Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clock Assembly Instructions

Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clock Assembly Instructions
Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clock Assembly Instructions
1) Remove the clock from the carton by holding the frame, practicing caution to avoid pulling on the
figurines or decorative attachments.
2) Open the latches on the back panel, and remove the panel.
3) Pull out the wire clamps from each of the two bellows.
**Note: Do not bend any of the movement wire connections.
Carefully remove the cardboard under the strike gong.
Check that the extension for the pendulum is going through the slot in the case .
Re-attach back panel, and close latches.
**For Hunter Style Clocks only, fix the deer head on the attachment, and mount onto front roof of the
Select a place for your clock (approximately 6-7 feet above the floor / 1.8-2m).
a) Position clock far enough from the wall to secure it properly.
b) Confirm that the clock is hanging horizontally, straight and flush on the wall to ensure that the
pendulum will not touch the case.
c) The clock must be 100% perpendicular.
d) Mount a sturdy screw on a small angle to the wall using a rawl plug.
Turn the door latch so it is clear of the cuckoo door.
Unwrap the chain retaining wire at the bottom of the clock and let the chains fall toward the floor.
Remove any knots from the chains and pull out the retaining wire completely.
Hang the pendulum onto the wire-loop, and hang the weights onto the weight hooks.
Start the clock by pulling the pendulum to one side and releasing it to swing.
a) Adjust the clock on the wall to achieve an even tick tock.
b) To achieve this, move the case carefully from side to side (i.e. level horizontally) until it has
an even sound.
** Do not turn the clock upside-down at any time after removing the retaining wire.
13) The clock is set to 12 o’clock (noon). For setting the correct time, turn the minute hand (long hand) slowly
forward or backwards until hour and minute hand show the correct time.
** Note: Do not turn the hour hand.
14) If the clock is not keeping good time this can be corrected by moving the pendulum bob up to make the
clock run faster, or down to make it run slower. (For pendulums with an adjusting screw, turn screw to
move the bob up or down). **Note: +/- 2mm = approx. +/- 10Min./day.
15) Winding up the clock:
a) 1-day clocks: Pull each chain down slowly to raise the weight.
b) 8-day clocks: When pulling the chain down slowly, assist the weight with your hand.
**Important: Do not pull the weights down as this can result in severe damage to pulleys.
16) For clocks with manual or automatic night shut-off for strike, cuckoo call and music, please see the
following. (The operation of this feature is from the left side, or from below the case).
 Option 1: Manual shut-off
a) Position I = Off
b) Position II = On (Position II does not exist for clocks with manual shut-off).
 Option 2: Automatic night shut-off
a) Position I = Permanently On
b) Position II = Automatic night shut-off from 9:00pm through 8:00am
c) Position III = Permanently Off
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