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Last updated: August 2015
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Smart thermostats - what are they?
What benefits do they offer over
traditional thermostats?
The key players:
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tado° | Nest | Hive | Hive Active Heating 2
Cosy | Netatmo | Climote | Evohome
Comparing the key players
The SmartInstallers Club
Smart thermostats –
what are they?
Control heating
Learn heating
Save money on
energy bills
Lets you know when
there are problems with
heating systems
Interprets local weather
data and reacts
Use location technology
to pre-heat homes for
owners return
Provide analysis into
energy usage
• E asier to adapt to schedule changes – wi-fi
connected means they can be changed remotely
• B
igger screens – no more squinting at a tiny LCD
• D
aylight savings is automatically updated
• U
ser friendly
What benefits do they
offer over traditional
• R
eview energy usage – with in-depth statistics
• C
hange the heating without getting up – using the
connected apps
• P
re-heat your home – before you arrive!
• S AVE MONEY! – learning heating habits and
analysing energy usage saves money on those
increasing energy bills
Save money on
energy bills
The original system
Active HeatingTM 2
Learn more
Learn more
Learn more
Learn more
Learn more
Learn more
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Learn more
Learn more
Learn more
The key players
tado° claims to save
a family with 3 children
£240* a year on heating
bills due to increased
tado° can be defined as a ‘truly smart’
thermostat, in that it offers significantly more
than simply turning your heating on and off.
It adjusts your homes temperature automatically,
based on the external environmental conditions
as well as your previous habits. It knows when
the property is empty, leading it to lower the
temperature, and then knows when people
return, leading it to raise the temperature.
• Location based heating via mobile app
• Hot water control (may require extension kit)
• Weather forecast integration
• Remote control via smartphone and web
• Temperature report
• Learning of home thermal characteristics
for predictive control
*Research by Popucus (Nov 2014) and Analytics of tado° customer base
Nest, acquired by Google last
year, has been called a ‘learning
thermostat’. It can intelligently
optimise your heating system
learning past behaviour. For
example if you regularly turned
your heating down when you left
for work, and then back up when
you returned home, Nest would
recognise this pattern and enact
it automatically. It also contains
a motion sensor to identify when
a house is empty and therefore
doesn’t need heating.
Works with Nest
– a partnership with
6,000+ devices that
interact with Nest
• M
otion sensor for detecting when your home is empty
• U
ses a single, optimised schedule created for the home
• A
djusts to your home and weather conditions
• C
ontrolled remotely via smartphone, tablet or desktop
• E nhanced auto-schedule feature
• C
onnects with 6,000+ devices you use everyday
• ‘Leaf’ feature encourages energy efficiency
• Programmer, thermostat and frostat in one
• P
rovides energy usage reports
Note: Nest doesn’t currently have a hot water solution.
Hive from British Gas is a wireless thermostat that connects to
the web so that you can control your heating and hot water system
from anywhere, over the internet. It does so by communicating
with a hub which plugs into your broadband router and a receiver
installed near your boiler. Using the Hive Active Heating app, you
can set schedules for your heating and hot water, get feedback
on your energy usage and learn how to save money.
Hive is more of a ‘connected thermostat’ and
doesn’t offer the learning capabilities
of the tado° or Nest.
British Gas says
customers could save
up to £150 a year by
using Hive
• C
ontrol heating and hot water remotely from your phone,
tablet and laptop
• G
eo-location features alert you when you’ve gone out and left
the heating on, but won’t change it for you (like tado°)
• Automatic frost protection
• See a home’s temperature history over time
• T emperature alerts by email when the home reaches
a set temperature
New features added:
• Entirely re-designed by entrepreneur Yves Béhar, of fuseproject
• Heating boost function for up to 6 hours
• More heating and hot water schedule flexibility
• A holiday mode setting
• Multi zone capability (coming in the Autumn of 2015)
• Ability to add home-colour co-ordinated ‘surrounds’ to match your
home with popular Dulux colours
Active HeatingTM 2
Alongside their first wireless thermostat, British
Gas have now released the Hive Active HeatingTM
2 product, promoting some new features such as a
new ‘innovative’ design, a choice of colour provided by
the Dulux range, a heating boost option and increased
schedule flexibility.
Still on the ‘connected thermostat scale’ the new Hive
Active HeatingTM 2 unit also comes with a new Hive
app that original Hive users will be able to download
to access the new features too.
Multi zone will now
be available with Hive
Active HeatingTM 2
in the Autumn
• Remote control via smartphones and tablets
• Offer smart plugs for electrical device control within
the same app
• 4 heating modes
• Portable, flexible and mobile
• Controls heating based on the temperature
of the room you’re in
• Multi-user – allowing the whole family to take control
• Multi-fuel compatible
efficiency, comfort
and control
Cosy is a smart home control system
developed in Cambridge, UK by a company
called Green Energy Options (GEO). Cosy is a
portable wireless thermostat that simplifies
heating controls. You and your family can
control your home environment from the palm
of your hand – whether you’re in, out or away.
Cosy was funded on Kickstarter and being
developed by a UK company is likely to be
an interest to UK consumers.
Cosy haven’t claimed any energy savings
as yet, but do claim “With Cosy your heating
works around you and for you – giving you
and your family flexibility, efficiency, comfort
and control.”
Netatmo claim the
thermostat saves up
to 25% of energy
consumption and reduces
carbon footprint for
a home*
Netatmo is a French company that has formerly
been associated with a wireless weather station
and a smart bracelet for regulating sun tans and
avoiding burns, but has now entered the smart
heating market.
The Netatmo Thermostat for Smartphone by
Starck claims to be the perfect balance between
functionality and design and it allows you to control
and monitor your heating anytime and anywhere
using an app.
The Netatmo thermostat aims to save you
money and give you a more comfortable
experience when it comes to heating.
• Control heating remotely
• S uper simple installation claimed
• A
utoAdapt® sets a program to reflect your habits
• D
ata graph displays past energy consumption
• S imple and elegant design – minimalist design by STARCK
with interchangeable colour designs
*Source: ADEME 2012
Climote is billed as “The digital
version of the time-clock on your
wall”. So it essentially acts as a
‘connected’ way to remote control
the timings of your heating and
hot water from your mobile phone,
via SMS and online using The Cloud
service on the Climote website.
Climote is similar to British Gas’ Hive
device in that in allows you to control
your heating remotely, but doesn’t
have the learning capabilities like
the Nest or tado° products.
• Simple, 30 minute installation
• Digital, connected version of timer on the wall
• For heating and hot water
• Programme your Climote hub via The Cloud,
the app or via SMS services
• Unique in using SMS to control the heating
You can reset,
boost your heating
or even turn on your hot
water – from anywhere,
even by SMS
Create and
individually control
up to 12 heating
zones and hot
One of the most expensive solutions on the market, Evohome is a wireless multizoning system from well established heating products provider Honeywell. It allows
you to create and individually control up to 12 heating zones and hot water. The zonal
capabilities mean each room (zone) can be set to different temperatures depending
on your preferences. As well as providing a new style ‘thermostat and control’ –
Wireless Radiator Controllers provide an easy way of installing heating zones without
draining down or disturbing pipes or décor. Remote access is provided via a tablet
or smart phone.
• C
reate and individually control up to
12 heating zones and hot water
• C
ontrol via the colour touch screen or via
the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app
• Easily upgradable to add new zones
• D
ifferent colour programmable
thermostats available
The SALUS iT500 internet thermostat is another
‘connected device’ that allows you to control your
heating and hot water from anywhere on your
smartphone or PC.
The internet thermostat is one of their newest product
in a large range of heating components and controls.
SALUS don’t class the iT500 as a ‘Smart’ thermostat
as it doesn’t have the ability to learn your heating habits
or have advanced functions such as geo-location,
unlike the tado° device.
SALUS don’t claim any energy saving figures, simply
the ease of use and convenience of controlling your
heating wirelessly.
App available
for iOS and
• Access and control heating and hot water via
the internet
• Compatible with a PC or smartphone
• Secure system and energy efficient
• Easy to install thermostat and wireless connectivity
• Optional two zone heating with the additional iT300
sensor (sold separately)
• 3 system configurations 1) Central heating only
2) Two central heating zone (remote sensor required
for second zone – sold separately) 3) Central heating
+ hot water
• Control heating and hot water remotely from the OWL
intuition app from your phone, tablet and laptop
• Copy patterns to different days
• Create holiday dates to ensure the system doesn’t run
whilst you’re away
• Fine tune your system for maximum energy efficiency
using the versatile graphing facility
• Multi-zone heating and hot water capabilities with up to
4 zones supported
• The OWL Intuition system has at it’s heart the Network
OWL Gateway unit. Allowing you to connect further
OWL devices and sensors in the future for further home
automation and monitoring
OWL intuition also
has smart electricity
monitors to extend the
system with further
wireless capabilities
OWL are a UK based company manufacturing wireless energy monitoring
and control products.
Their smart heating controls are based around their ‘OWL Intuition’ cloud
software platform and are very much on the ‘connected thermostat’ scale
rather than a truly smart thermostat. You are able to control all your heating
schedules from within the Intuition app using an online calendar.
The dashboard shows current temperature, allows you to boost the
system or put it in stand by, and of course see what is going on using
the graphing facility. Allowing you to fine tune the system for maximum
efficiency and therefore make very significant fuel savings.
HeatingTM 2
Using smartphone location to
control heating automatically
Save energy based
on weather forecasts
Saves energy by adapting
to the home
Compatible to analog low
voltage and digital interfaces
Hot water control
extension kit
With hot
water kit
Energy usage analysis
Not available
in the UK
Air conditioning product
Smartphone compatibility
Recommended retail price
(+ £70 installation)
(incl. installation)
base pack
(For heating and hot
water product)
Comparing the key players
SmartInstallers Club – why
sell smart thermostats?
Benefits to you as a business
In a trial, 60% of customers who bought a new boiler installation
also wanted a smart thermostat installed. The SmartInstallers Club
gives you access to market leading technology, training to help you
sell and support the products with hefty discounts and benefits.
Benefits to your customers
of consumers would buy a smart thermostat
if it could save 25% off their energy bills
Up to 25% savings on household
energy bills
of consumers believe that smart thermostats are the
future for heating as they mean reduced energy bills
Simple to use – smartphone ready and will learn
customers’ habits
class support - membership of the club backed
by the UK’s leading Home Emergency business
Remote control – no need for customers to be
home to control their heating
reducing energy bills for customers makes happy
customers, happy customers share your story
Valuable insight – into how they use their energy,
even more opportunity for cost savings
Get a FREE smart
thermostat with your
first order and
SmartInstallers Club – why join?
25% OFF
Simply visit to register your interest in the SmartInstallers Club.
We’ll contact you with more information. Once you have registered you will receive a FREE
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