CC610PB Solution 6000 Control Panel

CC610PB Solution 6000 Control Panel
Intrusion Alarm Systems | CC610PB Solution 6000 Control Panel
CC610PB Solution 6000 Control Panel
Designed and manufactured in Australia to meet local
and international requirements the Solution 6000
panel offers and extensive feature list.
System overview
The Solution 6000 Access and Intrusion alarm panel
offers an extensive feature list including integrated
proximity, numerous wire free options, high speed
windows programming software and the simplest
user / installer interface on the market today.
Graphic User Interface
The Graphic User Interface incorporates a text driven
menu. Colour coded, illuminated keys allow for easy
identification and operation in all ambient light
conditions and provide a positive feel to the user. Red
and green indicators provide easy identification of
Armed and Disarmed modes and the in-built sounder
provides audible feedback via polyphonic like
signalling tones during system operation. The sounder
emits a siren sound during alarm condition providing
early warning and the volume level is individually
programmable for each key pad connected to the
16 on-board zones (expandable to 144 wired or
wireless), partitionable to 8 areas with 256 PIN,
token, keyfob and fingerprint users
Integrated access control for up to 16 doors
Proximity key pads, Weather-proof external metal
keypads, Internal & External LAN readers &
Fingerprint LAN readers available
5 on-board outputs (expandable to 37)
GSM/GPRS and Ethernet options
An enhanced version of the Graphic Key Pad
incorporates a built-in proximity reader allowing users
to simply present their token to the key pad to arm /
disarm and / or unlock a door. Children and the elderly
will find this feature extremely easy to use as no PIN
codes are required for operation.
16 On-board Zones (expandable to 144 wired or
The Solution 6000 can be expanded up to 144 wired
or wireless zones using zone expanders and / or serial
radio receivers. Zone programming determines the
panel’s response to open / short and tamper
conditions on the zone loop. Zones may be
programmed individually to monitor all types of
security alarms, fire alarms and supervision devices.
The panel supports multi-vendor wireless devices
allowing you to select the most appropriate products
for each installation.
Sensor Watch
Sensor Watch monitors each zones activity while its
corresponding area is disarmed. If the zone fails to
operate at least once during the sensor watch time
period, a system trouble will be initiated.
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Chime Mode
Chime mode allows monitoring a zone or group of
zones by sounding the keypad buzzer or activating a
programmable output. This feature is ideal to monitor
business entry doors for customer entry during
business hours.
256 Users with flexible credentials and devices
Up to 256 individual users may be included in the
system. Each user can be given a unique PIN code, RF
key fob, Proximity token, and fingerprint credential if
required. The Solution 6000 supports variable length
PIN codes up to 8 digits.
Separate Tamper Inputs
Both the Solution 6000 Control Panel and most panel
modules feature a separate tamper input making
remote locating devices in a secure enclosure easy.
Variable PIN configuration
Users can be given free choice of PIN length or
alternately an exact PIN length requirement may be
enforced for higher security applications. PIN codes
can be set to expire at a pre-programmed time per
Walk test
Enables a user to test all zones within an area at the
same time. When the walk test feature is activated, the
code pad will display a list of areas available to walk
test. Once the area to test is selected all zones within
the area will be displayed. The user then walks the
area and zones successfully tested will be removed
from display leaving only those that failed to be
activated on the code pad screen.
Partitioning up to 8 Areas
The control panel supports up to 8 separate areas with
no restriction on the number of individual zones that
can belong in an area. You can arm and disarm the
control panel by area, alternatively, you can arm and
disarm several areas at the same time.
Multiple areas can be linked to a shared area which is
automatically controlled (hallway or lobby). Area
arming may be conditional on other areas (master or
Programmable Outputs
The Solution 6000 Control panel supports 5 on board
outputs and is expandable to 37 outputs in total. All
outputs are protected and will shut down individually
under an overload condition. Output conditions are
displayed on the code pad and may be reported
externally if required. Outputs may be triggered via an
event and or manually and may be programmed for
polarity, pulsing or one shot operation.
Integrated Access Control
Access control is no longer reserved only for larger
more expensive systems. Proximity technology from
Bosch provides an affordable and effective solution for
up to 16 access doors. The new LAN readers include
egress and lock control built in, which reduces cost
and simplifies installation.
Time Zones
Up to 16 time zones may be implemented. Each time
zone can have up to 4 time periods including day of
the week and holidays. Time zones may be used to
automatically arm / disarm the system at specific
times as well control user access to doors or to
automatically control outputs.
Flexible Communications Options
CID, SIA, DOMESTIC and SMS Text Reporting formats
are all standard out of the box and the dual reporting
feature allows you to select which reports are sent to
which route and in what format. Open / Close
reporting can be selected individually for each user
and area on the panel allowing the owner to monitor
cleaner access, children returning home from school
or access to a particular restricted area all via their
mobile phone. Interactive voice reporting is also
available as an option.
Multi Tennant
When enabled the Multi tenant feature locks the first
128 users on the system to the first 128 zones on the
system. Each time a user enters their PIN the
corresponding zone is automatically bypassed allowing
the user to access the zone. The Multi Tennant feature
is ideal for applications such as self storage centres or
schools etc.
Delay Trouble Beeps
Setting this option will prevent any system trouble
events from sounding the code pad speaker between
the hours of 10pm until 7am. During this time, any
new trouble event will be shown in the code pad
display. If trouble events are still in effect after 7am
the code pad will begin to sound the trouble alert to
notify the user. This function is ideal for all residential
Event Log
The control panel stores up to 1000 events from all
areas. All events are recorded in the log regardless of
the reporting setting. The event log may be viewed via
the code pad or via a direct or remote connection from
the Solution Link programming software.
Advanced RS485 LAN
The control panel communicates with other system
module devices via the built in RS485 LAN or Local
Area Network.
For increased security, the system uses antisubstitution technology and a proprietary data
encryption algorithm to communicate with all LAN
When using the recommended cable types, the LAN
can be up to 1200 metres in length, or even greater
when LAN isolators are used.
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Certifications and approvals
C-tick Supplier Code:
EN 55022:2010,
PTC 211/12/017
129 to
129 to
129 to 136
137 to 144 on the
The CM705B Universal expander includes zone inputs,
4 high current protected outputs and a 1 amp power
supply with battery charger making it extremely useful
in multi-area installations.
Installation/configuration notes
Code pads and LAN Readers
The Solution 6000 supports up to 16 key pad/reader
style devices. Any combination of the following
components can be connected; CP700B, CP701B,
CP710B, CP711B, CM150B, CP151B, CM728B,
CM729B, PR109B, PR110B, PR111B and PR112B.
Input Expansion
Wired or wireless zones may be configured in any
quantity per area up to 144 zones. Input zone
expansion options include CM704B - 8/16 zone
expanders, CM705B – 8/16 universal zone expanders
and CM707B - 8 zone piggy back expanders. Up to 8
modules of any type can be used.
Zone Assignment Table
129 to
Wireless Receivers – non Bosch
Support for non Bosch wireless equipment is also
enabled via inclusion of the CM195. Up to 3 receivers
of the same make and model may be installed.
Output Expansion
Up to 8 x CM710B 4 way relay output expanders may
be included in the system to achieve a total of 37
programmable outputs. Outputs can be programmed
to any one of more than 60 different event types.
Output Assignments
Module Number
Output Number
Control Panel
1 to 5
Virtual Outputs
6 to 8
9 to 12
13 to 16
3 =-
17 to 20
21 to 24
Single or Alarm+
Tamper using
CM705B + CM707B
1 to 8
1 to 8
1 to 16
1 to 8
17 to
17 to
17 to
17 to 24
25 to 28
25 to 32 on the
29 to 32
33 to
33 to
33 to
33 to 36
37 to 40
49 to
49 to
49 to
65 to
65 to
65 to
81 to
81 to
81 to
97 to
97 to
97 to
113 to
113 to
113 to
33 to 40
41 to 48 on the
49 to 56
57 to 64 on the
65 to 72
73 to 80 on the
81 to 88
89 to 96 on the
97 to 104
105 to 112 on the
113 to 120
121 to 128 on the
Access Control Capacity
Up to 16 doors of access control can be configured on
the Solution 6000 using LAN proximity readers, LAN
fingerprint readers or proximity enabled code pads.
Various credential types are available including card,
keyring tokens or adhesive tags. Most reader modules
include lock outputs and egress inputs to simplify
wiring and reduce cost.
Power Supply
The Solution 6000 includes an on board 1 Amp power
supply and battery charger. For larger installations, up
to 8 additional LAN power supplies can be connected.
The CM720B provides 1 amp of additional current with
battery charger and the CM723B provides 5 amps with
dual battery chargers. The CM723B can be configured
to charge batteries up to 18Ah for extended standby
Wireless Receivers - Bosch
One Bosch DSRF receiver RF3212E may be connected
directly to the receiver / key switch input. Up to 3 x
wireless receivers may be connected using the CM195.
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Technical specifications
CC610PB Solution 6000 PCB
Power Requirements
Voltage Input
16-18V A.C 50-60Hz – 24VA External Power
Adaptor or 220-240V A.C. to 18V A.C 50-60Hz –
24VA Internal Transformer (Primary Power
1 Amp MAX (Combined power drawn from
Accessory Power (+12V) LAN Power (Module LAN
+) and Output Power (C+) terminals must not
exceed 1 Amp.
Alarm Power
4 Amp (Total with primary and secondary power
sources fitted)
Stand-by Battery
12 VDC, 7.2AH sealed rechargeable battery –
Panasonic LC-P127R2P or equivalent.
(Secondary Power Source). Dispose of used
batteries according to instructions.
Min Operating
10.2 VDC
Battery Charger
Pulse by pulse charger. (Note: Charge voltage
cannot be measured unless battery is fitted.)
(RS485 LAN)
Max. total LAN length using multi strand security
cable = 300m
Max. total LAN length using 2 pair twisted
shielded data cable (Belden 8723) = 1200m.
See the product installation manual for complete
wiring instructions.
RJ-12 Socket or 4-way terminal
Includes control panel PCB only
Order number CC600PB
CP700B Solution 6000 Graphic Keypad - White
Order number CP700B
CP710B Solution 6000 Graphic Keypad - Black
Order number CC710B
CP701B Solution 6000 Graphic Keypad with Proximity White
Order number CP701B
CP711B Solution 6000 Graphic Keypad with Proximity Black
Order number CP711B
CP150B Vandal and Weather Resistant Keypad
Order number CP150B
CP151B Slimline Vandal and Weather Resistant Keypad
Order number CP151B
CM195 Multi Receiver Interface
Order number CM195
CM704B 8/16 Zone Expansion Module
Order number CM704B
CM101B Voice Message Module
Order number CM101B
CM707B Plug On Zone Expander
Order number CM707B
Ordering information
CID, SIA, SMS, Email, Voice, Domestic Dialling,
Environmental Considerations
CM710B Output Expansion Module
Order number CM710B
CM720B 1-Amp LAN Power Supply
Order number CM720B
0o to 55oC
Relative Humidity
5 to 85% non-condensing
CM723B 5 Amp LAN Power Supply Module
Order number CM723B
CM720B – Small Enclosure
Using appropriate fasteners capable of handling a
minimum of 6kgs to fix the cabinet against a
sturdy surface using the mounting holes provided.
CM730B – Large Enclosure
Using appropriate fasteners capable of handling a
minimum of 12kgs to fix the cabinet against a
sturdy surface using the mounting holes provided.
CM743B 2G GSM Interface Module
Order number CM743B
MW720B: 385(W), 260(H), 90(D)mm
MW730B: 385(W), 520(H), 90(D)mm
CM797B RS485 LAN Isolator Module
Order number CM797B
PWA Dimensions
235(W), 85(H), 40(D)mm
3 years
Enclosure Fixing
CM751B Solution Conettix IP Ethernet Module
Order number CM751B
CM760B Real Time Clock Module
Order number CM760
CM900 Direct Link Interface
Order number CM900
MW730B Large Enclosure
Order number MW730B
5 | CC610PB Solution 6000 Control Panel
MW720B Metal Enclosure
Order number MW720BP
PR200 Prox Token - Grey
Order number PR200
PR250 Prox Iso Card
Order number PR250
PR260 Prox Clam-Shell Card
Order number PR260
PR201B Prox Token - Black Key
Order number PR201B
Software Options
SW500 SolutionLink (RAS) Software
Order number SW500
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