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a new era
Next to each other – with each other
Flying is our passion. When we have overcome gravity with neck and crop and when the air becomes our element, we
can feel the infinite freedom tickling all over our body. Every single thread of us tries to realize the never-ending vastness, every single breath pumps fresh air into our lungs. We are part of the vastness. We are one with the sky. We are free.
This interaction of emotion and energy gets a completely new dimension with the Cavalon. Experiencing the flight next
to each other means enjoying the flight with each other. Sharing the room next to each other means feeling the room with
each other. The Cavalon is new way of flying, a shared flying. We are next to each other, we are with each other.
Cavalon – Boarding Enthusiasm
We are fascinated. Thought-out design and superior presence forms the image of the Cavalon. With its characteristic
double wing doors, it invites us to a completely new flying experience. Every little detail shows us the new orientation and
we are amazed by the exclusive form of the aircraft. The generous picture windows offer the perfect frame for our great
view and the wide gills grace the sportive rear for our flying fun. We are boarded.
A joy shared is a joy doubled
Effortlessly we lift off and feel comfortable. The Cavalon adjusts to us and our demands, and gives us the freedom
of simply enjoying the flight together. Next to each other we can appreciate the same view and share the
experience of the lighthearted freedom. Calm and considerate it chauffeurs us, so that we can enjoy the
comfort and the high standard without restriction. The Cavalon is convincing. We are relaxed.
Focused, determined, arrived
We have asked for this aircraft and it has been built to our
interior and alleviate boarding and deboarding. Without dif-
demands. The Cavalon leaves nothing to be desired. Having
ficulty, we may adapt the many individually adjustable fea-
been developed at record speed, it has been presented to us
tures to our personal level of comfort and store our lug­gage
in 2010 for the first time. Already then, it caused a sensation
safely behind our seats. All flight instruments are clearly
and it surely deserves to do so. Less than one year later, after
arranged in the cockpit and offer a perfect overview for the
the first drawn line of its contours it arose from the blank
flight together.
paper to being something special, the Cavalon obtained
The roomy cabin of the Cavalon offers us our seats next to
the German registration. Focused, it may now present us its
each other and promises the unprecedented flight expe-
world and its points of view.
rience – communicative, collective, connected. Unrivaled and
Determined, the LED landing lights capture the surroundings
successful, the Cavalon has reached our goal and is to our
and contribute the resolute look to the Cavalon’s front. The
disposal, to chauffeur us to our next destinations.
generous wing doors give us a first insight into the spacious
We are impressed.
I see something you don’t see
That’s over with. The horizon is ours, the view is for the both of us. The huge window bank of the Cavalon shows us
nature’s great vastness and gives us an overview over the amazing landscape. Equipped with everything we need,
the interior hosts us just perfectly and comfortable. And even that can be expanded, when removing the stylistic wing doors
for our uncomparable convertible feeling.* That’s the ideal arrangement between comfort and sportiveness. We are present.
* dependent upon the airworthiness restrictions
Technical details motor
· Rotax 912 ULS with 100 HP
· Rotax 914 UL Turbo with 115 HP
· Rotax 912 iS with 100 HP (dependent upon registration)
· 4 cylinders
· Liquid-cooled cylinder heads
· Air-cooled cylinders
· Dry sump forced lubrication
· Electronic dual ignition
· 2. electronic fuel pump, for 912 ULS
Powerful Quality
Ideally adapted to our demands, the Cavalon also shows
competence underneath the surface and meets highest
­requirements. As with every AutoGyro, the Cavalon is run by
approved Rotax engines, which are offered in in three versions:
originally with the 912 ULS or a bit more sportive with the 914 UL
Turbo, in the future with the 912 iS injection motor. In combination
with the the in-house HTC 3B CCW 172,5 propeller our performance
is completed. The big fuel tanks (collective 100 ltrs.) are filled with 95
or 98 octane fuel or AvGas and give us the freedom to enjoy our flight
for up to five hours.
Sennheiser-Headset HME 110
Sennheiser-Headset HMEC 460
Sennheiser-Headset S1 Digital
Everything at a glance and on the road of success
It is the entire margin united in the Cavalon’s cockpit und we can choose freely. No matter if we
choose the standard or high-end variant – there is the ideal solution directly fitted to our demands. All functions and features are visible at a glance, no compromises are accepted and we
can simply devote ourselves to the comfort of the aircraft. Individually adjustable seats (decline
and lumbar support) with finest fabric or leather covering, individually adjustable ­pedals and
infinitely adjustable seat heating crown the sophisticated design and unique concept. Completed by premium Sennheiser headsets, we are given the perfect combination for our requirements. We are equipped.
red dot design award
We are awarded. It is one the biggest and most famous product design competitions of the world: the red dot award. This high-value award is an internationally recognized quality seal and a positive classification of the products
on the global market. The AutoGyro Cavalon was now awarded with the
­demanded red dot award: product design 2012, which primes the sophisticated and innovative design of the gyroplane. We are proud.
With best-in-class quality and engineering to the world market leader
AutoGyro is based at Hildesheim airport, and has grown steadily since starting to make gyroplanes in 2004. As the world
market leader in development, production and sales of gyroplanes, the specialist from Lower Saxony employs a team of
over 90 high class workers and engineers. Thanks to many
years of experience, as well as the in-house development
and production with strict quality audits, the manufacture of
safe and reliable gyroplanes meeting highest standards has
­become second nature. Within the serial production facility
In England, the country with the strictest construction
one to two gyroplanes per day are produced and supplied to
­regulation (BCAR Section T), AutoGyro in cooperation with
its recipient all around the globe. AutoGyro serves and sup-
RotorSport UK Ltd. succeeded to supply the first ever UK Type
ports a superb global network consisting of more than 40
Approved factory built gyroplane in the market. Furthermore,
sales partners around the world.
AutoGyro holds more than 20 patents.
Technical data
Standard equipment
• Dual seat gyroplane side by side
• Monocoque construction including 2 side doors, each with
sliding and vent window
• With dual control-option
• 2 luggage compartments behind the pilot seats
• Aluminum rotor system Naca 8H12 8,4m
• Exhaust stainless steel, aftermuffler aluminum
• Turbo with 115 PS
• Additional electrical fuel pump for Rotax 912 ULS
• Propeller HTC 3B CCW 172,5
• Instrument Panel
- Airspeed and Altitude
- Engine and Rotor rpm
- Oil and cylinder head temperature
- Oil pressure
- Standard compass on top of instrument panel
- emperature indicator OAT and RBT
- Engine hour meter
- electrical fuel gauge
- 12V power plug
- Low Volt Indicator
• Pneumatic trim (altitude) and Rotor Brake
• Pneumatic roll trim
• Pneumatic prerotator with safety lock
• Hydraulic main wheel brake with parking position
• Battery charging plug
• Fuel tanks, collective capacity 100 lts.
• Rotor bag
• All composite parts are painted
• pilot-seat with adjustable back, sitting position and angle
l x w x h
Vcruise 4,8 x 1,8 x 2,7 m
450 (560) kg 160 km/h 145 km/h
• Adjustable pedal position, recommended body height
up to 5 h
8,4 m
• Color choice on color palette
Rotax 914/912
• Fully assembled and test flown
­155-205 cm
Additional Equipment
• Rotax 912 ULS with 100 HP
• Landing lights LED
• Rotax 914 UL Turbo with 115 HP
• LED strobes and navigation lights
• Rotax 912 iS (Injection) with 100 HP, dependent upon
• GPS or Glass cockpit variants for the following devices:
- Garmin
• All aircraft panels made from GRP/CFK. Panels (body, tail
- Flymap L, LD, XL
unit, rudder, engine and mast panels, suspension bow,
- Dynon SkyView 10”
wheel housings and spinner) are painted in the customers
- iPad mounting
• Additional instruments
• Standard colors are yellow, red, and white (cost included in
the basic price)
- Vertical speed indicator 80 or 57 mm
- Manifold Pressure
• Special colors (solid color or metallic), two-color lacquer
- On-board clock
finishes or special lacquer finishes are available subject to
special order
Special equipment
• Leather seats
• Comfort seats with lumbar support and seat heating
• Radio ATR500 Funkwerk Avionics
• Floor mats
• Radio ART833 Funkwerk Avionics
• Sun shield
• Transponder TRT800H Funkwerk Avionics
• Cockpit heater (variable in flight)
• ELT automatic radio beacon Kannad AF 406 compact
• Painted wheel spats front and rear
• Filser radio ATR500 or ATR833 fully fitted
• Painted interior
• Headsets Sennheiser S1, HMEC 460, HME 110
• Optional asphalt or lugged tires
• Funkwerk TM 250
• Fire Warning System
• Lockable fuel tank cap
• Super B battery (weight reduction 2 kg)
School equipment
• Flight instructor set consisting of pedals and stick on the
left side
color examples
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