SteriPEN User`s Guide Instructions for Using SteriPEN Quick Start

SteriPEN User`s Guide Instructions for Using SteriPEN Quick Start
3 Easy Steps
Safety and Operating Tips
SteriPEN Freedom treats a
0.5L (16 oz.) dose of water volume
Water Containers
1 Remove lamp cover from body of unit.
Note: water sensor pins at base of lamp
must be dry.
How Do SteriPEN® Purifiers Work?
SteriPEN® purifiers use shortwave germicidal UV light to disinfect
water. This range of UV light disrupts the DNA of microbes in
seconds. Without intact DNA, microbes cannot reproduce to
make you sick. SteriPEN purifiers destroy over 99.9% of bacteria,
viruses and protozoa (giardia & cryptosporidium). Complete test
results at
2 Immerse the UV lamp and water sensing
pins into the water; green LED will blink.
Lamp will turn on automatically. Note: If
visible blue light is not evident, the lamp is
not on, and water should not be consumed.
3 Agitate the water by stirring thoroughly
until the lamp automatically turns off and
indicator light becomes a steady green,
indicating treatment is complete. The auto
timer is set for 48 seconds. Agitation
throughout treatment is essential to
provide uniform exposure of all water
to the UV light. Note: If red LED turns on
after lamp shuts off, purification was not
Usage Situations
SteriPEN® Freedom will destroy microbes whether you are
drawing water from a stream while camping, traveling, or using
in developing countries where the water supply is not safe.
It’s also great insurance in emergencies when water supply is
disrupted. Even bottled water in many countries comes from
unknown and unregulated sources. Use on any source of fresh
water in any country.
Video available at
SteriPEN® purifiers may be used in glass, plastic, ceramic or
­metal ­containers. SteriPEN® purifiers should not be used in
quartz ­containers.
SteriPEN® User’s Guide
Instructions for Using SteriPEN®
Thank you for selecting SteriPEN® Freedom. Years of careful
research, development and testing have gone into the creation of
this innovative product. SteriPEN® is a handheld ultraviolet (uv)
light water purifier. This device will provide 8,000 0.5L (16 oz.)
Water Sensor Circuitry
The SteriPEN® water sensor circuitry is intended to prevent the
UV lamp from illuminating unless it is completely immersed in
water. If SteriPEN water sensors are not immersed within 13
seconds of being activated, unit will turn off. Activation or “ready
mode” occurs when user removes lamp cover.
Agitation of Water
Agitation of the water by stirring with SteriPEN® or rocking the
container is essential for proper operation as this insures uniform
exposure of all water to germicidal UV light.
Cold Weather Considerations
Bring SteriPEN® Freedom up to a temperature above 32°F/0°C
before using. The purifier is programmed to add more time in
cold weather. Ideally, store your SteriPEN® in your pocket or
warm place when in cold weather conditions.
Quick Start Guide
Before Use
After Use
• Charge battery: SteriPEN Freedom is powered by a sealed
lithium polymer rechargeable battery, not user accessible.
When fully charged, the device delivers up to 40 0.5L (16 oz.)
treatments. Charge your SteriPEN® with the included USB cable
using either wall power via the included AC Adapter (100 to
240 V with US prongs) or the USB port on your computer. The
USB cable will also work with any USB compatible car charger
(not included) or solar charger (not included).
After using SteriPEN Freedom, use a dry cloth to remove water
droplets from the device. Note: Do not use a damp or wet cloth to
dry SteriPEN’s sensors as this may briefly activate the UV lamp.
Operating Signals
Treating a 1.0 liter (32 oz.) volume
You may treat a full liter or 32 oz. by treating the water with two
doses. Volumes larger than 1.0L (32 oz.) should be divided into
1.0L or less quantities and treated. During all treatments stir
Flashlight Activation
• SteriPEN® will fully charge via AC power in about 2 hours; up
to 4 hours via USB connector to PC. Steady red LED charging
indicator will turn steady green when fully charged. The USB
connector is protected by a soft black cover; pull gently to
access connector for charging.
SteriPEN® LED Signals
The flashlight LED is near the USB connector
at the base of SteriPEN® Freedom. To turn on
flashlight, hold horizontally and then rotate
your wrist 180 degrees 3 times. Repeat action to deactivate the
flashlight. To protect UV lamp when using flashlight, operate with
lamp cover in place.
• Use SteriPEN® only with clear water. Discolored or dirty water
should be pre-filtered until clear prior to SteriPEN® ­treatment.
Use available SteriPEN® Pre-Filter or FitsAll Filter to help
clarify water. Coffee filters or a cloth can also be used in an
­emergency. See also “Treating Turbid, Murky, or Cloudy Water”.
Video available at
Green, slow blinking:
1 second on, 1 second off
0.5 liter (16 fl. oz.) dose in
Red, slow blinking: 1 second on,
1 second off
(1) Dose incomplete. Dry water
sensors and repeat ­treatment.
(2) Low battery warning;
recharge your SteriPEN® Freedom
Green slow blink with Red blink
0.5 liters (16 fl. oz.) dose
­completed; low battery
Green, steady
Dose complete
Battery Signals During Charge
Red, steady
Battery charging
Green, steady
Unit fully charged
Lamp Warnings
Red 2 blinks, Green 2 blinks
Over 7,900 treatments
­completed; lamp replacement
needed in under 100 doses
Red 3 blinks, Green 1 blink
Lamp failure; replace lamp
No LED signal & UV lamp emits
no visible blue light
(1) Charge unit
(2) Lamp failure. Do not ­consume
water. Follow ­warranty ­procedure.
Hydro-Photon, Inc.
PO Box 675
262 Ellsworth Road
Blue Hill, ME 04614 USA
Toll Free USA: 1-888-SteriPEN
(+1) 207-374-5800
Lamp Life
After lamp reaches 8,000 treatments, lamp must be replaced by
manufacturer or a SteriPEN® licensed technician.
If the lamp does not light when immersed in water, check to be
sure lamp is completely immersed and that water is contacting
both water sensing pins. If lamp still does not activate, contact
technical support.
If immediately after completing a treatment another treatment
is attempted, but lamp will not activate, remove SteriPEN® from
water, dry sensing pins off, wait 10 seconds and immerse in
water to activate. If unit will not activate and battery is fully
charged, contact technical support.
Technical Support
For support, please email or call
+1 207.374.5800 (Toll Free USA: 1-888-SteriPEN)
Repair Information
Any repairs to your SteriPEN® should be done by a SteriPEN
technician. Please contact Hydro-Photon, Inc. at above phone
number or at for repair guidance.
description. Accordingly, please take into account the following
when considering the use of SteriPEN® in water that is not clear:
Laboratory testing has shown that SteriPEN® is effective in water
with a turbidity of not less than 30 ntu (Nephelometric Turbidity
Units) as described in the US EPA Guide Standard and Protocol for
Testing Microbiological Water
• SteriPEN® Freedom is designed to treat 0.5 liter (16 fl. oz.) of clear
water. If in doubt about volume of water to be treated, confirm
volume with a measuring device such as a measuring cup.
• When operating properly, the SteriPEN® lamp will emit visible
light as well as UV light. If lamp is not emitting visible light, it is
not functioning properly, and should not be used until repaired.
2) UV Lamp encased in
durable quartz sleeve
Purifiers, section 3.3.4. SteriPEN® has been successfully tested
in water with a turbidity measurement of 33 ntu. If viewing 33ntu
water in a clear 1 liter bottle, one might characterize the water
as follows: Much closer to clear than opaque, Obviously not clear,
Obviously cloudy, Objects viewed through the water are visible
but blurry, as cloudy as weak lemonade.
• The SteriPEN lamp assembly must be clean prior to use. Wipe
lamp with clean cloth as needed.
4) Micro USB B Port
• If SteriPEN® purifier is below 32°F/0°C it should be warmed
above 32°F/0°C before operating.
6) USB Compartment Cover
Warnings for Safe Use
• It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner
inconsistent with its labeling. 40 C.F.R. §156.10(i)(2)(ii).
Improper operation of SteriPEN® may cause injury. Read and
understand all warnings prior to operating SteriPEN®.
• Do not allow water to enter SteriPEN® through the USB
­connecter at base of unit.
• Keep soft black USB cover on when not charging.
• Keep lamp cover on when not purifying.
• Do not operate SteriPEN® in quartz containers such as quartz
laboratory beakers.
• SteriPEN® should not be used by children.
Product Registration & Warranty
Hydro-Photon, Inc. warrants your SteriPEN® product for 3 years
from date of purchase for any manufacturing defect. For product
registration and complete warranty information, please visit Warranty will be voided if SteriPEN®
Freedom is (a) altered in any way, (b) used for purposes
inconsistent with product’s intended function, or (c) if product
instructions and warnings are not followed.
Treating Turbid, Murky or Cloudy Water
SteriPEN is intended for use, and is most effective, in clear
water. However, SteriPEN® has been shown to reduce microbial
contamination in turbid water. If clear water is not available, first
try to filter the water to clarify it. If it is necessary to treat turbid,
murky or cloudy water in an emergency situation, use SteriPEN®
as follows:
• To treat 1 liter of turbid water, use four 0.5 liter doses.
To accomplish this, remove SteriPEN from water, dry
sensing pins off and immerse in water to activate again.
• To treat 0.5 liter of turbid water, use two 0.5 liter doses.
To accomplish this, remove SteriPEN from water, dry
sensing pins off and immerse in water to activate again.
Turbidity is a measure of water clarity as effected by the presence
of suspended solids. As turbidity increases, the suspended
solids and murkiness of the water also increase. It is difficult to
communicate a particular level of turbidity with just a written
• SteriPEN is a high voltage device. Removal or tampering with
the electronic circuit board or lamp assembly may cause injury,
or damage SteriPEN®.
• Do not open, expose, modify or touch internal circuitry; this
can lead to high voltage shock.
• Do not attempt to bypass water sensor; this is an important
safety feature.
• While SteriPEN® is highly reliable, with any water treatment
system you should always have a backup method available for
added protection.
• Like most fluorescent-type lamps, the SteriPEN lamp
contains a small amount of mercury. Please dispose of your
SteriPEN® properly.
• Do not allow impact to the lamp end. If lamp assembly (lamp or
quartz sleeve) is cracked, chipped or damaged, do not operate.
For repairs, contact Hydro-Photon directly at support@steripen.
com or 1-888-SteriPEN (USA) or +1 (207) -374-5800.
• Do not use in liquids other than clear water (i.e. tea or soda).
• Do not use in water with ice or water above 140°F/60°C.
• Use only a dry cloth or dry towel to remove water from
SteriPEN after use. Use of a damp or wet towel to dry
SteriPEN’s sensors may activate the UV lamp.
• UV light can be harmful to eyes and skin. Never look at an
unshielded UV lamp during operation. When used properly, in
water and according to instructions, the user is well shielded from
UV light. If lamp is on out of water, immerse lamp or cover lamp.
• Do not operate near skin, eyes or bodily orifices.
• While carefully controlled microbiological testing of SteriPEN®
has been conducted, use of SteriPEN® in the field may ­produce
results that vary from our laboratory test data.
Certifications & Patents
Conforms to UL 61010. Certified to CAN/CSA Standard C 22.2
No. 61010. U.S. Patent Numbers 5,900,212 & 6,110,424 &
6,579,495 Patents and patents pending worldwide.
• SteriPEN® is not intended to disinfect surfaces of a drinking
container, i.e. those that typically contact the mouth when
drinking. Be certain that your drinking container has been
properly cleaned/washed prior to using SteriPEN®.
• SteriPEN® is not intended to disinfect water above the surface
of the water in the container, i.e., droplets of water suspended
on the side of the glass. Remove droplets by absorbing with
cloth before consuming water.
• SteriPEN® is intended for use with clear water. Discolored or
dirty water should be pre-filtered until clear prior to SteriPEN®
treatment. Use the available SteriPEN® Pre-Filter or FitsAll Filter to
help clarify water. Coffee filters or a shirt can also be used in an
emergency. See also “Treating Turbid, Murky, or Cloudy Water”.
SteriPEN® technology is patented in the USA with further
U.S. patents pending and patents pending worldwide.
SteriPEN® is a registered trademark of Hydro-Photon, Inc.
© 2011 Hydro-Photon, Inc.
Guide to SteriPEN® Parts
1) Lamp Cover
3) Water Sensors (2)
5) Indicator LEDs
7) LED Flashlight
8) Serial Number
00 00/00/00 0000 00
Note: SteriPEN® Freedom requires use in bottles or containers
with a minimum opening of 3.8 cm (1.5 inch).
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