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VOLVO i-shift
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VOLVO i-shift
An automated
with digital
Volvo has made the industry’s most advanced
automated manual transmission even better. The
latest edition of the I-Shift comes standard on all
Volvo trucks and includes upgraded hardware
and software, greater durability and a new
countershaft brake for improved performance
and smoother shifting. The electronic control
unit can handle any load and any road, shifting
perfectly every time. Clutch durability and torsional
dampening have also been improved for both the
D11 and D13.
Makes every driver more
Our newest I-Shift makes drivers
more productive, using intelligent
electronics to continuously
monitor grade, speed, weight,
and engine load, shifting when
necessary or holding a gear—
whichever saves more fuel. So
regardless of experience or
training, I-Shift helps every driver
become more fuel-efficient.
Eases your mind and your
left foot.
When you drive an I-Shift,
you’ll never want to deal with
a clutch pedal again. I-Shift lets
you concentrate on the task at
hand—delivering freight—not
on what gear you’re in. It’s easy
to use and always ready with
the right gear, so missed shifts
and sore knees are a thing of
the past. With I-Shift, just sit
back, get comfortable, and
concentrate on your driving.
Brains, brawn, and value.
I-Shift has a 2,300 lb-ft torque
rating, so it’s compatible with
every engine in our lineup.
Upgraded internal hardware
delivers increased durability
and faster shifting – improving
performance, fuel efficiency
and drivability.
Design changes save fuel
and time.
I-Shift’s redesigned transmission
cooler optimizes fluid temperature
in cold and warm climates, improving
fuel efficiency. Connections
throughout the transmission are
also upgraded for faster maintenance
during service stops.
When your route includes rolling or hilly terrain,
Volvo’s innovative I-See option employs self-learning
knowledge of road topography to work with I-Shift,
helping your drivers optimize the truck’s speed and
gear-shifting in the most fuel-efficient way.
For heavy haul and vocational jobs there’s the
I-Shift for Severe Duty and the new I-Shift with
Crawler Gears, which provides controlled forward
and reverse travel at extremely low speeds, and
extreme startability for maximum GCW applications.
Whatever your need, I-Shift can help keep fuel
costs down, slow driveline wear, reduce noise
and vibration, extend transmission life, and lower
maintenance costs.
Extreme fuel efficiency.
Great driveability.
The award-winning eXceptional Efficiency (XE) package pushes Volvo’s commitment
to fuel-efficiency and reliability even further.
XE isn’t a single fuel-saving feature, it’s a completely customized solution that perfectly
matches your vehicle and powertrain settings to the needs of your business. It all starts
with choosing the right Volvo engine and matching it with I-Shift; then, we help you
choose the optimum efficiency package based on your application. Together, these factors
can help you save up to an additional 0.2 mpg or more. That can mean savings of
as much as $2,000 per year, per truck.
You tell us what you haul and where you haul it, and we’ll tell you how XE can help
your trucks get the job done while helping your business save big on fuel.
The XE package gets smarter every year, and is now available in a new package
designed exclusively for liquid tanker, flatbed, and bulk haul applications.
XE Adaptive Gearing.
The first drivetrain in the industry to use rear suspension load to
change the driveline based on whether the vehicle is loaded or
unloaded. It gives you two transmissions in one: the performance
of a direct drive when loaded, and a downspeeding overdrive
when light.
A wider sweet spot.
In some applications, XE packages help you save fuel by
widening the sweet spot rpm range of the engine. Traditional
drivelines achieve peak fuel efficiency between 1300-1500 rpm.
But through Volvo’s use of downspeeding, XE widens the range
to 1050-1500 rpm. For every 100 rpm of downspeeding, fuel
efficiency is improved by approximately 1.5%. Since the Volvo
XE13 package downspeeds the engine by 200 rpm or more,
you’ll realize a total fuel efficiency increase of up to 3%.
Choose your torque.
The latest XE13 package is now available with your choice
of different engine torque management software. XE Economy
lowers engine torque in the starting gears, maximizing tire and
driveline reliability while providing ample power and torque to
get the job done at cruise speed. XE High Torque allows maximum
torque in all gears, for those who prefer a faster transition to
cruise speed.
Now every road is
worth remembering.
Combine I-Shift with an intelligent cruise control and you get I-See. It’s a
unique system that learns the topography of the road. Later on, it automatically
uses its knowledge to save fuel when the intelligent cruise control is engaged.
When I-See knows an uphill grade is coming, it increases
speed in preparation. Once the climb begins, I-See uses its
stored knowledge to avoid unnecessary downshifts towards
the top. You approach the crest smoothly without wasting fuel
in a lower gear at the top of the climb.
Just before the slope, I-See engages Eco-Roll® which
disengages the driveline and lets the truck roll for the
optimum period before re-engaging the driveline. This saves
energy and minimizes the need for braking. I-See also knows
when the slope ends. So it can apply the engine brake gently
in time, rather than abruptly at the end, or continue to gain
momentum for an upcoming hill.
Built for the toughest jobs.
The improved I-Shift for Severe Duty transmission is built for rugged applications. It can
be found standard on all VHD and VNX models and is optional for all other models. The
latest edition of the I-Shift for Severe Duty includes upgraded hardware and software,
improved engaging sleeves and a new countershaft brake for improved performance and
smoother shifting.
Power take-off.
It has never been easier to perform multiple tasks with your
truck, thanks to Volvo’s power take-off (PTO). With nine
PTO offerings, Volvo offers the right combination for your
application, no matter what body you operate or powered
equipment you have to drive. With the ability to provide
PTO drive connections in three different positions (Front
Engine PTO, Rear Engine PTO and Transmission Mounted
PTO) for gear pumps, piston pumps or direct drive shaft
connections, you’ll find the right match for your job.
Performance software package.
The I-Shift with the Performance software package offer the
P+ Enhanced Performance mode, adapted for construction
and heavy haul applications. This mode includes various
functions that adapt shift points and gear selection to
poor driving surfaces and hilly road stretches. It includes
functions that aid starting from a standstill in less than ideal
driving conditions. The performance software package also
gives the driver the ability to rock free if needed.
Power launch.
The Power Launch feature is a part of the performance
software package. It is activated to provide extra torque
when starting from a standstill, when loaded to capacity,
or on poor terrain. The feature matches torque to the terrain,
minimizing wheel-slip on soft surfaces.
Make the shift to ultra
low-speed control.
When steep-grade startability, low-speed maneuverability, or maximum GCW
loads are critical, the I-Shift with Crawler Gears is the answer. The crawler
option adds either one or two gears to the I-Shift for Severe Duty, a low gear
and an ultra-low gear, making it a 13- or 14-speed transmission.
Ready. Set. Slow.
The new I-Shift with Crawler Gears is
now available for vocational applications.
It enables controlled forward and reverse
travel at extremely slow speeds, down to
0.6 mph with a 3.58 rear axle ratio. It is
perfect for paving and curbing applications.
The new I-Shift brings fuel efficiencies at
highway speeds because you are able to
run at lower RPMs.
Extreme loads are no problem.
The I-Shift with Crawler Gears can haul
up to 220,000 lbs.*, among the industry’s
highest weight ratings. The crawler gears
deliver outstanding steep-grade startability.
And it still comes standard with the smooth
shifting and fuel efficiency drivers expect
from the I-Shift.
*Requires component compatibility approval.
Industry leading.
Just in case.
To make sure that our trucks are the safest on the road, we combine advanced
engineering with active and passive safety systems. I-Shift serves an important
role in keeping drivers safe and alert.
Fewer distractions.
I-Shift takes away the physical and mental demands
of changing gears, which reduces driver fatigue and
provides more time for the driver to give full attention
to surrounding traffic.
At your fingertips.
Reaching is eliminated by a control stalk on the side
of the steering column. The cruise control and all
engine brake controls, along with transmission
information, are all within easy access for the driver.
Volvo Engine Brake.
The I-Shift is perfectly integrated with our intelligent
Volvo Engine Brake (VEB). VEB allows for multiple
levels of engine brake blending with the pedal. It can
also assume100% control to maximize retardation
and overall engine brake performance. During coasting,
the brake cruise and engine brake can be activated.
No matter where,
we’re there to support
your business.
I-Shift improves uptime by reducing wear-and-tear on the powertrain. But
when you do need regular maintenance, our world-class dealer network
means your trucks are never far from the quality care you expect. With more
than 360 dealers and thousands of service locations across North America,
Volvo’s Uptime Services help you through every step of a service event, and
make sure your trucks stay where they belong—on the road.
Service intervals.
I-Shift requires minimal service and maintenance. Oil
drain intervals for on-highways applications can
extend up to 500,000 miles. The integrated lube
filter provides protection against foreign particles in
the transmission, and the actuator is completely
sealed to be maintenance free.
The I-Shift transmission is backed by one of
the industry’s leading warranties: up to 5 years/
750,000 miles/15,000 hours on the transmission,
and 3 years/300,000 miles on the clutch for over
the road applications.
The Volvo I-Shift allows for unlimited torque and
engine power settings and can be upgraded at
any time with a software update, providing greater
flexibility for your applications and greater value
at resale.
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