fills
the heart of Miami’s Little Havana district with over a million
visitors each year.
Fort Lauderdale-based Sound & Lighting Solutions Inc.
deployed a powerhouse sound system for the main stage at
this year’s Calle Ocho, built around their new EV Phoenix
manifold technology loudspeakers—a new line designed to
provide a perfect balance of muscular punch and musical
detail. SLS used 4x PX2181 subs under 2x PX2152 boxes per
side; PX2122 completed the three pack stacks. This main
rig was powered by EV CP4000S and P-Series amplifiers.
In addition to the Phoenix rig, SLS deployed a stage-wide
spread of Dynacord FX 20 subs and four flown FX 12 boxes
for long throw duties, both powered by Xa 4000 amps.
EV microphones, EV Xw stage monitors, Midas Venice
320 consoles, Klark Teknik graphics, EQs, and processing
completed the spec.
“This was a huge event, and we brought the right PA for the
job,” says Jay Krause of Sound and Lighting Solutions. “It was
estimated that 565,000 people passed the stage between the
hours of 11am and 7pm. We wanted to use a PA that would
stand out, in terms of both sheer power and sonic fidelity.
Since this stage was all about rap and reggae—featuring top
tier artists like Flo Rida, Shaggy, and Timbaland—we needed
lots of low end. Not a problem with the subs we were
packing! We had compliments from all of the performers,
regarding the clarity, bass, and overall performance. We also
had six audio companies from other stages stop by and ask
us, amazed, ‘whose system is this?’ That said it all—in terms
of sound quality and reliable performance, this rig was jawdroppingly impressive… in a league of its own!”
EV Sound for
Texas Rangers Ballpark
One of the premier baseball stadiums in the USA, Texas
Rangers Ballpark in Arlington is sounding better than ever,
thanks to new Electro-Voice speaker systems. Having worked
on custom speakers for the Ballpark back when it opened
in 1994, Electro Acoustics, Inc., of Fort Worth, TX, leading
Dallas-based audio consultants WJHW, Inc., and Electro-Voice
recently joined forces again to replace original speakers, worn
by the extreme Texas climate, with equipment including 176
weatherized EV FRi+122 speakers with a custom-designed
120-degree dispersion pattern.
“Obviously speaker technology has changed significantly in
the last 14 years,” says Chris Jordan of Electro Acoustics,
“and the latest generation of FRi loudspeakers offers a lighter
weight, higher fidelity solution than the previous system,
but with that same inherent EV build quality and reliability.
We saved a considerable amount of time during installation,
while adding superior sound quality and serviceability for the
This design/build/install was a professional collaboration
of the highest order: “This was certainly among the best
projects we’ve done in our 24-year history,” says Jordan, “in
terms of cooperation between the consultant, the owner, the
Photo: Sam Jordan
manufacturer, and us as the contractor. The Texas Rangers
organization were extremely accommodating in every detail.
Gary White of WJHW is a consummate professional. Our own
James Nichols and his crew did an excellent job running the
second phase of the project, finishing up on time and under
budget. It was real pleasure working with this team. EV,
especially Monte Wise and our reps at the Nix Agency, were
hands-on, and did a great job on the design and delivery of
the speakers—all 176 of them.”
Xi Loudspeakers for New Ohio Houses of Worship
Torrence Sound Equipment Co. (Perrysburg, OH), recently
completed Electro-Voice Xi loudspeaker installations at two
new churches in northwestern Ohio: St. John’s Lutheran
Church in Stryker and Central Mennonite Church in Archbold.
Torrence used Xi-2123A/106F & Xi-1082 loudspeakers in
customized left & right exploded cluster configurations in
both these distinctly different looking sanctuaries, ensuring
complete coverage and intelligibility while keeping the
architectural ambience in each space intact.
In each Xi cluster, a large format, vertically-flown, three-way
Xi-2123 speaker addresses the main seating areas on each
side of the room while the smaller format, horizontally-flown
Xi-1082 speakers—one on either side—throw down over the
central aisle areas and sides. The speakers are mounted on
custom-built frames. Don Beyer of Torrence described the system design: “Both
churches were new construction projects, and both posed
architectural challenges: CMC has a dropped ceiling, and
pews that wrap all the way around to behind the pulpit in a
180-degree fan. At St. John’s we were unable to use a central
cluster, as it would have obscured the circular stained glass
window behind the chancel. Using the left and right cluster
design, we were able to achieve controlled coverage in
both sanctuaries. While a line array system may have been
configured to provide the needed coverage, we were able to
achieve over 180 degrees of coverage at a fraction of the cost”
The three-way Xi-2123 systems can be operated in a VBS™
(Vertical Beam Shaping) configuration using an EV Dx38
processor or the DSP in EV P-Series RL amplifiers. This unique
approach extends the vertical coverage-angle control to as
low as 125Hz, well below that permitted by the mid-bass horn
alone (about 800Hz).
EV Sound for Clear Channel Minneapolis
Performance Theater
Whether functioning as the
“Cities 97 Studio C”, the “K102
Roadhouse”, the “KDWB Sky
Room”, or the “KFAN Press
Box”, this is an EV installation
that raises the bar for radio
“live rooms” everywhere.
Equipment List (selected):
2x EV QRx153/75 (mains)
2x EV QRx218S (subs)
4x EV SxA250 (monitors)
1x EV CP4000S
2x EV CP3000S
EV RE410, N/D767a, and Raven microphones
Midas XL42 mic preamp
4x Klark Teknik DN100 direct boxes
1x Klark Teknik DN9848 loudspeaker processor
Klark Teknik Square One EQ
An all-EV-equipped live performance theater has added a
dynamic new dimension to programming at Clear Channel’s Twin
Cities-based radio stations. Though the “Studio C” is housed
on the fourth floor of a corporate office building, it features a
serious sound system, stylish decor, and acoustic treatments
that wouldn’t be out of place in a small high-end club.
Brian Thomas (Performance Recording Engineer) and Rob
Goldberg (Chief Engineer) worked with Michael Doucot of
Electro-Voice (based in nearby Burnsville, MN) on an EV spec
that ups the ante for radio station sound studios everywhere:
QRx153/75 mains are mounted over QRx218 subs, along
with four SxA250 stage monitors, all powered by CP-series
amplifiers. EV RE410, N/D767a, and Raven microphones
handle the input end of the signal chain. It all adds up to
provide a comfortable space for hassle-free, high quality live
performance and recording.
A slew of ‘A’-list artists have performed and interviewed
in the studio since its completion in the summer of 2007,
including P-Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, Matchbox 20, Toby
Keith, Trisha Yearwood, KT Tunstall, Plain White T’s, Jessica
Simpson, Maroon 5, Colbie Caillat, and Brad Paisley. Each
of the six stations broadcasting out of the building take
advantage of this premium-quality production space; for
Cities 97 (AAA format) there are over 100 interviews and
performances annually in “Studio C”; for K102 (Country)
the room becomes re-branded “The Roadhouse”; for KFAN
(sports) it becomes “The Press Box”; for KDWB it becomes
the “Sky Room”.
Brian Thomas has over 25 years of experience as an audio
professional, including some crew time with leading Twin
Cities-based SR company Southern Thunder, where he gained
a hands-on feel for Electro-Voice equipment. These days,
Thomas’s live sound experience melds seamlessly with his
expertise in the radio realm, and every day brings something
different. “This is a dream job for someone who loves live
sound, recording, and broadcasting in equal measure,”
Thomas says. “The new and improved Studio C has been up
and running less than a year, yet it has already proven a great
investment and a real benefit to all the stations broadcasting
out of this location. We have a very broad range of artists and
special guests coming through, and everyone sounds their
best through the EV system. “Our listeners love hearing and participating in the live
performances,” Thomas adds, “and the intimate setting and
hi-fi audio quality really translate well across the airwaves.
Rather than just hearing a track from a CD, they hear a real live
performance, which goes back to the roots of radio—something
unique and exciting. And obviously it’s a great promotional
resource for visiting artists—a real added value that steers them
towards the Twin Cities when planning their promo tours. “Our annual Cities 97 Sampler CD sells out in just a couple
of hours, and now it’s sounding better than ever—almost
everything on it is recorded here. A better-sounding room
invariably yields a better-sounding performance from the
artist and a better response from the audience—this room
can accommodate an audience of around 100—the applause
you hear on-air is for the sound quality as well as for the
show! Studio C has quickly become an important resource for
all our stations; the EV equipment helped make it happen.”
“From day one we knew we wanted high-end equipment for
the best possible live performance and recording experience,”
adds Rob Goldberg. “EV was the number one brand of choice
for a number of reasons: their broadcast industry-standard
RE20 microphones are installed at over 1200 of our stations,
and all the engineers here were familiar with EV sound from
clubs and live venues. It’s professional grade gear that gives
the assurance of excellent sound quality to our guests.” NEWSflash:Summer2008
State of the Art Emergency Operations with RTS® ADAM
A new RTS® ADAM (Advanced Digital Audio Matrix) matrix
system installation at the City of Houston Emergency
Operations Center has raised the bar for mission critical
communications in EOC applications. The heart of a
supremely flexible and user-friendly intercom system that
links the Houston EOC with all appropriate city, regional, and
federal departments and agencies, the ADAM system was
supplied and installed by Bill McKee of Broadcast Technical
Services, with manufacturer support from Britt Bowers of
Telex RTS. As Terry Moore, who manages the systems at
Houston EOC, says, the one word that best describes this
installation is “interoperability”.
“The City of Houston Emergency Operations Center handles
everything from local 911 dispatching to city, county, state
and federal emergency services,” says Terry Moore. “The
Telex solution is focused towards making the Houston EOC
a state-of-the-art communications hub, allowing personnel
from the police, fire, public works, hospital and medical
infrastructure to communicate more efficiently when the
EOC is active, which is approximately 25 days a year. Both
Britt Bowers and Bill McKee had worked on an impressive
RTS intercom installation at Reliant Stadium in Houston,
and they came down to our facility to demonstrate the RTS
ADAM system. ADAM immediately demonstrated the kind of
interoperability we required to integrate all the EOC’s twoway radios, telephones and audio feeds from broadcast into a
single system.”
Moore supervised the purchase of an ADAM 96x96 matrix with
RJ12 breakout panels, along with 45 RTS keypanels (primarily
the KP-832) and PH88R5 lightweight single-sided headsets.
Also interfaced to the system are 36 channels of two-way
radios, audio from TV feeds and Telex RTS TIF-2000 analog to
digital telephone interfaces. Now, a user wearing a headset at
their keypanel can answer and make phone calls, communicate
with personnel in the field on two-way radios and monitor local
and national news feeds, all from a single position, all while
maintaining contact with other groups at the EOC.
“ADAM-EDIT functionality allows us to reassign the position
without moving any equipment,” Moore continues. “Since the
nature of our business is dealing with the unexpected, this
level of versatility and flexibility is a great advantage. We have
to quickly address who needs to be where, and this system
helps us shuffle our coordination positions accordingly when
we need to—we can focus on our people, rather than tackling
hardware logistics, which wastes time.”
The system has been used a handful of times since installation,
including for Hurricanes Humberto and Erin, and for the city’s
annual hurricane exercise. “That exercise was one of our more
interesting ones,” says Moore, “as it really showed us how the
ADAM system could have an impact on the hands-on end of
emergency management. We were aware going into the exercise
that linkage between patients coming into the Ellington Field
facility and the placement group for our Catastrophic Medical
Operations Center needed to improve. The ADAM-EDIT software
allowed us to reassign—in real time—a radio normally used
by police and fire to allow the ambulances on the street to
communicate with the people placing the patients in hospital,
all as movement was being coordinated. It was interesting
as it was the first time police and fire had been able to allow
civilians—a non-uniformed group—on their radio system. It
demonstrates that, when you have the tools in place to create an
interoperability pathway, you can streamline the work, allowing
you to take the creative opportunities that present themselves.
“Though I’m very impressed with what the ADAM system has
already done for our EOC, there are still features we haven’t
tapped yet: the ability to link two systems together, for
example,” Moore continues. “Reliant Stadium is one of the
models we followed when building our system, so, by linking our
system with the one at the stadium, our crisis communication
pathways to and from the stadium during special events—the
Rodeo, any of the NFL games, Superbowls, etc.—are a great deal
more enhanced. We are proud to have such an exemplary system
for our city—we hope this demonstrates how communications
and efficiency can be opened up to a whole new level for EOCs
around the country using this technology.”
RTS® Builds for the World Stage
How do you move a rackmount array full of state-of-the-art
communications equipment? With a forklift, of course!
seamlessly connect with over 30 of the broadcaster’s matrix
frames worldwide.
Such is the scale of communications that major broadcasters
will require for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. To
ensure optimal communications during the games, RTS®
hand-configured a huge rackmount array, or “RIB”, with
its latest intercom equipment, to serve as the worldwide
communications center for one of its major broadcast clients
at the Olympics, allowing instant contact between their
broadcast operations, headquarters, and any number of
remote locations.
The massive number of ports the RIB supports is enabled by
the 16-channel AIO-16 card. Installed directly into the ADAM
matrix intercom system, the AIO-16 card gives 16 ports of
audio IN and OUT, plus individual data for each card installed
(of up to 17) in the system. This doubles the amount of audio
ports available from its predecessor, the AIO-8. The AIO-16 is
hot swappable, allowing the user to insert the card and begin
using it instantaneously. The AIO-16 eliminates the need to
manually set keypanel addresses on the back of the unit by
enabling automated unique addressing, which greatly reduces
setup time.
The RIB includes 600 ports distributed over three rock-solid
ADAM frames, DBX series Dual Bus Expanders, KP-32 classic
series keypanels, RVON VoIP products, Intelligent Trunking
Components with telephone interfaces, as well as products
from the Emmy-winning RTS® Two-Wire line. RVON VoIP
technology and RTS® Intelligent Trunking Components make
it possible for the RIB’s 600 potential users in Beijing to
Failsafe global connectivity is essential when the world is
watching; that’s why major broadcasters have trusted RTS® at
the Olympics for 30+ years.
EVI Flies High at Mexico City
Airport’s New Terminal 2
Electro-Voice EVI series loudspeakers are providing a perfect
balance of clarity, controlled coverage, and style in the new
Terminal 2 at Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City.
Audio Video & Control Systems of Mexico City—specialists in
fixed installations with EV equipment—designed and installed
a system featuring 165 EVI-28 and 12 EVI-12 speakers for the
242,666 sq. meter terminal, which will handle an estimated
32 million passengers per year. The speakers are distributed
throughout the whole of T2, covering the check-in, departure
and arrival halls, and gates.
“With its distinctive modern architecture, wide open spaces,
and high ceilings, the new T2 demanded a loudspeaker that
could offer both aesthetic and acoustic refinement,” says
Mr. Hugo Gonzalez, Applications Specialist at AVCS. “The
EVI series is designed specifically to address areas where
controlled coverage and intelligibility is essential, and has a
tidy footprint and streamlined design that really compliments
this environment.”
Bosch Conferencing for
Ballard AGM
Mediaco, the leading Canadian events staging, audio
visual production, and equipment rental company,
recently supplied Bosch Conferencing Systems for Ballard
Power Systems Inc.’s AGM 2008, held in Vancouver, BC,
on May 8th, 2008.
“This major EVI install is part of a state-of-the-art, networked,
IP-compatible information and paging AV system that
provides a new level of performance for one of the busiest
terminals in the world,” Gonzalez adds. “As the critical
final step in the signal chain, the EVI’s superb sound
quality and seamless distribution raises the bar for audio
integration in the Latin American transport industry, just as
the new terminal has elevated the status of Benito Juarez
International amongst the world’s major airports.”
Ballard Power Systems Inc. is a world leader in the
development, manufacture, sale, and servicing of
hydrogen fuel cells. Its products and services are used in
various markets, from materials handling to residential
cogeneration, backup power, and transportation.
“The airport industry will hear the EV difference, both here
in Latin America and around the world, along with millions
of travelers,” adds Nicolas Betancur, Inside Sales Engineer Latin America, Bosch Communications Systems, “We are
delighted to be front and center in this prestigious project.”
Mediaco provided Bosch DCN Next Generation
Conferencing Systems (including desktop DCN-DISDCS
Discussion Units with Dual Channel Selectors) for the
Ballard executive team on stage for the AGM, along with
wireless discussion microphones, lighting, audio, and video
equipment, media and Webcast feeds, plasma screens,
telephone hybrids, and digital recording.
Kevin Leinbach, Principal of Mediaco, describes the
reasons for using Bosch systems: “The audio requirements
for the meeting were paramount. There were several
hundred investors and analysts both in the room and
connected via a Webcast. The Bosch DCN Discussion
Units’ illuminated ‘on’ indicator lights allowed the Ballard
executives to both see and control the on/off status of their
mics—a simple but essential detail. With overall computer
control, our technician could also monitor on/off status,
allowing for a minimum number of open microphones
at any one time and thereby increasing gain and clarity.
This was also aided by the systems’ built-in feedback
suppression. This was state-of-the-art conferencing, and
the Bosch systems worked flawlessly.”
The Rock Giants Return – With Midas XL8
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin return, the Arctic Monkeys head North, and each time, a Midas XL8 lends
the golden touch. Not only FoH engineer John Ashton (r.) was delighted
Nineteen years after their last
appearance, the three surviving members
of Led Zeppelin, together with John
Bonham’s son Jason, took to the stage
at the 02 Arena in December 2007,
to pay tribute to Ahmet Ertegun, who
signed them to Atlantic Records in
1968. A Midas XL8 Live Performance
System was central to the sound design
– as indeed it was to that of the highly
successful Arctic Monkeys tour
Technology has clearly moved on since
the trio of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and
John Paul Jones played at a concert
to celebrate Atlantic’s 40th anniversary
in 1988, and only the best would do to
recreate the band’s legendary sound,
which appeared undiminished by the
years. For this reason, at front of house
was a Midas XL8 Live Performance
System provided by Britannia Row, with
two engineers at the controls. Metallica
mixer Big Mick Hughes mixed the band Jimmy Page on guitar, John Paul Jones
on bass and drummer Jason Bonham
– while Robert Plant’s front of house
engineer Roy Williams handled the
singer’s soaring vocal range.
The decision to use the XL8 came
after Page heard it at Metallica’s
Wembley gig this summer. Plant
subsequently visited the Midas factory to
see and hear the XL8, which guaranteed
the XL8’s place on the rider. Williams
has worked as front of house engineer
for Robert Plant for almost a decade. “I’ll
always have a preference for Midas, and
the transition from analogue wasn’t as
hard as I had expected; I found the XL8
user-friendly, especially when obtaining
any EQ that I might be looking for. The
XL8 let me have my own world to work in,
with just the vocal mic and eight effects,
leaving Mick to cre­ate his world without
either of us getting in one another’s way.”
“We felt that using the XL8 gave us
an unlimited amount of options,” agrees
Hughes. “It was a good job we did, as the
input list grew to over 70 channels, and
if we’d gone analogue we would have
been into two desks. The operation of the
console made it really easy for Roy and
myself to divide the work surface. Being
able to set the last bay of the console
to the B zone and then recall a POP
(population) group containing Robert’s
vocal and effects into the B zone
meant that Roy had his own section.
This in turn allowed me the remaining
two bays and the VCA (Variable Control
Association) section to mix the band.
The ‘a/b’ headphone solo busses were
invaluable as I could be using one while
Roy used the other. And as before, when
I first used the XL8 for Metallica, the
pure sound and stereo image quality is
undeniable,” says “Big” Mick Hughes.
Arctic Monkeys on tour with XL8
Arctic Monkeys front of house engineer
John Ashton is of the same opinion.
Ashton embarked on last year’s Arctic
Monkeys’ tour of Europe and the UK
with the XL8 after only a few hours’
training. “I picked it up really quickly,”
recalls Ashton, “although it looked a bit
daunting at first. The onboard dynamics
are brilliant, the EQ and preamp sound
quality is fantastic, and the POP
(population) groups are one of the
greatest innovations I’ve ever seen.”
Bosch Communications Systems – New Products
Klark Teknik DN9696
Klark Teknik Square One Splitter
High-Resolution Complete Solution
New Arrival In The Square One Series
In the new DN9696 high-resolution hard-disk recorder,
Klark Teknik is bringing to the market a high-end recording
solution specially optimized for live applications. Up to 96
individual tracks can be recorded simultaneously in 24-bit
resolution at a sample rate of 96 kHz. The recording capacity
of the internal hard disk is nine hours, with a mirrored
drive capacity to allow simultaneous internal and external
HD recording. Both front panel operation and the use of a
software interface are supported, as are both stand-alone
operation and the convenience of integration into digital XL8
systems from Midas. The files are in BWAV format (Broadcast
Wave Files) and can therefore be imported by any digital
audio workstation (DAW) for further editing. The heart of
the DN9696 is a modified version of the SADiE MTR software
and DSP core. Especially for live recording applications, the
headphone monitoring of channels has been implemented and
generously dimensioned transport controls (Start, Stop and
Record) provided on the front panel. Thanks to its compact
dimensions and simple cabling requirements, even large-scale
recordings can be conducted using the DN9696 by persons
other than specialist recording engineers.
The new Klark Teknik Square ONE Splitter is the third
addition to the popular Square ONE range, representing an
easy-to-operate, eight-channel splitting solution for a whole
series of applications – from corporate to concert sound. The
integrated microphone preamps are derived from Midas’s
top-of-the-range digital console, the XL8, and offer a dynamic
range of 140 dB and an extremely high common mode
rejection ratio (CMRR) as well as being able to cope without
difficulty with input levels as high as +22 dBu. Another of the
main features of the new splitter is a third set of transformerisolated, balanced fixed level outputs on the front panel for
the swift connection of recording devices as well as wireless
transmission equipment. The Splitter also offers a 1-into-16
media split function that makes it possible to route input 8 to
the 16 XLR outputs on the rear panel of the device – simply
by throwing a switch. This is ideal for press conferences and
other multi-signal applications. Like its popular siblings, the
Square ONE Dynamics and Square ONE Graphic, the new
Square ONE Splitter embodies all the acknowledged virtues
of Klark Teknik equipment: optimum ease-of-use, high-end
audio performance and a multitude of functions to satisfy the
highest expectations.
Electro-Voice announces complete line of
fixed installation loudspeakers—EV Innovation™
Electro-Voice is proud to announce the introduction of a
complete line of fixed installation loudspeakers at InfoComm
2008. The EV Innovation line will feature a total of 177
separate product skus and offers the professional audio
designer, contractor, consultant, and installer a vast number
of choices to meet the demands of any fixed installation’s
acoustical and aesthetic requirements.
Featuring the new SMX woofer family and ND2B HF
compression driver, the new EV-I family of fixed install
products employs a uniform method of transducer
manufacturing to deliver unprecedented audio performance.
Seven new waveguide patterns—along with input panel and
rigging details shared across the entire product family—add up
to offer a unique balance of versatility and precision.
EVF Series – Front-load product family using our latest transducer technology.
EVH Series –Horn-load coaxial design product family using our latest
technologies, including our new rotatable HF waveguide.
EVA Series –Expandable Vertical Array – a new line array designed for the
fixed installation market, where all the benefits of a line array are
needed without all the cost. Versatility beyond any other product.
Electro-Voice DC-One Digital Controller: Swift Access To Immense Possibilities
With the new DC-One, Electro-Voice
is setting new benchmarks in userfriendliness and high-end audio quality.
Based on a two-in-six topology, the DCOne is designed primarily for users of
small- to medium-sized sound systems in
both mobile and installed applications.
Based on a powerful SHARC processor,
it is fully parameter-compatible with all
other Electro-Voice signal processors,
offering maximum performance with
user-friendly control for a wide range
of sys­tem configurations. The DC-One
can be operated either using the free
PC editing software or swiftly and easily
via the front panel, intuitive operation
and transparency having been major
development priorities. The access to
presets and their parameters can be
individually delimited. The 19-inch / 1U
device is equipped with two analogue
inputs with 6 dB pad switches, an AES/
EBU input and six analogue line level
outputs. A USB port on the front panel
facilitates the connection of a PC. With
the 9-pin Sub-D socket on the rear
panel, two DC-One units can be linked in
Master/Slave mode via the RS-232, which
also provides eight contact closures for
preset changes.
Electro-Voice ZX3: Lightweight For Every Challenge
With the ZX3, Electro-Voice is setting
new standards in twelve-inch, twoway loudspeakers for the mobile and
installation markets. Featuring the new
DVX312 twelve-inch woofer and the ND2
neodymium driver, the ZX3 fits between
the eight-inch ZX1 and fifteen-inch ZX5 in
the successful ZX series. Its wide-range
of accessories and high-quality drivers
make the ZX3 the epi­tome of versatility:
whether in array configurations, flying
from trusses, or mounted on poles;
whether on monitor duty or in a front-ofhouse system with subwoofers; the ZX3
takes every challenge in its stride. The
ZX3 offers the same functionality as the
larger ZX5: a choice of coverage patterns
is offered in the high-frequency range (90°
x 50° or 60° x 60°); the monitoring angle
is adjustable (45° or 55°); both passive
and bi-amping modes are supported; and
there are seven M8 rigging points. The ZX3
is available in black and white, as well as
in a weatherproof PI version.
Introducing PL Series: a complete family of world-class
microphones from Electro-Voice
The new Electro-Voice PL Series offers an unprecedented
level of price-to-performance value in microphones for
professional live sound reinforcement and installed sound
Inspired by the PL legacy that began in the 1970’s, the new
2008 PL line represents EV’s commitment to bringing a
comprehensive family of vocal and instrument microphone
products to the professional live sound community. Featuring
seven vocal models and three instrument models, the new
PL series’ exceptional durability, sonic performance, and
contemporary styling meet the needs of today’s sound system
All PL Series models feature a unique non-reflective textured
satin finish, high-quality fine mesh Memraflex™ grills, shockmounted capsules for extraordinarily-low handling noise, and
polar patterns strategically chosen to deliver superb sonic
performance with minimal off-axis complications.
PL Series Vocal Group
The entry-level dynamic supercardioid PL24 and PL24S
(switched version) offer all around vocal clarity in any live
sound application. The PL44 is a dynamic supercardioid
voice-contoured for transparency and high-mid lift. The
dynamic supercardioid PL80a is robust, forgiving, and EQfriendly, delivering up-front vocal placement in professional
sound applications. The PL80c maintains all of the sonic
characteristics of the PL80a, with the added cosmetic detail
of the “Classic” PL finish reminiscent of the legacy PL80
from years ago. And the condenser cardioid PL84 and PL84S
(switched version) are carefully voiced for intimate detail and
presence, enhancing the creative expression of professional
PL Series Instrument Group
The dynamic supercardioid PL33 kick drum and low
frequency instrument microphone delivers all the tight
low-end and punctuation needed for today’s demanding
sound requirements. Putting a new angle on drum miking,
the dynamic supercardioid PL35 is designed and voiced
for tom and snare miking, with a unique physical design
that eliminates the need for right-angle XLR connectors,
minimizing cable clutter over the drum. Rounding out the
instrument line-up, PL37 small diaphragm condenser cardioid
overhead cymbal and instrument microphone crisply captures
all of the performance detail of overhead drums, percussion,
and acoustic instruments.
Electro-Voice EVID FM: New Models For In-Wall Installation
The new members of the EVID product
family, the FM6.2 and FM4.2, are robust
and yet elegant sealed enclosures
delivering audio of the high­est quality.
The EVID FM6.2 is equipped with a sixinch woofer, a six-inch tuned passive
radiator, and a one-inch tweeter; the
smaller EVID FM4.2 boasts a four-inch
tweeter, a four-inch tuned passive
radiator, and a one-inch tweeter. All
components are housed in shallow,
fully-sealed enclosures for consistent
performance and superior sound
isolation from adjacent rooms. This
innovative low profile design also gives
the FM series increased structural
integrity: the specially designed
ribbed back can eliminates flexing,
while the transformer mounted on the
back can surface, further enhances
stiffness. Secure phoenix-style passthrough connectors offer easy wiring
and installation. Both systems deliver
exceptional extended bass response
relative to their compact size, and are
designed to work seam­lessly with all
EVID series subwoofers
where additional low end reinforcement
is required.
Electro-Voice XLC and XLVC Additions:
Important System Extensions For The XLC And XLVC
Having been upgraded using EV’s latest
DVX transducer technology, the XLC
mid-sized line array is joined by new
additions to the series. XLC907DVX is
the 90-degree version of the XLC127DVX.
It serves as a perfect long-throw
extension for existing XLC127DVX rigs,
as well as in venues requiring a narrower
pattern. Used in combination with the
basic B1 and B2 grids, the new TAEXLC (Tilt Angle Extender) allows the
use of extreme array angles without an
additional pull-up point. A 90-degree
horizontal version is also now available
for both the XLD and XLE very compact
line arrays: XLD291 is the equivalent
dual-eight-inch, dual ND2 version to
XLD281; XLE191 is the most compact
single-eight-inch, dual ND2 system. The
TAE-XLVC (Tilt Angle Extender) fly-bar
allows extreme array angles, especially
in low clearance areas. The XCS312 is
a triple-twelve-inch cardioid subwoofer
for flown or ground stacked applications
with both XLD and XLE systems.
Dynacord D12a and D 12-3a : D-Lite Now Powered
DYNACORD is presenting for the
first time powered versions of
the light, powerful and robust
D 12 loudspeaker. The active cabinets
bring to the market the same loudspeaker
configuration as their passive equivalents.
The D 12A is equipped with an ElectroVoice DL12BFH twelve-inch loudspeaker
for the bass and midrange and a constant
directivity HF horn with the high-power
ND 2 driver from Electro-Voice. The threeway version, D 12-3A, offers in addition an
extremely low-distortion DYNACORD DND
6120 neodymium diaphragm loudspeaker
for the midrange. The constant directivity
HF horn of the D 12-3A employs a DH 3
driver from Electro-Voice. With the D 12A
and D 12-3A powered loudspeakers, the
power is delivered by state-of-the-art
technology: integrated 350-watt (lo) and
150-watt (mid/hi) digital power amplifiers
and signal processing specially tuned to
the loudspeakers. The input signal can be
introduced not only by an XLR but also by a
jack plug and looped through to additional
D 12 A or D 12-3A boxes as the case may
be via an XLR cable. The integrated level
control provides a convenient means of
adjus­ting the volume.
Dynacord D-Lite 1000: Ultra-Compact, Ultra-Powerful
The compact DYNACORD D-LITE 1000
system is the convincing solution
for virtually all users of mobile audio
systems. With minimal dimensions and
a total weight of less than 45 kilos, the
D-LITE 1000 packs easily into the boot
of a small car. Once set up, of course,
the system proves to be a performance
giant, satisfying all the requirements of
a mobile system in typical DYNACORD
quality. Comprising two DYNACORD D8
satellites and the new active PowerSub
312, the system offers not only high
sound pressure levels but also masses of
projection and coverage. It also achieves
brilliantly transparent reproduction with
very low distortion. High intelligibility
is therefore guaranteed even under
acoustically difficult conditions. For
mobile DJ applications, the powerful
low bass reproduction, which reaches
all the way down to 43 Hz, is ideal.
The lightweight digital power amplifier
(800W + 2 x 250W) integrated into the
PowerSub 312 is perfectly tuned to the
system in every respect and supports also
the connection of e.g. two additional D 8
satellites and a passive Sub 112 as a bass
extension. Furthermore, the diverse and
extensive array of protections guarantees
an ideal level of operating security.
Dynacord Powersub 312:
Fresh Wind In The Subwoofer Segment
The mighty PowerSub 312 with its total
output of 1300 watts provides masses
of pressure in the sub-bass region
as well as supplying the power for
satellite loudspeakers. The PowerSub
312 twelve-inch powered subwoofer
with its integrated three-channel power
amplifier was specially designed to
permit the swift and simple construction
of a subwoofer satellite system. Two
passive loudspeakers (e.g. DYNACORD
D 8) are needed as satellites, and these
are then connected to the Speakon
outputs provided for the purpose by
the PS312. The integrated lightweight
digital power amplifier (800 watts + 2
x 250 watts) is optimally tuned to the
integrated DYNACORD DND 12S400
woofer, providing the widest possible
dynamic range and best possible audio
performance, whilst at the same time
ensuring that the DYNACORD DND
12S400 woofer is at all times driven
within its ideal working range. To ensure
that operating limits are respected,
the device is equipped with a wide
variety of protections, such as voice coil
protection and DC/HF protection. As a
result, the PS312 can stand up to even
the most extreme demands. The ‘Class
D Digital Technology’ of the power
amplifier ensures that power dissipation
remains very low, considerably reducing
the thermal load.
Bosch adds digital recording and playback
to its CCS 800 Ultro Discussion System
Bosch Security Systems has updated its CCS 800 Ultro
Discussion System with built-in MP3 recording capability
to enable record and playback of actual to-the-minute
meeting proceedings.
The Bosch CCS 800 Ultro has already proven itself as a
discussion system for small and middle-sized gatherings
and conferences in, for example, city council chambers,
courtrooms, and local business centers. Simple to install
and straightforward to use, the system has all the facilities
required for achieving full control of meetings and
discussions, without the need for an operator. Participants
follow the proceedings on tabletop loudspeaker units
and, when necessary, can take part using the microphone
integrated in the Bosch CCS 800 Ultro tabletop unit.
The new MP3 recording facility has been added to enable
digital recordings of sessions to be made for later playback
or archiving. Built into the system’s control unit, the MP3
audio recorder enables users to record MP3-compatible
audio recordings on individual Secure Digital (SD)
Cards. The recordings can be played back via a monitor
loudspeaker integrated into the control unit or via the
Bosch CCS 800 Ultro tabletop unit.
The control unit also features an LCD screen that displays
information such as the date and time of a recording, file
name, elapsed recording time, number of recorded tracks,
and memory status. The SD card can be removed from
the control unit and processed on a PC for transcription
purposes using the BOSCH DCN-MRT Transcription
Software. Recordings can also be retrieved by connecting
the PC to the control unit’s USB port.
The system can also easily integrate with external
equipment, including Bosch simultaneous interpretation,
separate microphones, and a public address system for
the audience.
New Keypanel:
With Color Display
The KP-32CLD is the new flagship keypanel from RTS. This
innovative solution satisfies all the basic requirements of a
keypanel as well as offering numerous new features for keypanel
control. The KP-32CLD offers an integrated 4.9-inch colour LCD
that displays the most important functions in a user-friendly way.
The ergonomic design features a flat front panel that fits flush
within a rack-mount configuration. The KP-32CLD offers a whole
range of new features. Up to six auxiliary inputs are permitted,
for example, and independent digital gain control is provided for
microphones, as well as configurable audio routing. Thirty-two
multi-directional keys are offered for talk, listen, and emulation
of traditional LCP control function.
The KP-32CLD is perfectly conceived to adapt to future
developments. It has been designed, for example, to allow
for an expansion panel, program assign panel, and optional
connections to the matrix. It supports not only today’s but also
future transmission formats, and a USB connector (for future
expansion and other planned interface features) is already
integrated. In the realm of digital signal processing, the KP-32CLD
offers Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Equalization, Mixing, Filtering,
and Metering. Hardly surprising, then, that during the IBC 2007,
the broadcasting magazine TV Technology Europe awarded the
KP-32CLD keypanel its STAR award for “outstanding technical
innovation in the broadcasting sector”. Comments Nico Lewis,
Director Sales CCS EMEA at TELEX/RTS: “This award confirms
that we are on the right track. The new keypanel was developed
in collaboration with our most important partners and customers
and corresponds exactly to the industry’s needs.”
Green Thinking: Bosch and the Environment
Green thinking on a global scale is nothing new to Bosch.
One of Bosch’s core values is commitment to preserving the
environment through innovative approaches to the products
they manufacture, as well as the partnerships they form with
leaders in various industries. Sustainability, responsibility and
continuous improvement are tenets shared by associates and
partners around the world. This has been demonstrated by
the company’s proven track record in providing technological
solutions that save energy, protect the environment and make
life itself safer.
the new online Green Resource Center launched by Bosch
Home Appliances Corporation. The only manufacturer
with a complete portfolio of EPA ENERGY STAR® qualified
appliances across all product segments, Bosch has created a
user-friendly, one-stop destination at www.boschappliances.
com with unique tools, such as an Energy Savings Calculator
that quickly computes energy costs and savings for individual
Bosch appliances and a localized rebate finder. Bosch was
named in GreenBuilding’s sixth annual list for most exciting
Green Building Products in 2007.
In practice, Bosch employs low-impact manufacturing
processes while designing the most efficient products on
the market. In fact, Bosch introduced a global integrated
management system for environmental issues that makes
certain they maintain high standards for environmental
responsibility wherever their operations take them. More than
40% of Bosch’s Research and Development budget goes into
products that conserve resources and protect the environment.
In the company’s security and communications division,
Bosch was one of the first professional audio companies
to fully comply with all applicable environmental laws and
regulations, including the European Union’s Waste Electrical
and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Restriction of
Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives.** By January 1st,
2006, a full six months before the directives were enforced,
Bosch pro audio brands Dynacord, Electro-Voice, and Midas
had converted its Straubing, Germany-based production
facility entirely to lead-free soldering. The switch to waterbased soldering flux was implemented in August 2005, leading
to a reduction of 4,000 kilos annually in solvent use. Bosch
also completed conversions of products as required for sale
in and to the European Union, and material composition
data and certification is continuously being updated for all
component parts.
One of the key topics for the 2008 Annual Bosch Press
Conference in Stuttgart, Germany was “Growth Through
Energy Conservation Technologies”. Whether in the
automotive, heating, power tools, home appliances,
automation/packaging, or security and communications
industries, Bosch continues to work on environmental
friendly technologies, including solar, wind, alternative fuel,
and geothermal renewable energy sources. For example,
Bosch is a key player in the manufacturing of large gears
for wind power generators, and is pushing research in the
areas of solar collection and ocean wave collection systems.
At the consumer level, Bosch continues to develop solar
technologies used in water heating systems around the world.
In the Bosch automotive technologies division, the company
is a leader in the common rail diesel and gasoline direct
injection markets. Both technologies, when compared to
regular gasoline vehicles, offer consumers substantially
improved fuel economy as well as reduced CO2 emissions.
Bosch is also designing and manufacturing engine
management systems and injection components compatible
with alternative fuels, as well as working on “start-stop”
technologies reduce fuel consumption by up to 8 percent in
urban traffic.
In the power tools division, the company recently introduced
the industry’s first lithium-ion battery platform with the option
of two different battery packs, offering consumers and trade
professionals reduced weight and increased runtime.
Additionally, Bosch is unparalleled for its innovations in the
design and manufacture of eco-friendly home appliances.
For example, saving money while protecting the environment
just became easier for homeowners and builders, thanks to
The Bosch facility in Straubing, Germany has a long
tradition of environmental awareness in its production
methods. Besides the transitioning from solvent-oriented
to water-based processes—which are far less harmful to
the environment—over the past several years synthetic
materials have come to comprise the majority of its
loudspeaker enclosure production, eliminating the discharge
of harmful solvents. A further giant step was taken in 2004
with the installation of a perfectly adapted filter plant at
the Hohenwarth production facility, whose air quality has
been rated “dust-free”. The company’s main loudspeaker
production facility in Morrilton, Arkansas and microphones/
electronics production facility in Lincoln, Nebraska have
also made significant improvements consistent with Bosch’s
continual approach to reducing the environmental impact of
its manufacturing technologies. All products manufactured
in Morrilton and Lincoln and placed on the market in the
European Union or Peoples Republic of China are RoHS
compliant. Likewise, Bosch’s automotive manufacturing
facility in Charleston, South Carolina has employed an
innovative approach to treating wastewater, thereby reducing
the use of chemicals, heavy metal pollutants and sludge sent
to the landfill. The list goes on.
Ultimately, Bosch is a great example of how a company can
make the most of its environmental strategy to innovate,
create value and build a competitive advantage. A company
respected around the globe, Bosch continues to prove its core
values of environmental and social responsibility are integral
to its success. The company’s historical, contemporary, and
forward-looking efforts prove that green thinking is more than
marketing and catchy slogans; it’s purpose put into practices
that positively affect us all.
** WEEE Directive (2002/96/EC)
The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive
(WEEE) applies to companies that manufacture, sell,
distribute, recycle or treat electrical and electronic equipment
to consumers in the European Union (EU). It covers all large
and small household appliances, IT equipment, radio and
audio equipment, electrical tools and telecommunications
equipment. The directive aims to reduce waste arising from
electrical and electronic equipment and to improve the
environmental performance of all those involved in the life
cycle of these products.
WEEE Recycling/Disposal Instructions
The Wheelie Bin symbol found on the product
or in the manual indicated that this product
must not be disposed of with other waste. It is
the user’s responsibility to properly dispose of
their waste electrical and electronic equipment
(WEEE) at the end of its life. Due to the
differences in each EU country’s management
of WEEE, please contact your local authorities,
waste disposal service, recycling center or the
dealer where you purchased the equipment for
information on the correct method of disposal.
Applicable to all products “Placed on the
Market” in the Peoples Republic of China.
China RoHS
As of 1st March 2007, the Management Methods for
Controlling Pollution Caused by Electronic Information
Products regulation went into force. It affects manufacturers,
sellers, distributors and recyclers of EIP’s (Electronic
Information Products) containing Lead, Cadmium, Mercury,
Hexavalent Chromium, Polybrominated Biphenyl (PBB) and
Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (PBDE) placed on the market
in the People’s Republic of China. All products placed on
the market in the Peoples Republic of China are marked in
accordance with the “Marking for Control of Pollution Caused
by Electronic Information Products”, People’s Republic of
China Electronic Industry Standard SJ/T11364-2006, issued
by the Ministry of Information Industry.
EIP’s that contain any of the six listed substances
above the MCV (Maximum Concentration
Value) including those that currently have
an EU exemption are marked with an EPUP
(Environmental Protection Use Period) label. China
RoHS does not include any exemptions.
A China Information Table is shipped with all EIP’s placed
on the market in the Peoples Republic of China. The
Table identifies sub assemblies that contain any of the six
substances and an X indicates the presence of that substance.
RoHS Directive (2002/95/EC)
The Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and
Electronic Equipment (RoHS) Directive was passed into
law by the EU. It affects manufacturers, sellers, distributors
and recyclers of electrical and electronic equipment
containing Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Hexavalent Chrome,
Polybrominated Biphenyl (PBB) and Polybrominated Diphenyl
Ether (PBDE). As of July 1st, 2006, the use of these materials
has been restricted in new products sole in Europe.
As of 1st April 2008, the use of Deca-BDE
(Decabromodiphenyl ether) as a flame retardant has been
banned in Norway and has been banned in Europe effective
from the 30th June 2008.
EIP’s that either do not contain or contain any
of the six listed substances below the MCV are
marked with the compliant green “e” label. If the
product is too small or irregularly shaped, the “e”
symbol is placed in the user.
EVI Audio GmbH complies with all the requirements specified
by China RoHS for all products placed on the market in the
Peoples Republic of China.
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