Fluke 73-III and 77-III Digital Multimeters

Fluke 73-III and 77-III Digital Multimeters
Fluke 73-III and 77-III
Digital Multimeters
Classic general purpose multimeters
Fluke 77-III
The 77-III has all the features and functions for a
wide range of industrial applications packaged in
an ergonomic case with integrated holster.
The 77-III features include:
• Measure voltage to 1000 V
• Measures both amps and milliamps
• Average responding
• Manual or autoranging
• Compatible with the Fluke Magnetic Hanger (TPAK)
Fluke 73-III
The Fluke 73-III product represents one of the best
selling multimeter designs of all time. It’s classic simplicity combined with attractive feature set make this
meter the perfect choice for electronic and automotive
The 73-III features include:
• Average responding
• Measures both amps and milliamps
• Removable high impact holster
• Manual or autoranging
ABC’s of DMM’s:
Application note
code 1260898)
They’ve been
described as
the tape measure of the new
But what
exactly is a
digital multimeter (DMM)
and what can
you do with it?
How do you make measurements
safely? What features do you need?
What is the easiest way to get the
most out of your meter? Which meter
is best suited to the environment
you’re working in? These and other
questions are answered in this
application note.
Want to read more? Download this
and other application notes at
www.fluke.com/library, or sign
up for Fluke News for pertinent
information on your industry at
Fluke 77-III
Features – 73-III and 77-III DMMs
Features a default Autorange mode that's easy to change to manual by simply
touching the RANGE button.
Extremely rugged overmolded case provides body armor for your meter.
(* the model 73 features a rugged durable removable holster with Flex-StandTM.)
New ergonomic styling fits in your hand perfectly.
Large, high contrast, easy-to-read digital display with an analog bar graph.
Automatic Touch-Hold® automatically triggers the meter to capture stable non-zero readings
freeing you to focus on the test probes.
Meets IEC 1010 safety standards for 600 V CAT III and 1000 V CAT II applications.
Protected from overvoltage transients to 6kV per IEC 1010-1.
Meets IEC 1010 safety standards for 600 V CAT II. Protected from overvoltage
transients to 4 kV per IEC 1010-1.
Specifications – 73-III and 77-III
Basic accuracy
Maximum resolution
V dc
Fluke 73: 600 V
Fluke 77: 1000 V
0.3 %
0.1 mV
V ac
Fluke 73: 600 V
Fluke 77: 1000 V
Fluke 73, 77: 2 %
Fluke 73, 77: 1 mV
DC and AC current
10 A continuous
Fluke 73, 77: 32 MΩ
Fluke 73-III
Fluke 73, 77: 0.01 mA
Fluke 73, 77: 0.5 %
Fluke 73, 77: 0.1Ω
Included accessories
Every Fluke 77-III and 73-III meter
comes packaged with TL75 test
leads, separate holster (Fluke 73-III),
9 V battery (installed) and manual.
Recommended accessories – 70 Series DMMs
Ordering information
AC Current Clamp
Meter Case
Thermocouple Module
Pressure Vacuum Module
Industrial Test Lead Set
For more information and detailed specifications, go to www.fluke.com/dmm
Digital Multimeter
Digital Multimeter
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