McLaren International – HSIA

McLaren International – HSIA
McLaren International – HSIA
Wired and Wireless Internet Management and Billing
HSIA Solutions Overview
Who is McLaren?
The McLaren Group, headquartered out of Sydney, Australia,
and Singapore is one of the Asia Pacific’s leading providers
of “Cloud” based SaaS technology products, solutions and
services to the hospitality and related industries. McLaren
International’s customers span the worlds leading hotel
companies including Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Accor
Hospitality, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Langham Hotels,
the InterContinental Hotel Group, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts
and Marriott International.
Further information -
Company Locations
McLaren International Pty. Ltd
Suite3, Mezzanine Level,
210 George St
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: +61 2 9251 4477
Fax: +61 2 8915 1358
McLaren Technologies Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd
Asia Pacific Head Office
55 Tras Street, #03-01,
Singapore 078994
Phone: +65 6549 7204
Fax: +65 6549 7001
McLaren Support Centres – Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai
China Representation
DOCOMO China Co. Ltd
Room 2001, Changfang International Plaza,
No.555 Loushanguan Road, Changning District,
Flora Xu
Senior Manager
+86.21.3330 3111 Telephone
+86.21.3330 3233 Facsimile
Facilities Management and Billing Solutions
Revenue Management and CRM Solutions
Internet Access and Billing Solutions
Property Security
McLaren Client Partners
Four Seasons
Nomadix Overview
Founded in 1998 - Nomadix focus is public Internet access market
Global Market Leader
70,000+ NSE Installed in 60+ Countries
Wholly owned subsidiary of DoCoMo interTouch
a provider of managed services for Hospitality industry.
Nomadix is organized as a Software company offering;
• (NSE) Nomadix Software Engine.
• Currently (3) Three gateway platforms powered by the Nomadix
Software Engine for;
public Internet access networks,
visitor based networks and
metropolitan Wi-Fi Zones.
Office Locations
Global Headquarters is Agoura Hills, California USA with additional
offices in Europe and Asia.
New Product Launch – NITO
Nomadix Internet Traffic Optimizer – NITO [500/1500]
Deep Packet Inspection / Reporting / Bandwidth Control
6 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports + Serial (RJ45) console port
Stateful firewall based on “Smoothwall” open source firewall that can be
configured between all ports
Advanced web content filtering engine to block unwanted content.
L7 packet inspection for P2P traffic suppression
800Mbps throughput
Easy to use dashboard
Advanced user activity logging and reporting functions
Advanced traffic usage reporting functions
User authentication against LDAP, AD, Radius and others
New Product Launch – NITO Features
6 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports + Serial (RJ45) console port
Flexible DHCP server
IM proxy server – content filtering of Instant Messaging
Optional intrusion detection
1 + 1 High availability
VPN concentrator for LAN to LAN or remote users
Optional email anti spam and anti malware filters
Web proxy server
Transparent proxy server
Web traffic filtering and anti malware
Policy and time based usage quotas
WAN load balancing
WAN failover detection (ICMP ping based)
Different administrative user rights
New Product Launch – AG5800
Nomadix AG5800
Runs NSE 8.0 or above software
6 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
Serial Console Port (RJ45)
Serial PMS port (DB9)
Full Gigabit throughput / High Performance
NSE 8.0 ---- 5 x LAN, 1 X WAN configuration
NSE 8.2 ----- Multiple WAN configuration with WAN load balancing and
failover capability
Scalable User licenses of 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 , 3000 4000 users
Based on Intel ‘SandyBridge” I3 processor
New Product Launch – NITO/AG5800
Powerful Combination – NITO + Nomadix
New Product Launch – Wireless GW
Wireless Connect Gateway
Replacement for AG2100 wireless gateway
Integrated Gateway and onboard Wireless Access Point
1 x WAN port and 4 x LAN port (10/100 Mps)
LAN port can support wired connections or additional 3rd party wireless AP to
extend wireless coverage
On board 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n (2T+3R) wireless radio
Gateway supports up to 200 concurrent users
Internal or external captive portal
Internal or external (radius based) user authentication
Nomadix NSE software
Release timelines for new NSE software
NSE 8.X uses latest VxWorks RTOS
NSE 7.4 will be maintained until Dec 2012
Software Version
NSE 7.2 GA
NSE 7.3 Beta
NSE 7.3 GA
NSE 7.4 Beta
NSE 7.4 GA
NSE 8.0 Beta
NSE 8.0 GA
NSE 8.1 Beta
NSE 8.1 GA
NSE 8.2 Beta
NSE 8.2 GA
NSE 8.3 Beta
NSE 8.4 GA
Q2 2011
Q3 2011
Q1 2012
Q3 2012
Q3 2012
Q4 2012
Q1 2013
Q2 2013
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Nomadix Datasheets
NSE – Intelligent Service Creation Platform
Field-Proven Patented Technology
TCP/IP Packet Processing Software
Runs on Leading Real-Time Embedded OS
Stable & Reliable: 50K+ Installed Base
Interoperable with Leading WLAN and Mesh
Modular Architecture
Broad Applications: Hotspots, Hospitality, Metros
Scalable: Small to Large Networks
Tailor Service to Demand
Superior Value Proposition
Rich User Experience with “Network Plug & Play”
Contextualized Content & Adverts.
Edge Based Policy, QoS, Bandwidth Throttling
Authorization and Billing
Centralized Network Management
Holistic Security: User and Network
When is Nomadix required?
IP Plug and Play
Easy Connectivity
End User Authentication
Triple Mode Authentication
UAM, Smart Clients and 802.1x
Device Authentication
Mac Based
WiFi Phones,
WiFi/GSM phones,
Nintendo, Playstation, Wii
CTV, IP Camera’s
PMS-Credit Card-Radius-XML
End User Traffic Shaping
Session Rate Limitation/User
Location Based Information
802.1q VLAN Support
Secure Hot-Spot Management
No Proprietary System – RFC standards
Nomadix Market Segments
Cruise Ships
Cafés &
& Marinas
Nomadix Network - Plug and Play
Patented Dynamic Address Translation™
No re-configuration of Client system Required
Proxy Support
Support for HTTP and HTTPS browser proxy settings
DHCP Support
Server and Relay Support conforming to RFC’s
Patented iNAT™
VPN, IPSec, PPTP support without requiring a large list of public
SMTP redirect
Redirect outbound mail for client even if server is unreachable
Nomadix - Key Functions & Features
Internal Basic Web Portal
Default login page with basic modifications available
Portal Redirection
Redirection to an external server for complete Branded experience
Freedom Internet – explained later in this presentation.
Parameters sent to the Portal can be used for Location aware branding
Universal Access Method (UAM)
Support for Standard Browser login
Simultaneous Support for UAM, 802.1x, and Smart Client
XML support
XML API can be utlized by the Portal to control Subscriber
Authentication on the NSE
Smart Client Support
Support GIS standard clients & IPASS, Boingo, GRIC
Nomadix Hospitality Solutions
Nomadix Billing Solutions
McLaren HSIA Web Portals
Wired and/or Wireless Hotel Branded HSIA Web Portals
[Advertising and selected Plug-ins available]
Logins/Sign-up for New Guests, Existing Guests [HotSpot
Manager], Group Accounts [Conference] and Member Accounts
[Radius Roaming]
Plans – Per time unit / IP Type / Bandwidth UP and DOWN /
Data Usage [BW / Data capping and shaping available]
Integration with Nomadix Platforms, Lavacube Radius and Credit
Card Payment Gateways
Billing to PMS via Post Only or Query & Post
Online Check Usage Portal for Individual and Group Accounts
Online Individual and Group Account re-charge for all plans
Payment Receipts and Charge Reports available via email
Walled Garden Websites
Customisations & Development requests welcome!
McLaren HSIA Web Portals
Standard Nomadix pages – Wired/Wireless
McLaren HSIA Web Portals
Roaming Member Accounts/Guests/Casual Users
McLaren HSIA Web Portals
Hotel Branding and
Advertising for Hotel
Restaurants and
Wired and/or
New Guests/Existing
Guests via HSM and
Group Accounts for
Billing to PMS via
‘Query and Post’
Weather Widgit
McLaren HSIA Web Portals
Hotel Branding
and FAQ –
User Guide
Wired and/or
Credit Card
Billing to Hotel
New Guests/
Guests via
HSM and
Accounts for
Billing to PMS
via ‘Query and
McLaren HSIA Web Portals
Hotel Branding
and Hotel
Pure Wireless
New Guests/
Guests via
HSM and
FREE limited
Billing to PMS
via ‘Query and
McLaren HSIA Web Portals
Branded Centralised
HSIA Portal for the
Mining Community
Individual and
Corporate Group
Re-charge options for
all plans
Credit Card Billing to
Merchant Account
Online Check Usage
for Individual and
Group Accounts
McLaren HSIA Web Portals
Hotel Branding
/Wall Garden
Websites and
Wired and/or
Billing to PMS
Plans per time
unit and BW
Nomadix Zone
Migration [Free
and Charged
McLaren HotSpot Manager Software
The McLaren Hotspot Manager [HSM-WEB] integrates with ALL Nomadix
Gateways to provide instant Profile creation and Management. Accessible
via any Web Browser, the profiles contain a username, secure password
and a range of user and property defined features. Once created the HSMWEB adds these profiles in real-time to the Nomadix database. Confirmation
slips are printed and also made available via Email and SMS [optional].
Unlimited Web Clients
Individual and Group Account creation. Pre-defined and random profiles
Pre-defined packages for standard and X/Y plans
Plans – Per time unit / IP Type / Bandwidth UP and DOWN
Billing to PMS Room Folios
Previous days posting report scheduled for sending to email accounts
Scheduled purging procedure for Nomadix profiles
View current live users on Nomadix
High Availability support for Nomadix
McLaren HotSpot Manager Software
Web Based HotSpot Manager Software
McLaren HotSpot Manager Software
Hotel Branding and Colours
McLaren HotSpot Manager Software
Printable Payment Slip
* 80 mm Slip Printer format available
Lavacube Radius Subscriber Management
LavaCube is Unix based Subscriber Management Tool
Integrated with a powerful database and a commercial version of
radius server; it is a total subscriber management tool for any
public access network
Takes care of the AAA of the public access network
- Authentication
- Authorisation
- Account
Lavacube Radius Subscriber Management
- Shipped standard with 3 Powerful Features
- Subscriber Management
- Reports
- Log Management
Interfaces with visitor based network device (VBN) to provide
the best solution for public access network operator
Built-in standard interface with Nomadix
Capable of handling Post Paid / Pre Paid / Hybrid Payment
Interface with 3rd party Credit Card payment gateway
Lavacube Radius Subscriber Management
Simple Centralised Management
Lavacube Radius Subscriber Management
Lavacube Radius Subscriber Management
Extensive Detailed Reporting
Nomadix / Lavacube / HSIA Web Portal
Network and System Interconnectivity
Teleadapt Connectivity Solutions
Technology is an important part of our daily lives. Today’s
guest travels armed with a multitude of devices that require
Internet and media connectivity and available power outlets
for recharging.
TeleAdapt focuses on how guests connect to the guestroom,
and delivers unique products designed to improve the guest
experience. Working closely with consumer technology
manufacturers and hoteliers, we are able to provide userfriendly connectivity solutions that are aesthetically pleasing
and enhance the guestroom technology amenity.
guestroom connectivity
Teleadapt Connectivity Solutions
The PullThrough
McLaren International – HSIA
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