Version 2.0

Version 2.0
Version 2.0
The Professional Choice.
When it comes to recording workstations with truly professional features, the
VS-2480DVD and VS-2480CD are second to none. These 24-track/96kHz
V-Studios offer the feel of software—thanks to full mouse-based editing on an
optional VGA display—with the proven reliability and incredible sound quality
only Roland hardware can provide. You can even use 3rd party plug-in effects
using the optional VS8F-3 expansion board. And with 17 motorized faders,
a 64-channel automated digital mixer, onboard effects and an available internal
DVD multi-drive (VS-2480DVD) and CD-R/RW drive (VS-2480CD), it’s easy
to see why these V-Studios are in a class all their own.
Self-contained 24-track/24-bit/96kHz digital recording workstations with onboard effects and CD burning capabilities
24-track playback; 16-track simultaneous recording with 384 V-Tracks
Includes 80GB hard drive*
“Drag-and-drop” control using included mouse; also accepts ASCII keyboard (optional)
VS-2480CD includes built-in CD-R/RW drive; VS-2480DVD stores up to 4.7GB of project data on a single DVD-R/RW disc
64-channel, fully automated digital mixer with 17 motorized faders
Professional-quality connections including 8 XLR/16 balanced TRS inputs
2 stereo effects processors (expandable to 8 stereo, 16 mono) including COSM® Mic, Speaker and
Guitar Amp Modeling, plus Mastering Tool Kit
New 3rd party plug-in support via optional VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board
24-voice Phrase Pads for triggering and arranging samples
CD Capture function for importing audio from CD
Dual R-BUS ports for expandable I/O in a variety of analog and digital formats; SMPTE and Word Clock input
VGA Video output for intuitive, software-style editing and mouse control
*Hard drive is not user-replaceable.
● External
VGA Display Example (Channel View)
Version 2.0
The VS-2480DVD and VS-2480CD are complete studio solutions, offering the finest tools for every stage of the
recording process. Record with 24-bit mic pre's. Edit "software-style" with a mouse on an optional VGA monitor.
Add effects with 3rd party plug-ins. Mix with full automation and 17 motorized faders. Master your mix with the
onboard Mastering Tool Kit. Burn a CD. Archive to DVD or CD. Everything is here for your best music yet.
Everything Your
Studio Should Be
24 Tracks… Unlimited Possibilities
Ever wish you had a few extra tracks to record
more guitar parts, background vocals or
percussion? We know. That’s why the VS-2480
is Roland’s first V-Studio to offer 24 tracks of
high-quality 24-bit digital recording. And with
384 Virtual Tracks, there’s always room to try
new ideas or “comp” the perfect lead vocal or
solo. Even better, the VS-2480DVD/2480CD
can record up to 16 tracks simultaneously,
making it possible to capture a full live
performance in a single take.
fader for each channel without taking up
valuable desk space.
Massive Recording Space
The VS-2480DVD/2480CD ships with an 80GB
internal hard drive. Record an entire album (or
two, or three…) without having to worry about
running out of time. And even if you manage to
fill up the internal drive, you can always back up
projects using the 2480DVD’s DVD multi-drive
or 2480CD’s internal CD-R/RW drive. The
VS-2480DVD’s DVD multi-drive can store up to
4.7GB of project data on a single DVD-R or
DVD-RW disc.
Loaded with Expandable I/O
If you’re looking for inputs, feast your eyes on
the VS-2480DVD/2480CD’s 16 balanced
inputs including eight XLR connectors with
phantom power. And if that isn’t enough, you
can add up to 16 additional XLR/TRS inputs—
or 16 channels of AES/EBU—using optional
R-BUS interfaces from Roland. Combined
with the onboard coaxial and optical digital
inputs, you’ve got up to 36 inputs available! Of
course, the VS-2480 also has plenty of analog
and digital outputs (up to 32 channels) including
direct outputs for each of its 24 tracks.
Digital Mixing
Flexible 64-Channel, 34-Bus Design
24-bit/96kHz Sound Quality
Roland V-Studios are known for their phenomenal
sound, and the VS-2480DVD/2480CD is no
exception. With its 24-bit converters and MTP
recording mode, you get plenty of headroom
and dynamic range, while 56-bit internal
processing keeps your recordings ultra-quiet
regardless of how much dynamics processing,
EQ and internal effects are used. Built with an
eye toward the future, the VS-2480 can record
at sampling rates up to 96kHz*, making it compatible
with the next-generation DVD-audio format.
*At sampling rates of 96kHz, maximum 12-track playback is possible.
■ Maximum Number of Tracks for Simultaneous Recording/Playback
Sample Rate
Recording Mode
M24, M16, CDR
16-tr recording
16-tr playback
8-tr recording
8-tr playback
MTP, MT1, MT2,
16-tr recording
24-tr playback
8-tr recording
12-tr playback
■ Recording Modes
( Mastering 24-bit ) For recording and playback in 24-bit linear format.
( Multitrack Pro )
For high-quality recording which compares well to the results from
professional-grade digital devices such as mixers and effect
( Mastering 16-bit ) For recording and playback in 16-bit linear format.
( CD Writing )
●ASCII Keyboard
●MB-24 Level Meter Bridge
●VE-7000 Channel Edit Controller
●CD-R/RW Drive (SCSI)
Ideal for mastering, this mode enables you to record in Audio CD
Image format for quick, repeatable CD burning.
( Multitrack 1 )
Recording time is approximately two times longer than M16 while
preserving sound quality. Suitable when doing many track bounces.
( Multitrack 2 )
Provides more recording time than MT1 while preserving sound
LIV(Live 1)
Provides more recording time than MT2. Suitable when there is
little disk space left or for lengthy recording applications such as
live performances.
LV2 ( Live 2 )
Enables the longest recording time.
Mouse-Based Editing on the LCD
●Word Clock In
●VGA Monitor
●Digital In/Out
Unlike some recording workstations,
the VS-2480DVD/2480CD’s onboard mixing
section wasn’t designed as an afterthought.
Instead, it’s a full-blown 64-channel digital
mixer derived from Roland’s groundbreaking
7000-Series V-Mixing System. So you get all
the advantages digital mixing has to offer—like
Scene memories for instant recall of all your
mixer parameters, onboard 48-channel dynamics
processing with 4-band EQ and Filter per channel.
And with its 34-bus architecture, it’s safe to say
you can route signal just about anywhere you
want—such as to internal or external effects—
making it an extremely flexible mixer.
The VS-2480DVD/2480CD expands upon the
already powerful digital editing functions found
in all V-Studios (e.g. Copy, Move, Exchange,
Insert, Cut and Erase) by adding the ability to
use the included mouse on the LCD. So now
when you want to copy or move a phrase, it’s a
simple matter of highlighting and dragging it to
the new location. And finding edit points is
easy, thanks to the VS-2480DVD/2480CD’s
graphic waveform display and scrubbing
features. You can even use the mouse on an
optional VGA display for true software-style
control. Make a mistake? There’s always 999
levels of Undo to back you up.
To ensure that all of these inputs and outputs
sound nothing less than exceptional, Roland
equipped the VS-2480DVD/2480CD with the
finest 24-bit A/D-D/A converters. Praised for
their warm sound, these converters—along
with 56-bit internal processing —give you
plenty of headroom and dynamic range. In
fact, every aspect
of the VS-2480
from its highquality connectors
to its carefully
selected analog
circuits make
this Roland’s
V-Studio ever.
Motorized Faders Put You in Control
Want precise mixes? Get your hands on the
VS-2480DVD/2480CD’s 17 motorized faders.
These faders not only feel great when mixing,
but their exact positions can be stored as
Scenes and instantly recalled at the push of a
button. In addition, these motorized faders can
also be switched for controlling Inputs 1-16,
Inputs 17-24 plus Aux, Tracks 1-16, or Tracks
17-24 plus FX Return—giving you a dedicated
5.1 Surround Spoken Here
The VS-2480DVD/2480CD comes equipped
for 5.1 Surround Mixing, allowing you to take
your mixing well beyond the stereo listening
field. And while surround panning is made easy
using the mouse, you can also use the optional
VE-7000 Channel Edit Controller’s built-in
joystick to position your tracks even faster.
Use the Mouse On
An External Display!
With the VS-2480DVD/2480CD, you’ll get full
mouse control even when using an optional
VGA monitor. This makes it possible to clickand-drag track faders and knobs, edit
compressor settings and set EQ curves with
software-style ease. Or, use the mouse to
change EZ Routing settings, taking the
mystery out of signal routing. Of course, cutand-paste editing is also possible, complete
with “drag-and-drop” control and graphic
waveform displays. This capability truly
bridges the gap between hardware- and
software-based DAWs.
● Waveform
The VS-2480DVD/2480CD provides the ability to edit
waveforms graphically with the mouse, just like software.
A World of Effects
Professional, Expandable Effects Processing
Out of the box, the VS-2480DVD/2480CD
includes two stereo effects processors enabling
you to add anything from studio-quality
reverb and delay to COSM guitar amp/speaker
cabinet models without the hassle of noisy
external effects. What’s more, you can add
optional VS8F-2 Effect Expansion Boards for
up to eight stereo or 16 mono effects, giving
you all the processing power you need.
Effect Expansion Board
36 Killer Effects Algorithms
At the heart of the VS-2480DVD/2480CD’s
internal effects are 36 of Roland’s best effects
algorithms. The culmination of years of
Roland and BOSS effects know-how, these
include all the studio essentials like reverb,
chorus and delay, plus guitar and vocal multis,
Lo-Fi processing, a Voice Transformer and
Vocoder. And with 250 Preset effects patches,
you can spend less time programming and
more time making music. Best of all, the
VS-2480DVD/2480CD’s onboard effects also
include Roland’s acclaimed Composite Object
Sound Modeling (COSM) technology. COSM
uses multiple modeling methods to accurately
emulate anything from guitar amps and speaker
cabinets to a variety of dynamic and condenser
microphones—even popular reference monitors.
Mic Modeling Optimized for AKG C3000B
Roland’s COSM Mic Modeling technology
enables you to “model” the characteristics of a
variety of high-end studio microphones using
affordable mics such as the
DR-20 Dynamic Microphone.
The VS-2480DVD/2480CD
takes things even further by
adding compatibility with the
AKG C3000B, so now this
popular condenser microphone
can be used as a reference
standard for mic modeling as
well, giving you classic smalland large-diaphragm condenser
mic sounds, popular dynamic
AKG C3000B
mic sounds and more.
Onboard Mastering Tools
Complete in every way, the VS-2480DVD/
2480CD’s effects processors feature a Mastering
Tool Kit with split-frequency compression,
enhancers, limiters and parametric EQ to
give your mixes more punch and attitude.
It’s the perfect step to take before burning a
CD. With the Mastering Tool Kit,
professionals have all the tools they need to
create polished-sounding mixes without the
need for external processing.
Designed with
Professionals in Mind
CD Burner or DVD Drive Does Double-Duty
Choose the VS-2480DVD with a DVD multidrive or VS-2480CD with a CD-R/RW drive
built-in. Either way, you’ll be able to burn audio
CDs and back up data at blazing speeds. CD-R
and CD-RW discs can be used for normal CD
burning on both models. And with the CD
Capture function, you can import tracks from
audio CDs directly into your projects, making it
easy to integrate loops into your recordings.
Built-in Realtime Spectrum Analyzer…
An All-New Approach
When Roland designed the VS-2480DVD/
2480CD, the goal was to create a professional
workstation with an operating system both
comfortable and easy to use. And while at
first this might seem difficult given all the
power afforded by this remarkable technology,
the VS-2480's large LCD, analog-style
knobs, VGA monitor output and other
features make it the most intuitive recording
workstation ever.
It’s no secret that a room’s acoustics can
significantly impact the way your music
sounds when mixing. So to help you avoid
making costly mistakes, the VS-2480DVD/
2480CD includes a Realtime Spectrum
Analyzer. This feature
helps you tune your
EQ to account for
the room’s dynamics—
translating into more
accurate mixes.
Plug-in Effect Expansion Board
The VS-2480DVD/2480CD is the first stand-alone recording
workstation to offer an open effects architecture, making it possible
to use plug-in effects from several 3rd party manufacturers. Depending
on the algorithm, you can run up to eight plug-in effects with four
optional VS8F-3 Effect Expansion Boards*—bringing the vast world of
plug-ins into your V-Studio. Every VS8F-3 includes a selection of highquality Roland plug-ins to get you started, including Pre-Amp Modeling,
Stereo Reverb, Vocal Channel Strip and more. Optional plug-ins are
available from a growing list of 3rd party developers, including Antares,
IK Multimedia, Massenburg, Universal Audio and more.
*The VS-2480DVD/2480CD has four expansion board slots. One is pre-installed with a VS8F-2 card, while the other three are available
for VS8F-2 or VS8F-3 cards. If the pre-installed VS8F-2 is replaced with a VS8F-3, then a total of four VS8F-3 cards can be installed.
Do you miss the days when mixing consoles
were loaded with knobs? Good news. The
VS-2480DVD/2480CD’s 16 rotary knobs can
be used for dedicated panning, or as a single
channel strip for direct control over a selected
channel’s dynamics and EQ. So now you don’t
have to give up the control you crave to mix in
the digital domain.
Work Faster and Smarter
Take your production to the next level by
adding an optional ASCII keyboard, MB-24
Level Meter Bridge and VE-7000 Channel
Edit Controller. Using the keyboard, you can
name songs and phrases quickly, while the
meter bridge provides convenient level
monitoring. The VE-7000, on the other
hand, provides a joystick for 5.1 Surround
positioning and dedicated knobs for channel
strip editing, freeing up the VS-2480DVD/
2480CD’s 16 knobs for panning.
In addition to its recording capabilities, the
VS-2480DVD/2480CD includes a new
phrase pad function with up to 24-voice
polyphony. Using the phrase pads, you can
trigger up to 24 different phrases such as oneshot SFX or vocals directly from disk.
The VS-2480DVD/2480CD includes two
R-BUS ports for 16 channels of 24-bit digital
I/O. Use R-BUS to connect the VS-2480DVD/
2480CD to R-BUS-ready products, or for
adding up to 16 channels of high-quality A/DD/A’s or AES/EBU using optional interface boxes.
For example, with the ADA-7000 8-Channel
A/D-D/A Converter, you get eight channels of
balanced XLR/TRS inputs with 24-bit converters
for connecting additional microphones or
instruments. And with the AE-7000 AES/
EBU Interface, you can run eight channels of
professional AES/EBU digital audio.
A Complete,
Professional System
Mapping Effect
The Tempo-Mapping Effect will synchronize
delay taps to the tempo of your song. It can be
used as a stereo insert or even in a dual-mono
configuration for use with multiple tracks.
● Chrome
● Auto-Tune
Auto-Tune VS corrects intonation problems in vocals or solo instruments in real time, without
distortion or artifacts, while preserving all of the expressive nuances of the original performance.
Use preset scales or create custom scales to match any harmonic structure.
Tone Amp
From guitars to keyboards, drums and even voice, Chrome Tone Amp brings the world of
custom guitar amps and boutique pedal effects to your V-Studio. Chrome Tone Amp features
a 5-stage distortion and a unique bandpass distortion for creative non-traditional applications.
Chrome Tone Amp also has full-featured compression, gating, 3-band EQ, spring reverb and
a multi configuration cabinet simulator with close and room mic positions.
Sound Toys
● SoundStage
SoundStage allows you to design the perfect acoustic
environments for your audio, resulting in unique, realistic
reverb. You can even control the wall positions and
heights, then place microphones and performers
anywhere in the room.
The critically acclaimed fx:reverb features a high-quality
reverb algorithm, high-and low-frequency cutoff for filtering
the input signal, parameters for controlling the room size,
width of stereo image, echo diffusion, decay time,
high-frequency damping, early reflections and more.
● SoundBlender
IK Multimedia
● T-RackS
T-RackS VS is the premiere analog mastering software
suite, offering all the necessary tools for professional
mastering. The processing, including EQs and Dynamics,
is based on physically modeled analog sounds from rare
vintage hardware mastering equipment. This high quality
processing makes T-RackS very easy to use and results
in highly-professional sounding mixes.
SoundBlender brings professional studio-quality pitch shifting effects to the Roland VS
platform. Perfect for the guitarist, SoundBlender has two channels of intelligent pitch-shifting,
dual resonant filters, echo and reverse echo processors, arpeggiation and more.
t.c. electronic
3000 and TC Pro Class Reverb 3000
The t.c. electronic TCR 3000 delivers 16 of t.c.’s best, award-winning reverbs. The dedicated
controls and 100 great sounding presets help you achieve your desired sound in seconds.
The reverb algorithms include Classic Hall, Vocal Studio, Room, Drum Box, Cathedral and
more with easy-to-use but sophisticated controls for customizing the processing to all types of
AES/EBU Interface
● Hi-Resolution
DIF-AT24 Interface Box for R-BUS/ADAT
Universal Audio
Designed by the same manufacturer of the classic
hardware version, the VS-LA2A is an exacting
emulation of the original, putting this legendary
compressor in your V-Studio. And operation is
simple, thanks to a dedicated Limit/Compress
switch and Input/Peak Reduction knobs.
ADA-7000 8-Channel A/D-D/A Converter
Word Clock and SMPTE Inputs
The VS-2480DVD/2480CD’s Word Clock
input allows it to slave to a master digital clock
for jitter-free recording—a must for those using
several pieces of digital gear. A rear SMPTE
input makes it possible to sync the VS-2480
DVD/2480CD to video—perfect for those
working in commercial production or film.
● Tempo
This brand new, 56-bit, true stereo reverb
will give your tracks a rich spatial effect. It’s
perfect for stereo mic applications such as
background vocals or overhead drum mics.
● fx:reverb
The Center of Your Digital Studio
● Stereo
Some of the most sought-after plug-ins are coming to the V-Studio platform.
…And Phrase Pads
Innovative Multi-Purpose Knobs
First Ever 3rd Party Plug-in Support
Parametric EQ
This 4-band EQ using Hi-Resolution technology gives professionals a precision EQ with analog
smoothness. The new MDW Parametric EQ for Roland VS-Series is a Double Precision plug-in
with unprecedented clarity, fast response, and superlative smoothness, especially in the high
frequency audio spectrum.
● VS-1176LN
This software version of Universal Audio’s classic
limiting amplifier offers ultra-fast attack time and
analog warmth, perfect for a variety of dynamics processing applications. Like the original,
the VS-1176LN supports the popular “All Buttons” mode.
*Note that the optional plug-ins shown are based on their appearance when displayed on an optional VGA monitor. As the plug-ins are still under development, actual product appearance and specifications are subject to change.
To be VS8F-3 compatible, a V-Studio must be updated via the CD-ROM included with the VS8F-3. Currently, the VS-2480 Series, VS-2400CD and VS-2000CD can accept the VS8F-3
update. Updates for the VS-1680, VS-1880 and VS-1824/1824CD are planned for 2004.
Sample Rate
Tracks: 24
V-Tracks: 384 (16 V-Tracks per each Track)
96.0 / 88.2 / 64.0 / 48.0 / 44.1 / 32.0 kHz
* Adjustable range with vari-pitch function
Recording Mode
Maximum Simultaneous
Recording / Playback Tracks
22.00kHz-98.00kHz (at 96kHz)
22.00kHz-50.00kHz (at 48kHz)
Mastering 24-bit (M24), Multitrack Pro (MTP),
Mastering 16-bit (M16), CD Writing (CDR), Multitrack 1 (MT1)
Multitrack 2 (MT2), Live 1 (LIV), Live 2 (LV2)
• Sample Rate 48/44.1/32kHz
16 tr. Rec / 16 tr. Play (M24, M16, CDR)
16 tr. Rec / 24 tr. Play (MTP, MT1/2, LIV, LV2)
• Sample Rate 96/88.2/64kHz
8 tr. Rec / 8 tr. Play (M24, M16, CDR)
8 tr. Rec / 12 tr. Play (MTP, MT1/2, LIV, LV2)
* Depending on the organization of the song data or the disk drive
performance etc., the number of tracks which can be simultaneously
recorded or played back may be limited.
Maximum Useful Capacity
Recording Time
(at 10GB Partition, conversion
in 1 track, unit: minutes)
Frequency Response
Sample Rate
96.0kHz: 20Hz – 40kHz (+0dB/-2dB)
88.2kHz: 20Hz – 40kHz (+0dB/-2dB)
48.0kHz: 20Hz – 22kHz (+0dB/-2dB)
44.1kHz: 20Hz – 20kHz (+0dB/-2dB)
32.0kHz: 20Hz – 14kHz (+0dB/-2dB)
Input Impedance
Nominal Output Level
Output Impedance
Recommended Load
Residual Noise Level
(input terminated with
LINE, IHF-A, typ.)
Master Out: -88dBu or less
AUX A: -88dBu or less
AUX B: -88dBu or less
Monitor Out: -88dBu or less
4-band (2 shelving + 2 peaking)
Dynamics Processor
● DVD Multi-Drive (VS-2480DVD)
< Slim DVD MULTI Drive Builtin Type>
Compressor, Expander
*Useful simultaneously at up to 48ch in both Input Mixer and Track Mixer.
*Useful simultaneously at up to 24ch in Input Mixer or Track Mixer.
*If this type is used at Mixer section, Dynamics cannot be used in the
other Mixer.
Maximum 8 stereo
(One pre-installed + 3 more optional Effect Expantion Boards)
320 x 240 dots Graphic LCD (with backlit)
3.5 inches 80GB
● Hard Disk Drive
Reading Speed: Max 8x CAV (DVD-ROM), Max 24x CAV (CD-ROM)
Maximum Writing Speed: Max16x Zone CLV (CD-R), 4x CLV (CD-RW),
8x CLV (High Speed CD-RW),
2x CLV (DVD-R), 1x CLV (DVD-RW)
Support Buffer Underrun Free Recording (SmoothLink™)
Reading Speed: 24x (max.)
Writing Speed: Record (CD-R) 4x
Re-Write (CD-RW) 4x
SCSI: 25-pin D-sub
Digital I/O: Coaxial, Optical (conforms to S/PDIF)
VGA Out: 15 pin MINI D-sub
PS/2: MINI DIN 6 pin
MIDI: DIN 5 pin
SCSI Connector (DB-25 type)
MIDI Connectors (DIN 5 pin type)
Input Jack 1–8 (XLR type, balanced, phantom power)
Input Jack 1–16 (1/4 inch phone type, TRS balanced)
Guitar (Hi-Z) Jack (1/4 inch phone type)
Digital In Connectors (Coaxial type, Optical type)
Digital Out Connectors (Coaxial type, Optical type)
Foot Switch Jack (1/4 inch phone type)
Word Clock In jack (BNC type)
SMPTE In Jack (RCA phone type)
PS/2 Mouse Connector (MINI DIN 6 pin type)
PS/2 Keyboard Connector (MINI DIN 6 pin type)
VGA Out Connector (MINI DB-15 type)
R-BUS Connectors (DB-25 type)
Master Out Jack L/R (1/4 inch phone type, TRS balanced)
Monitor Out Jack L/R (1/4 inch phone type, TRS balanced)
AUX A Send Jack L/R (1/4 inch phone type, TRS balanced)
AUX B Send Jack L/R (1/4 inch phone type, TRS balanced)
Headphones Jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone type)
CD-R/RW Drive (VS-2480CD)
Power Supply
Power Consumption
AC117V, AC230V or AC240V
80W (including internal hard disk for VS-2480)
(VS-2480DVD/2480CD each)
620 (W) x 520 (D) x 138 (H) mm
24-3/8 (W) x 20-1/2 (D) x 5-7/16 (H) inches
13.4kg 29lbs 9oz
*Useful simultaneously at up to 48ch in both Input Mixer and Track Mixer.
200 projects in each partition
1000 per project
100 (10 x 10 banks) per project
● Locator
100 (10 x 10 banks) per project
999 Undo / 1 Redo
Input 1-8: -64 to +14dBu
(maximum +26dBu: balanced, maximum +20dBu: unbalanced)
Input 9-16: -64 to +14dBu
(maximum +26dBu: balanced, maximum +20dBu: unbalanced)
Guitar (Hi-Z): -64 to +14dBu (maximum +20dBu)
Input 1-8 : 40kΩ (balanced)
Input 9-16: 40kΩ (balanced)
Guitar (Hi-Z): 1MΩ
Master Out: +4dBu (balanced)
AUX A (L, R): +4dBu (balanced)
AUX B (L, R): +4dBu (balanced)
Monitor Out: +4dBu (balanced)
Master Out: 600Ω
AUX A (L, R): 600Ω
AUX B (L, R): 600Ω
Monitor Out: 600Ω
Phones: 22Ω
Master Out: 10kΩ or greater
AUX A (L, R): 10kΩ or greater
AUX B (L, R): 10kΩ or greater
Monitor Out: 10kΩ or greater
Phones: 8 - 600Ω
910GB: 10GB (Capacity) x 13 (Partition) x 7 (Disk Drive)
* The above-listed recording times are approximate. Times may vary
slightly depending on the specifications of the disk drive and on
the number of songs that were created.
* In "CDR" recording mode, two tracks are always used in a pair
(channel link is on), so recording time is half the above-listed.
● Undo/Redo
● Nominal Input Level
Owner's Manual English, User Guide, Appendices, R-BUS Equipment
Connection and Setting Guide 2, Newly Added Functions, Block
diagram, Demo CD, PS/2 MOUSE, Short Cut Seal, AC Cord
■ VS-2480DVD/2480CD Preset Effect Patch List
Patch Name
Algorithm 36 preset
P000 Reverb*
P001 Reverb2
P002 Gate Reverb*
P003 Delay
P004 StPS-Delay
P005 Delay RSS
P006 TapeEcho201
P007 MultiTapDly
P008 StDly-Chorus
P009 Chorus RSS
P010 Space Chorus
P011 St Phaser
P012 AnalogPhaser
P013 St Flanger
P014 AnalogFlnger
P015 Rotary
P016 2ch RSS
P017 MicModeling*
P018 GuitarMulti1
P019 GuitarMulti2
P020 GuitarMulti3
P021 GuitarAmpMdl
P022 Vocal Multi
P023 Voice Trans*
Patch Name
P024 Vocal Cancel
P025 Vocoder
P026 Vocoder2 (19)*
P027 Lo-Fi Proces
P028 3BndIsolator
P029 DualComp/Lim
P030 Parametric EQ
P031 Graphic EQ
P032 Hum Canceler
P033 Stereo Multi
P034 Speaker Mdl*
P035 MastringTool*
Reverb 18 preset
P036 RV:LargeHall*
P037 RV:SmallHall*
P038 RV:Strings*
P039 RV:PianoHall*
P040 RV:Orch Room*
P041 RV:VocalRoom*
P042 RV:MediumRm*
P043 RV:LargeRoom*
P044 RV:CoolPlate*
P045 RV:Short Plt*
P046 RV:Vocal Plt*
P047 RV:Soft Amb.*
Patch Name
P048 RV:Room Amb.*
P049 RV:Cathedral*
P050 RV:Long Cave*
P051 RV:GarageDr.*
P052 RV:Rock Kick*
P053 RV:RockSnare*
Reverb2 20 preset
P054 R2:LargeHall
P055 R2:SmallHall
P056 R2:Strings
P057 R2:PianoHall
P058 R2:Orch Room
P059 R2:VocalRoom
P060 R2:MediumRm
P061 R2:LargeRoom
P062 R2:CoolPlate
P063 R2:Short Plt
P064 R2:Vocal Plt
P065 R2:Soft Amb.
P066 R2:Room Amb.
P067 R2:Cathedral
P068 R2:Long Cave
P069 R2:GarageDr.
P070 R2:Rock Kick
P071 R2:RockSnare
Patch Name
P072 R2:BriteGte2
P073 R2:Fat Gate2
Gate Reverb 4 preset
P074 RV:BriteGate*
P075 RV:Fat Gate*
P076 RV:ReverseGt*
P077 RV:PanningGt*
Delay 9 preset
P078 DL:Short Dly
P079 DL:MediumDly
P080 DL:LongDelay
P081 DL:AnalogDly
P082 DL:Tape Echo
P083 DL:Karaoke
P084 DL:Multi-Tap
P085 DL:MltTapAmb
P086 DL:Ping Pong
Tape Echo 201 4 preset
P087 TE:ShortEcho
P088 TE:LongEcho
P089 TE:OldTape
P090 TE:PanEcho
Chorus 6 preset
P091 CH:Lt Chorus
P092 CH:Deep Cho
Patch Name
P093 CH:DetuneCho
Phaser 3 preset
P097 PH:Lt Phaser
P098 PH:DeepPhase
P099 AP:FB-Phaser
Flanger 3 preset
P100 FL:LtFlanger
P101 FL:Deep Fl
P102 AF:SBF-325
Pitch Shifter 7 preset
P103 PS:-4thVoice
P104 PS:ShimmerUD
P105 VT:M to Fm*
P106 VT:Fm to M*
P107 VT:Male Duo*
P108 VT:FemaleDuo*
P109 VT:Robot*
Mic Modeling 29 preset
P110 MM:57→58*
P111 MM:57→421*
P112 MM:57→451*
P113 MM:57→87*
Patch Name
Patch Name
Vocal 10 preset
P139 VO:Vocal FX
P140 VO:JazzVocal
P141 VO:RockVocal
P142 VO:Narration
P143 VO:BigChorus
P144 VO:Club DJ
P145 VO:AM-Radio
P146 VO:PlusTwo
P147 VO:Robot FX
P148 VO:Bull Horn
Guitar 11 preset
P149 GT:Rock Lead
P150 GT:LA Lead
P151 GT:MetalLead
P152 GT:Metal Jet
P153 GT:CleanRthm
P154 GT:DledClean
P155 GT:Delay Rif
P156 GT:Acoustic
P157 GT:BluesDrv.
P158 GT:Liverpool
P159 GT:Country
Guitar Amp Modeling 9 preset
P160 GA:JazChorus
Patch Name
P161 GA:CleanTwin
P162 GA:Vin.Tweed
P163 GA:BluesDrv.
P164 GA:MatchLead
P165 GA:StudioCmb
P166 GA:JMP-Stack
P167 GA:SLDN Lead
P168 GA:5150 Lead
Bass 6 preset
P169 BS:DI'edBass
P170 BS:MikedBass
P171 BS:CompBass
P172 BS:Fat Bass*
P173 BS:Auto Wah
P174 BS:EFX Bass
Special Effects 11 preset
P175 LFP:BreakBts
P176 LFP:1bitDist
P177 LFP:TeknoFlt
P178 LFP:Reso Flt
P179 LFP:FatBotom
P180 VOC2:M19Band*
P181 VOC2:S19Band*
P182 HC:Quiet60Hz
P183 HC:Quiet50Hz
Patch Name
P184 VC:Vocal Cnl
P185 VC:CenterCnl
Parametric Equalizer 26 preset
P186 PEQ:BassDrum
P187 PEQ:RockBD
P188 PEQ:RockSD
P189 PEQ:RimShot
P190 PEQ:Toms
P191 PEQ:Hi Hat
P192 PEQ:Cymbals
P193 PEQ:Overhead
P194 PEQ:Bass 1
P195 PEQ:Bass 2
P196 PEQ:SlapBass
P197 PEQ:Sax
P198 PEQ:Bari.Sax
P199 PEQ:ElecGtr
P200 PEQ:NylonGtr
P201 PEQ:BluesGtr
P202 PEQ:SlideGtr
P203 PEQ:LineGtr
P204 PEQ:Male
P205 PEQ:RockMale
P206 PEQ:Female
P207 PEQ:RockFeml
Patch Name
P208 PEQ:Narrator
P209 PEQ:Organ
P210 PEQ:St.Piano
P211 PEQ:SmallCho
Graphic Equalizer 3 preset
P212 GEQ:TotalEQ1
P213 GEQ:TotalEQ2
P214 GEQ:Space EQ
Stereo Multi 5 preset
P215 CL:Comp
P216 CL:Limiter
P217 EQ:Loudness
P218 EQ:Fat Dance
P219 EQ:ThinJingl
Speaker Modeling 11 preset
P220 SPM:SuperFlt*
P221 SPM:P.GenBlk*
P222 SPM:P.E-Bs*
P223 SPM:P.Mack*
P224 SPM:SmalCube*
P225 SPM:WhiteCon*
P226 SPM:W.C+tiss*
P227 SPM:S.Radio*
P228 SPM:SmallTV*
P229 SPM:BoomBox*
Patch Name
P230 SPM:BB.LowBs*
Mastering Tool Kit 19 preset
P231 MTK:Mixdown*
P232 MTK:PreMastr*
P233 MTK:LiveMix*
P234 MTK:PopMix*
P235 MTK:DanceMix*
P236 MTK:JinglMix*
P237 MTK:HardComp*
P238 MTK:SoftComp*
P239 MTK:ClnComp*
P240 MTK:DnceComp*
P241 MTK:OrchComp*
P242 MTK:VocalCmp*
P243 MTK:Acoustic*
P244 MTK:RockBand*
P245 MTK:Orchestr*
P246 MTK:LoBoost*
P247 MTK:Brighten*
P248 MTK:DJsVoice*
P249 MTK:PhoneVox*
* Please use with sample rates of 48kHz or less.
Requires optional VS24-MBA
Meter Bridge Angle
DS-90A* /DS-50A
*Please use with sample rates of 48kHz or less.
Recommended for
COSM Mic Modeling
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Once a musical instrument generates
sound vibrations, it reaches the human ear
through various mediating objects, each of
which significantly affects the sound. The
material and configuration of the instrument, the electric/electronic/magnetic
amplifying system, the air and the reverberation of the room all affect the final
sound. Sound modeling, the latest DSP technology, "virtually" reconstructs
these objects. Roland's breakthrough Composite Object Sound Modeling
(COSM) uses the advantages of multiple modeling methods and succeeds in
accurately emulating existing sounds, as well as producing sounds that have
never before been created.
R-BUS is Roland's proprietary digital audio
format that allows handling of eight channels
of bi-directional 24-bit digital audio with a
very simple and intuitive single cable connection. Using various interface
modules, it is a flexible gateway to AES/EBU digital audio, ADAT and analog
audio among others. R-BUS is now featured in a variety of Roland products
including the 7000-Series V-Mixing System and XV-5080 128-Voice Synthesizer/
Sample Playback Module with additional products under development.
All specifications and appearances are subject to change without notice.
All trademarks used in this catalog are the property of their respective companies.
Printed in Japan FEB. 2004 RAM-3789 COR-GEN-SE BG-3
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