Yaesu FT-7800R Programming Steps 1. Press VM/MW key 3 . from

Yaesu FT-7800R Programming Steps 1. Press VM/MW key 3 . from
Yaesu FT-7800R Programming Steps
Press VM/MW key 3rd. from right multiple times momentarily until you reach
VFO mode
Enter desired frequency by pushing appropriate numeric microphone keys.
Press Low/ACC key third from Left multiple times momentarily until Transmit
Power set. It is not necessary to set the band when frequency is entered
using numeric microphone keys
Press Momentarily the TONE/HM/RV Key second from the left until EMC is
on display.
To Set PL Tone push and hold BAND/SET key and turn dial to menu #44 TN
FRQ and then push the BAND/SET key momentarily to display PL tone
frequencies and turn knob to desired PL tone frequency, then press again
momentarily to return to TN FRQ and press and hold BAND/SET key to
return to VFO
To set offset, ARS is on and will adjust automatically according to entered
frequency. To set Simplex mode and turn off offset, push and hold
BAND/SET (middle key 4 from right and left) key to enter Set mode and
turn dial to menu #33 RPT Off.
While in VFO mode after saving Power level, PL Tone, offset and frequency
desired, push and HOLD the VM/MW (third key from right) until memory
location number blinks. Turn dial to desired memory location within 10
seconds and press momentarily VM/MW key to save data into that memory
location and return to VFO mode.
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