Stereo Pillow Speaker Set Stereo Pillow Speaker Set

Stereo Pillow Speaker Set Stereo Pillow Speaker Set
Stereo Pillow Speaker Set
Stereo Pillow Speaker Set
Use Pillow Speakers:
Your Stereo Pillow Speaker Set can be used with
any type or size of pillow.
Please follow these steps to play music or sounds
through your Stereo Pillow Speaker Set.
Thank you for choosing the Marpac Stereo Pillow
Speaker Set, model SP-101M. Listening to music
or television without disturbing others or using
a Marpac sound conditioner for noise masking
or to add sound where it might otherwise be
too quiet, the SP-101M is an excellent choice
for superior sound quality. With proper care
and use you should receive much satisfaction
from this product.
Important Safeguards:
• Read all instructions.
• Do not sleep with excess slack in the Stereo
Pillow Speakers cord. Gather the loose cord and
use a twist tie, rubber band, or other fastener to
secure excess cord in a tight bundle.
• When possible, route the cord of the SP-101M
toward the headboard of your bed. This
placement will help keep the cord out of the
way if you toss and turn during sleep.
• Do not use with infants. Take special care to
keep the cord away from infants.
• Do not use in or around water.
• Do not operate with a damaged cord or if the
SP-101M malfunctions or has been damaged
in any manner.
• The SP-101M should be situated away from
heat sources such as direct sunlight, radiators,
heat registers, stoves or other heat-producing
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1. Connect the SPEAKER PLUG to the sound
output jack on your sound source.
Note: If you are using a Marpac Sound Condi
tioner, insert the SPEAKER PLUG into the
ACCESSORY JACK on your Marpac Sound
2. Place the Stereo Pillow Speaker Set under your
selected pillow. To experience optimum
volume, position the speakers with the speaker
grills facing up. To experience the best sound
quality, position the speakers at opposite ends
of your pillow.
3. Adjust the volume and/or balance controls on
your sound source to your desired level. You
may also adjust the volume with the in-line
volume control.
Note: If you cannot hear sound coming from
your Stereo Pillow Speaker Set, check to ensure
that the SPEAKER PLUG is firmly inserted into
the sound output jack on your sound source.
Technical Specifications
Speaker Jack: 1/8” (3.5 mm) plug
Speaker Output: 4 ohm, 2-watt speakers
We offer a range of Sound Conditioners to help you
and your family get a better night’s rest. Please visit
our website or give us a call for more information.
fax (910) 39-1449
2015 Capital Drive, Wilmington NC 28405
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